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Zoroastrians (Parsis) in India-Like Sugar in Milk

Posted by The Mindset on February 14, 2011

Parsis (Zoroastrians) arrived in India fleeing the persecutions by Muslim leaving their Motherland Iran. The account of arrival and settlement of Parsis in India is depicted in “Qissa-i-Sanjan” (The Story of Sanjan). Parsis beleive that Qissa-i-Sanjan is an accurate account of their ancestors.

The account begins in Greater Khorasan, and narrates the travel of the emigrants to Gujarat, on the west coast of present-day India. The first chapter, which is the longest, ends with the establishment of a Fire Temple at Sanjan (Gujarat), and the later dispersion of their descendants. In later chapters, the Qissa narrates the success in repelling Islamic invaders, then the failure in the same, and the subsequent flight of the Zoroastrians. The account closes with a chapter on the conveyance of the “Fire of the Warharan” to Navsari.

After the fall of Sassanid Empire the persecution of Parsis at the hands of terrorists Muslims started at rapid rate. The neo-converted Muslims also helped in this. The Parsis were regarded impure and unclean and were not allowed to touch anything in the market. The murderer of Parsi was not punished ( read more – Zoroastrians in Islamic Iran )

To avoid persecution the Parsis came to India. The Qissa narrates that here they arrived at the port of Diu (Div) in southern Saurashtra, where they stayed for another 19 years. From Div, they sailed along the coast, weathered a severe storm at sea, and finally landed in Gujarat. Some accounts state that about 18,000 Parsis came in seven junks, five of them landing in Div, one at Variav near Surat and one at Cambay in Gujarat.

There, they approached the local king, Jadi Rana, and requested asylum. The ruler, fearing for his kingdom, asked them to explain their beliefs, and made four other stipulations for granting asylum:

  • they were to adopt the local language (Gujarati)
  • their women were to wear the garments of the local women (the Sari)
  • they were to cease to carry weapons
  • marriages were only to be performed in the evenings (as the Hindus do)

The refugees, accepting the demands, expounded on the teachings of their faith, and “when the Hindu Raja heard the oration, his mind regained perfect ease.” Having been granted asylum, the emigrants established the settlement of Sanjan (Gujarat), which was soon flourishing.

“Like sugar in milk”

One interesting, perhaps apocryphal Parsi legend relates the course of the initial meeting between Jadi Rana and the newly landed emigrants: When the Zoroastrians requested asylum, Jadi Rana motioned to a vessel of milk filled to the very brim to signify that his kingdom was already full and could not accept refugees. In response, one of the Zoroastrian priests added a pinch of sugar to the milk, thus indicating that they would not bring the vessel to overflowing and indeed make the lives of the citizens sweeter. Jadi Rana gave shelter to the emigrants and permitted them to practice their religion and traditions freely.

Parsis are still adding “sugar” to our lives. Parsis have produced great people in nearly every field – Sience and Technology, Arts, Business ans Sports. For a complete list of Parsis click here.

Parsis have shown that two communities who both want peace and progress can live side-by-side and flourish. Hindus can live with anybody with peace and help to progress. Parsis have saved their religion and customs in India while they were persecuted and driven out from Iran by terrorists. Parsis have set an example that it is not necessary to remain isolated and backward to retain ones cultural and religious identity.

Sadly Parsis have a very low birth rate, nearly 100,000 Parsis are there in India and their population is declining. India certainly needs more Parsis.

Unfortunately what we are getting are these egoistic, lazy, stupid, arrogant, pervert, violent, savage, barbaric, vicious, embarrassing, ignorant, backward, primitive, lying and women-hating lot.

26 Responses to “Zoroastrians (Parsis) in India-Like Sugar in Milk”

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  2. Prithvi said

    Muslims are peaceful when they are in minority and they will show their colours when they are in majority.Islam prohibits secularism,democracy,liberalism just implies only uncivilised laws.

  3. Abeer Ansari said

    I am very disappointed in you Prithvi. Muslims are people just like Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, Jews. Each of this religion has its share of its good and its bad people. You need to study Islam in depth before you make such false claims and unfair accusations. How would you feel if I made such claims about your religion and its followers? You are spreading hate by making such claims in writing, and you should not expect that Muslims would read this and be pleased. Despite the offense and hurt I feel by your words, I am being very polite and suggesting that you should study Islam thoroughly. How would you have reacted if I made you feel the way you made me feel with your post? Please learn to respect all religions and study them before you make posts such as this.

    • You muslims should first learn to respect other religions before giving lecture to others. How much rights the minorities are given in muslim majority states. JUst STFU
      Islam is such a crap, complete trash.

      Whatever Prithvi has said is based on reality and fact not BS like you and your filthy religion. You are polite…WTF are you doing any favour on us…get lost from here I dont write to please swines like you…the world is a better place to live without muslims.

      • Komuna said

        What a great example of peaceful tolerant hinduism your are. Hindus can live with anyone so long as they are willing to accept being called trash and filth right? You are a disgrace to your race you two-bit fucking bigot.

        • Hindus are living peacefully everywhere in the world.
          You Muslims are a$$holes , trash who can’t live peacefully even with your own kind. just look at iraq, pak, somalia..trashy saudi arabian death cult followers

          • Krishna Mehta said

            Hate begets hate. If you are a Hindu you should show understanding and love not hate. There is too much hate and war in this world and you have to make a choice if you are going to hate or love. Also remember what goes around, comes around. What do you want Parthiv?

