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Why only Muslims terrorist ?

Posted by The Mindset on March 7, 2011

A reader – I AM MULIM AND PROUD! – left a (rather huge) comment on the post  The Religion of Peace Report January 2011

wow people like you people are actually pathectic read the Quran and then we’ll see you all say oh yeah because of terrorists muslims are bad well hey you dont hear us going oh because of people like the KU klux KLAN WHO WERE CHRISTAIAN EXTREMISTS! blamin it on christianity no you dont. So get your facts right because just because some individuls are abusing the love of islam doesn’t mean Islam is about hatred.

So I decided to check the Christian terrorist also and this is what I got.

The closest information that I got was from these 2 links:

For the sake of convenience I have grouped the data as below:

Year Whites Blacks Total
1882-1900 1107 1751 2858
1901-1950 185 1686 1871
1951-1968 3 8 11
Total 1295 3445 4740

If you read my previous posts “The Religion of Peace Reports for the month of

January and February 2011 then you will get this information:

Month No. of Attacks No. of dead No. of Injured
January 157 759 1647
February 125 550 1027
Total 282 1309  2674
Per Day 5 attacks 22 dead 45 injured

You can see that Islam has killed more people in a single day than KuKlaxKlan in the last 50 years.
The no. of dead per day is 22, by this rate Islam will kill 5000 people within 7 months, much more than in the entire history of KuKlaxKlan.

So the conclusion is this : when it comes to murder, genocide and massacre nothing is a match for Islam. Islam is so violent that nothing stands in it’s way. Muslims who follow Islam in its true form become blood thirsty murderous zombies who want kill anybody and everybody on whom their eyes fall.

This is the reason why only Muslims are called terrorist and not other people. Are you listening “Proud Muslim”.

30 Responses to “Why only Muslims terrorist ?”

  1. Hello,
    Now by looking at my website, it is clear that i’m just a mere teenager, from the UK, who blogs about fashion. But I came across this website when researching Zoroastrians and couldn’t help but notice your negative attitudes towards Islam and its followers. Now, I am a Muslim, I like to call myself a ‘relaxed muslim’ because I don’t tend to follow all the norms (pray five times a day, fast during the month of ramadan, etc.) However – now this is obvious- I can’t help but disagree with many views you hold. You are simply stereotyping and scapegoating. Now, quite sadly, Muslims are called terrorist, and this is because of a few extremists which have degraded our religion greatly. Now without any biased attitudes, you tell me, aren’t there extremists in every religion? The problem is, these stupid and barbaric Muslim terrorists kill innocent people in a barbaric manner in the name of Allah. Now, I can say with all my heart, regardless of the fact that I am not very religious, that Islam is a very peaceful religion which does not promote murder. Now, in order to prove me wrong, you may bring out verses from the Qur’an which talk about murder and killing people in the name of your religion, blah, blah, blah. Yes, it’s true, some verses do say that, however, there are verses in the Qur’an which state that one should only hold their swords and judge someone if they themselves are clear of sin, and therefore would not be seen as a hypocrite. Extremisits take such teachings out of context and make such a drama about it that innocent lives are lost. Haha, and muslims who follow Islam to its true form do not turn into Zombies ‘who want to kill anybody and everybody on whom their eyes fall’, that’s a childish and outrageous statement to say out loud, don’t you think? I also saw another post of yours’ talking about how Muslim women are looked down upon in their own faith. That’s being a bit hypocritical. Now, I can say with clear facts that in Hinduism, widowers in a ritual- please correct me if i’m mistaken- called the ‘Sati’ would have to burn herself alongside her husband’s funeral pyre – usually by force may I add. The first known attempt to stop this practice was by Muhammad Tughlak, a muslim. Now, COME ON, that’s a degrading ritual for a woman. Widowers would have to shave their heads and resort to a terrible life, and some still do today. You might say that this is now out of practice, but it is still clear that women belonging to a Hindu community still have to face prejudice and discrimmination. This shows that their are extremists amongst your faith as well. You may also say that the number of people Muslims have killed is much larger than a mere amount of widowers dying. But that’s not my point, my point is that there are extremists in all religions, but Muslim terrorists are more well known because they are current. Women belonging to all societies face prejudice,so please do not single out one religion. Quite ironically, the prophet of Islam, Muhammad (pbuh), married a working woman, now this goes to show that even the messenger of the religion was tolerant towards women. Now, of course some Muslim men do look down upon women, as do Hindu men. Brahmin priests would rape poor girls – that’s degrading. Even whites looked down on women and it wasn’t until the 70s that acts were passed to give women equal opportunities in life, and TRUST ME, there are still sexist people in a society so advanced such as Britain, today. Muslims aren’t the only people with sexist attitudes thank you very much. Muslims alone are not called terrorists, because it is quite obvious that you my friend haven’t visited other parts of the world. Did you know that Irish people were also called terrorists, did you know that the Tamils in Sri Lanka are called terrorists? TERRORISM IS EVERYWHERE. Muslims just seem to be the terrorists right now. Now I don’t like singling out a religion and I have many Hindu friends, but you have forced me to be so rude. Your faith has a caste system which people take advantage of, thanks to Gandhi the ‘untouchables’ are probably in a better position but they still face many harm from HINDU extremists. Yes, there are many sick Muslims out there who degrade our religion, yes DEGRADE our religion, as Islam truely preaches peace, harmony and tolerance, LIKE ALL RELIGIONS DO. These texts were written thousands of years ago, so their meanings can be taken out of context and interpretated in different ways, as they are slightly ambiguous – surely its common sense to know that different people have a different outlook on things. I know what I have said probably hasn’t changes much of your thinking, if not all. But all I wanted to state is that, not all damn Muslims are terrorists, and you are extrememly ignorant if you think Islam solely preaches racist attitudes and believes in violence. You’re a hypocrite, because you yourself are preaching racist views and also, all religions teach good things, as does Islam and also Hinduism (‘ahimsa’, etc). The religion isn’t bad, some of the people who follow the religion take it out of context and become bad, and are also influenced by social and ecnomical issues. Thank you if you have read this, as you are a very patient person – that’s the only good quality you probably have.

