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Why so many Muslims in prisons ?

Posted by The Mindset on January 24, 2011

News from NewIndPress, Gulf Daily News and Associated Press via the Daily Times and the International Herald Tribune reports that a study of prison populations in India has shown that there are disproportionate numbers of Muslims behind bars.

The information comes in a document published on Sunday, extracted from a review of an Indian government study of Muslim welfare by the Justice Rajinder Sachar committee. India’s population is 80% Hindu, and the remaining population is 13.4% Muslim and 2.4% Christian. Yet prison statistics show that this ratio is not preserved in India’s jails.

There is no breakdown of the nature of the crimes for which Muslims are incarcerated. 102,652 Muslims are in jail, and the majority are NOT imprisoned for terrorism. 12 states with sizeable Muslim populations were asked to submit figures, but four states – West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh – have not responded. West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have the fewest Muslims in government employment. (Its clear that these states have even higher percentage of Muslim prisoners, a fact which they want to hide)

The states with the most disproportionate amount of Muslims in jail are Maharashtra, Gujarat and Kerala.

In Maharashtra, Muslims account for 10.6% of the general population, yet they comprise 32.4% of the prison population. For those incarcerated on terms of less than a year, the figure rises – 42% of prisoners on short-term sentences in the state are Muslim.

In Gujarat, where Muslims account for 9.06% of the populace, they account for 25% of all prison inmates.

Assam has the second-highest number of Muslims in its population (Jammu & Kashmir state has the highest), at 30.9% of the general populace. Yet in this state, there are fewer Muslims in jail – 28.1%.

Karnataka state has a general population comprising 12.23% Muslims, yet its jail population is 17.5% Muslim.

There are debates about the causes of this discrepancy between the populations of Muslims in society and in prison. The Justice Rajinder Sachar committee notes that in urban areas, Muslims living at the poverty level account for 44% of the urban poor, compared to the national figure of 28%.

The argument that Muslims are poor, and also picked on, is put forward by former MP Syed Shahabuddin, of the Muslim organisation Majlis-e-Mushawarat. He compared their situation to African-Americans in the United States. He noted that Muslims are well-represented in lowly jobs, and have few openings in formal occupations.
Perhaps Mr. Shahabuddin didn’t read my article Who is more poor hindus or Muslims ? had he read it, he would have known that poverty, illiteracy and unemployement has nothing to do for a persons involvement in crime.

He said: “What are they supposed to do? They, therefore, end up in police stations more frequently and get involved in things they should not be involved in. It’s like the African-Americans in the US. Their proportionate share in jails is much more than their population share. With less opportunities, crime is a vocation.” He also blamed the police for their bias.

It appears that the Indian government is doing its own hand-wringing, and yet its statistics do not demonstrate a disproportionate amount of imprisoned Muslims anywhere near as extreme as those from France.

France, frustratingly, is too politically correct to keep statistics based on ethnicity, race or religion. Therefore the estimates of Muslims within the general population range from 6 to 9% of the total. Yet in jails, the amount of Muslims are estimated to be between 60 and 70% of the prison demographic. The majority of French Muslims in jail are said to be from North Africa.

According to the Jamestown Foundation, Farhad Khosrokhavar of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, estimated that between 50% and 80% of French inmates are Muslims. He also noted in 2004 that there were only 69 imams in French jails, compared to 500 Christian pastors and 84 rabbis.

In Britain, the population of Muslims is estimated at 3% of the total, but with illegal immigration, this figure could be higher. A report by the UK Prison Service noted that since 1993, the number of Muslims in British jails increased threefold over a ten-year period. In March 1993, there were 2,106 Muslim prisoners. In June 2003 there were 6,136.

In June 2002, the prison population of Muslims was 7% of all male prisoners (more than twice the national percentage) and 3% of all female prisoners (the same as the national average).

The latest figure for total prison population in Britain (27 October 2006) in Britain is 73,144 males and 4,605 females, though this figure is not broken down by religion. The system is close to breaking point.

In Scotland, the proportion of Muslims in the community is small. A government study (pdf format) from 2003 stated that out of a total population of 5,062,011 people, there were 42,557 Muslims. This figure included 31,793 Pakistanis and 1,981 Bangladeshis.

Therefore, 0.8% of the population of Scotland is Muslim. A UK government report from August this year states that 1.3% of the Scottish prison population (89 individuals) defined themselves as “Muslim”.

In Italy, the percentage of the prison population that is Muslim is 14%, according to 2005 figures.

