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Why Schools should dump Grading System?

Posted by The Mindset on March 29, 2011

What is the purpose of education without competitiveness?
What will be motivational factor if there will be no competition in education?
Grading system is like killing the sense of competition and removing all motivation from the education system.

Let me explain how percentage system is better for the pupils and for the society as a whole.

Suppose there is a class having a number of students. In the percentage system students are told there marks as exactly they get. A student getting 92% is different from another who is getting 90% marks. The 92% holder also gets the first rank. While there are a few students who can’t score 60% marks.

The percentage system tell the pupils where they really stand. It segregates the best from the better, the excellent from the average. It gives each pupil the target for the next year or the next Examination.

The student getting a 50% marks will try to achieve 60% marks in the next exam to pass with a First Class. He already knows where he stands in the class and that he will have to work hard to change his position. Likewise the pupil getting a 70% marks will try to score  75% marks in the next exam to get a distinction. The pupil who got 90% marks in the last exam will try to get 92% this time to beat the First rank holder and to come First in the class.

In this way the whole class will work hard to get better scores next time and the academic level of the whole class will rise with time. This is not only good for the class but for the whole society. In future the nation will get hardworking, sincere citizens.

Now analyse the Grading System.

Let’s suppose that there are five Grades:
above 90% : A
75%-89%    : B
60%-75%    :C

So both the pupils who got 90 and 92% marks fall into the same grade. All the students who got marks between 60-75 % fall into the same grade and so on.

As now both pupils who got 90 and 92 % fall into the same grade and there is no ranking there is no incentive left for hard work. The First rank holder student will think,”Why to study whole year, I can get A grade by studying only six months”.

The pupil who got 70% marks will think, “Why should I study six months, me and the 75% guy are in the same grade”.

Thus nobody will work hard, nobody will study more to prove that he is better than the others. Why to work hard ? There is no incentive, neither tangible nor intangible.

The academic level of the whole class will drop. Nobody will try to get better percentage or marks. The future of the society and the nation as whole is not bright anymore.

Thus the Grading system no longer works for the improvement of the society. It discourages hard work and totally eliminates competitiveness. Therefore such system should not be used and a percentage system should be continued.

2 Responses to “Why Schools should dump Grading System?”

  1. Mike said

    It was interesting to learn that Pakistani school books state that Pakistan had been in existence for over a thousand years. I believe that this was done in the 1980s on the orders of Zia Ul Haq who the President of Pakistan then.

    Is this true can someone post other such ‘facts’.

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