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Gujarat Tops Rural Electrification

Posted by The Mindset on December 3, 2010

Gujarat has topped one more list – Gujarat has the highest number of villages having access to electricity. All the credit goes to the able leadership of Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Gujarat exceeded the number of villages set as target for electrification – 500 by far. In total 1 236 villages now have electricity.

Bihar achieved nearly 60% of the target – 3 841 villages electrified out of 6000. Other states performing better are – Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Haryana, West Bengal and Uttarakhand.

On the contrary Uttar Pradesh, which is strong hold of Congress has largest number of villages with no electricity. Congress has blamed again & again Marendra Modi ji for Gujarat 2002 carnage while neglecting all his achievements.

While Chief Minister Narendra Modi was busy making the lives of Gujaratis better and better Congress was following its age old policy of Muslim appeasement. While Narendra Modi was bringing transparecy in Gujarat Government Congress MLA and MPs were busy doing all the scams – Adarsh Flat Scam in Maharashtra, Scam in Common Wealth Games 2010 and the latest 2G spectrum telecom scam. The recent defeat of Congress in Bihar polls is a tight slap from the voter on its face. Bihar voters have understood the communal, divisive and corrupt nature of Congress and rightly voted in favour of JD-BJP alliance.

India curently faces a power defecit of 73 050  units and its likely to go up in the future. With Transmission and Distribution (T&D) losses as high as 30-45% there is an urgent need to reduce the losses using new and improved technology.

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