    • MotherNature said

      please do not bullsh!+ me samantha. The world famous historian, Will Durant has written in his Story of Civilisation that “the Mohammedan conquest of India was probably the bloodiest story in history”.

      India before the advent of Islamic imperialism was not exactly a zone of peace. There were plenty of wars fought by Hindu princes. But in all their wars, the Hindus had observed some time-honoured conventions sanctioned by the Sastras. The Brahmins and the Bhikshus were never molested. The cows were never killed. The temples were never touched. The chastity of women was never violated. The non-combatants were never killed or captured. A human habitation was never attacked unless it was a fort. The civil population was never plundered. War booty was an unknown item in the calculations of conquerors. The martial classes who clashed, mostly in open spaces, had a code of honor. Sacrifice of honor for victory or material gain was deemed as worse than death.

      Islamic imperialism came with a different code–the Sunnah of the Prophet. It required its warriors to fall upon the helpless civil population after a decisive victory had been won on the battlefield. It required them to sack and burn down villages and towns after the defenders had died fighting or had fled. The cows, the Brahmins, and the Bhikshus invited their special attention in mass murders of non-combatants. The temples and monasteries were their special targets in an orgy of pillage and arson. Those whom they did not kill, they captured and sold as slaves. The magnitude of the booty looted even from the bodies of the dead, was a measure of the success of a military mission. And they did all this as mujahids (holy warriors) and ghazls (kafir-killers) in the service of Allah and his Last Prophet.

      Hindus found it very hard to understand the psychology of this new invader. For the first time in their history, Hindus were witnessing a scene which was described by Kanhadade Prabandha (1456 AD) in the following words:

      “The conquering army burnt villages, devastated the land, plundered people’s wealth, took Brahmins and children and women of all classes captive, flogged with thongs of raw hide, carried a moving prison with it, and converted the prisoners into obsequious Turks.”