Poverty is no excuse for crime. And claiming police prejudice in a country like Britain, where the police seem fearful to hurt Muslim feelings, seems a weaker excuse. One suggestion has been made to account for the large Muslim prison population in Britain by Dr Basia Spalek and Salah El-Hassan of the Institute of Applied Social Studies, University of Birmingham. They argue that conversion to Islam while in prison accounts for the presence of some of the Muslims in prison. At Feltham Young Offenders’ Institute, there have been incidents of forced conversion to Islam.

In France, Muslims are ripe for conversion. in 2004 it was said that prisoners in French jails can spend 21 hours locked in their cells. In June, the French General Intelligence Agency (Renseignements Generaux or RG) stated that 175 militant Muslims were preaching to others in French jails. They were mostly already from “Muslim backgrounds” already, but had adopted the extreme fundamentalism of the Tablighi Jamaat or Salafists.

In Belgium, the influence of radical Muslims proselytising in jail led in September to the director of the Belgian federal police force, Glenn Audenaert, suggesting that such prisoners should be contained in a segregated jail. In Australia, Aboriginal prisoners have been targeted for Islamic conversion.

In the United States, an estimated one third of all African-American prisoners are Muslim converts, following in the traditions of Malcolm X or Imam Jamil Al-Amin (the former H. Rap Brown). A study by the US Department of Justice from April 2004 revealed that 6% of the 150,000 federal inmates are Muslim. This is higher than the 1.5% of the general population who profess Islam. The whole US Department of Justice report, entitled “A Review of the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ Selection of Muslim Religious Services Providers”, can be downloaded in pdf format HERE.

In California, the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation confirms that of 166,000 inmates in the state, about 10,000 of these are Muslim. The majority of these are Sunni Muslims. This too coincides with the 6% figure found in the rest of the general prison population.

In America, as in Europe, there is a problem with the spread of radical Islam within penitentiaries. A recent 38-page document, published in September by the Homeland Security Policy Institute of George Washington University, entitled “Out of the Shadows: Getting Ahead of Prisoner Radicalization”, can be downloaded in pdf format HERE.

There is another possible reason for the spread of Islam in jail, which would also explain why so many Muslims end up in jail, compared to other citizens. Irrespective of the bleeding-heart liberal excuses of low achievement and poor opportunities, no researchers have stated the obvious and unifying factor – Islam, and its belief that “kaffirs” are inferior. If one dehumanizes non-Muslims, it is easy to see them as targets. As Mohammed himself (in Sura 8 – the “spoils of war”) engaged in caravan raids and also acts of violence – what better example is there to legitimize one’s progression through life by “raiding” from shops, automobiles and citizens?

12 Responses to “Why so many Muslims in prisons ?”

  1. sayeed said

    We are third class citizens in India, so we must accept this fact.Here in India Hindus are first class citizens, then comes the animals and then comes our position.Also this data is not complete by itself.If you try to find out you will see almost all the good families in India are involved in false criminal cases.They involve us in false cases for no reason.Its almost impossible for muslims to survive in India.

    • If you think so you can leave India ; nobody is asking you to live here.
      There are 47 Islamic countries on this planet. Go anywhere you want and worship your Allah.
      The Hindus from Pakistan & Bangladesh have to leave those countries & come here . Why don’t we get any news that Muslims are leaving India in large numbers.
      Stop spreading these lies that you are persecuted. it’s always you Muslims who persecute others, not theother way round.

    • Roohi said

      Leave India and flee to Pakistan and Bangladesh like Pakistani Hindus leave Pakistan and come to India. But you will not because you know that you’re treat equally well as the Hindus here. All the minor Muslim communities have been given reservations. Which other country would do that?
      Maximum discrimination you can face here is that someone will say, “All muslims are terrorists” and not even 10% of the total Hindus do that. Hindus don’t kill us here. I keep my mouth shut and don’t utter anything against any religion because I know that religion cannot define one’s personality. But, when someone tries to say that islam/hinduism/christianity is the best of all, I speak against him. When someone lies about intolerance in India, I’ll speak against him. Even some muslims like Adnan and all leave Pakistan and came to India and you talk about India treating Muslims as third class citizens. Nowhere on earth shall anyone believe you. All your muslim friends will condemn your view! Don’t force the hindu friends to hate islam by saying these fake things. They don’t forcibly convert you. You’re growing here. Muslim population has grown from 13% to 14.2%. Meanwhile, In Pakistan, Hindus population fell down from 10% to 1%. They discriminate against Hindus, sikhs, Ahmeds and even the whole of shia muslims. So, much of discrimination. India is far better and secular than that! It is not so that someone can falsely accuse you to jail for being a Muslim.

