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Enlightened Muslim stabbed British MP

Posted by The Mindset on November 14, 2010

Roshanara Choudhary was a normal Muslim woman – studious, a top student and just as normal as you can expect from a human being.
But these things changed completely when she started understanding Islam. She started gaining more & more knowledge about Islam; the more she got the more she felt compelled to do something in favour of her brothers & sisters in Palestine. Few months later this ‘enlightened’ Muslim stabbed British MP Stephen Timms, fortunately he survived.

Roshanara Choudhary was studying at King’s College, London. She left the college on 27th April 2010 for she believed that the college is supporting anti-Islamic agenda and Israel which she believed is against Muslims. On 14th May 2010 she stabbed British MP Stephen Timms.

The case of  Roshanara Choudhary is a perfect example to people who believe that just because their Muslim neighbour is very good human being all the Muslims on the planet are so. They forget to understand or deliberately do not want to understand that those Muslims are not practising or ‘pious’ Muslims. But one day they will come to know what “True Islam” is and that day may be the last day of your life because he/she will slit your throat and by this way he/she will go to Heaven and you as being a kaffir, will go to hell.

Here is the Guardian Article with details of the attack :

The gifted student jailed for life for trying to assassinate MP Stephen Timms told police she had wanted to die as a martyr after watching more than 100 hours of video sermons from the extremist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki which she had come upon on the internet.

Just 100 hours of Islam and she turned terrorists, imagine what becomes of people who live Islam day and night. more from the same article:

At the Old Bailey, Choudhry was sentenced to serve a minimum of 15 years. “You intended to kill in a political cause and to strike at those in government by doing so. You did so as a matter of deliberate decision-making, however skewed your reasons, from listening to those Muslims who incite such action on the internet,” said the judge, Mr Justice Cooke.

Served her right…:)

Asked by stunned detectives why she came to believe this, she told them how she had been learning more about her faith and had chanced upon Awlaki’s sermons on YouTube. The video sharing site said it was taking down hundreds of hours of his videos after mounting pressure. Choudhry, 21, told police: “I’ve been listening to lectures by Anwar al-Awlaki … he’s an Islamic scholar. He lives in Yemen.”

The sections of her interview where she admits that the cleric inspired her to attempt murder were not produced in court, and are revealed here for the first time. Awlaki, the spiritual leader of al-Qaida in the Arabian peninsula, is suspected of being behind the air cargo bomb plot uncovered on Friday and other terrorist plots.

The effect of ISLAM:

The effect of listening to and viewing the cleric’s video was such that, despite the fact that Choudhry never met or had any contact with him, she chose to withdraw from contact with her friends and ended her studies, quitting as the top student in her course at King’s College London on 27 April this year before carrying out her attack on 14 May.

She began listening to his sermons in November 2009, and finished the last in the first week of May, days before she carried out the attack

Choudhry told detectives: “He just voted strongly for everything, as though he had no mercy. As though he felt no doubts that what he was doing was right, even though it was such an arrogant thing to do and I just felt like if he could treat the Iraqi people so mercilessly, then why should I show him any mercy?”

Indeed, showing mercy and that too for a kaffir is absolutely an Un-Islamic thing.
Here is the transcript of her interview by police – (Source : Guardian)::

Q Well, tell me about that then. Tell me what happened today.
A I stabbed Stephen Timms.
DC Hussain Sorry, just before we finish, I’ve just a couple of questions that I’ve got to ask you. When did this interest of yours for Islam develop?
A: I’ve always been quite religious and I started to listen to Anwar al-Awlaki lectures last year and then I started to get really into it and I listened to everything that … like all of his recorded lectures that he made and that would have been like since November. I’ve been listening to him since November.

Note this, she was always religious. You may never know that a Muslim is really religious until he/she will commit something like this or you will find yourself dead.

Q Do you go to a regular mosque?
A No … I just pray at home.
Q Who do you discuss your Islam with?
A In general I just talk about it to my brothers and sisters but I don’t mention everything to them.
Q OK. Just a couple of other things. You bought the knives, you say, two to three weeks ago … Where did you keep ’em?
A Underneath the bed in a shoebox.
Q How did you feel about what you was about to do?
A I was a bit nervous about what I was gonna do but I felt like it had to be done and it’s the right thing to do.

Q Having done it, how do you feel now?
A I feel like I did my best to fulfil my duty to the other Muslims.
Q What, what did you think about getting killed then?
A I wanted to die.

Q Why?
A I wanted to be a martyr.

Q Why’s that then?
A ‘Cos, erm, that’s the best way to die.

Q Who told you that?
A It’s an Islamic teaching.

Q Where did you learn that?
A It’s … it’s in the Koran and I learnt it from listening to lectures as well.

Some points here, the Muslim terrorists are not “Brainwashed” as most people think. They do it deliberately with complete presence of mind. They don’t feel any remorse for their act, rather they feel good (why not, it’s Islamic).
Quran teaches them to kill kafirs (non-Muslims) without any remorse, something which the so-called moderate Muslims always keep on denying.

Q OK. Forgive me, I find it, I just find it a little bit strange that you’re doing all this on your own and not speaking to anyone else about or …

A Because nobody would understand. And anyway I didn’t wanna tell anyone because I know that if anybody else knew, they’d get in trouble ‘cos then they would be like implicated in whatever I do, so I kept it a secret.

Terrorists never reveal their plans to others. After the terrorist Muslim is arrested his/her parents and friends say that he/she was ‘shy, peaceful and certainly not religious’. CRAP
Why would a terrorists tell his/her plan in advance to everybody.

Q … how soon after watching that video did you decide to put things into action? Or to make plans?
A It would probably would have been like a few days or something.

Q So where in the Qur’an does it say that you should go and kill someone?
A Erm, the main chapters about it are chapter … chapter eight and chapter nine, I think.

Q What does that say, can you remember?
A Erm, it says to … it says to fight until there is no more oppression in the land. Because it’s better to fight than to be persecuted.

Q What do you think about what you’ve done to Stephen Timms and all that?
A I think I’ve fulfilled my obligation, my Islamic duty to stand up for the people of lraq and to punish someone who wanted to make war with them.

I hope those pseudo-secularists liberal idiots are watching. When one becomes a “True Muslim” he becomes a danger for everybody, especially for Non-Muslims.

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