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Famous Indian Muslims

Posted by The Mindset on October 15, 2010

According to Sachar Committee Report 40% of the criminals in India are Muslims while their population is below 12%. Just imagine what will happen when they will be 20%.
The whole Mumbai Underworld was run by Muslims. 50% of the Muslim Politicians have criminal record. Some of them are serious crimes like murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping, extortion etc..
These criminals are local terrorists, who terrorise the local population. It should be noted that the contribution of Muslims in other field like education, science & technology or business is nil or negligible considering their population of 160 million, which is more than the Muslim population of all the Arab countries put together (140 million).

Thomas Fuller rightly said – “The soul is not where it lives but where it loves.”

These are some of the people from whom the ”Muslims living in India” draw inspiration.

Dawood Ibrahim-Muslim living in India

Dawood Ibrahim – International Terrorist, Muslim from Mumbai city. This man does not even need an introduction. Wanted in several cases like – terrorism, forgery, crimes involving the use of weapons/explosives, criminal conspiracy, transnational crime, associating with Al-Qaeda, drug trafficking. He is wanted in the 1993 Bomb blast cases.
He is also included in the list of Top 20 Most-Wanted terrorists by India.
Ajmal Kasab, the terrorist arrested in Mumbai 26 Nov. 2008 attacks confessed that Ibrahim’s organization (D-group) provided arms and explosives to the Lashkar-e-Toiba group that were used to carry out the attacks.
His whole family is involved in crimes. His relates who have been either arrested or have completed their jail terms are – Sameer Wagle(nephew), Danish Parkar (nephew), Iqbal Kaskar (brother), Haseena Parkar (sister), Sajid Wagle (nephew).
He is the face of ‘muslims living in India’.

chota shakeel

Chota Shakeel : Former accomplice of Dawood Ibrahim. Wanted in several criminal cases including murder & extortion.He used to work for D-Company.Much has already been said about his rivalry with Chota Rajan and how he coordinated the famous attack on Rajan.

Mukhtar Ansari

Mukhtar Ansari :Criminal politician from U.P. Involved in murder of BJP MLA Krishnanand Rai along with his brother Afzal Ansari. In U.P. he runs the contract work mafia, illicit liquor industry, illegal coal mining, railway construction and scrap disposal.

Mohd. Shahabuddin

Mohd. Shahabuddin: Most notorious of all the Muslim criminals of India. Openly claimed to be an ISI agent. Currently serving life sentence for kidnapping with intent to murder. Under trial for more than 30 criminal cases – 8 for murder, 20 of attempted murder and other serious crimes like kidnapping and extortion.
He was elected MP from Siwan, Bihar from 1996-2008 RJD party of Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Afjal Guru

Afjal Guru: Terrorist, involved in the Dec.
2001 attack on Indian Parliament in which 7 security personnel lost their lives.
He was sentenced to death by The Supreme Court of India in 2004 but thanks to the vote-bank politics and Muslim appeasement policy of Congress he is still alive.
An India Today poll showed that 78% of Indian want him to be hanged. Don’t know what the Congress is waiting for.
Abu Salem

Abu-salem : Former accomplice of Dawood Ibrahim.
1. Main accused in the March 12, 1993 bomb blasts case in Mumbai
2. wanted in connection with the killing of T-Series owner Gulshan Kumar
3. wanted in connection with the killing of actress Manish Koirala’s secretary Ajit Dewan
4. wanted in connection with the killing of builder Omprakash Kukreja
5. wanted in connection with over 50 cases of murder, extortion and smuggling
6. a Portuguese court sentenced Salem to four-and-a-half years in November 2003, for possession of forged documents and resisting arrest.

Abdul Karim Telgi

Abdul Karim Telgi: Abdul Karim Telgi is a convicted-counterfeiter.He earned money by printing counterfeit stamp paper in India. He appointed 300 people as agents who sold the fakes to bulk purchasers, including banks, FIs, insurance companies, and share-broking firms. His monthly profits have been estimated as being in the neighbourhood of Rs 202 crore (slightly more than US $40 million).
The size of the scam was estimated to be more than 43,000 crore (US$9.55 billion).


