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"There is poison in the fang of the serpent, in the mouth of the fly and in the sting of a scorpion; but the wicked man is saturated with it." – Chanakya

20 good reasons to hate Muslims

Posted by The Mindset on April 7, 2011

Why do you hate law abiding Muslims……

  • Because you know for a fact that all Muslims are called Abdul or Haji or Habib.
  • Because you know for a fact that all Muslims are thieves, charlatans, murderers, and brutes.
  • Because you know for a fact that every Muslim is trying to bed a member of your family.
  • Because you know for a fact that every Muslim is a terrorist.
  • Because you know for a fact that every Muslim is trying to kill you.
  • Because you know for a fact that Muslims are opening up a mosque next door to your home.
  • Because you feel an urge to wear a burqa and its the Islamofascists  fault.
  • Because you know for a fact that all Muslims spend  their free time burning western flags at the first opportunity.
  • Because the question “why is our oil under their sand” makes sense to you.
  • Because you know for a fact that every single Muslim is an existential threat to the continuation of western civilisation.
  • Because you’re just a racist and hate anything to do with brown or black people.
  • Because you hate to hear Arabic spoken.
  • Because you know for a fact that  the “Koran” is evil.
  • Because you know Muslim hate of the west is rooted in a pathological abhorrence of freedom.
  • Because you know for a fact that all Muslims are on welfare.
  • Because you know for a fact that all Muslims are only in the west as a ploy to colonise it.
  • Because you know for a fact that all Muslims are criminals.
  • Because you know for a fact that all Muslims copulate with goats at least twenty nine times a day.
  • Because you know for a fact all Muslims worship a moon god idol.
  • Because you know for a fact that Muslims just  believe in a collection of Jewish and Christian heresies.

[via] : Islam-West

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1,170 Responses to “20 good reasons to hate Muslims”

  1. First of all I have not written these. You can find the [Source] at the bottom of the page.

    Secondly you have not stated clearly as to what you are pointing.

    • hrehrehr said

      You are such a biased idiot.

      • and you are an idiot who can’t type his/her name

        • John said

          Who do you think you are posting this on the internet, all of what you said in that list of 20 good reasons to that muslims is not true, its the shit you here on the radio, tv or internet and you immediately think its true, society is corrupt and with people like you who are making these list about muslims, should fucken neck themselves because you are doing nothing to help this society.

          • It was a Muslim who originally wrote the list.

          • nrehman said

            It’s so funny to know that still we have guys who use internet to waste time…the person who is talking about Islam is not even aware about his own religion and such type of people beat their heads around the bush….islam is the fastest growing religion on the face of earth and arrogant people updating their crazy theories is not going to stop this religion to grow….Chanakya must have told many things …..but one person knows that god helps those ….those who help themselves…..u will definately find ur answers

          • Johny said

            IS attacks Christian villages in northeastern Syria! 😉

          • sana said

            joseph stack flew a plane into the echelon office complex we was christian do we call all of them terrorists this site show ten christian terrorists not all terrorists are muslims all you people who hate muslims need to pipe down seriously

            you will be your faith and i will be mine

        • rainbow12 said

          You contradict your own title, Mindset.
          The reasons you have given are feeble and weak.
          And all of your information is wrong.
          The Verses you have stated in ‘Quranic Verses you Should Know’ are wrong.
          You can search them on the internet.
          I am not in any way trying to say anything bad about your religion, and I am in no way insulting you.
          It’s just you should mind your own business and pray to your God instead of turning people away from Islam.
          And kindly, keep your foul words to yourself, other commentors………
          P.S: Everyone’s Grammar amuses me….

          Sincerely, A Muslim Who IS In No Way Saying Anything Bad,..

        • lucy said

          Are you kidding me?Have you ever read quran and do you even know what is written in it ?Do you know that there are arabic numbers on your palms ,on your left palm the number 81 and on your right palm the number 18 is written,if you add them , the sum is the number of (allah)s names , and if you subtract them , you get the age of our prophet (muhammed) piece be upon him, you can search for that if you don’t believe me.And you should know that muslims never kill,and if you ever see someone killing and saying that he is a muslim , be sure that he is not a muslim, he is pretending to be a muslim because he wants you to see muslims as terrorists.

          • Yes Muslims kill, stop fabricating lies.
            Nobody will believe you, and by the way why would anyone want to show Muslims as terrorist ?
            People mind their own business, not like Muslims whp poke others into their eyes.
            Stop taqqiya.

          • lucy said

            You just say, you never search.Why do you say quran is evil .You are the one who is fabricating lies, not me.
            Stop telling people things you don’t even know what is the truth about it.In Islam, sex is sinful without marriage, and we see the result of obeying this, in the USA every year 50,000 people get AIDS , but people in islam are healthier and happier with their lives.There are thousands of miracles in Islam even nowadays.You can hate Islam , but in the end of life we will see what was the truth.

          • I always get these “in the end” comments.
            It seems Muslims are only intersted in death.

          • theangolan said

            What a brainwashed thinking you have to live in this world… relate everything with your stupid god can bring you haywire and become a idiot 1 day… hope you will get a good religion 1 day and leave this retard and violence mindset once and for all

          • Sheron said

            First of all that’s ISIS, and it’s not that they are not Muslim, they are just really corrupted, even my other Muslim friends say that they should give up, don’t f*** think that my family or brother and sisters are foul people shut youp mouth because you don’t know who we are!!

          • You shut that hole under your nose you b!tch

          • Jay said

            been drinking the kool-aid hun?

          • Angela Martinez said

            Are you as crazy as you sound? Or are you just fucking retarded?

          • proton said

            i realized that when i see both my hands there is something indeed written on it
            looks like
            “Fuck you”
            what does it matter if 54 or 82 or 38 is written on it and why do i even want to read the koran…. when ever someone on the net cites the Koran as being inciting violence or curb freedom or any of the shit it says all the muslims start by saying …… have you read the koran…..
            why would someone want to read that shit which has made the whole world hell with its terrorism

          • Grant said

            Who gives a fuck about the Koran you should look after your own kind and especially your woman you all act like dickheads and if I saw any c**t treating a lady like the way your kind I would happily fucking beat your a$$, it’s the 21st century wake up to your selfs. It’s a totally a shame

      • shaka said

        Humiliating kaffirs is the way of argue with any muslim he will say you are an idiot,a racist,stupid..etc etc,But muslims have nothing on their own ,they use western technology…but despise the west ,Making the whole world a somalia is their dream,they believe there is a paradise for muslims and non muslims will enter hell,the sad thing is Muslims are living in hells like somalia and afghanistan,pakistan..etc,and they they don’t have the brains to understand it.

        • I agree with you ..
          one of the ways to insult kaffirs is to make them pay jaziya/jizaya

        • Ali said

          some technology came from muslim, look at muslim golden age(which almost certainly you not) and most muslim population NOT come from stupid arabian. arabian don’t give a sh*t if you’re muslim they still kill you

          • the Islamic golden age is a farce. during that period it were non-Muslims who translated the knowledge from non Islamic sources.
            when Muslims killed all those non-Muslims the “Islamic golden age” ended.
            Muslim made no contribution to it.

          • Midhunraj said

            Even numbers that we made was called by you as arabic numbers and you talk about golden age of islam… golden age of islam was violence filled … war filled… rape filled …. and u better read history … you are proud of the war you won … !!!!

          • nusnus said

            Don’t say that please and always remember that Muslim Arabs and non Arabs are brothers and Islam came to Arabs first . The holy Quran is in Arabic . The prophet Mohammed was Arabic . To the writer of this joke , I am sure that you are a Zionist

          • theangolan said

            Holy shit @Ali… you make a damn fool out of yourself… everyone in this world knows islam never invented anything except from copy and rename themself and i can tell you they are talent by this way… i hpe you can do me a favour to find any technologies that invented by islam and if u really can’t find any then assist me by having your actual face reflect by the mirror to see the true face of your stupid appearance

          • proton said

            Only thing which came from a muslim is the terrorism.

          • proton said

            you are wrong there Theangolan …..
            Terrorism came from Islam.
            Islams biggest and only contribution to the world

        • Ur well wisher. said

          In every religion there r good and bad ones.only good and real Muslim is going to enter heaven.and it comes true on the day of judge ment.

        • proud muslim said

          The paradise of a muslim is in the hereafter and the hell of the muslim is the earth. The paradise of the non believer is the earth and hell is eternity

        • adam said

          Oh really? Somali? Afghanistan? Pakistan? All people around the world can understand except those arogant 16% living that horizon who want to take the whole world for them selvies, that. more than 400 drone attack has taken place in a single year. the least of them killed 3 civilians. some of them more than 100 people. we know about afghanistan. just to capture one man, more than 300000 people were killed and still counting. somalia is small country with less than 10 million population but there are currently more than 40000 troops from 16 different countries finaced by those west-tians. Would you allow your country to be like that? What are they doing there? We remember in 1992, where troops from more than 20 countries were operating in somalia. So who is … The world? Who is distributing the violence around the world? who says he is doing humaniteran work but sending weopons instead? We don’t manufacture weopon, but we are being given the weopon for free. so who is burning the world? Sorry if my english is broken.

          • For the last 1400 years you Muslims were doing the same things to non-Muslims – murder, rape, massacre, destruction of non-Muslims religious places.
            Now it’s your turn — why are you crying now
            what you sow is what you reap…you deserve what ever is happening to you…

          • stark27 said

            Ok mindset… what about the muslims alive today? what did THEY DO?

          • unknown said

            Im a muslim.. And honetly.. This racism is bekng freaking hilarious to me. 1. Islam banned us from saying lies. 2. Islam banned us from killing. This is NOT true. i hate people like mindset who think theyre so smart but theyre not. i hate people like mindset who are uneducated. i have non muslim friends and they like me for mh religion tbh. theyre very interested. i want everyone om earth to go to go to heaven. if u believe in a certain leader.. do u think he/she or they/them would be happy for u bring racist? i think all this crap and bs. Muslims are human beings to. we live in the 21st century for petes sake. there r bad and good muslims. infact.. all the ppl who think theyre muslims are actually kaafirs and dont belong in this world. they suck. i get bullied for how perfect i am and all the mistakes. mindset.. learn anout a religion. i hate all these racist people. i hate donald trump whos against muslims. I want everyone to be in heaven. We aren t terriorests. lmao im crying how funny this is. terriorists even went out mosques and killed people.

          • What race Islam is ?

          • proton said

            The muslims alive today are terrorists arnt they and the ones that are peaceful dont stop those that are and thus contribute to the terrorism.
            unknown Islam says not to do a lot of things and still muslims do that

            although not all muslims are terrorists all terrorists are muslim

          • God, try to read the Quran before hating on muslims… The prophet said he would testify against any muslims who harm a non muslim. And if thats what you want to play we are going to ignore how Britian swept in and colonized India kicked Arabs out of Jerusalam… The thing is whats done is done.. if u want to hold past grudges go on but personally i prefer to focus on the future…. And muslims never killed where they went and actually allowed the Jews to settle in Jerusalam… God stop hating get a life

        • Shafa said

          Hey? Umm.. I live in Indonesia and we are 90% Muslims here and we don’t live in “hells” we get a lot of natural disasters here and the Western people supply us with the aid we need. Thanks for that. I live in the capital city where natural disasters don’t occur, deffinietely not “hell”, making the whole world Somalia? Srsly tho wtf.. We are Asians.. I don’t like the fact that you’re generalizing us Muslims. We indonesian Muslims are very peaceful.. No war. We were invaded by the Dutch, English, Portuguese and the Japanese for 350 years. So ya we have been stepped by western people but its a modern age so we rlly don’t care, we indonesians love the western culture we supply you with gold (from papua), minerals and many resources (check the back of your shirts- probably made in Indonesia if not china). So by criticizing Muslims generally like that you have automatically offended and disrespected other Muslims.. Who literally have nothing to do with 9/11, 7/7, Afghanistan and Pakistan war.. So if u didn’t get my info just now.. Indonesians respect the western society. We love them. But it just came to me how hateful some of you guys can be… To the general population of Muslims which is us indonesians too. I’m pretty sure not all Muslims are kafirs we love others in fact half my family is catholic and we’re at peace. Is it just a western thing where everyone hates Muslims?

          • Franta Mrazek said

            Well, live happily ever after right where you are. As a matter of fact you are relatively liberal Muslims in Indonesia, but tell your religious brothers (specially the ones in / with arms)to stay in their fucking countries, we have had enough!

          • proton said

            you are lucky Shafa you live in a liberal place …… but because peace loving and liberal muslims do not stand up against radical muslims we have a situation where almost all terrorism in the world is driven by muslims and remember ….. muslims will be the most efffected by this terrorism.
            only if the peaceful and liberals of the muslims actively subjugate the radicals and terrorists will the muslims be able to progress.

        • Fatima said

          Hell. UAE,Qatar,Bahrain,malaysia etc where millions non Muslims earn their daily bread. Oh pls focus on Somalia. ..sorry 😛

        • Anonymous said

          Non Muslims had gotten their heaven on earth but they wont even get a chance to see the real heaven.

      • The Knight said

        These Mooslime Koranimal scums, try to insult as they dont have anything to defend their religion “Pisslam” or their Pedophile Pig “Mo-Ham-Mad” and just try to intimidate or insult. These islamopigs need to be kicked out to their cesspool countries, where they slaughter each other screaming Allahu Barber Satan. These Satan workshipping inbreds never comeout of their brainwashed thinking. These Koranimals are not used to criticism of their Child Rapist Pig Mo-Ham-Mad or their fake Moon God Baal aka Allah. The Sowdi Arabia is so scared of other religions that Non-Muslims (Kuffars) are not even allowed in Mecca (Puke-a). Why? Because once these Mooslimes start seeing other religions, the fake cult created by the Child Molester Murderer Pig, Mo-Ham-Mad (Piss Be Upon Him), Pisslam is gone. So they Insult and Initimidate. Atleast they try in west.

        • Dnsjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdj said

          The problem with people like you is that you think you know islam,but you know shit about it. All your knowledge is from movies.i feel pity towards you.if you think that all Muslims are stupid and animals go to Dubai and abudabi and I guarantee that you will shut the fuck go take your fat American ass to Burger King and eat more or take drugs or fuck when you are still under 18.

          • When I see sh1t I know it’s sh1t is Islam.

            those countries are good not because of Muslims but because of oil.
            withour oil they will soon become like Pakistan , Somalia

            Now if you want to see real Islam go to Somalia, Pakistan , Afghanistan, Sudan or any other Islamic hell hole

          • Dnsjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdj said

            First if USA had not tried to steal oil from Muslim countries there will be no poverty. Just like when USA killed thousands of Iraqi people to take oil.and no person has the right to curse anybody’s relegion because we all worship the same god not a different one.

          • 1. USA is not ‘stealing’ oil , they are ‘buying’ it.
            2. Iraqis are killing each other. Read

            3. Muslims don’t believe that , Muslims believe that there is only one god Allah and comparing Allah to any other god is ‘shirk’ which is a sin punishable by death.
            Read about shirk here

          • Franta Mrazek said

            What`s in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? Are you talking about the architecture? You stupid fuck, they don`t have a sewage system, they cart the shit in trucks. Give me the same money and I will build the same in the Antarctica.

          • maybe said

            why are you all insulting a religion you know nothing about everyone of you may come from a strictly christian family but that doesnt give you the right to judge.
            if you where smart you shoul go read the entirety of the qur’ aan its not fair that you use liesand dsrespect the prophet (pbuh) so pleas stop insulting islam and start talking like grown ups.just ask something you dont understand about islam and i am sure youl get a answer that wil explain it (maybe not the first time but if you search you will find).
            so please stop fighting and if you want to insult me for typing this i hope you wil understand someday. if you want me to ecplain somethings to you just ask ma email or drop your down below ok.

          • theangolan said

            you please go fuck with your camel in the middle of the desert… sand nikka

          • proton said

            maybe ……
            thats the same shit reply you get from muslims when they know that they are cornered and they cannot logically argue their case….
            every one of them will say …… go and read the koran…….
            y should i read the koran ….. i can read the newspaper and see muslims blowing themselves up along with hundreds of innnocent people …..
            i can read the newspaper and feel my right of expression curbed when someone is killed for making a carrtoon of muhammad

            y should anyone read the koran…….

        • Howie Feltersnatch said

          Right on Knight & Mindset. Well said!

        • Anonymous said

          Everyone tries to push back Muslims. Why??? Because you people are afraid of Muslims. The first man Hazrat Adam ( P.B.U.H) was also a Muslim.
          Christains, jews , hindus all are fool. Christian say that Jesus is the son of Allah. Hindus believe cow as their god . A cow cannot protect itself how can it protect you people. Hindus have many gods which fights with each other. There is one and only God which is Allah.

        • God please stop judging an entire religion by a minority. Keep ur nose where it belongs, with u.

    • josh said

      Every reason you have given is not true and lies that you or others have created! If you speak the truth produce your proof that what you say is true and call upon your witness besides allah ! Surely you shall not succeed in making people turn away from islam if anything you make people research and learn more about islam ! May god guide us all to the straight path

      • Martina said

        You fucking arrogant cunt with an imaginary friend who is nothing more than a brainwashed idiot!!! We don’t all believe in god, and your particular god is about the worst imaginary friend to choose from. Tell me Josh… how did you choose your religion/ faith? You can’t answer that authentically and honestly can you? Because it was chosen for you, by way of your geographical location and your parents brainwashed beliefs that they no doubt passed on. Like all of you brainwashed morons who can’t handle the though of death, dealing with adults who were indoctrinated/ brainwashed as children. It is a pointless exercise, as ISLAM is not a belief system, it is a tool used to brainwash children into submission, as are all cults, sorry, I meant religions. Do not insult me with your fantasy that your god is really true, as with the other 8000+.fictional gods. Religion is man made, as with your thoughts.

    • maddie said

      You need to open your eyes. Every religion is “opposed” to other religions. Correct? We Muslims do not believe that all non Muslims are bad. They’re are bad people everywhere. You seem to ignore the non Muslim criminals my friend. The real Islam is an amazing religion. People nowadays take it to the extreme but really Islam isn’t like this. We have our beliefs you have yours.

      • The problem is that you Muslims try to force your belief on others and when you are kicked in the back you claim victim-hood.

      • Franta Mrazek said

        I don`t see any catholics or budhists or shintoists to strap on a bomb for a sunday stroll. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and you muslims haven`t convince us!

    • TheMorninSun said

      First of all, I would like to state that I 100% respect your opinion and beliefs. Muslims are getting bad rep because of the media, stupid terrorists that are not true muslims, and people who keep finding stupid ways to hate us. But in a way this hatred of our religion is only making us stronger. Like I said before, you are entitled to your own opinions and beliefs, but their is a reason why we call them opinions, they are supposed to be YOUR thoughts on something. So please, do not try to force your hatred of muslims down other peoples throats.

      Have a nice day kind sir 🙂

      • “””because of the media, stupid terrorists that are not true muslims,”””

        Muslims have a habit of blaming others for their own faults, here you are blaming media for nothing. If all these terrorist activities will not happen media will not report anything.
        if the terrorists are not Muslims than who are they? Aliens !!..don’t show how stupid and liar you are.

        I am not forcing anything on anybody, it’s Muslims who force their fake religion onto others.
        people have the freedom to close their browser window.

        • A Muslim said

          You are know blaming Muslims for poverty! Look at you, Mindset……………………………….
          We blame the media, and you call us liars. Then why do you blame us?!?!???!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????