      That was written in remembrance of Alauddin Khalji’s invasion of Gujarat in the year l298 AD. But the gruesome game had started three centuries earlier when Mahmud Ghaznavi had vowed to invade India every year in order to destroy idolatry, kill the kafirs, capture prisoners of war, and plunder vast wealth for which India was well-known. Muslims are jus bllod thirsty monsters. Hindus would never deface another mans religious ideas in the first place . Do you know what Mohmd. Ghori did? he used the idols that hindus hold sacred as a counterweight for weighing cattle meat. AND HOW THE HELL DO YOU TALK ABOUT BRAHMINS RAPING WOMEN??? are you some kind of inbred half wit??? and what about the thousands of terrorist cases india has to face due to the conquer and subjugate POLICY OF ISLAM????

      • Ganesh said

        Islam is a religion which autjorises loot,rape,arso,mass murder in the name of demolishing kafirs!!Show me one Religion,which authorises thes unholy activities as Dharma or part of Religion?Muslims are silent in India because Hindu police and Hindu military are holding their beastly insticts in check!!

  2. 1. So ignorant about Islam, there are not “a few” Muslims who are terrorist , there are state-less armies like AL-Qaeda. get your facts right.

    2. As for ‘Sati’, please read Indian History for that, the women “CHOSE” to die instead of raped by the filthy Muslims invaders who killed their husbands. I was STARTED by Muslims and there is no proof that tuglaq wanted to stop it. If any other Muslims did so it was for only one reason – “No vagina should be left unused, Islam should be spread through any means”
    The purpose was NOT Women Empowerment but to fulfill the sexual desires of the Muslim soldiers. Agian u r wrong.

    3. Muhammad married a working women, so WHAT
    How many Muslims allow their women to work in todays time
    for more info read this

    as for Muhammad he was living on his wife’s money so why would he stop her from working???

    4. The IRA and LTTE were terrorist no doubt but they didn’t kill people for their religion
    Muslims DO

    • You seem to have a PhD when it comes to Islam! You obviously know much more about my faith than I do. Nice. I’m ignorant about the faith I have follow? You have to be kidding me. Islam is one of the largest religions in the world, and compared to that, the number of extremist terrorists is a “few”, thank you very much. Quite funnily, I belong to a Muslim family as you know, 90% of the women in my family work. Also, I would say that in general ASIAN men don’t allow women to work – I think it’s more about the ethnicity than the religion, but hey, you’re so biased and stubborn you won’t listen to anyone else, and sorry I can’t be bothered to read the article, because I know it’s proof but it’s just one article and I have better things to do. At least I agree with some of the things you say. I agree that some Muslims have hurt so many, beyond recognition and have spread hate, but I don’t understand why you think ALL Muslims are bad. They really aren’t. Just curious – have you had a really bad experience with a Muslim, or are you just angry about the terrorism, etc? In the ritual, ‘Sati’, it’s a clear fact that some women were also FORCED to jump into the flames. Yes, some chose too, but don’t deny that some weren’t forced because they were. The point I was trying to make was that there are things even in your religion whcih degrade women, so please, you get your facts right. Oh, so all ‘Sati’ rituals suddenly started after filthy muslim rulers killed their husbands? I think not. This ritual started well before the arrival of the Mughals. How do you know that the purpose was to satisfy sexual urges of Muslim soldiers? Did you belong to that time? Are there any recorded evidence of such views? Yes, of course Muslim soldiers have raped many women. But please don’t forget that there are Hindu rapists too – even Brahmin priests! “No vagina should be left unused, Islam should be spread through any means”. Wow, you heard a Muslim say this quote, or wait, hold on, you got it off the Qur’an? You really do make me laugh. Excuse me for my sarcasm but you were asking for it, I am a teenager and i’m not as childish as you are. What do you mean by, “so WHAT”? I was explaining to you that Muhammad also agreed with women of his time working, since he married a working woman, and also HOW DO YOU KNOW Muhammad was living off of his wife’s money? Is there a verse in the Qur’an whic states that too? I’m sorry, but the IRA too killed people because of religion and of course politics – Protestants vs Catholics ring any bells for you my intelligent, all-knowing friend?

