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Now jihadis trying to dictate terms to Supreme Court

Posted by The Mindset on August 17, 2010

I came across a jihadi’s blog who is trying to compare RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal to terrorist organisations like SIMI & Indian Mujahideen. He writes at his blog about a report of a Pune based chemistry professor having links to radicals and then he writes:

Now once again, it’s proved that there is a strong militant and anti-national group in RSS.

Actually Jihadi, it proves nothing. You forgot to mention the links as a proof of your theories. As for the anti-national tag you are giving to RSS, you are totally mistaken. RSS is a staunch nationalist organisation working for the society as a whole and not involved in any terrorist activities. Give me the proof : How many bombings have been done by RSS people on innocent unarmed civilians. And then compare it with the attacks your community is doing every other day.

The jihadi again writes :

Take for example the recent incident in Kerala where a newly floated political party PFI was demonized and almost dubbed as terror group for one incident in which a professor’s palm was chopped off by its activist. Despite PFI leaders openly condemning it, there were raids on party offices and a witch-hunt followed.

He has written about the gruesome incident of chopping the hand of a professor like it was as innocent as chopping a vegetable. On the other hand he has taken the “condemning act” very seriously. We see this drama daily. First some jihadis will do whatever their evil religion teaches them, then some older jihadis will come and start shouting that ‘Islam is religion of peace’. Enough of this daily drama.

Now the jihadi is crying:

In case of RSS, Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena there is never any raid.
Why would be such raids on RSS and other parties. Did they chopped somebody’s hand?

Jihadi again says:

Pramod Muthalik was caught on camera claiming that he could set off a communal riot for a fee but there was no action against his group.

So now our jihadi want the police to take action on someone’s comment. Did Pramod Muthalik commited a crime? No. The jihadi is silent on this issue. If police will start hanging people for their comment, I am sure not a single maulawi will be left in India. You can hear their friday preaches where they shout anti-US and anti-Israel slogans. The police should take actions against them also.Why not?

Syyed Shahabuddin once claimed openly that he is an ISI agent. What was done against him. He is in jail on the charges of a murder for a term of two years. Our Jihadi forgot about his bro….

He writes:

If SIMI operatives were involved in terrorism and it was banned, why not RSS and Bajrang Dal after all they also have their activists involved in terror plots? PFI’s freedom march was banned

What terrorist plots jihadi. Forgot to mention. Look on the other side:
SIMI has links with the Jamaat-e-Islam (JeI) units in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.SIMI leaders are reported to have close links with Pakistan-based terrorist groups such as the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) and Jaish-e-Mohammed. SIMI activists, over the years, have also become a vital part of the LeT’s grand plans for destabilisation in India. SIMI also maintains ties with the Harkat-ul-Jehad-al Islami Bangladesh (HuJI-B).
This is SIMI. And here is a link if you want to know more about this terrorist organisation.
While RSS is working on the integrity of Indian state, SIMI and other Islamic organisation don’t believe that Kashmir is an integral part of India.That’s why these organisations are banned.So jihadi, better you correct your facts before writing any Home-Made theories of yours.

Actually it is a peculiar characteristic of Muslims. Tell them “you are a criminal” and they will never reply “no I am not”. They will always say “you are also a criminal”. That’s what this jihadi is doing. Now that his own people are caught in anti-Indian activities he want to show the world that Hindus are equally bad. Get a life loser. You community is hated all over the world.

As far as the Muslims living in India (yeah I am not using the word Indian Muslim) are concerned they are nothing more than a pain in the ass. Never done anything good for this nation and will surely never do.

So what’s your point jihadi…..

One Response to “Now jihadis trying to dictate terms to Supreme Court”

  1. mahatma said

    Every Muslim is a Terr it is well known truth. It is the time for the real Indian and Hindu’s to start attack on Jihad minded Muslims to save our country

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