        • Litix said

          Honestly I myself am Muslim and I do not force my beliefs on anyone. Not all Arabic people are terrorists and you might want to get your facts straight before you start typing bullshit

          • you are cheat and a liar just like all other Muslims.
            get lost.

          • atarose said

            dream on there is no heck way you will get rid of muslims if you kill so many of them I assure you that muslim will still be alive and in the future there will be weaker muslims but there still will be Islam in the air everywhere and don’t call us liers you liers all you guys do is lie your government do something to your so called UNITED STATES and then blame it on muslimes and muslims only because u guys are too scared to blame it on other religons and you know that 9/11 thing a lot of people from US says that it was there own governments fault.

          • Cooked up stories.

          • proton said

            You are right not all Arabic ( you create a rift yourself by static arabic and not muslim because you think you are above other muslims) people are terrorists ….. i agree 95% are peaceful and rational people i agree with you

            lets assume 95% are peace loving ….. what the hell lets just say 98% are peaceful
            that leaves us with
            2% of 1.6 billion
            that is
            80 million radicals and potential terrorists …….
            can you imagine we have 80 million potential terrorist muslims around the world

    • Michael Love said

      you rag head filth will die, we will have your throats and heads in retaliation one day, you pig kissing pig uterus eating swine cunts

      • A muslim from Australia having a Christian name.
        That amuses me.

      • proton said

        and you will observe that he in his anger is stating what is at the bottom of his heart …….
        he will kill you he will have the throats and heads…

        the terrorist mentality is so ingrained that even if you go and live in australia or change your name to Michael and add a Love after that all you can spew is hate and a will to kill

        if you read the opinions here and everywhere on the internet …. everyone hates a muslim ……. even those who do not say so……. hell even a few muslims hate muslims ……. there must be a reason………..

    • maybe said

      its funny how your arguments dont make any sense because you use the cords muslims as if we are one nation and we all know eachother but thats not true, you know
      just like christians we have different kinds of islam there are sunnis and chiists ,……etc. the interpretation of the sunnis is different from that of the others. please instead of spreading hate be reasonable

      • proton said

        its funny because sunnis not consider any other kind as muslims……. they dont recognise shiiya nor for that matter ahmadiyas …….
        the moment a muslim or a group of muslim becomes less radical they are deemed a kafir……..

        and it is surprising that you take up that point …. we know there are ahmediyas and sufis they are peace loving people agreed …. but if these from within muslim community do not stand up against the terrorits from their religion who is to blame if you start a fire in your home all the members will feel the heat….

    • Huda said

      people! calm the hell down! i read this list laughing my a$$ off. I’m Arab, i lived in Australia for 5 years, I’m Muslim, i wear a hijab, or what some of you call a head dress or a scarf. If you’re Muslim and you read this list, you shouldn’t give a damn about what this person is saying, most of it is b.s. and if you’re not Muslim and you read the list and you actually believe it then congratulations! you believed a list of b.s. that doesn’t really make sense. I am not saying this because I’m Muslim and i hate everyone, in fact i have friends that are from every religion and race, and that includes Jewish. Yes, i have a Jewish friend. No, we didn’t kill each other. And saying that you’re happy because there isn’t a mosque nearby your house is just sad, its like saying that I would be happy because there isn’t a church nearby my house. I let everyone choose their own religion, its not like I’m putting a gun to your head right now and am forcing you to convert. Oh wait, I’m supposed to be a terrorist right? How can i be a terrorist if I’ve never seen a gun or a bomb in real life? I’m not saying all Muslims are nice and peaceful, we’re not perfect, but I’m not saying that everyone else is a murderer or a terrorist just because they aren’t Muslim.

      • theangolan said

        gget the fuck off!!! terrorist… no one tell you to write here… idiota!

        • Daniel Walker said

          Wow, he uses mostly kind words, and explains that all Muslims aren’t terrorists, and you start cursing at him. He specifically said that he hasn’t seen a bomb or a gun in his entire life, and you call him a terrorist. And use a generic insult. “Idiot”, really?

      • proton said

        daniel walker is right
        no not all muslims are radical and violent….. if we do not appreciate people like Huda then we are just spweing hate and we provide not incentive to other muslims to become resonable persons……

        a person who can look at humor directed towards him/her with humor is getting resonable…… all religions must be ready to face criticism in fact they must welcome it ….. only in that way you better the society…….. religion is just a means to an end a tool the end is happiness and if it fails to give you that you are looking at it wrong …….. no there is nothing wrong with that religion ….. others are living with that peacefully so there must be something wrong with you

        so i always maintain Islam may be a religion of peace agreed
        but there are muslims unlike Huda who are not people of peace and only the people like Huda can bring about this resolution within Muslims ……

        good luck

    • ImaMuslimandimproud said

      I understand that SOME Muslims are terrorists but some are innocent

      • All Musliams re terrorist or terrorist supporters

      • proton said

        i disagree with you there mindset ….. most are normal people going about their lives
        95% are good people let us say, we can give the benefit of doubt and say that
        98% are good rational muslims …..
        that leave us with
        2% radicals or potential terrorists
        2% of 1.6 billion muslims is
        80 million radicals or potential terrorrists

        and therin lies the problem …….. 80 million is an unimaginable number

        that is y we find that all terrorist are mostly musilms
        and that everyone hates muslims………

        only the peaceful muslims can solve that by taking a stand against the radical ones

    • Danish said

      Muslims are great peoples.World know that Islam is a truth religion in this universe

    • I am a Muslim. Yeah, but I dont go around blowing people. My best friend is a Christian. I dont care. The thing is if 1.2 billion of the world population were terrorists none of you would be alive now. So all muslims are killers, Ok. I respect your opinion as long as it doesnt disrespects someone elses. The Islam I was taught was different from what the media says, so yeah. If you wanna hate scroll down. Its funny to see the hate by the Christians who are supposed to love thy neighbour and stuff yeah. The Muslims who try to defend themselves immediatly get like 5 people screaming insults from all directions. How many of you have actually talked to one

    • They are without God.
      “Whosoever … abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God.” — 2 John 9
      They are all antichrists.
      “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.” — 2 John 7
      They should be shunned. Neither marry nor be friends with them.
      “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? … Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord.” — 2 Cor.6:14-17
      They should be killed.
      “If thy brother, the son of thy mother, or thy son, or thy daughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or thy friend, which is as thine own soul, entice thee secretly, saying, Let us go and serve other gods, which thou hast not known, thou, nor thy fathers; Namely, of the gods of the people which are round about you … Thou shalt not consent unto him, nor hearken unto him; neither shall thine eye pity him, neither shalt thou spare, neither shalt thou conceal him: But thou shalt surely kill him; thine hand shall be first upon him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people. And thou shalt stone him with stones, that he die.” — Dt.13:6-10
      And the daughter of any priest, if she profane herself by playing the whore, she profaneth her father: she shall be burnt with fire.” (Leviticus 21:9)


      A priest’s daughter, if found to have lost her virginity without marriage, can receive the death penalty, but in the form of incineration.

      How many fundamentalist priests who so easily condemn others would carry out the burning of their daughters if they found them “whoring”?

      (See also Genesis 38:24)

      Cut Off Her Hand!

      “When men strive together one with another, and the wife of the one draweth near for to deliver her husband out of the hand of him that smiteth him, and putteth forth her hand, and taketh him by the secrets: then thou shalt cut off her hand, thine eye shall not pity her.” (Deuteronomy 25:11-12)


      A wife would naturally wish to come to the aid of her husband in any way she could if he desperately struggled with an opponent, but the Hebrew law specifically forbade a wife to help her husband in distress if that support consisted of her grabbing the enemy’s genitals in an effort to stifle his onslaught. The penalty? Amputation of the hand that fondled the genitals!

      Only in an overly obsessive male dominated culture could men create such atrocious laws. As such, the penis ranked sacrosanct in the minds of men (as it still stands today). If a male lost his penis for any reason, he would lose the right to enter a congregation of God. (See Deuteronomy 23:1)

      Female Births Get Penalty

      “Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, If a woman have conceived seed, and born a man child: then she shall be unclean seven days; according to the days of the separation for her infirmity shall she be unclean.” (Leviticus 12:2)

      “But if she bear a maid child, then she shall be unclean two weeks, as in her separation: and she shall continue in the blood of her purifying threescore and six days.” (Leviticus 12:5)


      A woman who gives birth to a child must undergo a purification ritual lest her “uncleanness” contaminate others. This not only entails her isolation, but also payments to priests for the ritual acts. Thus the male dominators had even made birth dirty.

      Notice here that if a woman bears a female child, her isolation must last twice as long as that if she gives birth to a male child!

      (See also Psalms 51:3-5)

      “The Bible and the church have been the greatest stumbling blocks in the way of woman’s emancipation.”

      –Elizabeth Cady Stanton

      Female Inferiority

      “But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.” (I Corinthians 11:3)

      “For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.” (I Corinthians 11:8-9)


      The Bible’s decree of male supremacy has kept woman inferior to men for centuries. For the religious, it comes as a sad fact that a human must have a penis to receive any respect or power within the Church.

      All woman should realize that such phrases in the Bible has justified for many Christian men, not only their supremacy but a reason to sexually abuse women.

      (See also I Cor. 14:34-36, I Timothy 2:8-15, I Peter 3:1-7, Ephesians 5:22-24, Col. 3:18-19)

      Jesus Will Kill Children

      “Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds. And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.” (Revelation 2:22-23)


      If anyone thinks Jesus represents only a peaceful loving soul, then think again. For an act of adultery, Jesus would kill innocent children for the adultery of others; hardly fair justice, love, or the concern for human beings.

      Some apologists claim that “children” refers to the followers of a cult of Jezebel and not to children birthed from Jezebel. However, if this proved the case, the situation would appear even more horrific, for a cult of believers could number in the dozens, hundreds, thousands, or more. The deaths of these multitude of cult believers (which would include children within its membership) would only make the moralistic problem far more atrocious.

      “It’s interesting to speculate how it developed that in two of the most anti-feminist institutions, the church and the law court, the men are wearing the dresses.”

      –Flo Kennedy

      Kill The Witches!

      “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. Whoever lieth with a beast shall surely be put to death. He that sacrificeth unto any god, save to the LORD only, he shall be utterly destroyed.” (Exodus 22:18-20)


      These verses attest to the power of belief as they led to the slaughter of thousands of defenseless people throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

      Understand that these verses not only authorize the executions but they explicitly command them.

      Verse 18 justified the burning of women in Europe judged as witches. In early America, the Salem witch trials resulted in the deaths of women and men.

      Verse 19 refers to bestiality, a sin considered worthy of death. Christians used verse 20 to justify religious wars, Crusades and the slaughter of unbelievers throughout Europe. And the condemnation of heretics still goes on.

      Rape My Daughter

      “Behold, here is my daughter a maiden, and his concubine; them I will bring out now, and humble ye them, and do with them what seemeth good unto you: but unto this man do not so vile a thing. But the men would not hearken to him: so the man took his concubine, and brought her forth unto them; and they knew her, and abused her all the night until the morning: and when the day began to spring, they let her go.” (Judges 19:24-25)


      Judges 19 describe a father who offers his virgin daughter to a drunken mob. When the father says “unto this man do not so vile a thing,” he makes clear that sexual abuse should never befall a man (meaning him), yet a woman, even his own flesh and blood, or a concubine belonging to a perfect stranger, can receive punishment from men to do what they wish. This attitude against women still persists to this day and we have the Bible, in large part, to thank for this attitude against women.

      Verse 25 describes the hours long gang rape of the poor concubine. The Bible gives not one hint of compassion or concern for the raped girl. Considering that many people believe that every word in the Bible comes from God, it should not surprise anyone why people still use these verses to justify such atrocities.

      Silence The Woman!

      “Let the women learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.” (I Timothy 2:11-14)


      Another case where the Bible makes it quite clear that women live for man and must submit to them.

      “Man enjoys the great advantage of having a god endorse the code he writes; and since man exercises a sovereign authority over women it is especially fortunate that this authority has been vested in him by the Supreme Being. For the Jews, Mohammedans and Christians among others, man is master by divine right; the fear of God will therefore repress any impulse towards revolt in the downtrodden female.”

      –Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex 1949

      (See also I Cor. 11:3-12, I Cor. 14:34-36, I Peter 3:1-7, Ephesians 5:22-24, Col. 3:18-19.)

      Stone The Woman!

      “If a man be found lying with a woman married to an husband, and a man find her in the city, and lie with her;” (Deuteronomy 22:22)

      “Then ye shall bring them both out unto the gate of that city, and ye shall stone them with stones that they die; the damsel, because she cried not, being in the city; and the man, because he hath humbled his neighbour’s wife: so thou shalt put away evil from among you.” (Deuteronomy 22:24)


      (Read also Deuteronomy 22:13-21)

      The discovery of a bride lying with another man can yield disastrous results.

      If the wife’s parents can produce tokens of the damsel’s virginity and spread the cloth before the elders of the city, the husband has to pay the bride’s father one hundred silver shekels and he may not send his wife back to her parents as long as she lives. But if the bride’s virginity does not satisfy the requirements, the husband can get rid of her by letting the men of the city stone her to death.

      From a practical level, these designed laws regulating women’s virginity protected economic transactions between men rather than for the sake of morality. (See Virgin’s Worth below)

      “Virgin” Mistranslation

      “Therefore the LORD himself shall give you a sign: Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.” (Isaiah 7:14)


      Perhaps the most famous mistranslation of the Bible, the word virgin here comes from a mistranslated Greek word for virgin.

      The original Hebrew version uses the word “almah” which means “young woman” which may or may not refer to a virgin. Of course the context of the original Hebrew Isaiah does not refer to a virgin at all, as scholars the world over agree, but only refers to a young woman.

      Later, the author of Matthew 1:22-23, quoted from the mistranslated Isaiah version, and thus the error turned into a world-wide belief.

      Today a few of the modern bibles such as the Revised Standard Version, have corrected this mistranslation and have replaced the word virgin with “young woman.” (Isaiah 7:14, RSV)

      Apparently either God makes errors or the Bible does not come from god, but rather from fallible men.

      Virgin’s Worth

      “If a man find a damsel that is a virgin, which is not betrothed, and lay hold on her, and lie with her, and they be found; Then the man that lay with her shall give unto the damsel’s father fifty shekels of silvers, and she shall be his wife; because he hath humbled her, he may not put her away all his days.” (Deuteronomy 22:28-29)


      The belief some get about the Biblical law leads them to think that it represented a great advancement in morality. However, if we look at this law in the social and economic context, it becomes evident that it did not come from any moral ground, but rather to protect men’s property rights of their wives and daughters.

      This law says that since an unmarried girl, a non-virgin, no longer serves as an economically valuable asset, her father must receive compensation. As for the legal requirement of the man that caused the economic problem, his marriage in that society gave him practically unlimited power over their wives. Such forced marriage can hardly serve as a concern for the poor girl’s welfare.

      Wives, Submit Yourselves!

      “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.” (Ephesians 5:22-24)


      These words of Paul describe another instance for the calling of the submission of women to their husbands. Note that the all inclusive “everything” could allow husbands to submit their wives to anything, including rape, beatings, slavery, etc.

      (See also I Cor. 11:3-12, I Cor. 14:34-36, I Timothy 2:8-15, I Peter 3:1-7, Col. 3:18-19.)

      Women Shall Not Speak

      “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.” (I Corinthians 14:34-35)


      If one ever wishes to find an explanation of woman’s inferiority to men, one only has to look in the Bible. Paul makes clear and delineates the importance of woman recognizing her place, “ad nauseam.”

      (See also I Cor. 11:3-12, I Timothy 2:8-15, I Peter 3:1-7, Ephesians 5:22-24, Col. 3:18-19.)

      “The bible teaches that women brought sin and death into the world, that she precipitated the fall of the race, that she was arraigned before the judgment seat of Heaven, tried, condemned and sentenced. Marriage for her was to be a condition of bondage, maternity a period suffering and anguish, and in silence and subjection, she was to play the role of a dependent on man’s bounty for all her material wants, and for all the information she might desire… Here is the Bible position of woman briefly summed up.”

      –Elizabeth Cady Stanton

      Women’s Sorrow

      “Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” (Genesis 3:16)


      Not only does the Woman get blamed for the Fall, but God decides to multiply her sorrow, plus, she must submit to her husband like a slave.

      Religionists have used this verse as justification and “reason” for the pain and punishment (sin) of childbirth and the sin of mankind. And to this day many Christians, Jews and Islamics place women lower then men in the ranking of Godly order. If ever there existed a more cruel justification against women, it could not have done as much damage as from belief in Genesis 3:16. Because of the belief in the Fall, countless Christians have branded the entire human race as depraved.

      Before the advent of male dominated religions, cultures around the world respected women and worshipped goddesses. The Old Testament records the brutal slaughter of surrounding cultures and slowly throughout the centuries, the goddess religions faded away in place of the belief-system of a jealous, scatological, male war god.

      “Christianity teaches that the human race is depraved, fallen, and sinful.”
      –D. James Kennedy (Why I Believe, World Publishing, 1980)

      Rip Up Pregnant Women

      “Samaria shall become desolate; for she hath rebelled against her God: they shall fall by the sword: their infants shall be dashed in pieces, and their women with child shall be ripped up.” (Hosea 13:16)


      Throughout the Bible, God smites those who do not believe in him or those who do not follow his commands. Here we have the grotesque description of infants dashed to pieces and pregnant women ripped up. Whatever rebellious nature an infant’s father or mother may have had, it bears no justice to an innocent child or to an unborn fetus who could not possibly have rebelled against God, much less understood him.

      Anyone who claims to love such a God, must accept infanticide as one of God’s ugly revenges.

      (See also Psalms 137:9)

      The Wicked Woman

      “Give me any plague, but the plague of the heart: and any wickedness, but the wickedness of a woman.” (Eccles. 25:13)

      “Of the woman came the beginning of sin, and through her we all die.” (Eccles. 25:22)

      “If she go not as thou wouldest have her, cut her off from thy flesh, and give her a bill of divorce, and let her go.” (Eccles. 25: 26)

      “The whoredom of a woman may be known in her haughty looks and eyelids. If thy daughter be shameless, keep her in straitly, lest she abuse herself through overmuch liberty.” (Eccles. 26:9-10)

      “A silent and loving woman is a gift of the Lord: and there is nothing so much worth as a mind well instructed. A shamefaced and faithful woman is a double grace, and her continent mind cannot be valued.” (Eccles. 26:14-15)

      “A shameless woman shall be counted as a dog; but she that is shamefaced will fear the Lord.” (Eccles.26:25)

      “For from garments cometh a moth, and from women wickedness. Better is the churlishness of a man than a courteous woman, a woman, I say, which bringeth shame and reproach.” (Eccles. 42:13-14)


      Ecclesiasticus of the Apocrypha does not appear in most Bibles. However, in Catholic Bibles, the inferiority of woman still appears in the verses of Ecclesiasticus. These verses give only a sampling from this book that lowers the status of women.
      . In the Bible’s book of Deuteronomy it says that if a man marries a woman and then decides that he hates her, he can claim she wasn’t a virgin when they married. At that point her father must prove she was a virgin. (How is not explained.) If he can’t, then the girl is to be stoned to death at her father’s doorstep.