      Again, sorry for my rudeness, but I just can’t help it. I really do hope you have a good life, and I actually genuinely think that you don’t find all Muslims as being evil. If you did, I find that quite pathetic and ridiculous seeing as you haven’t met all the many Muslims there are in this world. Anyway, good debate I must say, but I have to go and do some homework now. And one more thing, the religion isn’t bad, some of the people in it are.

      • Ganesh said

        Samantha,all said & done ,one thing is true!Muslim community as a whole is terrorist,as even if 5% of the Muslim community is engaged in real terroR activity,95% is silently supporting it in the hope that you can one day see darul -Islam throughout the world!!Just show me one prominent muslim or muslim group opposing the terrorism,killing of Kafirs,bomb explosion in a very loud voice and degrading those people,humiliate,insult them?We have in India Narendra Modi,RSS,BJP who for their perceived anti -Muslim stance are HOUNDED,hated,attacked,insulted,humiliated day in day out merclessly by HINDU GROUPS,HINDU TV CHANNELS,HINDU NEWs PAPERS AND SO CALLED SECULARISTS DAY IN DAY OUT and not any Muslim groups as they dont have the power,influence and standing to even do that!!Now give me examples of prominent Muslims talking,hounding those who indulge in terrorism!!!!NONE!!

  3. Julian said


    Actually no you dumb c**t.

    There are multiple recorded foreign testimonies which talk about how most cases of sati were voluntary just like seppuku in Japan.

    You are too fucking stupid to know that because you are a brainwashed Muslim, so I won’t even bother quoting the primary sources proving my point as it will be a waste of time.

  4. I am sorry, Julian but did you just call me a “f**king dumb c**t”, well let me tell you something mate, you’re the one who is a dumb c**t who can’t do anything by f**king swear for no reason. So do me a favour and get your dumb as* somewhere else, and i’m sorry! BRAINWASHED?! Haha, i’m the least ‘brainwashed’ muslim you’ll ever meet you asshole. And you know what, get the source, i’d like to see them! tleast ‘en to an evidence, ou bitch. GET TO KNO PEOPLE THEN JUDGE. faggot.

  5. Julian & Samantha
    Plz don’t use these words without ***
    or else I have to delete your comments.

    And I feel Happy for BRAINWASHED Muslims , Thanks GOD atleast one part of you will smell good

  6. joy said

    As usual debates with muslims make them throw up amusing stuff like:
    1) I know my religion better than you.
    2) We are many in number.

    And ridiculous assumptions and projections such as:
    “Why do you hate all muslims?”

    Of course they lack all sense of reality and proportion in their urge to defend their muslim identity – >>”Islam is one of the largest religions in the world, and compared to that, the number of extremist terrorists is a “few”<<

    As for the despicable thug Mohammed(curses buh), when he finished mooching off his wives money, he started raiding caravans to fund the activities of his gang.

    As for his marrying a working woman being proof of "his tolerance towards woman", this is so sickening a statement that you really pity muslims. Only god knows how many hundreds of women were taken as sex slaves by Mo's men or sold off into slavery after their husbands were slaughtered. Only god knows how many such captured women Mo(curses buh) raped personally. The hadiths and other sources provide only a few details, but enough to show how sick this man was.

    It is a known fact that much of the middle east and surrounding areas was far more liberal towards women before Mo the thug and Pislam came along. After the arrival of Pislam, women were reduced to being little more than cattle, while before they had enjoyed much independence and equality of status.

  7. Well said Joy,
    before Mo conquered Arabia the Arabs were a liberal and inquisitive race. After the invention of Islam Muslims have been reduced to nothing more than animals.
    Look at the condition of their countries, Pakistan Afghanistan and Somalia…all Islamic hellholes.
    Countries like US , NewZealand , Japan and Canada are prosperous because they have very few Muslims
    Wherever Muslims go they bring destruction and doom. India and Russia are bleeding because there are 10-20% Muslims as there number will grow the condition will only worsen.

