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List of Informative Websites on Islam

Posted by The Mindset on March 10, 2011

To protect yourself from fire you should know what causes a fire, how it spreads and how to control it. Similarly if you want to know about Muslims and Islam you have to equip yourself with the knowledge of Islam and Muslims.

So here is a list of “Informative Websites on Islam and Muslims” – read and get knowledge about Islam and Muslims, how they treat the non-Muslims – Hindus, Jews, Christian, Buddhists and Sikhs, Islamic terrorist attacks all over the world, why all Muslims are terrorist, why Muslims are so backward and much much more….

Read More and be vigilant !

[ Note: This is not complete list. It will be updated from time-to-time ]

List of Websites on latest Islamic events and Politics

The Religion of (
This website contains the complete database of all the Islamic terrorist attacks after 9/11. It also has a counter which gives the number of such attacks. I recommend this website for daily visit. (
Robert Spencer’s blog. Get latest info on Jihad, American politics, World politics and much more.

Atlas Shruggs (
Pamela Geller’s blog (
Website of ex-Muslims Ali Sina who is exposing the myth of True and moderate Islam (
The website has been started by ex-Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims. They mainly cover Islamic issues from Indian-subcontinent. (
America, Israel and World Politics. (
Jewish American author Bernie writes about – America, Israel and World Politics AND beautiful Women. (
Daniel Pipes is an expert on America-Mid East relations and writes extensively on Islamic issues the world is facing today

BareNakedIslam (
America, Israel, Europe and lots of videos – It’s not Islamophobia when they really want to kill you.

Here are some more websites which throw light on Islam

K H A L A S ! ~ ~ ~ An ex-Muslim’s blog. You can find links to more ex-Muslims’ blogs here (must read) ~ ~ ~ Revealing the Truth about Islam
Center for Muslims-Jewish Engagement~ ~ ~True words of Quran for non-Muslims. ~ ~ Collection of numerous websites, videos and informative articles on Islam.

4 Responses to “List of Informative Websites on Islam”

  1. bernie said

    Thanks for the mention, I am honored to be in such excellent company.

  2. Desh said

    Good collection. You may also want to add in this one – – for all who want to quote the exact verses on how Islam talks against non-Muslims.. this can come handy

  3. @Bernie:- Thanks for the comment, It’s Rajiv here

    @Desh:- Thanks for the link, it has been added

  4. bernie said

    Rajiv, off-topic: I added your comment to one of my articles to my Testimonials page It`s Great to Be Appreciated.

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