      2. If you see a pretty woman among your captives and would like her for a wife, then bring her home and “go in unto her.” Later, if you decide you don’t like her, you can simply “let her go.” (Deuteronomy)

      3. If a betrothed virgin is raped in the city and doesn’t cry out loud enough, then “the men of the city shall stone her to death.” (Deuteronomy)

      4. In the book of Esther the king apparently decrees a sex contest among young virgin women to see who can best please him. (There is debate on how.) He eventually chooses Esther. However, since women are viewed as inherently dirty, Esther must be “purified” for twelve months before she can be made queen. (Esther)

      5. Paul points out in New Testament Romans that “the natural use” of women is to provide men with sex. (Romans)

      6. Heaven is to be inhabited by 144,000 virgin men who have not been “defiled” by women. (RE 14:1-4) [One wonders how this squares with God’s command to, “Be fruitful and multiply…(Genesis )]

      7. A group of sexual depraved men beat on the door of an old man’s house demanding that he turn over to them a male house guest. Instead, the old man offers his virgin daughter and his guest’s wife: “Behold, here are my virgin daughter and his concubine (wife); let me bring them out now. Ravish them and do with them what seems good to you; but against this man do not do so vile a thing.” The women were subsequently ravished and killed. (JG))

      8. In Exod. we see that it is permissible to sell one’s daughter (but apparently not one’s son) into slavery..

      9. According to St. Jerome, “Nothing is so unclean as a woman in her periods; what she touches she causes to be unclean.” In Leviticus it states, “If a woman conceives and bears a male child, she shall be ceremonially unclean seven days…if she bears a female child she shall be unclean two weeks….”

      10. “A woman dropped a stone on his head and cracked his skull. Hurriedly he called to his armor-bearer, ‘Draw your sword and kill me, so that they can’t say a woman killed me.’ So his servant ran him through, and he died.” (Judges)

      11. Under God’s direction, Moses’ army kills all the adult males, but they mercifully just take the women and children captive. When Moses learns that they left some women and children alive, he angrily says: “Kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.” Throughout Bible history God is said to demand that thousands, if not millions, of men, women and children be slaughtered. And they are.

      12. A man has an obligation to produce a child with his brother’s widow. If he refuses, his sister-in-law is to spit in his face in front of the elders. (Deuteronomy 25:5-9) And in case you are Jewish, you may be familiar with the Jewish prayer: “Blessed be the God who has not created me a heathen, a slave or a woman.

      Ofcourse Islam lowers the status of woman. Lets ignore the Bible.

  2. Mahmoud - Egypt said

    What Are You Saying ???

    You Can’t Say That Muslims are ” All ” Thieves and Killers … etc

    and NO you can’t say most of them ….


    • All muzzies are same because they all follow the same god read the same book
      that;s why they are all f**king terrorist.
      Got that

      • Bryan said

        Yes well in mate keep up the work in reminding people about what the Muslims are really up to.
        The UK is over crowded as it is, no mosk in my village though 🙂

        • Guy on the Internet said

          Lucky B@st@rd

        • sara said

          *mosque and you my friends are very closed minded people, i am a muslim (alhamdulilah) and i can say for a fact i live in wales, born and bred, my family is completley normal just like any other,we just have a different religion and if you guys do i respect that.funnt that, ‘respect’ something you have shown lack of, you have no respect towards islam,to prophet mohammed (s.a.w) and personally that is offensive.also you have not really done research into islam if all you know is negative because honestly islam is a pretty peacefull religion, all the “terrorist” acts have been commited by a small minority not ALL of the muslims. For example, america, they have sent over thier army to syria, have striked innocent children, parents,elders, that there is terrorism, now im not saying all the soldiers are like that, but its just a minority same with in islam you get the radical types and let me tell you they just make muslims look bad every time. In my opinion you guys need to do some proper research and actually ask a muslim and not just search it up because let me tell you, that stuff is propaganda.

          • You have been blinded by your religion. it’s not just about terrorism, it’s also about the arrogant behaviour of Muslims in general. what about frequent riots, high rate of crime and forced conversions.
            The list is quite long.
            so keep your stupid excuses to yourself.

          • illuminatus veritas said

            If a certain group of individuals keeps doing horrible things in the name of an imaginary deity prophesied by a known rapist peadophile!? Then common sense dictates the individuals are barbarous zealots, who should ABSOLUTELY NOT be trusted! Muslims have continuously made MANY people angry and unsettled. Now no one cares what ANY of you say about anything. The trust has been completely exhausted! Its like crying wolf with you people! Everytime some muslim talks about islam being the “religion of peace”, two days later a pack of zealots are sawing the heads of some poor american engineer!..which TOTALLY negates the validity of islam being a “religion of peace”…it also makes muslims look like the dumb fucktards that we all know they are!!

          • VedicReligion said

            Miss you are lucky that you are living in a non Muslim country. Live in a Muslim country and adhere its sharia laws and you will know the difference.

          • proton said

            wow sara you say you are born and raised up in wales. ive never been close to europe and i know that there are muslim dominated pockets in London where there are sharia police ….. they do not allow the regular police to go into their area and even christians and people of other religion around this region are not allowed to drink beer etc……..

            yes sara islam is a religion of peace
            alas muslims are not peaceful people ……. i agree most are peaceful that leaves us with
            2% radicals or potential terrorists ????
            2% sara, of the 1.6 billion is
            80 million potential muslim terrorists

      • Wali said

        I hope u burn in hell seriously! Cuz most of this b.s isnt true! There are millions of. Christians and others that kill u do not know what coming for u when it does good luck u know when the man that walked on the moon armstrong he heard the azan which is a prayer nothin but the azan so stfu u piece of ugly crap this is all bullshit like u.

      • alex said

        neil armstrong heard a fucking muslim prayer, who told you that the tooth fairy, your a retard, end of

      • ruaa said

        hhhhh you know you can name it 20 good reasons to laugh and i admit that you have a very good imagination seriously i am muslim and living in a muslim community and never heard or seen this things and i want you to prove all what you said and when you said that your oil is under our sand you just said it under our sand that means it is ours and one last question what is your religion ?????

      • The Knight said

        So for Ruaa and Wali the Paki Buggers, it is fine as they live in West and enjoy the protection of so called “Dhimmis”. These scums whine and cry that it is ‘islamophobia” not realizing that it is their Pedophile Pig “Mo-Ham-Mad” created ‘Islamonausea” that these Koranimals are hated everywhere in the world. Except in Kuffar countries, these Mooslimes are not safe anywhere else, not even in Sowdi Arabia or least of all their “Porkistan” / “Pornistan” / “Fakistan”.

        • Shawn said

          oh come on no one has any right to speak shit about anyone’s religion so be calm n enjoy the life

        • Ur well wisher. said

          Do u know what is wrong with u.that u don’t want to know what is truth.and for u all I want to say that Islam is for whole mankind to stay kind.i will tell u a simple rule of this religion if one man killed another man for no reason his punishment in return is to killed him.If this rule applied know than in no time there will be no killing.and one day whole world be muslim this is challenge for every religion..

          • To. said

            Yeah, but does it mean “for no reason “.like not being a muslim? Like being a girl who supposly shame the family …

            I love that all muslims come to my country coz their is just a shothole and after a year they cry that they cannot have Shariah law etc… All the bullshit they had in the Country they run away from. Of course most of them claim benefits and do not give a sh about working and contributing to our society. Why dont you run to a firsr safe country ? Like uam etc… ? No free handouts ?

        • EDL Supporter said

          I’m sick of these Muslim pigs. I hope the extremists, pakis, Afganis and such are hanged. Islam is the most pathetic excuse of a religion I’ve ever seen.

      • Ali said

        Oh well dear sir you’ll be really sad to know that really soon everyone will be a Muslim and it won’t be spread with violence. I’m sure you’ll have something to say against that but once again I pity you coz even your GK is non existent like your sense of judgment. Have a good day

    • Lorna said

      Mahmoud, pls read the Koran, he actual Koran, not the one that was stuffed down your throat by your parents and religious leaders. Muslims according to he Koran must lie to non muslims in order to convert the . Muslims are encouraged to steal from non muslims. Muslim men are encouraged to rape non muslims women and little children. And so on. Muslims in developed western societies take pride int he fact that they are on welfare, because the Koran tells muslims to take what is not theirs from non muslims. According to muslims who have read the Koran, we non muslims have to pay muslims simply because they are muslim and we must be happy about it.
      If you rape a 3 year old boy or girl that is not a muslim, and with that brutal force convert the child to islam, according to the Koran you shall be rewarded in heaven. Read the Koran!!! It’s all there.

      • rainbow12 said

        I am Sorry, Lorna, but I must object.
        You are wrong. Before saying anything else to others, kindly read the Quran yourself. And one person being bad doesn’t make the whole community bad: Read this if you have time:

        10 People Who Give Christianity A Bad Name.
        But that does not mean Christians are bad! I study with Christians, and they are in fact kind people.
        In the same way, MOST muslims being bad doesn’t make ALL muslims bad!

        1. Muslims are prohibited to lie, or to change anything in their Quran. A tradition from the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) declares,
        “Beware I inform you regarding the greatest of the mortal sins: Associating anything with Allah, disobeying parents and lying!”
        (Wasaelush Shia)

        Allah the Almighty says in Surah Nahl, verse 105:
        “Only they forge the lie who do not believe in Allah’s communications, and these are the liars.”

        It can be understood from the verses of the Quran that a liar calls for divine curse and invites the anger of Allah.

        For example:
        “… and pray for the curse of Allah on the liars.”
        (Surah Aale Imraan 3:61)

        And also:
        “… the curse of Allah be on him if he is one of the liars.”
        (Surah Nur 24:8)

        “Lying is an evil, greater than drinking wine.”
        (In Islam drinking wine is prohibited)

        Mohammed said “You must be truthful, for truthfulness leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to Paradise. A man will keep speaking the truth and striving to speak the truth until he will be recorded with Allah as a siddeeq (speaker of the truth). Beware of telling lies, for lying leads to immorality and immorality leads to Hellfire. A man will keep telling lies and striving to tell lies until he is recorded with Allah as a liar.”

        I can tell you, that this ‘him’ does not only relate to other muslims, but to non muslims as well…

        2.Muslims are NOT encouraged to steal from non muslims.

        And (as for) the male theif and the female thief, cut off (from the wrist joint) their (right) hands as a recompense for that which they committed, a punishment by way of example from Allâh. And Allâh is All-Powerful, All-Wise.(5:39)

        But whosoever repents after his crime and does righteous good deeds (by obeying Allâh), then verily, Allâh will pardon him (accept his repentance). Verily, Allâh is Oft¬Forgiving, Most Merciful. (5:39)

        As you can see, the punishment for stealing in quite grave, even from a non-muslim.

        3. Muslim men are NOT encouraged to rape non muslims women and little children
        Islam prohibits this! It is a great sin to ___ any child or woman!!!!!!!!!! Non Muslim or not!
        Rape in Islam is completely forbidden.

        “If a man acquires by force a slave-girl, then has sexual intercourse with her after he acquires her by force, and if he is not excused by ignorance, then the slave-girl will be taken from him, he is required to pay the fine, and he will receive the punishment for illegal sexual intercourse.” (Imam Al Shaafi’i, Kitaabul Umm, Volume 3, page 253)

        In our view the man who rapes a woman, regardless of whether she is a virgin or not, if she is a free woman he must pay a “dowry” like that of her peers, and if she is a slave he must pay whatever has been detracted from her value. The punishment is to be carried out on the rapist and there is no punishment for the woman who has been raped, whatever the case. (Imam Maalik, Al-Muwatta’, Volume 2, page 734)

        In an authentic narration from Sunan Al Bayhaqi, Volume 2, page 363, Hadith no. 18685 we read the following story:

        Abu al-Hussain bin al-Fadhl al-Qatan narrated from Abdullah bin Jaffar bin Darestweh from Yaqub bin Sufyan from al-Hassab bin Rabee from Abdullah bin al-Mubarak from Kahmas from Harun bin Al-Asam who said: Umar bin al-Khatab may Allah be pleased with him sent Khalid bin al-Walid in an army, hence Khalid sent Dharar bin al-Auwzwar in a squadron and they invaded a district belonging to the tribe of Bani Asad. They then captured a pretty bride, Dharar liked her hence he asked his companions to grant her to him and they did so. He then had sexual intercourse with her, when he completed his mission he felt guilty, and went to Khalid and told him about what he did. Khalid said: ‘I permit you and made it lawful to you.’ He said: ‘No not until you write a message to Umar’. (Then they sent a message to Umar) and Umar answered that he (Dharar) should be stoned. By the time Umar’s message was delivered, Dharar was dead. (Khalid) said: ‘Allah didn’t want to disgrace Dharar’

        Notice that Umar ibn Al Khattab (the second caliph) ordered the man who captured the slave girl and had sex with her to be stoned for this crime, for he took the slave girl unjustly.

        Do these critics who raise these arguments know Islam better than Umar ibn al Khattab?

        “Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that will make for greater purity for them: and Allah is well acquainted with all that they do.”
        [Al-Qur’an 24:30]

        – If the critic says that the Prophet (peace be upon him) made an exception to this general prohibition by allowing one to rape his slave girl, the burden of proof is upon him to show evidence for this exception.

        3/ According to people who have NOT read the Koran, the non muslims have to pay muslims simply because they are muslim and they must be happy about it.
        I admit. Non Muslims have to pay jizyah.

        Jizya is only applicable in a MUSLIM state!


        Coming back to the verse, now people might say isn’t it unfair that they have to pay the jizya tax? Not really. Since when is punishment for refusal to pay lawful taxes considered as terrorism? Also, the jizya tax is very cheap and affordable, and it grants the non-Muslim’s many benefits, benefits which even the Muslims don’t get! For instance, the non-Muslims who are paying jizya in an Islamic state are not obliged to take part in any battle or war, unless they themselves choose to, the Muslims do not have this choice. The Muslims, if agree, have to actually burn their asses out to protect both Muslims and non-Muslims living in their lands. Also if the Islamic state cannot grant protection to the non-Muslims then the non-Muslims are not obliged to pay the jizya tax, since Muslims themselves must meet expectations for the jizya tax to be implemented. Also, Society today has no problem in paying taxes to the government, so therefore they should have no problem in paying a tax in an Islamic state either.

        There you go my friend, verse 9:29 doesn’t encourage the muslims to do terrorism. It is a perfectly fair and just verse. Just throw this article on the face of anybody who tries to misrepresent islam to you in the future.

        From the point of view of the Muslim rulers, jizya was a material proof of the non-Muslims’ acceptance of subjection to the state and its laws, In return, non-Muslim subjects are permitted to practice their faith, to enjoy a measure of communal autonomy, to be entitled to the Muslim state’s protection from outside aggression, and to be exempted from military service and from the zakat tax levied upon Muslim citizens.

        If you rape a 3 year old boy or girl that is not a muslim, and with that brutal force convert the child to islam, according to the Koran you shall NOT be rewarded with Heaven but WITH HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Read the Koran!!! It’s all there!!!!!!!

        Killing one person, non muslim or not, is like killing Humanity.

        This is one misunderstanding that keeps rising up against Islam. Islam does not in any way allow for the killing of any innocent soul.

        “Let there be no compulsion in religion:Truth stands out clear from error:whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy handhold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things. (The Noble Quran, 2:256)”

        “Again and again will those who disbelieve, wish that they had bowed (to God’s will) in Islam. Leave them alone, to enjoy (the good things of this life) and to please themselves: let (false) hope amuse them: soon will knowledge (undeceive them). (The Noble Quran, 15:2-3)”

        “Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for God loveth not transgressors. (The Noble Quran, 2:190)”

        We have a book of rules we must follow. That book is the Quraan.

        That book states that we can’t harm ourselves, let alone others.

        Only Allah can take lives because He gave them to us in the first place.

        No where in our book does it state heaven as an incentive for murder.

        But of course you get extremists from every religion that misconstrue information and scripture to their liking.

        “And had your Lord willed, those on earth would have believed, all of them together. So, will you (O Muhammad) then compel mankind, until they become believers”
        [Yoonus 10:99]
        “There is no compulsion in religion”
        [al-Baqarah 2:256]

        May God Bless You.
        I am only a Muslim trying to clear your wrong concepts.

        By the way, which Quran version have you read, Lorna?
        It is incredibly wrong and stupid.
        Kindly mail the name- Thank you!

        God Bless You!

        • proton said

          it is not one person who is bad even if we consider that 98% of muslims are peacefull people that leaves
          2% of 1.6 billion
          80 million potential terrorists

          so lorna is right …. and no one needs to read the kuran to find that out its all there on the net and youtube said in plain words by your mullahs

    • Martina said

      Yes, YES he can, because we live in a democracy, and he can actually say whatever the fuck he likes….

  3. Mahmoud - Egypt said


    i’m a muslim … and i never heared about it in islam or the koran

    • Prithvi said

      it is your work to deny your dreaded activities , you muslims when you are in majority always persecute the minorities and you say that this is peace and tolerance of islam. you are only competent for riding camel and donkeys, murder ,rape and terrorism

      • muslim said

        sale tumhari….ch….over.

      • ruaa said

        will please give your self a chance and read translated koran

        • I have read quran and I am sure it’s the most evil book written in the history of mankind

          • mohammed said

            that means u’ve never read qur’an….my illeterate friend..

          • those who read quran become terrorist …Mr Super Retard

          • Lorna said

            Muslims who read the Quran/Koran do not become terrorist per definition. Most muslims who read that vile book actually convert to a different religion. It is in fact the religious leaders in the mosques who make them terrorist, although he Quran clearly states that terrorist will go to heaven and receive their pre pubescent virgins.

          • nusnus said

            Are you stupid or what ? You are kidding , right ? You are lying to your self , but you don’t have to lie to others poor man

        • I have read quran and I am sure it’s the most evil book written in the history of mankind an universe

          • Ali said

            tell me how many have you read and that you are read it from site or from book itself, if it’s from site, you never know they hide some.

          • bullsh!t

            those verses have been taken from Islamic websites.

          • Ali said

            And I’m almost a 100% certain that’s a lie. If you’ve read Quran you’d know how even when in a fight it’s not allowed to kill old people, sick people kids or women. I pity you. Plus I find it ironic how you’re using that to spread hate. That poem or whatever it is was written in a taunting manner but you’re just too naive to get it. I don’t know how you can survive with so much hate inside you. Keep on hating. It won’t change the truth. I’m not even mad at what you said all those comments I just pity you. You’re really worth my pity. As they say haters just prove that you’re better than them you’re proving Islam is better than your low minded thinking. I really hope all your gods will help you. Funny you have so many gods one can’t take care of everything. Have a nice day.

          • Islam is the worst thing ever happened to mankind.period.

        • Martina said

          Stop forcing your stupid fucking koran book down the throats of intelligent people… You see? I despise all religions/ organised cults, but I despise ISLAM the most, because you cannot criticize it without being accused of racism, or being called islamaphobic.

          I am religionaphobic, and criticizing religion is not racist. Only when I criticize ISLAM, am I told that I am being racist.

          Consider racial hatred victims, and their loved ones who have been severely racially abused and killed, and now consider how insulted some of those victims, and loved ones would be if the crimes against them are now being compared to voicing an opinion on religion? I mean really think about it?? And how disgusting it is to use someone else’s real life misery, as a way of protecting your religion/ cult?

          Playing the victim and race card all in one go, simply because muslims can? The “ISLAM” religion that will kill you should you try to walk away. Apostasy = Death- As muslims already know.