  8. joy said

    >> as there number will grow the condition will only worsen.<<

    But I am optimistic. I don't believe the world will become an islamic shithole. But we need to act, and the most nonviolent way is what you are doing, to spread knowledge about islam. God knows what other actions will need to be taken in the future. Muslims must be encouraged to go back to their roots, for e.g. iranians to their zoroastrian roots etc. It is also important to show kindness for this.

    Keep up the work.

  9. But I am optimistic

    I am surely not. There is no coming back from Islam

    May be our ancestors used to think like that 500 years ago. But today, Pakistan is an Islamic state & J&K is Islamic headache for India

    Don’t know where the world will go but I don’t see any future of world if it becomes full of Muslims

    They are arrogant, violent, stupid , savage, embarrassing, ignorant, backward, barbaric, primitive, lying, violent, child- and woman-hating people .
    They can’t change.

  10. joy said

    I know what you mean about Pak, bangladesh and kashmir, but imagine what the situation would be if all those muslims would be a part of India. For an idea about the drain on us, take a look at how much kashmir is squeezing out our money without producing a damn thing, and this is excluding the military expenditure. We would still be decades behind if all those muslims would be a part of us.

    Muslims may not be able to change on their own, but circumstances can do pretty drastic things to human beings. Human life on this planet is meant for both individual and collective evolution. Even when things get ugly, in the end there is progress. So I simply don’t see the world turning into an islamic shithole. We may be headed towards some really ugly but necessary shit. This is because too many muslims continue to retain the “islamic character”, which is all the adjectives you have used above. But at the same time, especially in islamic countries a few muslims are also starting to see that there is something wrong. An even tinier minority are having dramatic realisations, for example see this.

    It appears to me that we might be entering a transformative period. The internet for one, is a huge game changer. Islam can no longer hide behind threats of violence.

    I know I can’t change your opinion, but this is what I think.

  11. I know what you mean about Pak, bangladesh and kashmir, but imagine what the situation would be if all those muslims would be a part of India

    yes, Joy I understand, but when I said Pakistan-Bangladesh-Kashmir I was talking about the land not the people-Muslims are no better than pests anyway.
    Muslims are surely not going to change.
    Pakistan was once sharing the same civilization as India, what changed — the religion Islam came.
    And now Pakistani are making Nuclear Bombs and are dying to throw on us. See what Islam can do ,
    You don’t find any voice of secularism or democracy in Islamic countries. these voices come from Secular & democratic countries only, because in the name of secularism they propagate Islam with ease, Muslims use democracy as a Trojan horse for Islam

    This is the problem.

    And I dont see any solution in the near future.

  12. Rajan said

    Can any relaxed muslim just answer this.
    A group of elders visit other muslim homes for teaching called ‘Jammat”. They bascially teach to make children and birth control is anti islamic. They also explain this is required for more muslims which means more of their population which will lead to majority community and islamic government and worst is they dose not require to work hard because every house and work place build by poeple of other religon will be captured by them.
    Most Muslim men have experienced this comunity meatings but never revolted to such ideas.If you are a relaxed one why not you write about such incidents and give names of those preachers.
    Like disolves like.Bad will always be associated with evil.

  13. Rajan said

    I am not a muslim, No religon teaches us hatred so dont hate Islam.

  14. I will answer your second question first- you said:

    No religon teaches us hatred so dont hate Islam.

    True, but Islam is not a religion, its a political-military ideology working for World-Domination. Its a system designed for the encouragement of criminals and thugs.

    Your first point answer most of the problems of the Muslims – they are lazy , arrogant and violent. Hence they easily become criminals and terrorists. Never ever think that Muslims will speak against their own “religion”, the system is designed to suit them.

  15. Here is a detailed answer :
    Muslims and family planning

  16. website said


    […]Why only Muslims terrorist ? « The Mindset[…]…

  17. ALittleGirl said

    Those of you who even refuse to believe that Islam is a religion are probably the most brainwashed people of all. You can’t just base opinions of Muslims off of facts from the Internet. You need to actually meet someone who practices the religion. If you base opinions off of the Internet alone, then you could say that all Christians have the same beliefs as Hitler.