Abu Jundal

Abu Jundal

Abdul Jundal or : Born in Beed district of Maharashtra, he moved to Pakistan and married a woman there. He was the mastermind of 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack in which nearly 200 people died.


{Source}: Honolulu Advertiser

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25 Responses to “Famous Indian Muslims”

  1. Sri said

    Sachaar committee report is uncontested for the fear of being labelled as Hindu right wing forces.

    When I analyzed little, using statistics, I found nothing incongruent. At the time of independence itself Muslims are considered as generally lagging behind Hindus in modern education. After partition they shut themselves in to outside world.

    If we look at the population growths and consider the fact that after 1991, public sector simply stopped hiring people then this should explain 5% that Muslims say is because of discrimination.

    But if we have to consider institutionalized discrimination, even this 5% will not be there.

    • rightly said Sri,
      Muslims ask for jobs and seats in eucational institutions on the basis of their population – “give us 25% jobs because we have 25% of the population”
      The only ability they have is to breed like cockroaches.
      The progress we are witnessing is not because of these idiots, but because of the able people who are working in the private sector. Our govt has proved to be impotent, only private sector can generate more jobs and fulfill requirements of electricity, communications and roads.
      And for all these we surely don’t need the Muslims.

  2. ha ha ha ha
    Do you want me to count and show the crime done by hindus.

    You r not mindset,u r fool set .

    We can how much hate u hav against muslims.

    Hindustan condition is lower grade bcoz the bloody hindu netas are chriminal and cheaters.

    Lalu parsad : cheating more than 500 crore.

    Recent cheating thousands of crore in olympic game.

    They r angels ?

    And if muslim demands jobs its bcoz we pay Taxes too.

    Stop ur Hate ,love every1.

  3. Typical Muslim comment, never accept your own faults but always blame other for them. Looking at the condition of Islamic countries – Somalia, Sudan, Afghnistan and your beloved Pakistan – we can see who is more bloody and more corrupt. And for lalu, Muslims used to vote for lalu than Hindus and its the Muslims who are the biggest vote bank of Congress, the most corrupt of all.
    There is no hatred, i have just presented the facts as they are, this is not my personal opinion.
    You ask for job because you can’t clear the aptitude tests of the government jobs, thanks to your low IQ levels. Nobody can help you in this.

    • The same game you are playing baby “ACT”….lol

      Did i said Muslims are not Criminal…There are many muslims are Criminal and doing such works which is not in ISLAM…but You are trying to show things only against Muslims…thats my problem….

      If you are really fair in Justice or understanding then you will show both side…not one side…!

      that is top your problem…you think YOU ARE BEST OTHERS ARE IDIOT…

      but hello WakeUp !

  4. You need to read this :
    Why so many Muslims in prisons ?

  5. No I won’t, u do the research.
    You give me the name and also send them to the filthy Congress man who love to lick Muslims ass’.Filthy muslim appeasers they are.
    Again I am not writing anything on my own like you, I know u are very good at writing FICTION and “Inventing” Conspiracy theories.
    I have given a link at the bottom of the post, seems like you don’t even want to look at the proof.
    Are you telling me that u Muslims are very honest people, Oh come on ! I live in India !!! so many Muslims are there sometimes it looks like I am living in Pakistan .
    :Muslims are dishonest and untrustworthy” – this is what a general thinking is. you can talk about Hindu netas bcoz u Muslims are not getting enough hand , once u will get u will do the same and even more dangerous u will use that money to kill innocents.
    If u believe in honesty o much why u Muslims do not vote for Shri Narendra Modi ji. he is the best CM in India and the best any Indian state ever got. he is the person who has brought prosperity in Gujarat not your appeaser Congress. Vote for Narendra Modi ji next time.

  6. Sonu said

    I h@te islam

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  10. Proud Quraishy said

    hahahaa…. ur stupid and jealous comments made me laugh..such a pig (big) moron u r..omg

    Thanks I can feel ur jealousy for not being muslim like us hence u r expressing ur jealousy here… I dont want u to love islam bcoz u r one of those who r ignorents… atleast u r doing some research on islam, though ur going in wrong direction but it shows that u r not satisfied with ur present religion..hahahaa

    I have many hindu friends and they r like my blood and my life for me…I wont blame all Hindu brothers sisters bcoz of lunatic person like u…

    carry on u idiot..coward like u cant do anything apart from writing in a blog…pls write something more hateful it makes me laugh on ur

    ignorence and height of ur stupidity..

