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Who is more poor – Hindus or Muslims ???

Posted by The Mindset on September 23, 2010

More often I read the crap that the Muslims living in India are very poor and it’s because of their abject poverty that they turn towards violence and terrorism.

I want to throw some light on this issue. Everything here is based on facts and figures(not on whims & fancies.)

The number of poor people in India or the people living below poverty is approximately 421 million or 42.1 crores.[1]

Now given the population of India in 2010 is 118 crores it approximately 35.67% of the total population.

At present there are 13.4% Muslims in India.[2] of which 31% live
below poverty line.[3]

13.4% of 118 crores = 15.8 crores (Muslims)
31% of 15.8 crores = 4.9 crores

So there are 4.9 crores Muslims in India who live below poverty line. My
question is who are the rest 37.2 crores people ??

The answer is they are HINDUS. 37.2 crores Hindus live below poverty line compared to just 4.9 crores Muslims. So who is more poor.

Even with their poverty Hindus don’t go killing innocent people. You can read that Adivasis are more poor than the Muslims but even than you won’t find any Adivasi terrorist.

The fact is – poverty has nothing to do with terrorism. It’s the upbringing which makes people different, which makes people terrorist. It is religion which makes the difference and encourages people to become terrorists. The four people involved in London 7/7 bomb blasts were all from well to do families living in England for a long time. One of them was having a pregnant wife. But they choose the path of Islam, the path of terrorism. Muslims choose to become terrorist because this is what Islam tells them to do. This is what Islam inspires – massacre, genocide, plunder – of non-Muslims.

So, the next time you hear this crap that Muslims become terrorists because they are poor, illiterate or unemployed show them these calculations or even better refer this post :).
Poverty, illiteracy or unemployment has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism, Islam has to.

An analysis by MPI creators reveals that there are more ‘MPI
poor’ people in eight Indian states (421 million in Bihar, Chhattisgarh,
Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and West
Bengal) than in the 26 poorest African countries combined (410 million).

Census of India

TOI News: 31% Muslims are poor
 The Adivasis are the most vulnerable group
with nearly 50% below the poverty line…(followed by) the Dalits and Muslims
with poverty rates of 32% and 31%,” said the Indian Human Development survey
conducted by the NCAER and University of Maryland of the US.

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