    I also feel the need to point out that laziness and arrogance are the most hated qualities in Islam. When you say that no Muslim will speak out against their own religion, you fail to recognize that NO ONE would willingly speak out against their religion, that is unless they are not religious.

    Another point you fail to see is that many people are recognizing the peace that comes with Islam and converting. Islam is actually the fastest growing religion at the moment, so you may want to get your head out of the ground and look around. Just because you are not fond of something does not make it terrible. You people need to learn to accept that Muslims are not terrorists, whether you are happy about that or not.

    • Samantha Ria Shahriar said

      Thank you, I completely agree with you! I just came back to this post recently – and reading it I have realised how ridiculous some of the claims these people are making. I respect all religions. There is good and bad in all religions, and those who fail to accept Islam as a religion are truely ignorant and stubborn. Everyone needs to grow up and tolerate other faiths! We should all stand together and fight against extremists. Scapegoating is never the way forward. The cause of such attrocities isn’t the prophet of the religion, or the Quran, it is the spread of radical ideas which have roots from the wrong interpretations of the text. It is the lack of education and tolerance which leads people to do what they do. Times have changed, be a bit more open minded guys.

      • Look at the condition of Afghanistan, Pakistan Bangladesh Somalia Sudan
        do you still want the non-Muslims to believe that you Muslims are tolerant of other religions.
        please don’t spread these lies . What you Muslims are upto we know very well

  18. Hindu said

    Arey you fcking morons crazy,

    “Islam is worlds second largest community”

    Indeed it is, coz you breed like pigs you spread like plague.

    “Quite funnily, I belong to a Muslim family as you know, 90% of the women in my family work. Also, I would say that in general ASIAN men don’t allow women to work – I think it’s more about the ethnicity than the religion”
    Yea, right 90% women work in your family & rest 10% handle the rest of the stuff…
    You see neither my religion allows, nor me myself want to marry multiple womens to satisfy sexual desires & that each of them can be assigned to work in their respective roles in the family.
    You see we have only 1 Women to look after the elders, to look after the household duties, to look after the kids, to love her husband & still if she wants, to work.

    Read this true story, expect it might happen to you.

    You’re living in a Civilized nation, which doesnt even belongs to you. You’re immigrants/Insurgents & spreading. Will you and your family dare to go back & settle in your True Islamic States.

    Half or maybe whole world is troubled by your religion, you migrate, you settle, you claim to be minority, you demand for facilities & if not fulfilled show your true colours by carrying out terrorist activities.

    You talk about Hindu religion & rituals.
    Rituals like Sati – which dont even exist today & have been banned long back.
    I dont, but you may be you like to see a women whos husband has been killed & she is being raped everyday & being used as a sex slave. A life more painfull than death. You might enjoy this, since it has happened to Hindus, caused by your filthy muslim ancestors.
    Most of your claims about Hindu religion, i agree at some were not good like the Untouchables. Where in india today, do you find them to exist.
    Humans have created religion & not religion creates human beings. Change is Nature.
    This is my religion, as time passed it corrected itself, what was wrong & needed to be changed.

    And thats your religion, doing the same thing you & your filthy ancestors have been doing.

    And the Most fcking important of all, atleast my religion doesnt teaches me to steal innocent lives, Go read Wars after Independence that India have faced, Everytime initiated by Muslim Community/State.
    How many Hindu, Sikh blood was spilled to save our lands & also to save your community in india. Yet we have always been mercifull upon our enemies.
    See how flourishing they’re today, in the last few decades muslim population have increased from 13% to 15+%. While india trying to maintain population, Hindu’s are either stable or decreasing. Being minorities they have been provided hell lot of facilities at the cost of Hindu Tax payers, yet they complain.

    Look into your own collars before pointing finger at others, coz the rest will always point at you.