          They will of course deny it, but their religion is far from peaceful. ISLAM is constructed on the basis of fear, because if you are born into the ISLAM religion? you will be killed for walking away, and thinking for yourself!!! That is terrorism in itself, and that that terrorism is aimed at its own brainwashed worshipers..??? Think as I think, or you’ll die?? Look up the word cult and compare the similarities the word meaning has to many so called religions?

          Muslims/ christians etc are slaves to their brainwashed thoughts, because they were indoctrinated as children, when they were most vulnerable, and easy to train, and as I’ve already said, the cost in ISLAM for daring to think for yourself is “Death”

          Don’t look for consciousness where there is none people.
          Most muslims are extensions of their brainwashed childhood teachings, and It’s the equivalent of arguing that santa claus doesn’t exist with a grown man.
          Would you really bother wasting your time trying to convince him otherwise? Or would you advise him that he needs help and point him in the nearest direction of a good psychologist? Stop wasting your breath and arguing with the brainwashed… They are not even aware that they are brainwashed/ programmed, and, therefore, you have the blind preaching to this blind, and to those who already have sight…

          Sight comes from having a clear mind, and from knowing the difference between fact & fiction.

          To say that you hold the same opinions as you were taught at the age of 3, for me, is to say that you are stupid.

          How did you choose your religious beliefs? Oh sorry, yes, that’s right, you didn’t choose them, they chose you…

          As an intelligent “Individual” I find it both embarrassing, and humiliating to come from this planet, and a species known as the human beings… Most of whom are parrots without souls, and so totally and utterly out of touch with reality, that it defies belief in the year 2014…

      • Hanan said

        Oh for gods sake when have you ever heard that a Muslim had raped someone on the news in a white country? Its always a white boy and you know it, I don’t know why you are so ignorant but you will all learn on the day of judgement and see the truth lay before you faggots. If you can say all that bullshit about Islam then we can say about your stupid white countries oh but wait then your going to say that “All” Muslims are racist and you don’t think what you just said is Racist? And besides god said in the Quran Murder, Rape and Stealing is Haram and only a few of those betrayals do these things.

    • vg said

      As an individually living muslim person you are just too busy in day to day life and with your friends living your life as best as it can be lived. I have many muslim friends and they are just like any other friend. But, muslim as a group becomes problem and its teaching to spread Islam begin to show their real true nature in rubbing the grain of the society that has allowed them to live in peace. That is why you do not know or learned a lot of stuff. And, again a selective praching goes on depending on the day and place. also, politicians and majority people try to look nice and veil their real views for why to cause an issue.

      My friend, learn unbiased and do analysis, you will learn and make your own mind about the truth and facts. You have no need to hear from others.

    • Stuti said

      I’m a muslim…. and I never heard about it in Islam or the Koran.
      It is becoz your stupid mullah tells you all lies, and you never bother to read and analyse yourself..

      • Lorna said

        But if you have read and studied the Koran yourself why are you still a muslim. I have done so, as a non muslim in order to understand the current climate concerning islam better and why muslims are hated so much, instead of just taking some idiots opinion that happens to be on tv at the moment, and found that the Koran teaches primarily hatred and suppression. I could go on and on and on, but why are u a muslim if you have read and analysed the Koran? It makes no sense.

    • Unknown said

      Fricken heck seriously?none of these r tru. Islam BANNED those fricken things. get information bruh. islam itself means PEACE! and honestly.. Allah means god in arabic.

  4. well excuse you but if you havent written these then why the fuck is your name at the very top stupid mindset racist ass bitch go doo dooo dooooo yourself excuse you again but i have some respect and it seems like to me that you dont becuase if you do then you would respect others beliefs

    • You are an idiot, my name is there is because I posted it.
      I have given the source link, but It looks like you are a blind idiot.
      The original link was
      It looks like the moron who was running that website is dead.
      Search for the Google Cache link.

      • ruaa said

        your lie you didn’t read the koran because if u really rade it you wouldn’t say that it is evil

        • I have already rread quran years ago I even selected the most hateful verses
          Quranic Verses You Must Know

          • Ali said

            after i read it my eyes felt a bit burned,’s gone now

          • nusnus said

            You are LYING ,and you know it . The holy Quran is written in ARABIC,so go learn Arabic and then try to understand Quran because there is something known as علم البلاغة that means that one word can have so many meanings and to understand it by your self is very difficult so when reading Quran ask someone or read a book on the explanation of Quran ( I am so proud to be a Muslim and an Arab )

      • ruaa said

        (I have read quran and I am
        sure it’s the most evil book
        written in the history of
        mankind ) what is evil in it . am sure there nothing cuz i also rade and every single verse has its own mircal and remember that this quran is written before more than 1400 years ago but you can find in it a recent scientific facts. read again but in posative way try to read it and make sure it is real translated one . good luck .

      • The Knight said

        Koran is a porno book which teaches how to beat wives, have slave women, behead Kuffars and take their women as booty. Koran revelaed (really?) to Pedophile Pig Mo-Ham-Mad (Piss Be Upton Him) is blindly followed by Mooslimes, even the half-man worth muslima can’t go to Mosque in their cesspool countries. Koran is savage terrorism manual for the Pisslam followers.

        • Dee said

          Rotflmao! That is so hilarious and so true!

        • sara said

          Islamic women are treated way better then your rachet ass, they wear hijab, why? Modesty, thier real beauty is hidden from sick minded perverts like you, and is instead kept away for thier husbands, unlike you people not all but some , they be wearing hardly any clothes, our women are treated with respect to that point where even paradise lies at the bottom of your mothers feet. Got anything to say actually, i think you just search up some fake propaganda shit and throw that load of crap at me.

    • The Knight said

      Hi Mindset, Dont bother try to convince these brainwashed Koranimals. They worship the Pedophile Pig “Mo-Ham-Mad” (Piss Be Upon Him) and his creation fake Moon God Baal aka Allah. And this Child Raping Murderer inspired (hardly) porno book Quran is followed by these savages blindly. You reason with them and they insult you. These Mooslime scums are lucky they are in west enjoying the protection of “Dhimmis”, otherwise in their cesspool countries, per their “Sharia Law” the half-man worth “Ruua” will be in Burqa bag with no computer and the Mooslime scum will be enjoying Goats and Camel Piss as a “revelation” from their Mo. These inbred Mooslime savages are always looking for Jihad in search of the 72 Virgins (sic!) in their Pedophile created Once the world realizes the truth about these sand-niggers, the end of Pisslam starts. Keep up the good work Mindset!

      • i like the pedophile pig Mo-ham-mad and piss be upon him. All very rightfully and deservedly. We really have to grant him the true honours that warmonger and pediatric moron deserves. And of course, all his followers. Kill them where you meet them.

      • A Muslim said

        …Honestly, the grammar in this comments amuses me….

        • Atheist Kid said

          How come you decided to use “this” instead of “these” in your statement?

          Now, try to find any typos in the following statement.

          ” Shut the Hell up, Idiot! “

  5. 3washi said

    Look you have a wrong idea I’m not gonna deny the fact that we have terrorist cuz we do have but these are aren’t Muslims actually they are alsheah I don’t think you ever heard of them but I’m telling you, & not all of us bad most of us are good, & we actually respect the west & at our free time we don’t burn flags we surf the Internet, we shop, we play some games, visit friends , just they way you spend your free time…so next time please make sure from your information.
    PS: we are just normal like you 🙂

    • No you are not.
      Most of the criminals in India, France and Spain are Muslims although you are minority in these countries. 99% of terrorist are Muslims and in your free time you watch p0rn and rape infidel women just like your pr0phet used to.
      Stop lying.

      • Stahil said

        You know what, I find it kind of funny when your stereotyping Muslims with fake facts, but not your religion. Jesus is the son of god? God doesn’t have a son, he’s the only god, and is one of the prophets.

        END OF STORY.

      • ruaa said

        how you can asure all what you say am sure you can’t and again give your self a chance and read translated koran and what is p0rn

      • ruaa said

        {Muslims use this law to cut the hand
        of innocent non-Muslims. you
        Muslims stink worse than pigs } will that totally not right cuz once there was a woman who is related to the prophet mohammed and she stole his friend said that it is not right to cut her hand she is his relative so they sent osama ben zeid to talk to him when osama told him he was mad at him he said justice should be over all poor or rich king or servent (he didn’t say exactly like this)

      • ahmed said

        so what your saying is that Muslims watch porn and rape and non Muslims are angels they don’t kill, rape or anything! ! you are the liar Smarty

      • ruaa said

        right i live in a muslim community which it is egypt and we have in egypt money christians even in the school and we just treat them like our sisters/brothers cuz both of us r humen first of all .

        • Liar,
          you are talking about the coptic Christians,
          those people are killed regularly in Egypt.
          Now I know you are either ignorant or a plain liar.

        • Islam is the ROOT of ALL EVIL! said

          I lived in Egypt this past year and in your filthy rotten rat’s nest – and I will tell you right now – Muslim’s are nothing but uneducated perverted snakes! NEVER trust a Muslim – You MUST make them EARN your respect – or they will Lie and steal you blind!

      • eshther greenwood rini said

        U r absolutely right.for moslems rape of lityle girls are passing time only

      • Ali said

        but not 55/65% of muslim are terrorist or arabs or pakistan. because if it’s true i’m sure me and my country will hate you and american right now.

        • that’s normal Muslim behaviour.

        • Arye said

          Oh- You are right! The religion of Islam has caused so many problems. I don’t understand they cry victim and that Islam is a religion of peace! These people are rude and pushy and are on a path to destroy our country. I WANT THEM ALL OUT!!!

        • proton said

          ok so you say 65% are not terrorists
          that means only 35% are terrorists
          35% of 1.6 billion that is
          560 million muslim terrorists
          i hope you know what 560 million is
          that is
          560 000 000 terrorists

          do you now know why non muslims hate muslims

      • Lorna said

        Funny thing to in Europe, juvenile delinquents are primarily of muslim descent. Just a fact I you gut you might like to know. Btw this has been the case since the eighties aka 30 years.

      • Sara said

        Thanks for bringing out these facts. But as you can clearly see none of these bloody Moose-slimes are ready to see the truth. All terrorists are followers of Pisslam! No! They’re not like us and they’re not good! They’re plain evil. And just have a look at their wonderful sense of grammar and vocabulary, not to mention their idiotic spellings!
        Hell to all these bloody mooslimes

        • sara said

          Wow,are you for real, “mooslimes?!?” “Pisslam?!?” Im pretty sure these arent real words, whereas we actually used real words and proved we are actually educated

  6. lets have a contest to see how many ways to make fun of the false prophet mohamad lets make as many films as possible showing just what perverts muslims are in the name of my lord and savior jesues christ the son of our true god. i fear no muslim death to islam

    • Neha Amin said

      You fuckin little bitch go rot in hell i’m a muslim and i’m not fuckin bad at all neither are my family and everyone else i know and so what if muslim girls have mustaches so do christians, but our hair is black and your is white so if you have a fuckin problem with muslims go and complain to the police, and btw prophet mohamad is not false, but there is one thing i know that people like you should fuckin got to prison or even hell you snob.

      • what a language must be a true Muslim.

        • Ali said

          agree, aside that he is actually true arabs(not muslim) and if you’re not from arabs, your generation are from arabs

        • Arye said

          I WANT EVERY MUSLUM TO KNOW the profit.. . Yeah Mohammed was a perverted freak who FUCKED GOATS and LITTLE GIRLS AND HAD ANAL SEX WITH UNDER AGE BOYS!!!!!!! THIS IS A FACT!!!

          • Proud Muslim said

            how can you talk about someones religion like that so many muslims have been talking to you on this blog have you seen one comment of them trying talk rubbish about your religion or any other religion, while you continuously are calling your religion bad, you say we hate other religion while you are continuously talking falsely of our belief. You search sites which are against muslims, you keep giving us links but where is your own true research and if also talking to those of you who claim they read quran, sericely i read one comment of one of you who said his eyes where burning or something when he read quran i gurante with out a doubt 100% none of you have truely read the real copy of Quran, ask a muslim friend if you have any to give you a copy and then try to read if you truly from your heart would tell me the truth i know it would be that it enlightened your soul and try to read with racisicism aside as a human please as person you truley wants knowledge not like a racisit and plaease stop talking rubbish about our prophet Muhmmad (P.B.U.H) our i wil report this site for abuse of someone elses religion.

          • I delete all rubbish comments by Muslims. I don’t have time to read comments left by your kind.

            You don’t have a religion.

            I give authentic links, If you have any problem do your own research.


      • Adnan said

        @ Neha How can you call someone a little bitch and ask them to rot in hell and say that you are not a bad person?

        What is wrong with people these days?
        Obivously some people are ignorant and some are under developed and both of them target the other persons religion when they should actually be targetting that person individually.

      • White bitch said

        Shut the f**k up u paki b***h

      • ruaa said

        neha this isn’t the right way to let some body convert to islam u should be quite nica and good and be a real muslim so he can see that there is good muslims than terrorists

      • ruaa said

        the mindest before u judge neha amin’s language look at ur language

      • the ham said

        Go fuck yourself with a ham you faggot rag head

      • All said

        Muslims think that there God is the only god in this whole World nothing else exist ..and since years they are forcibly converting others to become muslims like themselves and attacking other countries by the name if Jihaad n all . The muslim is the only community in the world who is a pain for every community , wherever they are they are just trying to become the major part of the population if they are minors …. God is for everyone you are not the only one who is having a God and God is God he is watching everything of yours the way you are killing people … The most famous gangster muslim , all terrorist muslim , Muslim countries support terrorism , they teach others how to kill as many people as you can … Did America or England went into your country and attacked by planting bomb and hiding somewhere but muslims did ….

      • NEIL said

        muslims are the mixed breeds. even that pervert mohammad was a b*st*rd. ur f**king koran says that….keep f**king whores…and then u say allah says that……………………f**k ur allah, mohammad and ur entire bastard race. i jsu wish a day comes of annihilation and all the muslims are sent to hell along with that mother fu**er mohammad.

      • Lorna said

        He might not have been false, but still a kiddy raper.

      • illuminatus veritas said

        Neha amin: you just proved how violent and short tempered the people of the. “Religion of peace” are! Congratulations your a fucking idiot! This is why we HATE what islam is doing to the world! Need proof!? Norway is over run with degenerate, free loading muslims who are rioting and offering money to any sand nigger that kills a norge policeman! That makes me fucking sick to my stomach!! Shame on all of you thieving rapist fucks! If we did that in one of your countries!!?? We’d be dead before noon! Respect our ways! Pay taxes,get a real job, keep your religion to YOURSELF, and obey our laws to the letter… or GET THE FUCK OUT!!!! Period.

    • proton said

      totally genius of an idea — start making movies and cartoons of Muhammad —
      what ever we do or try to show in good light —- i think all these movies would be X rated

  7. said

    someone is pain in the azz loll

  8. Ok Tal said

    What i believe is that many parts of the world are not in peace because of Muslims. They committed suicide bombs killing and injuring innocent people including women and children. Kidnapping and torturing non-Muslim hostages around the world. I am very proud of not being a Muslim. All muslims go to hell

  9. RealAussieBloke said

    Who the hell cuts peoples hands off for stealing or whip and torture people for drinking, behead people for adultery etc etc….MUSLIMS and ISLAM do that’s who!!! That’s not right in anyone book, ISLAMIC people have all been in the desert too long and had their brains fried by the heat that’s what I reckons wrong with them!!

    • Wali said

      Another retard! Maybe u should get ur head out of the shit u are and maybe understand that muslims are way cleaner than u i bet! There not all in the desert dumbass i frickin live in north america btw and im 100% accpeted and ecouraged to practice my religon by chritians and others its just u and other asses that are so uneducated btw!

      • Adnan said

        @ Wali The way you write sends of a very bad impression about you and consequently your religion. No wonder these people end up hating the religion. Before you try to convince them you are right you have to make sure that you are not wrong.

      • But you still don’t eat with your left hand because (even though you may not do it now) traditionally that’s the one you wipe your arse with! True?! How cultured and enlightened you are Mr ‘American’ Muslim. 100% accepted? I wonder how true that was in the weeks and months following 9/11. You may fool them, but the reticle of truth is on you…

      • Jerry Camouler said

        I Know why you live in North America, Wali. It’s because the members of your family were too piss weak to stay in their own country and fight for their freedom, unlike the English, Americans and Australians. You enjoy what we fought for but don’t respect it. Sorry, Wali, it’s time you packed your bags and fucked off back to where your family belongs.

    • Camilla said

      The stupidity…It burns.

      Right now the only thing the world sees from Muslims are cruelty. We hear nothing but how the Taliban tried to execute a 14 year old innocent little girl, how women are raped and mistreated. How innocent people die for no reason, how gays are executed and how you Muslims couldn’t care less about anything of it, like the 9/11, and yet the moment someone insults Islam or a Prophet – everyone is outraged and murder other innocent people, burn the flags of countries and whine about being the victims.

      I know not all Muslims are bad, I have Muslim friends. But do know how hard it is -not- to hate Islam when all we see are the evil deeds of barbarians and savages. There is no place for the Dark Ages in the Modern World.

      Until The Muslims stop trying to change countries that do perfectly well without them, they aren’t all that welcome.

      • ruaa said

        I know y u only see bad things about islam because u concentrate about negative things some muslims do only u never concentrate about the good deeds cuz u dnt want it to spread …. and u always judge islam by muslims yyyyy u dnt know that there is big difference ….. and about that we r not welcome we dn’t need ur permission to stay because we r here before u monr centuries ago u put that in ur mind .

        • and what are the good deeds of Muslims.

          • Ali said

            in my country is
            1. most are nice
            2.they don’t give a damn if you are non-muslim they actually want to freinds with you
            3. they won’t even try to presuade you to change religion
            4. most decided not to kill/rape each other
            5. most of my country are muslim and i never met someone who ask what is your religion and just because most of them are muslim doesn’t mean they will easily predict that they are muslim because there are many non-muslim

          • it means all non-Muslims in your country have been killed-by you Muslims

          • proton said

            shit what logic ALI

            most decided not to kill/rape each other

            wow that is your good deed -LOL

    • Stahil said

      All I see is jealousy written in all over about Islam religion.

    • muslim said

      allah is the greatest of all.

      • no he is trash, filthy god of terrorist and criminal swines

        • Ali said

          then why i found many word of Allah in christian, that’s because christian and islam were related. christian come first and then islam( qur’an stated that qur’an is perfection of any books that earlier prophet created)

      • ruaa said

        allah is the greatest
        mindset or shall I call him the nonminded is the cruelest ever racist stupid not because of wht the hell he posted only no because he can’t understand that he will not stand the hell have u ever asked yourself …. what if islam was right ?
        where I will go ?
        is hell to bad that i can’t stand ?
        y i very hate their god and prophet and their holy book ?

        man you’re so not lucky how u will stand it put in ur head that time isn’t up yet

        • allah is trash
          and Mohammad was a narcissist, pedophile, mass murderer, rapist, misogynist…

          That’s all I can say.