          • What do you want idiot?

            Yes, “what goes aound, comes around.”..I am returning the hatred Muslims have been spreading around for so many years.
            Anything wrong in that, Mr. Adarshwadi Chutiya

    • Pankaj said

      I am quite surprised by your statement Mr. Komuna, what the gentleman has wrote on the website is a fact and whole world knows that I fail to understand what are you suggesting here???? dont you know that Arab’s invaded Iran and that’s why parsi’s fled they had the option of converting to Islam or they were killed/persecuted as mentioned and they decided the latter. So Please it’s a humble request not to request such thing again and MOST importantly he dint said about Islam.

    • Kishore said

      Dear Ansari
      I respect your religion. in democracy every one have common civil and criminal law. Muslims anywhere in the world will not accept the man made law. (as they think). They only want sharia law. Can you please explain how both laws are coexists without conflict. Please answer me. Its not possible. Thats why they said it is against democracy. They are no other feelings. In Islam you can not separate the religious practice with the state. if you can able to separate them both, nobody object your feeling and religion. Then i too believe that Islam is peaceful religion.

    • steve said

      These written are not false, it is absolutely true, “Darul Islam” which propagates when muslims are in Majority they have “Zero” Tolerance” towards others communities and reglion.

      When they are in “Darul Harab” they will keep asking for more and more of their rights. It is a religion which can killed 240 Million Peopels since inception and the numbers keep increasing year after year.

      You can see women raped, men beheaded and children killed. See Islamic countries they don’t allow any Temples or churches to be built.
      Islam is total Evil full of false deceiption. If you feel that islam is truth then search the entire life of Prophet Muhammed and you will get many surprising things and revelations.

      So don’t preach shit to us

  4. tara said

    Muslims have ruled India several hundred years, give me an example where hindus have been massacred in the muslim ruling country like Gujrat, orissa or any other place where muslims have bee massacred in the hindu ruling country. iam a social worker, and iam not taking any ones side, just i want to say that live peacefully, accept others and respect others believes.

    • The massacre of Hindus by Muslims is a well known fact. it looks like you have your head up your a$$.
      Read Tears of jihad
      Google for the “torture by Tipu sultan on Hindus and Christians”.

      Here are some more:
      -Mappila/Mopala masscare
      -Mirad massacre
      -Massacre of Hindus by Allauddin Khilji after battle of Chittor
      -Massacre of Hindus by Akbar Khilji after battle of Chittor
      – Kashmir genocide

      What happened in gujarat & orissa was a reaction to Muslim violence. Muslims b@stards burned 60 Hindu women and children alive.
      it was natural that Hindus killed Muslims – what u sow is what u reap…isn’t it

      you Muslims can’t live peacefully with anyone in the world.A$$holes

    • Pankaj said


  5. Kiran Motheram said

    I dont know why people are still calling Hinduism as Religion. This is ridiculous and funny.Hinduism is a Dharma. Our Dharma is Humanity first. See the one and only one great mantra, “Sarve janah Sukhino bhavantu”,

    Now, Fundamentally, Zaratustra has been mentioned in Rigveda. Ahura mazda(Wise lord of Wisdom) is very dear to Hindu dharma. Mithra, Varuna, Agni(Atar) are integral part of hinduism. Zorashtrians are our own brothers and they share many things with Hindus.

    Zorashtrians use apa(water) during their Yasna ritual while Hindus use Agni(File – Jatavedas, Havya) in their Yagnas.

    Vedic Faith and Zorashtrianism are essentially two eyes of Ahura Mazda( Varuna/Indra/Mithra).

    Needless to say that Hindus have top priority respect to Parsis. Apparently Hindus reciprocate respect for Muslims and other faiths. However only very few faiths respect Hindusism. To say, Zorastrianism, Sikhism, Judaism, Jainism and Buddhism.

    For Hindus Dharma is primordial. Thus Hinduism is called Sanatana Dharma.

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  7. someperson said

    I know parsis better than you people.
    Let me put it this way If these people like you they help you in ways you can never imagine or compare,but if they dislike you well they wreck you in ways you can never imagine or compare.Trust me.I know.

  8. […] Dhansak or their contagious laughter – The Parsis definitely mixed with India, the way sugar does with milk. Qissa-e-Parsi: The Parsi Story, is a documentary that explores the history of the Parsi […]

  9. Bharatbhumi said

    Is Islam a “religion” at all? Many scholars are of opinion that Islam is actually a Cult in the disguise of religion. It is nothing but a tool of Arab imperialism. al-la is nothing but invention of Mohammad to befool semi-barber Arabs for personal material gain. Mohammad is a political leader and nor a spiritual leader like Gautam Buddha, Mahabir Jain or Jesus Christ. Islam can be compared to 19 century “Cult” like Nazism or Fascism. To know Islam,every educated person should read the life history of cult-guru Mohammad. For interested readers for advanced reading please click on : run by eminent scholar Ali Shina.

  10. Deepesh Mehta said

    you guys (commenters) look like uneducated teenagers

  11. Indiandeshbhakt said

    Parsis have been great contributors to India. It was unfortunate that they had to leave their native land but it was a blessing in disguise for India as a country. Parsis are peaceful, hard working, smart, intelligent and bring very good culture. Muslims pushing non-muslims away from their lands is not a new story. It’s always been happening and Parsis were subjected to the same.
    Zorastrians should be given all the support possible to improve their population and spread their culture.

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