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ManMohan Singh – Prime Minister of India or Pakistan ?

Posted by The Mindset on September 13, 2010

This is what happens when you elect an idiot as your Prime minister.Mr. ManMohan Singh (MMS) has given US $25 to Pakistan as a flood relief measure, even though Pak was not ready to accept the amount. Mr. MMS than seeked the intervention of US so that Pak accepts the amount and Mr. MMS can get appreciation from his Muslim vote bank of India.

Mr. MMS is known as an economist and perhaps he thinks that India has got rid of her poverty and every Indian has become a millionare, so that we are left with crore of spare money which we can give away to our enemies. OR may be he is not moved by the murder of 186 people in 26/11 Mumbai attacks. He may be thinking – India is such a populous country; what if some people die. doesn’t matter. We can produce that number in a one day. it doesn’t matter at all.

The reality is that there are millions of people in India who are not getting a square meal and have to sleep on the footpaths-and most of them are Hindus. But this is not Mr. MMS’ business. He must appease the Pakis living in India. They are more important for the Congress party. Really great job; keep feeding the Pakistanis while they leave no chanceto kill our people.

Again and again these Congress people show “gesture of goodwill” to Pakistan and again and again our people are killed. Last time Congress showed their “gesture of goodwill” after 1971 War – 13, 000 sq. km of land returned to Pakistan and released 90,000 POWs. A decade later Pakistan replied to the “gesture of goodwill” by massacre of Kashmiri Pandits. That was nice tight slap on the face of filthy Congress.

God knows how Pak the ‘untrustworthy’ will return the “gesture of goodwill” this time.

One Response to “ManMohan Singh – Prime Minister of India or Pakistan ?”

  1. SANJU said

    Very true. Congress should be demolished for ever.

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