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Varanasi Blasts | A tribute to Baby Swastika Sharma

Posted by The Mindset on December 10, 2010

In the Memory of baby Swastika,

With tears…
From the Core of Fierce…..

My Love Swastika,

I dropped a few tears for you,
but it dried before it reached the ground.
These tears cannot sustain
The heat of my heart burning.
I assure you: your death will not be forgotten
By anyone on this this side or that side.
We will revenge your death,
in this life or next.
Till the Jihadis are burnt to ashes
And till they disappear from this world.
When you reach the heaven abode,
Please tell the Almighty: My brothers are still there.


Swastika Sharma, who died in Varanasi bomb blasts would have turned two years old on 18 December. The only child of her parents, she was sitting on her mother’s lap when the blast occurred.

“A pellet hit her in the head and she fell down. Then she got trampled in the stampede,” said her uncle Sanjay Sharma. The child was rushed to the Laxmi Narayan Marwari Hindu Hospital where doctors declared her dead on arrival.

Source: Hindu Existence Blog ||Indian Express

4 Responses to “Varanasi Blasts | A tribute to Baby Swastika Sharma”

  1. did u ever thought about palestinians kids. ?

    And this attack was frm hindu terrorist.

    Shame on u 4 lieing loser.

  2. You Muslims always blame others for your crimes. you say that 9/11 was done by Jews while Osama has already accepted it.

    The Varanasi attack was done by Muslims as clear from the Islamic email sent by a wing of Indian Mujahideen, originated from Malad, Mumbai.

    if you think otherwise please give the proof.

  3. […] response to my article Varanasi Blasts a reader ‘King-The slave of Allah’ left this comment : did u ever thought about […]

  4. And here is my answer:
    The Circle of Act-Denial-Blame-Act

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