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Armenian Genocide (1915-1918)

Posted by The Mindset on March 26, 2011

In its true form Islam is much more than a religion – a complete way of life which controls an individual. A totalitarian system which is working for world domination.  

People who have lived with or alongside Muslims know very well what it means. And those who are even more unfortunate have to live under a Muslims dominated government. The Armenians under the Ottoman Rule during WWII were such unfortunate people.

As always happens whenever & wherever Muslims comes into power or become majority they wipe out the other religious groups – something we know as GENOCIDE.  Armenian Genocide was one of such genocides carried out by Muslims.

Armenian Genocide :-  The systematic killing of nearly 1-1.5 million Armenian Christians by the Muslim Turks, who used to identify themselves as “Young Turks” is known as Armenian Genocide.

The common accepted date of the genocide is 24th April, 1915, the day 250 Armenian intellectuals and leaders were arrested by Ottoman authorities. These people were later executed.

The reason given for the genocide is that the “Young Turks” wanted to form an exclusive Turkish-Muslim state for which the extermination of Armenian Christian was carried out. (The same as extermination of Kashmiri Hindus by Muslims)

Under the Ottoman Muslim rule the Armenians were already living as second-class citizens. Forced conversions, arson, kidnapping and loot , overtaxing was common for the Armenians. They were not allowed to practise their religion with freedom. The  Christians were not considered equals to Muslims, testimony against Muslims by Christians and Jews was inadmissible in courts of law; they were forbidden to carry weapons or ride atop horses; their houses could not overlook those of Muslims; and their religious practices were severely circumscribed (e.g., the ringing of church bells was strictly forbidden). Violation of these statutes could result in punishments ranging from the levying of fines to execution.

The following two massacres are considered a prelude of Armenian genocide.

[Isn’t It strange that Muslims talk about secularism and democracy only in secular & democratic countries. In countries where Muslims grow in majority they treat minorities like animals and give them no right, mostly the non-Muslims are considered second-class citizens and almost everywhere such situaions end up in the genocide of the non-Muslims.]

Hamidian Massacre: (Wiki:Hamidian Massacres)

Sultan Abdul Hamid II was the ruler of Ottoman Empire since 1876. Hamid rejected the reports of abuse on Armenians saying that the reports have been exaggerated. He formed a paramilitary force called ‘Hamidiye’ to deal with the Armenians mainly from the Kurdish populace. These regiments used to oppress the Armenians and massacre of Armenians became common place. The Great Powers of Europe forced Hamid to go for reforms but they were never implemented. On October 1, 1895 nearly 2000 Armenians gathered in Constantinople to petition for the implementation of reforms but the Ottoman police units converged towards the rally and violently broke it up. Soon massacre of Armenians broke out in Constantinople and nearby areas resulting in the killing of anywhere between 100,000 – 300,000 Armenians.

Adana Massacre:  (Wiki:Adana Massacre)

After the 1908 bloodless revolution, the Young Turks removed Abdul Hamid II from power and made Ottoman Empire a constitutional monarchy. The Armenians hoped that this will help them getting equal status and they helped the Coup d’état.
A reactionary force – Ottoman military elements and Islamists – loyal to the Sultan and in opposition to constitutional government wanted to reestablish the Sultan as the Head of Ottoman Empire. This force was against the Armenians as they were in support of constitutional monarchy.

The Armenians living in the Adana were “rich as prosperous” as compared to other groups. The Young Turk government allowed them to bear weapons. This move was perceived by the Islamists as separatism.

Armenian Genocide (1915-1917): (Wiki:Armenian Genocide )

Ottoman Empire entered the WWI from the side of Central Powers. A major Battle fought between tsarist Russia and Ottoman Empire was the Battle of Sarikamish  fought between December 22, 1914 – January 17, 1915. The Armenians fought for Russian Empire. The Ottoman forces were defeated in this battle. As a result the Armenians were publicly blamed for the defeat.