          • umar said

            Look mate I know you are a Hindu (profile picture) and I see you have too much hate for Muslims. . You say Muslims are terrorists. And you say bad things about our religion. There are many things I can say about Hindus but I don’t want to ( I m a man of peace) look all religions are different but it all leads us to one god ( I don’t know about Hindus and 33 koti gods) . I m a Muslim and I m just a normal person. My family is normal. All of my friends are Hindus and they are really peaceful and like my religion. All humans are created equal. But walls of religions divide them from each other. Mindset don’t hate anyone’s religion . Not just Islam. Any religion. Lord shiva would not have wanted you to hate people of a different religion. Allah do not want me to hate anyone either. And I also know that you don’t know anything about Koran and you never read it so please don’t say that you read it. Islam never says rape women. Islam never says kill people. Islam never says infidels are bad . Islam never says convert or die. Look man only Hindu extremists who think other religions are cancer to their country come to websites like this one to express their hate towards our religion. One of the main reasons Hindus hate Muslims is that Muslims eat cows and cows are holy to Hindus. Now listen , you see those vegetable vendors selling vegetables on the road ? They hit cows if they even come close to their vegetables. Well if cows are mothers then why hitting them ? And Hindus in kolkata and bihar also eat cow despite their religion do not allow it. Well Muslims contribute to a big part of Indian economy. If Muslims are kicked out of India (impossible) then Indian economy will crumble. People say mohammad killed people. Well quraish tribes attacked Muslim communities so they just defended themselves. Mohammad just saved those innocent people from getting killed. I know you will reply only hate to me but that doesn’t matter much to me. I just wanted to make my points clear. Good day ! ^_^

          • You are LIAR.
            GET LOST

        • Jerry Camouler said

          Ruaa, Islam is a language built on ignorance. Most muslims can’t even read and write. Apparently you think that you are one of the educated muslims, but read your posts, you can’t write so I guess you don’t read so well either. You’re just the same as all other muslims….. a dumb fucker.

      • Clowns pocket said

        Allah is a massive c*nt

        • sara said

          Astaghfurallah, i despise you deeply, how dare you take allah (swt) name like that you will see your consequence on the day of judgement

          • what?

          • illuminatus veritas said

            Sara: anyone here claiming to be a muslim,who threatens a non muslim or even another muslim!? I will definitely and absolutely report that individual to FBI for propagating ‘death threats’ and or ‘religious mischief’. You have been warned!!

      • Ann said

        Your muslim allah is a murderer.

      • eshther greenwood rini said

        Yea.allah is the greatest of all among ignorant fucking pigs

    • ruaa said

      that time when muslim cut the hand of stealers nobody dared to steel now muslims doesn’t cut the hand of stealers so they rob and rob again

  10. Khalid said

    i’m muslim and i know it’s hard to convens you ,,,, but i hate the muslims( terrorists)… like you 🙂 there are two kind of muslims and iam from the better 1.. peaceful kind 🙂

  11. Adnan said

    Terrorists are nothing but a group of people who use religion as a cover up for their personal gains. Secondly, the world of politics is way beyond our imagination and you can never tell who is actually doing what. There is hardly anyone on this planet who follows a religion truely, everyone out there is just to make money by spinning off any tale possible. People have always been fighting since the beginning of time, it is in the human nature. Some people fight for love, some for food, some for power and some for money and we dont really call them terrorists.

    Badmouthing a religion as an outlet for your general life frustration is a poor way of trying to balance your emotions.

    • My question is why there are no terrorist in other religions. Buddhism, Sikhism, jainism, Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity are the popular religions.
      We don’t find the follower of these religions killing, raping or looting in the name of their respective religion.
      All we find is Muslims – who burn temples, churches and other religious places and the “Moderate Muslim” watch all this in mute silence.
      The reason is – Islamic terrorism benefits the moderate Muslims the most. And this is how Islam is going on for the last 1400 years.

      • Camilla said

        No words truer have ever been spoken.

      • name is not imp said

        I don’t agree with what “The Mindset” told. there r terrorists in other religion also.the medium only give publicity to Muslim terrorism and it is a trick.are all d ‘ULFA’ people Muslims. ??? what about LTTE??. u forgot all that??. u highlight a Muslim terrorism and conveniently forger mass killing of ULFA and LTTE.

        • Lorna said

          Your right there, but where those religions primarily teach love, islam teaches hatred, and encourages muslims to kill one another and non muslims in he name of god. Jesus for instance forbade that. So if a Christian commits a terrorist act, he/she will burn in hell for al eternity.
          Plus if any of the religions mindset mentioned commit a terrorist act against muslims, it is always retaliation. It has always been preceded by terrible violence from muslims against them. Look at the reason why the crusades started and will soon enough begin again. It’s because muslims hate and use violence to corrupt human kind.

      • Najma said

        Coz they know Muslim is only religion and everywhere u go they lots of Muslim there that’s y they hate so bad I feel sorry for them they are lost people

      • sara said

        Prophet mohammed (saw) did not commit such horrid acts, i agree that some muslims are terrorist but think again, hitler, he was christian mass genocide to the jews, during slavery white men were the offenders. So tell me now are these not terrorists

    • Mahnoor said

      adnan your comments are the only sensible ones here. 🙂

  12. Michael said

    No Muslim would ever read this rubbish anyway. What a stupid blog, get a life people! There is no such thing as the racisim and pointing a finger at any race. I don’t agree with some beliefs in all religions, but respect is what human kind is about and I respect there beliefs. So pull your finger out live a happy life and spread peace and love to ones you care about. Don’t rant or rave about a person or belief you have no idea about. Gain a culture too. The world is amazing and life is too short bloggers!

    • ruaa said

      u look so kind and friendly and i agree all what u said accept the one about racism but u r free anyway and y have the right to choose the way u will walk in for the rest of your life but u can also read a little about islam u may covert 🙂

      • samyarup said

        Dear,why do you try to convert other ppls belongs to other religion.i think it’s because islam is not at all tolerant towards other religions

        • Lorna said

          Not think my dear. Because islam is…
          Use facts not personal opinions to spread the truth of islam,
          When one uses words as I think or I feel it is an opinion. It’s a fact islam is intolerant toward other religions. Worse islam is even intolerant towards islam. THats why muslims kill muslims.

    • Clowns pocket said

      You won’t be so tolerant in 20 years when you are about to be beheaded for not believing in Allah the c*nt

  13. Tonya said

    These reasons are wrong but I hate them because they try to marry Christian women and change their beliefs. I am with a Muslim who outright lied when we started dating pretending like he was not bothered by my beliefs and now tries to control everything. That’s why I hate Muslims. They are all like this. Selfish and constantly trying to control women.

    • I agree

    • name is not imp said

      Tonya pls try to understand that there is no much difference between Muslims and christian. we Muslims are more christian than u christian itself since we follow the teachings of Jesus(peace b upon him) .Jesus(peace b upon him) taught to avoid alcohol(we do that).
      Jesus(peace b upon him) also told to follow d last prophet from god in bible. we do that also and u cal us Muslims.

      • White bitch said

        Peace b upon ya mum u sweaty coon. Jesus, allah, ganesh. Fuck knows. But its bull shit. Delluded arab bitch. Stick ur koran/bible up ur arse. Get pissed n have sex. Whooooooooo

    • eshther greenwood rini said

      Yes.the same case with me.i am a hindu girl and my ex fucking asshole boyfrnd was a moslem.and i had a traumatic relation with that fucking little jerk.he wanted to control even a single beating of my heart and constantly was in an afford in converting me.he is a bloody fucking ass hole love jihadi.i hate him and every moslem men on this earth.they can only rape and bit women and force women to wear niquab and hijab and bloody stuffs.we should destroy islam

  14. name is not imp said

    pls learn about islam.and suggest a better religion than it.all things written here is false.

    • samyarup said

      Hey dumb ass we know that you are one of those intolerant genocidal zehadist who only think islam is the best.stop pretending to be GURU.we have a culture ancient and superipr th than yours.our fore fathers experienced the truth when your predecessors were living a barberic nomadic life.dont boast about your
      hedious scriptures.

    • eshther greenwood rini said

      Yeah islam is the best religion.for…for…for whom?for barbaric animals.ur quran is literaly a pornographic text and ur muhammad is worse than the serial killer and rapist charles malis manson.even the culture of interior africa which are still not colluded by islam are far better civilised than urs.u moslem men dont respect women n regard women as a filthy creature who should not hv any access to mosque or cemetry and u either avoid women completly or rape them.that is ur religion.terrorism in this life and in other life wine and 72 non menstrual whores…what a religion of enlightment! I will definitely become a moslem if any day i have to choose another option instead of suicide

  15. name is not imp said

    why no one hit like here???.the source link is missing.those who have good reason to hate islam pls share this. let us see how many human agree with it(muslim/nonmuslom).

  16. Is this a joke? I honestly can’t tell.



  18. Damian said

    I hate muslims, is hate crime i know but i hate them i hope all die fucking cunts, they culture dont respect women, they have alot of terrorist is a culture of hate i really hate them

    • ahmed said

      we don’t need you to like us

      • eshther greenwood rini said

        Yea psychopaths never need anyone to like them.they are self satisfied.and muhamadans are worse than psychopaths.muslims are fucking apes.n now u unculture moslems dont call me a racist chricstian.i am a brown indian hindu

    • ruaa said

      first who told u that islam doesn’t respect woman thar is totally how can it be abd everyone knows that rokia the daughter of the prophet muhammed became a doctor u know the firsts who let the woman help in the battles were muslims maybe some muslims dnt like there women to go work study etc … but dnt judge islam by muslims.
      well terrorists who u r talking about is a group of people that kill under the name of islam simply my dad is a muslim but not terrorist my teachers in the school are muslims but not terrorist . you can’t say that the islam is a religion of hate because of a group that kill under the name of islam

      • >>but dnt judge islam by muslims.<>well terrorists who u r talking about is a group of people that kill under the name of islam <<
        they do as directed by Islam.

      • ruaa said

        do u think fool that u know my religion more than i do ????? idiot really idiot I ‘ve never seen idiot like u .

      • eshther greenwood rini said

        Yea they respect women a woman’s testimony is insufficient,a rape victim is alleged adultry,men can marry 1 2 3 4 women if they wish as if buying cattles.women dnt hv access to mosque along with criminals and handicaps.women can not enter into cemetry coz they are regarded as filthy creature and moslem men receive a great gift after death from their great allah the fucking cock,wine and 72 non menstrual what a humanistic and feministic religion.i am overwhelmed by ur respect of women.

  19. Killmuslims said

    Muslims are a bunch of thick assholes. You simply do not go into someone else’s country and demand to be given everything you want. I hate them with a passion , they stink , they’re f**king rude, ignorant sexist, rapist murderers . And those who claim to be the good ones you only hide because you’re f**king pussies. Face it you’re all as f**ked a the rest of you towel head penguin burka f**king wearing pack of f**kheads. F**k your religion and f**k your people. F**k your country not everyone else’s

  20. None of ur busness said

    Just shut up most muslims actially make friends with christians we dont hate them. Stop trying to make us look bad all muslims now its bad to steal. Half the things u wrot arnt even true

    • ruaa said

      half the things only i can asure that 99.9% is a very fake sometimes when things are so fake it made u laugh i swear i laughed and i thought it a joke at first before i read the comment and i didn’t say 100% percent because some of the reasons i didn’t understand them maybe maybe one of them is real though am sure there is no .

  21. Muslim hater said

    Religion in nothing more than something to make a week person to feel all bubbly inside and think everything is great. Anyone with half a brain knows that when you die your dead, nobody comes back to life that is hollywood bullshit… I understand that it helps some people who cant get real, but to the people that think alah or mohamed or whatever that piece of shits name was, hurting and killing people that dont believe in your comic book crap causes people like me to engage in full out war.. YOU WANT JIHAD LITTLE PUSSY. I will side with christians and kill you all and then wipe my ass with your filthy little bitch koran/bible/bogus/bullshit// oh and by the way… GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY

  22. betty lopez said

    Bt their fruits, you shall know them: One thing a muslem cannot deny, is that they personify their religion; they are murderous, they are deceitful, they are destroyful, they are theives, they are liars, they are child abusers-grown men marrying children, they are unholy and they are wicked. Muslims do not know God. Their works magnify satan.

  23. swadh said

    muslims should not stay in india.

  24. Rose said

    Btw, let you go tell

  25. Rose said


  26. Jazzy said

    Hmm. Something I’ve noticed: Ignorant people in general (no matter the religion, race etc.) can’t seem to spell with proper punctuation or grammar.
    Also, Most of the people need to get off their high horse.
    When I read this little article I thought it was a joke. I wish it was.
    Hatred of any kind like this is wrong, and I’m not saying that because I’m religious. In fact, I don’t have any religion in particular.
    To muslim/christian/other religious people: Saying “go to hell” is a curse and should not be said to anyone, because it goes against your religion.
    I’ve noticed a lot of religious people say that.
    Also, as much as I don’t like Islam, I would never say that all muslims are terrorists, that they are all evil, etc etc. But I would say the religion is a bad one that encourages submission and cruelty. Where do many acid attacks happen? Torture of people of other religions (other than china :P) How about polygamy, child prostitution, abuse, or incest?
    I think it’s safe to say that almost all predominantly muslim countries are corrupt and the people running it are monstrous. And I think islam changes people once they get power, it encourages them to kill anyone not abiding to the right laws. THOSE are the people you should direct this hate to, if anyone.
    And to all muslim people reading this, please, every time someone says something mean, ignorant, or otherwise stupid about your religion that you dont agree with (maybe even me) don’t respong with hate, ignorance, disgust, or try to shove religion down anyone’s throat. There are two main reasons people don’t like Islam:
    One, many muslims seem fixed on converting everyone on the planet.
    Two, many are willingly racist and ignorant, because it’s how people treat them. I understand that, but instead of responding to these people with hate, just show them you’re not like all those muslims. That you’re different. Prove to us “assholes” that you are, infact just as humane and moral as the rest of us! Show them you’re not what they think you are 🙂

    • We should all give up said

      Finally someone with a brain said something.
      I started reading this out of frustration with Muslims. I am not so naive to believe everything I see on tv or in the news but most intelligent people will agree the Muslim religion seems to be involved with all the most horrible acts that are happening all over the world. This is a topic which will never go away & I don’t expect anyone will convert because of what they will read here so I am done speaking.

  27. Alimma said

    To whoever wrote those 20 reasons, I find it very insulting, I am a muslim and I can for a fact say that I don’t feel the urge to murder someone., I am not a criminal, I don’t feel the need to burn western flag as I am a white British muslim convert, I know that the Quran is not evil and maybe if you read it you would say the same. I’m very sorry to say but walk into a prison and see all the non Muslims in there. Walk into a pub and see all the non Muslims fighting there. Walk into a homeless shelter and see all the non Muslims in there. Walk into a job centre on dole day and see all the non Muslims in there. You get your opinions about Muslims from the media. I’m not saying all Muslims are good and there perfect. But nobody is perfect and I don’t like the fact that your calling me a terrorist, criminal etc just because of who I am and you don’t even know all the Muslims out there just because of what you see on the 6 o’clock news.

    • -Muslims should be insulted on daily basis because they are such a waste of oxygen.
      -You don’t feel the urge because of your roots not because you r a Muslims.
      – if Quran is not evil why we see all terrorist quoting it.
      – you are very wrong that prisons have large non-Muslims population . walk into any prison you will find that Muslims are over represented by 4-5 times of their population.

      • Stahil said

        Maybe, ‘Mr.know it all’, That they may have switch religion after realizing what they have done something wrong

      • Ali said

        why would you waste your breath unless you tallking to someone who agree.
        it’s not evil, but that fuc**ing arabs and osama make it evil. i’m still pissed the fact osama make muslim so hated like this

    • proton said

      let me tell you Alimma you converted to Islam because a muslim befriended you and wanted to marry you ….. his only purpose was to get a white woman marry her and convert her to Islam that was his purpose and he felt a man doing that

      good luck to you if you cannot see muslims blowing up innocent people everywhere in the world but you can see few drunks brawl in the pub. if you cannot see muslims in a prison then you have not seen a prison

      and if ever you regret havinig converted to Islam at that time you will see without a bias

  28. 29 times a day?!! To hell with being the goat!! 😝

  29. Gleek Aly said

    i was just trying 2 see if i’ll fit in and if i won’t be bullied now i know that my life will be hell because of racist assholes like u i’m not a bad person but clearly no one will believe me so it’s not even worth it

  30. farzana said

    you are so racist

  31. Hanibol said

    All muslims are shit. They are rats who have infested our society. They spread sickness where ever they go. I truly hate these rats! They disgust me to my core. I bought a Koran the other day so I can wipe my ass with the pages. I drew many pictures of their false prophet so I can pick up the dog shit with them.

    • ruaa said

      why u and the mindest hate islam i mean what is the reason did ur parent tought u that islam is a religion of terrorism and blood and killing etc … i really wanna no why some of non muslim very hate islam ???
      and about wht u mentioned in ur comment
      u know some ppl have a problem in their minds (CRAZY) when this people do a crime or steal we do not let them go to gail because it is not their fault that god created them with a problems in their mind I HOPE U Understand wht i mean

  32. bloomingwise said

    Right, for all the predujiced people out there, muslims are NOT a race of people with the exact same minds that have the exact same things on them; murder, rape, terrorism ect. They are just PEOPLE that chose to follow Islam.
    Al Qaeda were muslims, yes, but they wern’t good ones. I’ve read the Quran and guess what? Not anywhere does it say to blow up buildings and kill inoncent people. But then there are people on youtube burning the holy book. Even churches. Though I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t have done that.
    I’m also pretty sure there are murderers and rapists that are christian or hindu or jewish or whatever, as well as muslims. But muslims get the hate. Why? Because some people who follow the same religion have earned their hate on september 9th 2001.
    Its totally fine to hate Osama Bin Laden. But it’s stupid to hate other muslims who are nothing like him.
    So for all those retarded, creepy, losers out there, stop hating people cos’ of their religion and don’t use stupid excuses to hate them.
    So if you hate muslims, simply becuase they are muslims, try and find a better excuse rather than 9/11. Oh wait you haven’t got a better excuse than that…hahaha.
    John wayne gacy. Serial killer and rapist. He’s a christian. And I’m sure there are many other christians out there like him. But I don’t hate christians. Just people like him.

    Judge people on their personality, NOT on their race, religion, colour, culture or religion. Racism needs to stop.
    Thank you for reading.
    PS and to the prat who wrote this, may I suggest getting a life because apperently it seems you obviously haven’t got anything better to do. Just some helpful advice.

    • mp said


      listen, idiot, it’s not just 9/11, you fucks have been bombing everywhere in the world, even in my country India, so fuck off with your bullshit, you can’t fool everyone. if all these other religions have terrorist, then where the fuck are they and how come we never hear of anything they’ve done. you fucks always love to point this out after an Islamic terrorist attack. Fuck you, stick to the topic, what the fuck are you are so called “good muslims” going to do with the terrorists that exist in your religion. Deal with that before you start saying shit about other people.

      It’s your problem, so shut the fuck up and fix your religion.

      and i’m brown and im sick of Islam.

