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15 Blunders done by Gandhi

Posted by The Mindset on March 28, 2011

I got this as an email.
No wonder our country is in such a mess. With leaders like Nehru and Gandhi what better can one expect.

1. Mishandling Khilafat movement
2. Mishandling Mopla riots where thousands of Hindu women were raped and double number of men were killed.

3. Mishandling Swami Shraddananda’s murder by a muslim fanatic. (He called that muslim killer a patriot).

4. Forcibly removing Netaji from his post as congress president.

5. Ushering in socialist (sucker) Nehru instead of Patel for the leadership.

6. Calling Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj, Maharana Pratap, Guru Gobind Singh as misguided patriots.

7. Mishandling the Bhagat Singh case.

8. Calling Sardar Udham Singh, who shot that General O’Dwyer, as an insane person.

9. Mishandling 1946 Noakhali riots where tens of thousands of Hindus were looted raped and killed. Gandhi came immediately on spot to save the muslims from retaliation. He even called Suhrawardy who led these riots as Shaheed.

10. Greatest blunders during partition – always rushing and fasting to save muslims from Hindu retaliation but forgetting to save Hindus when they were first attacked.

11.Thousands of Hindu refugees had come to Delhi after being looted of all their property, raped or watching their beloved ones getting raped, injured or watching thier beloved ones getting killed. RSS evacuated the mosques in Delhi for these refugees to stay. The dirty dog gandhi fasted to make these people come out to the streets to let the muslims back in.

12. Granting 55 crores to pakistan

13. Mishandling non-cooperaion movement : for the first time ever the people of india had become involved in such numbers for a national cause. Just because of a stray incident in a little town, he withdrew the movement from the entire country. Just imagine how those millions who had given sacrifices for “swaraj” would have felt. And to rub salt into their wounds, this @#%$ said that “indians were not yet ready for independence.” would you believe that @#%$ ? if even if he believed it to be a horrible deed, how could he generalize the actions of a few (that too on provocation) to the entire 30 crore indians ???

14. Mishandling civil disobdience movement : this time the demand was of “poorna swaraj” (total independence) again people took to the occasion in great numbers but they were again deceived when the movement was called off in return for petty concessions called the “Gandhi Irvin Pact”. WHAT HAPPENNED TO THE DEMAND FOR POORNA SWARAJ ?

And this guy is our “Father of the Nation”, a title which he doesn’t deserve. He used his Saintly persona to fool people of India and now our children grow up learning that its because of Gandhi that India got independence.

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2 Responses to “15 Blunders done by Gandhi”

  1. I hate Gandhi said

    It’s a national shame to call him father of nation. It’s better to be a orphan than having this father.

  2. Ujjal Dutta said


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