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British Islamic school teaches pupils to hate Hindus

Posted by The Mindset on February 15, 2011

An undercover filming done at a Islamic school has revealed that pupils are beaten and are taught to hate other non-Muslims – especially Hindus and Jews. The pupils are taught that non-Muslims are evil and they should be hated and that they should hate everybody walking down the street. The school – Darul Uloom Islamic High School in Birmingham – is one of the 2,000 Islamic schools in Britain.

Images show that pupils are beaten (click on the source link for images) on the back and head by a cleric dressed in traditional Islamic attire and even the older students take part in it.

The students are taught that Hindus have “no-intellect” and they drink cow’s urine. Hindus and other non-Muslims are called “kaffirs” and other derogatory terms are also used for them. The Muslims students are are being taught religious apartheid and social segregation.

A number of Islamic speakers were found giving disturbing lectures about Jews, Christianand atheists.

Students are told that non-Muslims are the “worst-creatures” and shaving, dancing listening to music and in case of women not wearing head scarves is unislamic and the people who practise such things would be tortured with a forked iron rod in the afterlife.

Students are given a dose of hardline, intolerant and anti-social version of Islam. (How wrong – there is no peaceful, tolerant or social version of Islam)

The filming also shows that the students are beaten often on the back or on hands without any reason and at sudden. Pupils are afraid to go to these schools. Some parents who want to teach their children to integrate in society and respect other religions have withdrawn them from such schools.

Muslims will found it very difficult after these findings to hide the True nature of Islam; they can’t hide the facts now.

Source : Shame-Britains-Muslim-schools-Secret-filming-shows-pupils

3 Responses to “British Islamic school teaches pupils to hate Hindus”

  1. Patalputul said

    I am sure these Mullahs with turbans who are teaching hate are indeed mental cases and the UK Government should take powerful action against these mentally retarded idiots and send them to lunatic asylums. They should not be allowed to walk on the streets – they are a danger to every living thing on earth.

  2. amit said

    these people will never undrstand …thex just want to kill all non muslims without any reason. sonebody has to change their thinking

  3. S. Kapur said

    Such bastard clerics need to be publicly hanged as they are the biggest terrorists.

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