    • deepesh said

      ya well said mr. loud quraishy,we are jealous of the inbreeding,criminal atrocities,illiteracy,acts of terrorism.
      if you are facing so much envy why dont you go to somalia

  11. Seriously, a wonderful post. Thanks for expressing your opinion. or bad credit
    cash advance loans

  12. mazedur rahman said

    human resource of muslim community must be developed to uproot all evils prevailing in the second largest community of the globe.

  13. Hindu said

    Did i just read someone saying.

    “Thanks I can feel ur jealousy for not being muslim like us hence u r expressing ur jealousy here”

    Are you fucking moron’s out of your mind. I could bet on this “If there was any reverse conversions to be allowed in islam, you would be the 1st to go through it”

    Google on internet and see how many people in this world are happy to be around or with muslims.
    Name a muslim country that is Civilized & is flourishing.

    “Hindustan condition is lower grade bcoz the bloody hindu netas are chriminal and cheaters.”

    Yes indeed lower grade, because you idiots keep electing this corrupt goverment for it supports the minorities.

    “Human Resource of muslim community must be developed to uproot all evils prevailing in the second largest community of the globe”

    Whatelse do you want man?
    What isnt implemented for you people in india?
    The Sharia Law and all whatever it is.
    Fucking stop demanding man, do something for this country. You are just raising population and nothing else.
    How many Muslims serve for Indian Army, Navy, Airforce?
    Ill tell you… Only 3% of your entire pop.
    You say no job for you, huh.
    Have you, or would you like to apply for these jobs/duties?

    You are telling to develop an evil to uproot all evils to an evil. What?

    I dont blame each an every person within a community for all that have happened and may happen, but there is nothing that contradict’s it.

    God help making this world a better place to live. May peace prevail upon earth.
    Jai Hind!!

  14. iqbal said

    mr mindset u dont need the muslims, we also dont need u, go to hell. and u think indias population is more than a billion because of we muslims only

    • humanitarian said

      Rightly said……You swines can only add to the population and create development hazards. More population, more problems for any country. You are only adding piggies in society and scattering filth all around. Off course! we would have much clean society without you heinous creatures and all this is because of evil cult which allows grow as many as piggies as you can. What a great contribution to the society!!!!!!

  15. devashish said

    my dear friends i m a hindu n i know that many muslims have done wrong things but we cannot blame everyone for this…ok i agree there is dawood ibrahim who supports our enemies but how can u forget APJ abdul kalam who also made this country a nuclear power there are good and bad in every society so y blame any particular community

    • there are good and bad in every society so y blame any particular community

      what a revelation, it never occurred to me,
      Oh Deva you are such a intelligent person, you must be the most intelligent person to have waked on this planet. I am highly honored that you visited this little blog of mine
      You are a saint, that’s why you see that there are equal number of criminals in all community, such great mind you have
      I am nothing more than a mere mortal in front of you

      I hope you take your head out of your ass.
      If you look around you will find that while Muslims are over represented in crime and terrorism they are underrepresented in everything else.

      Just giving the name of one scientist in the last 500 years can’t change the fact.
      It’s Muslims who are making this society unlivable day by day because they follow a evil ideology.

      try to see things in the broader contest before writing Bollywood style comments here.

      how can u forget APJ abdul kalam who also made this country a nuclear power
      so u think kalam did that alone, FYI there were hundreds of engineers and scientists who have made this country a nuclear power. Muslims are nothing but a liability on this country.

      Seriously, Devashish you are a pathetic loser. My dog will score better on a IQ test than you.

  16. […] Famous Indian Muslims […]

  17. pv said

    Abdul kalam. Dont know urdu… and check their brothers name… its typical tamil nadu names.. his family is converted to f** ing islam during their dirty rule.,.

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