    • Fatima said

      u r right. And this indian guy …lol ..majority criminals in India r Hindus …Hindus here r all over fake people predicting the future. Not all r bad . But there’s always good and bad . Stop Hating

  33. For The Sake Of Humanity said

    1) All Muslims are called Abdul or Haji or Habib. ( No ! You can google it.. And by the way thats just like saying I hate eg.americans cuz all are called mark or andy or harry.. I just dont get the point -.- and also if u look p the meaning of the names they dont mean anything bad or smthng )
    2) All Muslims are thieves, charlatans, murderers, and brutes. ( Not true, some are which is the case with any culture/country/religion )
    3) Every Muslim is trying to bed a member of your family. ( Honestly, I dont know what u mean :/ ( No seriously, but if u mean what I think u mean then.. Are u rlly buying what ur saying?! )
    4) Every Muslim is a terrorist. ( Every culture has its terrorists.. Why is it that when someone does something terrible omg hes soo baad 😦 but when a muslim does the same thing OMG TERRORIST !!! No rlly y ?! Some muslims are terrorists yes.. And extremists yes.. Do u think the rest of us muslims like that?! The answer is no my friend.. I want peace as much as u do.. I dont want my brother to have to go to war some day either :/ )
    5) Every Muslim is trying to kill you. ( :’) do u rlly think i go to school every day thinking abt which person im gonna kill today.. Do u rlly believe I wanna grow up to be part of a terrorist group.. Do u RLLY think thats my aspiration ?! I dont wanna shock u or anything.. But guess what.. I just wanna grow up have kids, live a peaceful life and live somewhere quiet far from the city.. And thats not just me millions and million or rather THE MAJORITY of muslims share my simple normal dream )
    6) Muslims are opening up a mosque next door to your home. ( Why is that a bad thing.. I dont mind chuches or malls or schools or whatever being built next to my house.. Plz if ur copying this from somewhere atleast read it before u just post it u know just to be sure.. Cuz from what i see this written by a hate-blided person )
    7) Because you feel an urge to wear a burqa and its the Islamofascists fault. ( As I said before only extremists will tell u what and what not to wear, feel free to wear whatever u want but ofcourse have some RESPECT for other humans around u.. Like u dont have to wear rlly revealing things and ( if i recall my sociology OLEVELS correct ) is considered deviance in alot of cultures.. For eg. Its a human nature for dads to urge their daughters to wear something less revealing and protect them in all cultures not just in religion ! )
    8) All Muslims spend their free time burning western flags at the first opportunity. ( Well I dont do that, believe we like all normal ppl have jobs and lives and we spend our time doing other stuff be it working, praying, visiting family, watching TV etc.. I dont just go ” oh well im boored lets burn a flag ” !!! )
    9) Because the question “why is our oil under their sand” makes sense to you. ( Im not that into economy so I dont get what ur implying :/ but im sure this “good reason” is as strong as ur other arguments :/ !!! )
    10) Every single Muslim is an existential threat to the continuation of western civilisation. ( If ur scared.. Well what can I do.. We tried explaining we are NOT terrorists ( atleast most us arent ).. If u dont wanna listen.. What can we do?! As any religion/culture/country were trying to be the best.. Would we like to acheive that by destroying other religions/countries/civilizations NO.. in fact we try to benefit from the good thing u have and point out the bad thing ( I as a NORMAL person/human/muslim will not kill u if u do something against Islam.. ) but expect us to get mad ( and by mad i mean angry/upset NOT hey grab a rifle and lets go get them !! ) when u offend Islam ( not by not believing in it ) by saying bad things abt it/posting pictures/saying offensive things when u could just avoid the whole thing ( the same thing goes to Muslims and allll other ppl on this planet ! )
    11) Because you’re just a racist and hate anything to do with brown or black people. ( I dunno who do u mean by rasicts but all I know is that muslims arent racist infact alot of muslims are black etc cuz theyre african or so.. And being black isnt something bad and will never be and I dunno who ever started this TOTALLY POINTLESS thing abt black/white ur are what u are just as theres blonde/brunette or short/tall its just the normal variation in our species 😀 )
    12) You hate to hear Arabic spoken. ( Arabic is my first languge ( n im proud 😀 ) but I learned English and i luv it and im learning German ( difficult but awesome ) and im planning to learn Russian ( ppl say its impossible though 😥 ).. Uhmm back to the subject, k most muslim countries speak Arabic but not all, and not all Arabic speaking countries are muslim (eg lebanon’s population is mostly christians) so u tellin me that ppl shld hate Muslims cuz they speak Arabic.. Well haters will hate sadly 😦 )
    13) The “Koran” is evil. ( I think the most correct english spelling is “The Holy Quran” anddd here it is the big shocker.. ITS NOT EVIL.. If it was evil why on earth would I follow it I could just lay back.. Be an aesthist and “enjoy” life.. But if u actually reaaad “The Holy Quran” u wld find its beautiful rlly.. Its soothing, relaxing, comforting.. Dont just listen to things that ignorant hating ppl say abt it, mistranslating and interpreting the verses cuz that wld be a waste of such a beautiful thing )
    14) Muslim hate of the west is rooted in a pathological abhorrence of freedom. ( Im totally with freedom.. And if Islam wasnt with it too.. Who would be Muslim.. Who would kill their own freedom.. Think abt it.. Read UNBIASED books.. Maybe ull understand )
    15 ) Muslims are on welfare. ( Again I dunno much abt economy, but I looked up the word “welfare” on the dictionary I dont get why is recieving money from ur government is a reason for ppl to hate u.. Correct me if im wrong ?! )
    16) All Muslims are only in the west as a ploy to colonise it. ( No cuz actually some of them live and work their etc just like ive seen some ppl from the “west” working and living in arab muslim countries !! No one ever said it was part of some plan !! )
    17) All Muslims are criminals. ( No Comment again refer to the other points above.. I lost count of the no of times I tried to explaim.. Im tired of this stereotyping !! )
    19) All Muslims copulate with goats at least twenty nine times a day. ( Oh yeah I keep my goat in the bedroom -.- LOOOL just curious from where did u get that.. i heard rumors and myths before but never this rlly hahaha :’D )
    19) Muslims DO NOT worship a moon god idol. ( Thats just very offensive !! Cmon rlly make some effort ,read there are MILLIONS of books/scientists/fatcs that prove u WRONG! u rlly dont wanna go there!! )
    20) Muslims just believe in a collection of Jewish and Christian heresies. ( I tried lookin up the word ” heresies” I still dont get it :/ but well I think thats moreeee thaaaaan enoughhhhhh refutation for ur bazaar reasons !!! )
    In the end, I tried my best rlly I did im a normal human being/muslim I go to school n i wanna have a good job and all pll I know share these normal dreams most Muslims arent terrorists/criminal/extremists infact we are all so much alike all human beings are.. Stop hating.. Im not forcing u to believe, atleast stop spreading the hate/ugliness/cruelity in the world How do u sleep at night ~ John Lennon and yes I know him and I listen to the beatles! ).. Feel free to laugh at what I said if u want.. I jst wanted to make some things clearcuz some of this sruff rlly shocked me !!

    • siwar said

      i like what your are saying……
      and i will thank you more if you help me to make them know who are the REAL Muslims .

      The Mindset why YOU did not answer him .?????
      because he give proofs and things make sense UNLIKE you

      • Ali said


        • Peace! said

          @Ali: Doesn’t that solely prove that you are lazy as **** and not willing to listen to arguments. This are hardly ‘reasons’, so ‘good reasons’ is a long way. You see, the ‘reasons’ he has given are unjustified. What he has made is a ‘statement’. Depending on the nature of the statement, it may be false or true. But to prove a statement, it demands ‘evidence’- none of which he has provided.

          @Siwar: When a troll knows he has been defeated, he shuts up. I’m glad Mindset has enough brain for that! (That is- if he does have a mindset- Which I think he does not. Even if he has one, it’s an incredibly biased one.)

  34. Hi said

    I’m sorry, but I don’t get it. Is this guy trying to be funny or is this seriously what he believes? I could make a list like this for every other religion too but then i would be just as stupid as this guy. Its dumb to blame an entire group of people for the actions of a smaller group. That’s like me saying that all Americans are crackheads. Equally stupid. If anyone wants to say anything about islam or muslims they should do some REAL research before they open their mouths. By the way the ” evil QURAN” is basically the same as the bible, we just don’t change it up like the bible. Every letter has been the same ever since it was sent down to man. And muslims have to believe in Jesus as well, but as a prophet of god not his son.
    And it forbids stealing, cheating, and killing so the muslims being described in this list aren’t muslims at all. Also, muslims don’t hate the west, in the Quran it says to respect all people. It’s basically a religion of peace. You all can disagree with me as much as you want I really couldn’t careless. What I’m saying is the truth and if you don’t want to believe it it’s your problem. HOWEVER, GET SOME DESCENT EDUCATION ABOUT ISLAM BEFORE YOU START BAD MOUTHING IT.

    • Islam is The Religion of Peace . BS BS BS
      visit this website

      if u think all Muslims are NOT terrorist and there are equally bad people in other regions make a similar website against Jews, Christians,Hindus or Buddhists

    • eshther greenwood rini said

      Yeah islam is the best religion.for…for…for whom?for barbaric animals.ur quran is literaly a pornographic text and ur muhammad is worse than the serial killer and rapist charles malis manson.even the culture of interior africa which are still not colluded by islam are far better civilised than urs.u moslem men dont respect women n regard women as a filthy creature who should not hv any access to mosque or cemetry and u either avoid women completly or rape them.that is ur religion.terrorism in this life and in other life wine and 72 non menstrual whores…what a religion of enlightment! I will definitely become a moslem if any day i have to choose another option instead of suicide

  35. ruaa said

    hhhhh will that all have nothing to do with islam am not saying that all muslims are good but few of them are like this and we only burn israel flag and we don’t really consider terrorists muslims

  36. ruaa said

    do u want me to prove that u r trying to make reasons from nothing read reason 2 and reason 17 u will find them the same and the big surprise that they are not even real !!!!!!!!

  37. ruaa said

    am not pervert and i really don’t what is p0rn put in your mind that am a girl 13 years

  38. ruaa said

    OK . let’s forget about the different religions and think about that all muslims and non muslims belong to humanity and as long as we belong to humanity we sure do a lot of mistakes both of us muslims and non muslims i admit that there is a stealer/murder/robber/raper muslims but also there is good muslims because we muslims too r human .and there is
    stealer/murder/robber/raper non muslims because u non muslims too r human

  39. ruaa said

    are u trying to say that there is no non muslim kill or rob or burn or rape !!!!!!!!!!????????

  40. ruaa said

    ok really muslims some times do bad things but that isn’t the real islam i swear those who u r talking about terrorists and who do sex with animals and rape they are not real muslims cuz all of this things arn’t allowed in islam real muslims are so rare u know i don’t even consider my self real real muslim because i wear some times tight trousers though i wear hijab and i wear hijab because i understand its meaning

  41. ruaa said

    everyone i want u to read and understand this

    not all muslims are muslims

    don’t judge islam by muslims

  42. Alex said

    God your so smart!!! All of these statements are true and are exactly what I know for a fact… I’m actually being serious. I hate Muslims in every way and shape possible!

  43. Riley Belle said

    I love this. Seriously. Arabs disgust me and im so proud to say that my daddy is one of the fine men over there killing them. ‘merica.

  44. Lyndsay said

    When I found this link on a google search I read it and I thought to myself ‘this must be satirically written to reveal to the racists and anti-islamics just how silly they look.’ I thought ‘nobody can be this tasteless and ignorant’ but when I reached the comments section it seems I was mistaken. How sad that you are being mislaid by something/one to believe such generalistic lies.
    And I’m not even a Muslim!!

    • The post was indeed written as a satire, but the fukin terrorist are so dumb thet take it seriously.

    • Lyndsay said

      Obviously not only are the ‘terrorists’ dumb but also those against them judging by the multiple abusive comments.

      It seems everyone is very quick to judge and throw the odd abusive comment without any real reasoning behind it? I wonder how many of them have been personally victimised by a Muslim?? More than likely just searching for a reason to hate.

      • proton said

        and then there are some who are dumber then all of the above and try to be politically correct ……
        doesnt matter if the whole world becomes shit they want to be politically correct…

        would you hope your daughter dates a musliim…… do you know there are love jihadists. their only purpose is to date and marry nonmuslims and convert them

  45. Ak the badass awesome said

    Firstly all you Muslims are fucking stupid
    For falling for it his trying to offend you’s and you’s are walking directly into it


    The mindset

    You are the most lowest scum loser fuck in the history of humanity you will never amount to nothing and will go out this world
    As a pile of low life scum shit

    • I liked the first line.
      The rest, I don’t care.

      • The Mindset supporter said

        The policy of live and let live is non existant in Muslim society……The brat keep their beliefs ahead of humanity….you destroyed gave the choice either to convert or to die…That’s why I hate this religion to the core..

      • We should all give up said

        I wonder while reading this how many people have actually made a choice about which religion they believe in & why?
        I think the majority are following blindly because that is the way they were raised.
        I was born into a Lutheran family, went to church & practiced what the preacher preached but once I grew up (we all mature at different ages) I wanted to make my own choice.
        I don’t read the propaganda books I talk with the followers.
        From the different people I have talked to I would believe the Buddhist religion to be the most believable.
        While talking with a Thai Monk I was encouraged to read all I can about every religion & make my own decision.
        The fact that they didn’t try to convert me or denounce any other religion makes me believe they have the right idea.
        Ps. Wouldn’t we all look stupid if we learn the things we think are gods are actually aliens & they just wanted to see how gullible we all are.

        • We all tend to believe in things with which are raised, or in other words what our parents believe in.

          We love the food that we eat since childhood or rather are given by our parents. It’s only after we grow up, mature that we try to change things.

          there is nothing wrong in this but Muslims are trash.
          They always try to force their ideology onto others, going around converting people, deliberatly looking for ‘infidel’ girls to marry and increase their population.

          these people are sick to the core and their society is all rotten. their ethics and morality died hundreds years ago. nothing left now.

          what we need is a permanent solution to the Muslim problem of the world.

      • rainbow12 said

        And who was it who said that ‘muslims are psychopaths because they don’t care about others’?

    • Anshul said

      Me too

  46. omar said

    Being a muslim, I highly disagree with everything you say here. You have no evidence supportin this and if you believe this is the case why do you blame the 1 billion muslims while not the really small population that has done nothing to you. What have muslims done to you? And it is not YOUR oil. If it is under their soil it belongs to them. You cannot own something that is not yours in the first place. Also what does arabic have to do with anything. Muslims are like any other person. We are equal. It is a crime that you segregate u from everyone else

  47. jindal said

    Please add this

    “I hate Muslims because they say anyone who leave Islam should be killed”

  48. towelheads said



    i hate Muslims – they r scums

  49. Stephanie Marsh said

    Think, people.

    Would you really say that Islam is a peaceful religion?

    1. Prophet Muhammad was a paedophile and wife beater. No, don’t try and fight back by saying ”Yeah, but back in those days men COULD marry young girls and hit females.” BECAUSE I DON’T CARE. Yes, old geezers could marry young girls, that’s weird but hey as could they beat people, but still, HE HAD SEX WITH HER. He was a paedophile, just admit it. Don’t waste your breath, honey. Really, don’t. And you actually worship him?

    2. How much do you see in the news about Muslims killing non-believers whilst shouting ”Praise Allah! Love to Allah!” and the like? It’s lovely that they want to praise their Lord but urm… killing people? Um… nice.

    3. Oh, and also I’d like to make this perfectly clear. I don’t believe that all Muslims are like the above statements, I’ve known some nice Muslims, but I’ve seen too many for me to even tolerate them.

    And yes, before you say something, I have read the Qu’ran. I have had Muslim friends. I went to R.E lessons (I am now 29 years old and I have been to university). The above statements are true.

    If you want to argue with me, go ahead. Try and defend your sick religion.

    • Lyndsay said

      So in other words you hate Muslims and want them all to die? Like they supposedly want to kill all non-Muslims?? Wow I just love the hypocrisy, tell me more. May I ask what religion you are a part of? Because if you have no religion I wil laugh to no end.

      • I am a Hindu.
        Laughing is good for should laugh more my Muslim jokes – you will have a good laugh

      • Lyndsay said

        Wow I have a whole new view on Hindi now. All Hindu’s must make really sad, time consuming jokes about other religions instead of focusing on their own!!! Thanks for representing a whole religion for me!! Great insight!! Ps, I LOVE LAUGHING. You make me laugh A LOT! Thank you!!

        • laughing is good for health.

        • muslim and proud said

          Lyndsay… i just wanna say that you sound like a great person XD

          but Mindset, why cant you just get over your hate for Muslims, seriously how many things do you have about Muslims? you’re being racist. i mean just because you’re Hindu it doesnt mean that all of a sudden I hate Hindus, even though you show a lot of hate towards EVERYONE in my religion.

    • siwar said

      first prophet Mohammad did not beat his wives , i do not know where you got your information !!!!!!
      second in their time it was normal that men marry young girls for example when the prophet Mohammad wanted to marry Aisha there was anthore man who wanted to marry her and he also was bigger from her , remember that you are taking about 1 thousand years ago .
      third Muslims do not kill anyone ,Media told you that, and you just believe it , and just for knowing in Quran Allah said who kill one person he kill all the world , and if you are so sure ask some one Muslim if he is told to kill people!!!
      4) the people that shout Allah Akbar and then kill other people do not represent Muslims , because real Muslim do not kill an animal how the will kill a human , prophet mohammad said mercy all creature in the world Allah then will mercy you.
      5) if you really meet nice Muslims why you think that the”Muslims” that killed other people and the nice Muslims you meet have the same religion .

      • you are alying bastard mothrfker, go fu*k your mom and your entire family.
        I don’t want to write the name of your profet it’s disgusting for me.
        All that you write here is crap.

        Muslims do kill people – for no reason.
        Muslims are terrorist – all of them

      • siwar said

        my teacher once say if you discussed someone and he started to insult you or your family or your religion then know that he have no thing to say….you do not have any proof for what you are saying!!!!!!!!! ….and just for your knowing if Muslims are terrorist and all of them… then how Muslims and Christian people lived together for 1 thousand year in the Middle East !!!!?????….
        and just to know when the
        caliph Omar entered Jerusalem the time for pray came and one man said to him pray next to our church he say no!!!!! if i pray here today ,, Muslims after me will say Omar pray here and they will convert it to
        and till today their a
        mosque called Omar’s Mosque next to Al Keyama Church no one try to convert it or try once to insult them …..these people who represent Muslims not the people that you watch in movies and know all your information about from Media and of course you believe what they want you to believe ….and if you are not ….if you do not take you information about Muslims from Media then just name to me one book that you take your information for .

        • All I had to say I have said above, if you don’t like it leave.

          As for Christians in Middle East there are hardly any left. So don’t make stupid stories.

          One of the last orders of mohamad was -“let there be no 2 religions in arabia”…and he ordered to expel all the jews & Christians

      • siwar said

        well i live in meddle east and i am not making any stupid stories my friends are Christians a lot of my teachers are Christians and we all live in peace …. and if their number is little that because the
        immigrate to other countries and not because Muslims are killing them…i love peace because Islam tought me how to be peaceful ….. because my religion say be good with your neighbor with the other people who are Different from you …and my prophet did not say that thing ….. if he say that how you can explain that till today their is a mosque called Omar’s Mosque next to Al Keyama Church???????
        and if we are asked to kill everyday someone then the world will be destroyed ….all what you are talking about does not make sense !!!!!!!!!!!!

        • sometimes threat is enough , killing is required.
          take the case of kashmir, 50,000 kashmiri pandits were killed and 500,000 had to leave their homeland.
          now u May say the Muslims didn’t kill all of them. but that’s not the point here.

  50. siwar said

    I just want to know from where you got all your information ? ofcours you did not get it from real muslims , i am sure that you got this information from Media like holywood for example.

  51. joe smith said

    First of all, all Muslims are scum. They are vile filth. The preach, teach and worship terrorism. Name one thing a Muslim has contributed to man kind? Can’t think of one? That because there isn’t one. All qurans should be burnt and replaced with a coloring book.