    • Samantha Ria Shahriar said

      Frankly, I’m quite offended that you thought that being a woman myself, I would “enjoy” watching others become sex slaves, etc after the demise of their husbands. The thought is repulsive and your generalisation upwards all Muslims not only lacks thought but evidence. I have said numerous times that just because insurgents may hold such opinions does Korean that majority of Muslims do. Do you think I agree with men marrying countless women for various reasons? Do you think I agree with terrorist attacks? Of course I do not, so please don’t try and act like you know me or my opinion on such matters. All the men in my family have just the one wife FYI. So please, stop with the exaggeration, not all Muslim men have countless wives.

      Just as you explained the roles of women in your family, such are the roles of women in my family, they work of they wish to (which most of them do) or are homemakers. I really do not see what you are trying to prove. Not all Muslim women are sex slaves, pls stop humiliating yourself, darling!

      I do not wish I’ll upon anyone, I have countless Hindu friends who I love and wish to keep in my life. I am not a racist like you, I simply quoted certain rituals carried out in Hinduism just to prove a point that all religions contradict themselves.

      Also, I do have to mention that you are also someone who says that my religion has taught that women should be degraded but you are a representative of a country which has been in the need numerous times for horrific crimes of rape also – carried out by Hindu men! (Dehli gang rape, Assam case, etc) If you are claiming that we are bad, you aren’t too far off it either. Don’t be a hypocrite because I’m not.

      Religion is something personal, it is an issue when a spectacle is made of it. All religions have ab element of violence in them – because of wrong interpretations, but that doesn’t mean all the followers of that religion aspire to follow such interpretations. These terrorists have really ruined our image. And please don’t swear lol

      • it’s easy to give lecture while sitting in the comfort of a non-Muslims country.
        why don’t u go back to your own country and then write something about how you feel.

        >>All religions have a element of violence

        well you are an idiot. ever heard at Jain terrorist or Buddhists terrorist no never and u will never.

        actually it’s the terrorist who are the real Muslims.
        people like you are nothing but a polish on a dung cake. Muslims like u live on periphery of your society knowing nothing about real Islam and pretending that those terrorist have taken “wrong meaning ” of some verses.
        how stupid.

        • I can EASILY go back to my own country and discuss my dislike for certain Muslim practices – why don’t you set out a time and date for my to do that, unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to do that. You do not know me as a person, so please do not feel that I will be intimidated in the slightest way for expressing my own opinions towards the religion I practice, no matter where or when that opinion is expressed.

          My use of the word ‘all’ was a general, sweeping statement – but I will correct it just for you – MOST religions practice violence in one way or the other. Name one religious text that doesn’t constantly contradict itself. You have to understand that these texts were written thousands of years ago and are in accordance to the social construct of that time. Just because a religion mentions violence does not mean that is the core value of that religion. I know for a fact you can find many peaceful statements in the holy book of Islam as well as some pretty horrific things. Same in the Bible. There are so many contradictions.

          I mean in the Bible it says it is forbidden to wear clothes made from two materials! Do you think Christians still practice that? No. The issue is, many Muslims still practice elements of the faith, which in my opinion are no longer relevant and are out dated.

          Muslims are fallible but God isn’t. Hate the Muslims who do such things, not the religion!

          I do not “pretend” terrorists have interpreted the religion wrong, it is a fact that they have. You can say the same for other religions – in fact in Hinduism there is constant mention of the caste system etc – many people still have those ideals even though it is illegal, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN THAT IS THE CORE OF THE RELIGION AND ALL HINDUS AGREE WITH THE CASTE SYSTEM.

          The fact you said terrorists are “true” Muslims is actually a joke. Surely you would consider someone like me to be a “true” Muslim as I am not killing innocents and forcing women to wear hijabs, etc?

          If I know “nothing” about “real” Islam and have been shielded by living in a western society, then what do YOU know? You aren’t even a Muslim, so how can you possibly know what “true” Islam is yourself? What you have said is the biggest leap of logic – what you have said is stupid.