The Ottoman thus decided to massacre the Armenian population at “Van”. The Christian Armenians at Van however gave a fierce resistance. The Armenian Defenders protected an Armenian population of 30,000 and 15,000 refugees within an area of 1 square kilometer. Ultimately they were rescued, when Russian General Yudenich came to their help.

As always, the Muslims tried to find an excuse or justification for the massacre of Armenians. Van Resistance give them that.

Arrest and deportation of Armenian notables, April 1915
April24,1915 is considered the day on which the Ottoman Turks started the Genocide. On this day nearly 250 Armenian Notables & Intellectuals were arrested and deported. The minister of interior Talat pasha accused the Armenians of siding with the enemy (Russian Empire) and held them as a grave threat to the internal security of the Ottoman Empire. A Naval officer said:

In order to justify this enormous crime the requisite propaganda material was thoroughly prepared in Constantinople. [It included such statements as] “the Armenians are in league with the enemy. They will launch an uprising in Istanbul, kill off the Committee of Union and Progress leaders and will succeed in opening the straits (of the Dardanelles).

The triple Alliance accused the Ottoman government any crime against humnaity.

Methods of killing Armenians
Burning Alive (Mass Burning):

Lt. Hasan Maruf, of the Ottoman army, describes how a population of a village were taken all together, and then burned. The Commander of the Third Army Vehib’s 12-page affidavit, which was dated 5 December 1918, was presented in the Trabzon trial series (March 29, 1919) included in the Key Indictment, reporting such a mass burning of the population of an entire village near Mush that in Bitlis, Mus and Sassoun, “The shortest method for disposing of the women and children concentrated in the various camps was to burn them.” And also that, “Turkish prisoners who had apparently witnessed some of these scenes were horrified and maddened at the remembering the sight. They told the Russians that the stench of the burning human flesh permeated the air for many days after.”


Trabzon was the main city in Trabzon province; Oscar S. Heizer, the American consul at Trabzon, reports: “This plan did not suit Nail Bey…. Many of the children were loaded into boats and taken out to sea and thrown overboard.” The Italian consul of Trabzon in 1915, Giacomo Gorrini, writes: “I saw thousands of innocent women and children placed on boats which were capsized in the Black Sea.” The Trabzon trials reported Armenians having been drowned in the Black Sea.

Use of poison and drug overdoses

The act of Turkish Muslims were closest to the act of Nazi doctors who used to experiment on twins. Morphine injections were given to Armenian children.
Toxic gas was another method to kill children. Children were organized and sent to the mezzanine to kill them with toxic gas equipment
Innocent Armenian people were inoculated with the blood of typhoid fever patients without rendering that blood ‘inactive’, thus infecting them with typhoid which was a common disease at that time. Jeremy Hugh Baron writes: “Individual doctors were directly involved in the massacres, having poisoned infants, killed children and issued false certificates of death from natural causes. Nazim’s brother-in-law Dr. Tevfik Rushdu, Inspector-General of Health Services, organized the disposal of Armenian corpses with thousands of kilos of lime over six months; he became foreign secretary from 1925 to 1938.”

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  2. Sri said

    Armenian genocide is one of the most horrific incidents to take place.

    It happened in many phases, even before commencement of world war 1, like you mentioned.

    What is troubling is how Western powers overlooked this genocide at that time in the name of stability. They even stayed silent when Turkey was killing Greek Christians in Turkey itself.

    I was reading a book by Andrew G. Bostom, where he compiled many of such recorded incidents.

  3. Both Greek genocide & Assyrian genocide were conducted along with Armenian genocide but since they were small in comparison people tend to take all three as one Armenians genocide
    But I will write about them also.

  4. frenky said


  5. Story Kids said

    Story Kids…

    […]Armenian Genocide (1915-1918) « The Mindset[…]…

  6. Kunal said

    Please also write about the Moplah massacre in the Malabar coast of Kerala which happened in 1921 and also about the Marad massacre of May 2, 2003. The muslims have to be exposed.

  7. Orlando said

    These are in fact impressive ideas in about blogging.
    You have touched some pleasant factors here. Any way keep up wrinting.

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