  52. mahmoud abd el aziz said

    You are stupid lier
    the most thing i’m sure
    you will know who is right
    just when you die
    you will see angels of juhanam
    juhanam is your home after die
    you know who is true
    when you stay in juhanam for ever

    • humanitarian said

      Shut up! you bastard, barbaric, fatwa ass raisers. Your place is surely fixed in Zahannum because almighty is there to see you heinous creatures and punish you with severity.

  53. subhan ali said

    hey mind your language…..
    u r saying us terrorist….
    now tell me who started first and second world war….
    who killed people in Palestine….
    who started a war in Afghanistan
    who killed Muslims in Burma ….
    and u r saying us terrorist and killers

    • -WWI A& WWII were wars not terrorism.
      -war in Af started because Muslims supported osama bin laden
      -Muslims in burma were killed because they raped & killed a Arakanese Buddhists girl.

      what you sow is what you reap.

  54. Lyndsay said

    This is still so laughable. You guys have got tunnel vision because of the media!!! So easily controlled by the media it is laughable! It’s no lie that SOME Muslims have done terrible terrible things. But are you forgetting that other religions also do? How many serial killers are their in the world? But you focus on just one because it’s easy to hate an entire religion that has done SOME incredibly bad things.

    • I doubt if you are a Muslim yourself.
      you mean 9/11 never was just reported by media.

      for the rest do you have any numbers to prove your ‘theory’

      • siwar said

        for your knowing …there are a lot of non Muslim,, NOT Muslims say that Al-Qaeda can not do these attacks because these attacks need complicated equipment and they do not have it ,,,,,all the time you say that we are
        barbarian then how they got these things!!!!???????? ….you really believe that someone can stole a plane and not just any plane!! and not just from any country …From America!!!!!!!! the biggest country in the world !!!!!this do not make sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
        and just for your knowing they did these things to conquer Al Iraq and Afghanistan ….We all know that they say they will help the nations of these tow country to have their” freedom” ..What freedom they are talking about
        are killing people their is Freedom?????????
        are exploiting the sources of oil is Freedom ???


      • Lyndsay said

        How about those many American psychopaths that terrorise childrens schools daily? Shootings? Gang attacks? Is this not acts of terror? That’s what terrorism is!!

        Haha I’m not a Muslim, I’m a Christian if anything. I just don’t believe in generalising something so terrible. There are good and evil in all different races and religions.

        • Lindsay
          I don’t think you understand the meaning of terrorism

          In short terrorism is a way of achieving your goal through the tactic of terror

          the people who kill in cinema hall are nutcases or psychopaths but not terrorist

      • Lyndsay said

        Also, it’s not a theory that many people Muslim and non Muslims cause acts of terror daily, it’s a fact!

      • The Knight said

        Hi Mindset, you are doing a wonderful job. Let Lyndsay (if he/she says her name so) live in a Muslim coluntry, under Sharia Law, where she is worth half man. Then let’s see if she/he will still make those “noble” comments about Pisslam and Mooslimes.

  55. muslims rule said

    stupid idiot mindset say what you want you suck and will go to hell on judjement day

    • mozart is halal said

      Muslims Rules: you’re at step #15, right?

      How to frustrate Infidels
      By Ayesha Ahmed University of Pakistan (or iran/morocco/irak/yemen/saudi arabia/somalia/afghanistan/etc)

      Dear brothers and sisters in Islam. We live in Kuffar country and daily we have to face the Infidels who criticize Islam and our prophet and who want to debate us.

      In an Islamic country, if someone did that, all we would have to do is announce it loudly and the rest is taken care of by an angry mob. The critic is lynched in no time. End of story.

      However, here we don’t have the luxury as yet. Inshallah in foreseeable future after we grow by conversions of morons and criminals in prisons, legal and illegal immigration and procreation we will, inshallah become a majority and will not have to face this problem on a daily basis.

      However for the time being the following is an approach all Muslim brothers and sisters can use when faced with such a pest. Jaza Kalah Khair. Inshallah the vermin will steer clear of you.

      #1 A popular question is why Islam calls for death of Islamic critics and apostates. Insist that their info is false. Quote aya “to you your religion and to me my religion”. (so why saudi forbiddens other religions?)

      #2 To answer “Islam spread by the sword”, say that it is a big lie spread by the Jews. And Hindus and the quran clearly says, “there is no compulsion in religion”. (why then clerics all around muslim world still say: convert, pay tax or die?)

      #3 If someone quotes violent ayas from the quran , accuse him of quoting ayas in bits and pieces and cherry picking. (and cherry picking abrogates them?)

      #4 If he then quotes full ayas and ayas before and after, then insist that the translation is wrong. (translations made by acknowledge and recognized islam experts?)

      #5 If he brings ten different translations, then says correct meanings can be understood only by reading quran in Arabic. (so the translations they use on kufar countries in their dawa are incorrect?)

      #6 If he happens to be well versed in Arabic language, then insists that those ayas don’t mean what they appear to mean, as they have allegorical meanings.

      #7 If he is adamant, then you say you cannot understand those ayas and its context without reading hadith and sira. (so what’s the quran good for then?)

      #8 If he shows up with the hadith and siras in hand and quotes the context of the violent ayas by referring to hadiths of prophets rapes, robberies, assassinations, and genocides, then insist that all hadiths and siras are hearesy and are false and only truth is in the quran. (so whats the point of #7?)

      #9 If he says quran is a man made document and wants proof of its divinity, then refer to the sciences in quran and the book written by Dr Bucaile, confirming the sciences in our holy book. You can also quote Mahatma Ghandi read the quran daily and also spoke highly of it. (sorry, the world isn’t flat and ghandi never said to convert, pay or die!)

      #10 If he says that Bucaile was on Saudi payroll and that nor he or Ghandi ever changed their religions and that Bucaile was challenged and proven wrong by many experts, then challenge him to ask his experts to debate islamists like Loser Zakir Naik. (another islam expert? choking!!!)

      #11 If the pest still hangs around, then change the topic and finds faults in other religions and their books. (our PAST errors aren’t an excuse for their wrongdoings)

      #12 If he continues on, then use personal attacks and insult him by caling him a jewish asshole, a Chinese pig, or a Hindu dog. (the insulting phase – at this point we’re near the final stage of the debate)

      #13 If that does not frustrate him, then ask him how much is he being paid by Jews to throw dirt on al islam. (oh, that won’t definetly frustrate him!!!)

      #14 If he still does not stop then go after his mother and sister and use very filthy language. (again phase #12)

      #15 If he is very stubborn and wants to continue then curse him like “Burn in hell, you will repent on the last day, allah will get you in your grave” etc. (omg that… is… frightning)

      #16 If all of the above has failed, threaten him with bodily harm and end the debate by drum beating and announcing that you won the debate hands down, because quran is the word of allah. (at final stage, since i haven’t converted and refused to pay tax… i must be most surely killed, right?)

      #17 If possible announce about this debate in an islamist website and that you won it handily. Such announcements do wonders for the imam of muslim website readers and for the dawah operations in prisons to convince the low IQ prisoners of the truth of al islam. (ME WON!)

      • Awesome..keep it up..

      • The Knight said

        Excellent Points. Want to add #18. If nothing else above works, cry “islamophobia” and claim “racist” attacks against Pisslam and Mooslimes. (But never ask why Kuffars are killed in Mooslime Countries and Jihad is waged eveywhere, as mandated by Mo-Ham-Mad/Satan Allah and followed by Koranimals).

  56. just a simple muslim said

    Huh, so we are called terrorists and theives and rapists and stuff, this how the westerns view us ? interresting indeed because all these things are simply so false and I love how the western have such low IQ to believe everything that the media says, this is so funny, religion tolerance huh ? my ass

    • I will love to kick your ass or anything you want. and don’t talk about religious tolerance – Islam has none.

    • The Knight said

      Hey, Just a Simple(ton) Muslim crap, want to talk about western low IQ? What you inbred Mooslimes contributed to the world. Jihad and Terrorism. What are you doing with western techonology using internet and Computers, you useless Pedophile Pig Mo-Ham-Mad worshipping worthless piece of Mooslime Shit?!

      • Real Enemy said

        The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim
        The Beltway Snipers were Muslims
        The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim
        The underwear Bomber was a Muslim
        The U-S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims
        The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims
        The Bali Nightclub Bombers were Muslims
        The London Subway Bombers were Muslims
        The Moscow Theater Attackers were Muslims
        The Boston Marathon Bombers were Muslims
        The Pan-Am flight #93 Bombers were Muslims
        The Air France Entebbe Hijackers were Muslims
        The Iranian Embassy Takeover, was by Muslims
        The Beirut U.S. Embassy bombers were Muslims
        The Libyan U.S. Embassy Attack was by Muslims
        The Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers were Muslims
        The Israeli Olympic Team Attackers were Muslims
        The Kenyan U.S, Embassy Bombers were Muslims
        The Saudi, Khobar Towers Bombers were Muslims
        The Beirut Marine Barracks bombers were Muslims
        The Besian Russian School Attackers were Muslims
        The first World Trade Center Bombers were Muslims
        The Bombay & Mumbai India Attackers were Muslims
        The Achille Lauro Cruise Ship Hijackers were Muslims
        The September 11th 2001 Airline Hijackers were Muslims
        Think of it:

  57. mozart is halal said

    MINDSET: could you give me an insight of the islam practiced by ismailites? what are their main beliefs? do they follow abrogated/more peaceful verses of the koran? are they AGAINST shariah? do they have issues on celebrating kuffar holydays (christmas eg)?

  58. Umar said

    Get a life man…. Stop differentiating between muslims and non-muslims…. there are many problems in the world already, think about poverty, think about hunger…. If you can’t spread love don’t spread hate man

  59. Melissa Elmore said


    • Completely agree with you
      there is nothing like “Good Muslim” or “Moderate Muslim” there are just Muslims and all Muslims are blood thirsty demons, vermin,parasites.

      if there were any “good Muslim” there would not have been any terrorist Muslim .
      These are all lies that there are some terrorist Muslims out there while rest are good Muslims
      the sooner we get out of this fallacy the better

      Thanks for your comment.

    • Dee said

      The only thing that I can agree on with you Melissa is that there is no good Muslims. But you’re so wrong about Obama, he’s not Muslim, he follows the Baptist religion. I would expect that from a typical teabagger like you.

    • coop said

      Hey, who the f**k let you on this site.

  60. ravi said

    pls give me answer Muslims that if u r killing non Muslims in the name of jihad , r u going to heaven? . just see daily news paper most of the crime by Muslims. y u muslims not thinking about this . for ur religion u do anything ,kill anybody,pls dont behave like blind believers.

    • Ravi,
      i don’t think Muslims will listen to us.
      Killing them in wholesale is the only option left to us.

      • ravi said

        one thing i came to know that democracy is not suitable for muslim people, kingdom is good for u people.
        please i am requesting with muslims that for ur religion spreading purpose dont kill other people,who saw the heaven and hell ?.


        I truly appreciate your each and every comment.. The Worst Religion i have ever seen is Islam.. They cant b your friend if you wont abide by their so called Islamic rules.. The only motive they have is to convert the whole world and drag them into hell.

  61. herhrerh said

    Wow. You are an idiot. I can’t believe someone talking against a religion is completely biased. You have no knowledge. I would say believe in what you hold yourself to believe. I don’t believe in Jesus as any god.

  62. lise said

    France, Bordeaux, nous sommes en 2013, le 30 mai, et ce matin en allant faire des courses l’ une de ces créatures immondes m’ interpelle depuis sa voiture garée, pour me demander (en me tutoyant) de lui prêter ma carte bleue….
    Je le fixe en continuant d’ avancer et il me jette une insulte ainsi qu’ un “p’rquoi tu m’ r’garde cômme ça?!” Une flopée de réponses à cette question, énoncée dans un français souillé, me viennent en tête, mais je préfère frapper là où ça fait vraiment mal.
    Après mes achats, je repasse quelques minutes plus tard et m’approche de sa voiture, m’arrête à son niveau, ignore le flux d’immondice qui continue de lui sortir de l’orifice qui lui sert de bouche et lui demande, en sachant déjà la réponse : ” Vous êtes arabe non?” qlqs millisecondes s’écoulent avant qu’il ne réponde (accrochez-vous bien) ” non chuis pas arabe” je lui répond un sourire aux lèvres ” si si, vous êtes arabe…ça se voit ” et continue mon chemin dans le silence qui a suivi cette double épiphanie qu’est la sienne. Non seulement il a pris conscience de son origine et l’écart (vocabulaire, stratégique, diplomatique, comportemental…) qui subsistera toujours entre son peuple et le reste du monde. Mais en plus, en répondant par la négative, il se confirme qu’il a honte de ce qu’il est. J’ ai doublement apprécié, mon p’tit déjeuner une fois rentré chez moi ahaha.Au faite, je suis une femme, 29 ans, Franco-Japonaise et suis athée.
    By the way iam a women half french half japanese, 29 years old and atheist.
    To answer your question, back then thousands centuries ago, arabs where always on war trying and succeding, half the time, to create and settle there own civilisation. Wich is “fine” since all civilisation where using the same strategie. But then, they “created” there god ( based on what already exist )and keep on insisting/pestering the rest of humanity. So instead of staying in their countries and using their wealth to enhanced its infrastructures ect… they pour all of ther funds, time, energy in conquest campaign.
    They felt and still feel envious about the modernity of other countries that they could achieve in the first place, if they werent so obscenly greedy. Hence, that way of thinking that still persisting at this present time (cf my little anecdote in the begining of my post). We could also talk about the fact that they view women as “lesser creatures” that must be subdued by all means. For the record,more than half of the world is populated by women, so its like having half of the world as ennemies officialy or …unofficially….
    They feel no shame about polygamy (those Men Slut are walking STD seriously…)rap, incest,pedophilia, (Mohamed first wife after is revelation, was an 6 years old Aisha …he was an around 45 years old geezer), mutilation since, according to qur’an, those acts are allowed and encourage by that god and prophet.
    Remember, i am atheist, but i took the time to read that book (and those of other religions too actually) so i based my opinion and final decision regarding your civilisation on what your people had wrote long time ago and keep on updating. I don’t know you, so i don’t know if you practice islam by the book, but if you dont, your indeed not a true muslim.
    What makes you hesitate to do as told, might be your conscience wich mean that you’r going against your deity. Now, dont that simple act of rebelious against what you might view as insanity, makes you your own god?
    I still feel pain for the arabic women, first victims of that trashing ( never heard about Persian women warrior?) who are reduce to sexual toys and reproducing vessel. No matter how muslim/ arabic men generation passed and how hard they try to convice that it is normal in their culture, muslim/arabic women, even after thousand of generation went by, still feel inherently disgust of being sexually used wich explain the huge suicide rate among them.
    Arabic civilisation had it tough back then and its not gonna change. Being half japanese i understand in a way, that rejection of america way of thinking/acting. Specially since the 2011 tsunami that most of the world think as an natural disaster (never heard about H.A.A.R.P and HONDA’s hydrogen fuel cell technologies?) but where chinese, japanese and such use their brains to surpass America and occidental civisation in general, arabic one just go fist full at anything that moves like an middle school brat full of snort.Well good luck with that.
    As for me, i long ago stop according the benefit of the doubt to that civilisation.

  63. ravi said

    if muslims r minority then no problem, wen they become majority they r making trouble to others, y. ok iam agree ur religion s better than others, then y most of the crimes happend in muslims. first realise ur problems , then talk about religion.

  64. Ari said

    Stupid and funny, nice one.

  65. Sarah said

    After reading the comments, it becomes very clear that you don’t care about the actual truth or in opening your mind and listening to the option of others. So I address this comment towards the muslims who are reading this, first off please don’t cuss or say offensive things, that really really doesn’t help and in their mind it somehow proves to them that they were right. Second, every reason he wrote for hating muslims is illogical as well as preposterous so why care or get offended. Finally, we know what islam is truly about so to get mad at what one or more ignorant people are writing is like getting mad at a little kid who is insulting you, your never going to get through to him and in the end you’ll just have wasted a ridiculous amount of time and energy.

    • Proud Muslim said

      so true sarah its just like wasting your time here these people didn’t any other thing to do so they started taking trash about someone else’s religion, i mean seriously i read one comment which said that the person eyes started to burn when he read th quran that is 100% false and i can guarantee that non of these people who are talking rubbish have ever read the Quran.

  66. eshther greenwood rini said

    Muslims are beasts,specially men who can only rape women from the age of one year old to pre menopause women.muslim men are capturing hindu girls and enslaving them in india.tho hindus r also bigots too.but still hindus r better civilised than those niendarthalian muslims.whatever muslims are monster.wherever they reside turn that place into a hate.we should murder moslems widout any clemency.fuck off those jerks


    • sammy said

      I understand there are so many fucked up muslims who kill kill kill but you shouldnt hate every muslim…Ur the one with hate clearly. In austria josef fitzrel kidnaped his young daughter and locked her up for 24 years impregnating her 6 times.. he wasn’t a muslim you racist slut. Go educate yourself before you stereotype. In russia you have the sex trade going on there kidnapping young girls, there not muslims…… Im a muslim I dont kill people, I have more respect than you do and I accept and understand that every religion has good and bad. Unfortunately your a fucking wanker… who the fuck ses ” we should murder muslims” if you sit and say muslims are sooo bad and kill everyone , clearly your just as bad for wanting to murder muslims lol your disabled go read a book or something educate yourself. People like you should be scraped of the earth

      • B U L L S H I T

      • eshther greenwood rini said

        U bldy fucker,asshole.the rape of little girls in western or eastern world is done by psycho paths.but for u middle eastern,ur fucking prophet himself did all those things that actually is regarded as a crime in other cultures ie beating wives,raping nine year old girls,polygamy
        ,Murder etc is the difference

      • Ali said

        sammy your statement not help, what you do is just proving that muslim and arabs are same

  67. nishithapavan said

    basically… all muslims r nt terrorists .. itz only due to sme terriosts y they r hated

  68. sammy said

    Lol you clearly have way to much time on your hands. Im a muslim married to a Christian I am not a terrorist nor a thieve. Islam is a peacefull religion. Unfortunately you get those fuck head arrogant muslims who think there god and decide to make up there own religion.. But I dont think its fair to hate every muslim. Hitler was a mass murderer but because he isnt muslim no one cares. Christians kill people, u cant just stereotype islam. There are good and bad in every religion. Seriously grow up. Clearly your just uneducated.

    • 1. yes i have enough time – which I use to expose u evil b@stards.

      2. why you married a Christian – to convert her for sure. Why? aren’t there enough girls among Muslims.
      Or may be Muslim girls are ugly as a donkey’s ass. That’s why u go around looking for non-Muslims girls and when few of you cockroaches are killed in Burma or Assam u cry foul.
      Actually it’s moderate Muslims like u who r more dangerous than the terrorist. You r doing what terrorist are doing in a different way. you are all samr.

      3. Islam is a peaceful religion – sure and the earth is flat, sun rises from south and all planets revolve around you. anything else.

      4. I know what Hitler was. That does not mean a murderer is innocent because he only killed 12 people in a bomb blast.

      5. “But I dont think its fair to hate every muslim”…i don’t think you deserve anything else.

      6. There are good and bad in every religion except Islam – where there is bad and only bad.

      7. I am more educated than 99.99% of you fuc-tards. I have a degree in computer science and a MBA in marketing. I have invested 24 years of my life in education. Not like Muslim cockroaches who roam around doing nothing because their ugly mothers and filthy , unemployed father give them birth.
      What’s happening in Burma is what u deserve and it will happen more in future. Make sure u complete your last rites.