          • >>It’s very easy to say i am a secular in UK/USA.
            try to say that in indonesia/ saudi arabia or even maldives..let’s see how many days before u get one of your own kind.

            >> surely all religions don’t hapractice violence
            here is a website

            if u think all religions are equally violent give me a similar site on Christianity/judaism/hinduism

            >> just because bible too has violent verses does not mean quran is peaceful. u r saying theft is OK because people r doing murder. surely both r crimes but murder is verse.

            >> Muslims are fruit of Islam. if u want to get rid of venomous fruits there is no point removing fruits & leaves the tree must be cut down.

            >> I think u gotmy point wrong. The terrorist are interpreting quran correctly. It people like who r not.
            >> caste system does not hurt anybody. Before talking about caste system look at the shia-sunni problem. sunni are killing eevry other Muslim group – Ahmadiya , shia Bohra islmailis etc. look at your own house first

            >> how come people wjo start following Islam for a period of time end up being terrorist and jihadis . You should read : Enlightened Muslim stabbed British MP

            how come a few months after a Muslim woman start reading Quran and start learning Islam she became so radical that she stabbed a British MP.
            she was a god student , only after she started reading about Islam that she became a jihdai murderer

            Asfor the last line u r taking it for granting that u know Islam. I know people who know about Muslims , their history and religion than a common Muslim.

      • Samantha Ria Shahriar said

        Hello again,

        I come from Bangladesh and as you know it id a democratic country which does not run under any religious law. Yes, it is predominantly a Muslim country and recently there have been issues with the radical groups does not mean the majority identify with such extremist values as I have mentioned numerous times before. So yes, I could easily go out and say what I believe and a radical “mullah” could kill me. The state will not. And the group who will kill me are not my “own”, they are fanatics like you who cease to be open minded. Sad that you are living in a civilised society but you preach hatred. You are a hypocrite and trying to stet a war of your own. You are sitting on the side lines I sighting violence against a religion just as other extremist Muslim groups do. Why don’t you look at yourself? I always look at myself, and never have I said that I agree with ALL aspects of my religion. I take the gist of it – you don’t see me or the likes of me on the news terrorizing others, do you?

        Also you mentioned a woman who converted and went all crazy, yes she wad radicalised. I’ve been influenced by this religion my whole life but not once will i think of shooting people! She has been brainwashed and has poor judgement! Millions gave converted to Islam and only a few have fallen in the radical trap and followed a route of damnation. Don’t use a few stories and apply that to everyone. Someone like you, I would believe had more sense than that.

        Seriously? No other religion has sites dedicated to hatred of another kind? Have you heard of the Klu Kux Klan? Did you know they still have operating sites? What aboit Neo Nazis? Seriously mate, get with it.

        The caste system does not hurt anyone? Wow. Now I really know where your morality and dignity lies. Taking away someone’s fundamental right to equal opportunity DOES hurt people, in more ways than you think. Look around you. People who are poor resort to crime, honey. About the Sunni and Shia issue – that has nothing to do with caste or someone’s SOCIAL background. It is just like Protestants and Catholics killing each other in Ireland. Frankly, I think it is disgusting that members of any faith go against each other, let alone the same faith! We should all unite, because at the end of the day I want the same thing as you! A peaceful world free of terrorists and radicals!

        Also you said that “Just because the bible has violent verses does not mean te Qur’an is peaceful” but then I could defend that and say, “just because the Qur’an had violent lines doesn’t mean the Bible is peaceful? We are running in circles Mr Mindset. You haven’t proven a point. Again, murder and theft id wrong, and murder is murder. Not once did I justify the wrong teachings in any of the books, I’m just telling you to stop bullying one religion because of a few bullies in that religion.

        Also, as I am biased, so are you, so why should anyone take mine or your word for anything? We need someone secular and completely subjective to settle this surely? I personally think I’m being quite rational and you, irrational. But again, I am a Muslim and a pest so why listen to me right? Ha ha!

        And in reference to your last line, you may know many people who know more about Islam than Muslims themselves, but you sir, are certainly not one of those people.

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