    • vijendra said

      Ya pakistan is suitable for you.

  2. […] the multicultural failures of integration have created no-go zones in Europe, and where the fastest growing segment of the prison population are Muslim, which is also true within other democracies, the fiscal cost […]

  3. […] the multicultural failures of integration have created no-go zones in Europe, and where the fastest growing segment of the prison population are Muslim, which is also true within other democracies, the fiscal cost […]

  4. […] state? The rationalization is so obvious that when you deign to debate it, you’re branded an Islamophobe: Irrespective of the bleeding-heart liberal excuses of low achievement and poor opportunities, no […]

  5. Steve Bronfman said

    The reasons for the huge percentage of Muslims in prisons around the world are mulitple;

    1. Islam, unlike most other religions, puts no value on non-Islamic education. Therefore Muslims in almost every society they live in tend to be the poorest and least educated. The one notable exception to this is the USA which attracts the Muslim elite who tend to be highly educated Indian IT professionals etc. This is also true of Muslim countries who, since WW2, have been dramatically overtaken in every measure of wealth (with the obvious exception of the oil-rich countries who now depend almost entirely on oil because of the lack of diversification in their economies) by East Buddhist Asian nations and even many Christian African countries. Women are not educated at all.

    Simply put, traditional Islamic schools; Madrassa’s only value rote learning of Islamic passages and there is no tradition of rhetoric or logic. In fact most Iman’s consider the Koran the only book worth studying (along with other Islamic texts obviously). It is interesting to note that although Muslim’s constantly whine that they also revere Moses and Jesus, their books; The Torah and Gospels are banned in S’audi Arabia.

    2. The Islamic agenda of world domination encourages Muslims to try to convert as many people as possible. Due to the illogical and violent nature of Islam this means that the overwhelming majority has to come from the criminal elements in the world eg US prison converts, Hezballah and South and Central American drug cartel alliances etc.

    3. Islamic law (Sharia) teaches Muslims not to respect non-Islamic law. Mosques do not have a seperation of “Church and State” and instead teach that the the secular law of the country those Muslims live in is not to be respected and only Sharia law is.

    4. One of the basic tenents of Islam; Jihad (we can debate the notion of greater and lesser Jihad ad infinitum) teaches that violence against non-believers is not only acceptable but a duty of Muslims. Infact, murdering infidels will be rewarded in the afterlife with the infamous 72 virgins; actually a mistranstion of the Arabic for raisins (alluding originally to the delicacies in Paradise) but because of an cartographical error has been used for about 1000 years to encourage Assassins and Suicide bombers etc to commit violence against all other people.

    5. Islam considers Mohammed to be the “ideal” human being we should all emulate. He was a murdering pedophile bandit who personally murdered 600 people which leads to Muslims being prone to violence.

    6. There is a concept of religious lying, unlike all other religions, Islam encourages lying for Islam to non-bellievers which is called Taqiyya.

    Therefore Muslims are unethical barbarians prone to being arrested for cheating, violence and crime. They therefore are hugely overrepresented in prisons around the world. Since they are the “luddites” of the modern era this proportion will only increase until we need to blast them all into a prison colony in space, reeducate/convert them to a more peaceful religion (perhaps Buddhism?) or massacre them all due to the predilection to violence and conquest.

  6. XYZ said

    You really need to be educated!! That there is a connection between inequality, joblessness, poverty, crime, and incarceration is not rocket science.

    • Please give details.

      • XYZ said

        see for the American story.
        You mentioned the Minister comparing Muslims with Blacks. I think its not for nothing.

        Our problem in an increasingly intolerant India is that when we look at Muslims we can only see Islam and our distorted and out of context interpretations of that holy book. Islam and kafirs is not the only thing Muslims are thinking about. Muslims, like everyone else, are also thinking about good education, buying a house, getting their daughters and sons married, a better job, heath care. Muslims should not be reduced to Islam any more than Christians or Hindus be reduced to our respective religions and holy books. We are more than that aren’t we?

        • These are the same Muslims, those who – want good education, buy a house, getting their daughters and sons married, a better job, heath care – that help the terrorist in every single terrorist attack.
          These are the same Muslims who helped the extermination of KPs in Kashmir. These are the same Muslims who frequently do riots all over the country.

          Please wake up. It’s the moderate Muslims who want to islamisize India, who want to impose Sharia over our country, who are proud to say – we ruled over Hindus for 1000 years.

          And they don’t think about killing kaffirs, it’s like breathing for them. It always happen to them.

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