      • rainbow12 said

        I didn’t marry a Christian.
        Islam is a peaceful religion. The Earth is round. The sun will rise from the west on the Day of Judgement. All Planets revolve around the sun. dIDN’T YOU study Geography, Mindset.

    • Jerry Camouler said

      Sammy, probably best you don’t make any more posts, you are displaying your own ignorance and just how uneducated you are. “Thieve” should be spelt “thief” and you are one because you stole one of our Christian girls and turned her into a muslim cocksucker and you clearly don’t understand the tenets of your own religion.

  69. Amreen said

    okay so i found the stuff you posted up really funny. Im muslim and I respect all religions. I love hindus, buddhists, christians, jews all the same. I will not deny the fact that muslims have committed some really bad stuff but im just sooo surprised how you judge ALL muslims by the acts of a few extremists. Like our religion isnt all for bombing and killing people. I am truly surprised that you could think all of us are like that. I mean if we were, the world would be 10 million times worse then it already is. Im not saying that its good now, yes there are heaps of wars with the middle eastern countries but “terrorist” should not define every muslim out there. I know why you would hate us but I swear not all of us are stupid people who want others to convert to our religion. I appreciate people who ask questions and I love people who are curious. But assumptions are honestly annoying. I do consider you a highly educated man and you seem really intelligent but its amazing how you would hate us all. And even want to kill us. I understand if you disagree with some of the things written in the quran but wow. Hate is just so wow.

    • Hate must be returned with hate…simple …I can’t love a person who is sharpening his knife to slit my throat.

      As for all Muslims not being terrorist – it’s a myth, a fallacy. I will write about it soon.

      And when u say you love all religions – well that makes me laugh. Islam is the only religion which had been and is still in conflict with all major world religions.

      Your taqqiya/kitman is not going to work on me.

  70. Kurt said

    They’re discusting, as an example Denmark where i live, in some communities the laws of the country has been taken aside for the good of their shahira law or whatever its called just because they were so many they just can’t respect other countries laws

  71. Kurt said

    Btw im not going back to this side so don’t wait for me to respond to anything

  72. thangamariyappan said

    the all above 20 points true and correct . I too hate all muslim the only one religion is true in world it’s great CHRISTIANITY . When any one cannot change me and christians

    • your “great CHRISTIANITY ” is not much better than Islam.
      Look at the history of America and Africa – the tortures on Blacks and native Americans is sufficient to tell the truth.
      those people were enslaved and even killed in the name of Jesus.

      I respect Jesus as a saint but his followers are not worthy. 😦

  73. nikhil said

    nice…i agree with 70%

  74. Anonymous said

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I love your website. All the Muslims I have been friends with have been extremely rude and mean spirited. They are angry, violent, controlling, sexist scumbags. I avoid them now like the plague that they are.

  75. humanitarian said

    I’m an Indian and i’m really concerned over these pigs are growing piglets and enjoying our resources for centuries. Piss on Gandhi and Nehru we had a golden chance to throw out these fucking animals out into a pig farm at the time of partition.

  76. Jane said

    i hate muslims bc they are terrorists all they do is kill people. they kill so many people

    • Jane said

      I hate Muslims because every Muslim is a terrorist, I know for a fact that every Muslim is trying to kill American citizens, and I also know for a fact that all Muslims spend there free time burning western flags at the first opportunity.

  77. Mohammad said

    This is poor you don’t know a single thing about Islam people like you are described in the Quran as dumb deaf and blind

  78. aji said

    Love u all, “six feet of earth makes us all of one kind”… lets just do good and be good shal we? Then we win in either this life or perhaps the next. ÒMG cut the crap in this blog, Mr.Mindset ur wasting our technology, mankind and womenkind need to move on forward not back to war! Love islam, chritianity, budism, hinduism, judaism,shintoism, athiesism.

    • Love islam, chritianity, budism, hinduism, judaism,shintoism, athiesism

      Muslims won’t agree on that. according to them Islam is THE 1 & ONLY TRUE RELIGION.

      • Ali said

        it also stated to never hate them so long they don’t make a problem (but arabs and pakistan is barbarian no way they would understand the meaning of toleration religion)

  79. JTD said

    I hate Muslims for the same reason I hate Christian Fundamentalists. Just one word in big capital letters: IGNORANCE!

    That encompasses intolerance toward woman, Sharia Law, and all the Stone Age beliefs (Allah keeps the sky up, Allah makes the trees grow, Allah–whatever!).

    Where I live there aren’t that many Muslims–that void is taken up by lots of Christian nuts who discriminate against all Non-Christians (with an extra helping for Atheists). Muslims, on the other hand, take Ignorance to an all-new level undreamt of in modern American society (even lumping All other religions together, including those snake-handling loons, including the Mormons, including the guys who pound their heads into walls). I mean, nothing these days comes Close to Islam in the religious insanity division because they are so totally brainwashed into having to pray their asses off half a dozen times a day, accompanied by ritual cleanings, and OCD-like acts; not to mention handling the Kuran–Any Kuran, including a dimestore copy–like The one-and-only copy… No other religion insights Riots and Killing for merely, uh, drawing a cartoon and putting the label Muhammad or Allah on it. And so far as I know no other religion today features Beheadings of people for committing the simplest of crimes, if you can even call them crimes. No other religion so brainwashes people that they are Forced to pray and memorize their bible to no end that they cannot see beyond it, cannot Question anything which dare goes against it. If some stupid line in the Kuran says something and common sense or science says something to the contrary–the Kuran is Right, and everything else is Wrong. And, in fact, it’s not only a good idea to ignore that which goes against the Kuran but to Destroy It… Muslims want to destroy the Sphinx and the Pyramids in Egypt because that’s “Idoltry” and Muhammad Commands that they be Destroyed! Islam is excellent at Destroying things, and Muslims were the people who finished off the destruction of the Library of Alexandria, possibly The greatest depository of information in human history prior to recent centuries. Christianity does a lot of this shit, too, for sure. Especially back in the Dark Ages. But it’s Matured a bit since then, and most Christians don’t break down into murderous imbeciles if they find something “insulting” that goes against their beliefs. In fact, No Other Religion is as Insane as Islam.

    I’m not saying every Muslim is a terrorist. I’m only saying that religion is a form of mental illness and Muslims got the bug deep-down inside.

  80. ahmed said

    you will know true facts of islam if you refer to quran

    • I don’t need to read Mein Kampf to understand Nazism.

    • humanitarian said

      Why we need to read Koran? You fucking idiots cry 5 times a day Allah-o-fuckbar and raise your asses for 2 hours daily; such a stupid task. What your koran says you have proved by your deeds and you idiots always cry of your dirty rules everywhere. A gentle human being will not tolerate all this at all. What a heavenly book! When followers of such a heavenly book have always tried to root out human values from the world, why should we waste any time to read such a stinking scripture?

  81. Ali said

    as much as i hate it, i have to agree.most muslim now doing stupid things like burning church or bomb american. but i disagree of your view about qur’an i think you wrong translating it

    • Ali,
      How come so many different people from so many different countries & cultures Are misunderstanding the same book in the same way.
      There is something wrong with the book itself, it’s not about translation.

      • Ali said

        because you not yet to stated that arabs are barbarian even before they knew islam, if there is no islam, the title will change to 20 good reasons to hate arabs and pakistan

        • it’s only barbarians who converted to Islam because they found it encouraging their behaviour.
          the civilized world never accepted Islam and will never will.

  82. Dee said

    I couldn’t agree more about this article-you’re right on point Mindset. I was on a website the other day chatting with some friends when all of a sudden, a Muslim guy from Pakistan, who I never met before nor said anything to, started calling me very hateful names for no reason at all. He even threatened to come to my house here in North Carolina and “attempt to do some harm to me” just because I’m non Muslim and mixed race(very stupid reasons to try and harm someone, but a majority of these people are senseless anyways). So to make him even more madder, I offered to fix him a pork chop sandwich as his “last meal” if he did come to do what he said he’d do (just for the record, I keep a 9 mm legally by my side at all times) and all that fool did was repeat over and over what he was going to do to me. Hell, I even offered to pay for his plane ticket to come and take upon the act he wanted to carry out on me. He left after that. I don’t know why they’re so full of hate against people who don’t have the same views as they do or because you act and look different from them-they need to learn about diversity.

    • iron pickle jar said

      im from North Carolina as well Dee. you tell me how to get in contact with this asshole and ill make sure he finds me. ill even pay for his plane ticket to get here. and then ill lynch his ass in front of my apartment. north carolina is an incredibly racist state when i was young Muslim businesses got boycotted so he is certainly not welcome here.

  83. Jay said

    Looks like someone is upset that they got their *** kicked by a Muslim with a bigger penis

  84. Ali said

    for whoever who created this for reply for reason no 6. how about church or catherdal in europe or usa, or temple in asia

  85. fia said

    Well, if you think Muslims are like that, why don’t you just forget all about it? If you really think that way and you hate Muslims badly, leave us alone. Don’t waste your time debating about religion you hate the most. If you don’t know anything, stop babbling. Talk good or silent. Be an educated human! Stop talking dirty because you keep doing that while you said that Muslims did that. Life is short, so get a life.

  86. ProudMuslim said

    Muslims are not like this at all

  87. Human said

    I born in Muslim Country and I living in there from born – 14 years old and now I am living in united state and I know Muslim because I living long time in country muslim and school in muslim school muslim is religion from arab and in muslim no freedom because not like other religion muslim go to of worship 5 Time per day and in muslim country them just like u hear them hate other religion in philippines muslim group name abu sayyaf kill and terror people in philippines and tourist in philippines and in iran muslim terror and hostage embassy united state,england,and other embassy Europe, and in indonesia teacher teach the children to protest Valentine day because love hey we not a muslim we love not hate and in Country Muslim Most Muslim protest and burn Flag Country in Europe and much church and other place of worship in muslim country hostage and bomb by Muslim because in muslim them teach by koran or qur’an to kill everybody not believe or not same like a muslim or them say kafir in koran say to kill everybody kafir (QS 9:123, QS 9:5)(in koran) and yes muslim is porn and raped why in koran say Married 2,3 or 4 time and rape your Servant (QS 4:3)(in koran) in Arab Much Servant Raped and Sadist because koran say to hit your wife (QS 4:34)(in koran) in Country Muslim Much Husband sprayed the acid on Wife and I Just to Say for Muslim Don’t To Make War, War is Over and I just to say for Christianity and Catholic We From Long Time ago to right now Believe and Trust Religion Christianity and Catholic We celebrate Christmas, Easter, and Much Other Holy day Together And I hope u to Keep Trust and Believe Now and Forever Religion Christianity and Catholic And For Other Religion We Respect You And I Hope You Same Respect We Too And To Be A Friend

  88. Muhammad said

    ‘The Knight’ – Lol, more like a stupid fucking peasant brainwashed by western media , your mindset is so fucked I bet you fuck your mother and post it on porntube. You will burn in hell, you have my word. And I will be smiling at you from heaven. You know for a fact, even better than some muslims, that our religion propogates peace, it teaches us modesty, sincerity, grattitude. I will not pick on your religion, because that’s not what muslims do. So come and tell me what you posted to my face you self righteous arrogant prick.

    • our religion propogates peace, it teaches us modesty, sincerity, grattitude

      that’s the biggest lie ever. Islam teaches peace…LOL…
      Islam is the most violent religion in the world.Just look at Islamic countries…terror & murder has become a routine. pakistan, afghanistan, syria, yemen, egypt…so much for peace.

      Islam teaches modesty …bullsh!t..Muslims have been arrested in non-Muslims countries for running prostitution and paedophilia rape cases.

      after using foul language you are trying to be smart. well get it right you fucken rat, your days are numbered.

  89. Ziggy said

    Whoever wrote this is clearly simpleminded its horrible that you would make a hate list on such a wonderful religion

  90. Human said

    And for All questions For Love in Muslim This answer for This question You Can’t Kiss and You Can’t Sex and You can’t Masturbation and you can’t Touch and Contact with your boyfriend or Girlfriend and you can’t have boyfriend and girlfriend because in Muslim Just Married no boyfriend and girlfriend and Married not to mean Love in Muslim Because in Muslim no Learn to Faithful Because in Muslim Husband Can Married 2,3 or 4 Time (QS 4:3)(in koran) and also can to hit he wife (QS 4:34)(in koran) and Cage To Die (QS 4:15)(in koran) and in Muslim Law Most Muslim Country U Busted Not Married but Kiss or Sex Punishment is (Whip up) 10 – More 100 Time and Your to have Clothing Muslim Clothes (Long Clothes) because you can’t to perceive your Neck, your hair, your Arms and your Legs Also Because in Muslim No Freedom People Can’t Creation What People Want to Expression Himself Because muslim just Love himself, Koran, And He God And Muslim Hate Other Religion And Other Culture.

  91. Human said

    And for All questions More About Muslim This
    answer for This question you can’t Eat Pig and Other Animal Live in Two Place Like Ground and Water Because Muslim no Learn to Survival But (Halal)(Halal is What Muslim Can to do) and in Muslim To rob is halal (QS 8:69, QS 48:20)(in Koran) and Much Muslim don’t Care he Life and Other Human life that’s Why Much Muslim suicide bombing And Murderer People Like 9/11 And Much US Marines in Afghanistan Murderer By Muslim.

  92. Human said

    Maybe Muslim
    More Better if Muslim Learn and know
    Christianity,Catholic Or Other Religion Not
    Other Religion to Know Muslim Because
    Christianity,Catholic Or Other Religion No
    Learn To Hate Other Religion But Learn to
    Respect and Friendly With Other Religion.

  93. Ok
    When an American kills someone it’s ok
    But when a Muslim is framed f

  94. hemant said

    I think the world should be divided into parts. 1/3 for the Muslims and 2/3 for the non-Muslims like Christians and Hindus. That is the only solution.

  95. humanitarian said

    Muslim never give even a bit of chance to consider they can ever be civilized community. Whenever I tried to convince myself that all what they are doing might not be part of the community at whole but all proved to be an illusion. There is no hair space to believe that they are peaceful community. Whenever they gather in groups, just believe something would happen wrong. The Round Net Caps can only be symbol of terror, dominance and hatred.

  96. Puneet said

    Salo ne mandir todne ke koshish kare sale bc…;>

  97. hemant said


    #1 A type of dangerous virus which infects people(non-Muslims) as well as properties which when comes into ones surrounding causes illness : at first tension(non-Muslims thinks of how Muslims will behave towards them), then headache(non-Muslims get a taste of their behaviour), then non-Muslims find that their things are destroyed by the virus(I mean Muslims rob and steal things), and after that they experiences various harassment(you know what I mean) and finally results to death(the virus kill people).
    This is what happens.
    #2 This virus are found almost everywhere in the world and are spreading greatly. They are multiplying in such a scale that after 15-25 years(I believe) they will rule the world. It is a global concern for all of us(non-Muslims) to find a solution for this widespread dangerous virus.

    #3 I am not saying all this by reading ‘The 20 good reasons…’ but by seeing and hearing all the nonsense activities done by Muslims. In my province all the illegally influxed Bangladeshi peoples(yes, I am an Indian and all the Indians would know from where I belong) as well as the normal Muslim people present from the beginning involves in all such activities. I guarantee almost all the peoples involved in murder, rape, robbery, etc. are Muslims because almost all the criminals arrested by the police are Muslims.
    I will say that every 80 Muslim out to 100 Muslims are directly involved in criminal, anti-social activities and 10 Muslim out of the remaining 20 Muslims are indirectly involved in it which leaves 10/100 Muslims that are good in the society.
    In my area the government plays an important role in the case of illegally influxed Bangladeshis. The ministers(especially the Muslim ministers) shelter them and provide them food in our province just for the sake of vote.

    The ministers provides them food, shelter, etc. and they give them vote. ¡ LoL !

    • Learn something from the bodos, Muslims are animals, they don’t understand love or peace.

      • What?! Muslims are animals ! Really ….okay then
        We muslims know love more than everbody
        We learn to love our prophet,family,and allah,we learn to respect others and to live in peace but we are not living in peace…know why?
        In syria…the president is so mean ,he follows america’s orders in everything,infact (he is not a muslim ,his mother is cristian and his father is bodo,he pretend to be a muslim)but when people in syria discovered that he is a cheater,the decided to kick him ,but NO WAY,we have america which is controlling him ,but muslims are still trying to kick him ,they are dieng and dieng everyday ,these guns and otherthings are from america to this fake president…..but syrians…they are still dieng…..wishing for peace
        You dont know the truth ,you just know the story form the western media,they are damaging the picture of us,muslims.
        Are muslims still terrorists?! You dont even give us the chance to scream,talk ,or even whisper ………muslims are not terrorists,they are an innocent peaceful people
        This is the truth ,coz i lived the story of it

        • @Bushra
          seriously, how much you know about world history, politics or current affairs.
          You are a 13 yr old so most likely you have not passed 10th grade and you come here and argue as if you know everything.
          That’s a typical arrogant Muslim, and this is one of the many reasons why you Muslims are hated.

          • Mindset.i know more ,not bcoz i know everything,its because im arab,i know the real story because it happened infront of me.
            This picture is a terrorist who is killing a muslim,im sure
            Didnt you know about killing muslims in borma,this picture is in borma.

          • I am allowing your comment so that others may laugh at you. and it’s Burma not Borma.
            the pic is of a ISIS terrorist killing another Muslim. read newspaper.

          • You are a liar ,you just allow the comments of mine that you can answer,you have deleted more than 5 comments for me ,i think you will delete this too. The name of borma could br written in many ways,even though im a little girl i can understand how you are

          • No you can’t write Borma instead of Burma.
            If you do this in Burma you will be dead.
            You see you are a waste of time.whining little pig.

          • Mindset,you can look at this picture in many ways
            Here ,you can see a nonmuslim person killed by a muslim terrorist
            I can see a dead muslim killed by a terrorist (notice what is he wearing)
            And another person would see something else
            you can look at the picture in many ways,you can understand differend things from the picture but ,its not necessary that the thing you see is the right thing.
            And even if this was a muslim who is killing an innocent man ,i think there is no reaso for calling him a muslim,because every muslim knows that murdering is not allowed (haram) in islam.

          • The pic is that of Muslim man killed by another Muslim.
            the rest is usual nonsense which you Muslims always write – he is not a Muslim – yeah, he must be an Alien. fuckn retards.

          • Why are you so rude mindset? Why would you consider any man who is killing another person as a muslim,you have no evedince ,dont tell me the flag ,look another time at the picture ,you will notice its photoshop
            I can simply pick any picture for someone kiiling somebody else and putting the picture if islam’s flag on it and say look at the muslim terrorism!
            You shouldnt believe anything you see .
            Dont say fuckn retards or peadophilles,it shows me that you are uneducated and a retard .

          • atheist kid said

            Muslim Sister

            I request you to read your Quran again. In Quran and Bible its cleary written that ” YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WORSHIP GODS OF OTHER RELIGION AND SUCH BEINGS DOING SO ARE INFIDELS AND WILL NOT SEE PARADISE”
            Islam and Christianity are almost the same.

            Okay lets assume islam teaches to respect other religion and you respect others’ religion. But your posts say something totally different. All you have been posting here are-

            “Islam is the only true religion”
            “Islam is the only right path”
            “I promise you will see hell, mindset”

          • they are all like that. in one breath they will say something and in the next they will contradict it.

  98. Assassin said

    Mindset , what you said is correct but please try to mind your language. The cyber cell may bust you for using offensive words against this cult..

    well yesterday i beat up a muslim boy at school and now i m feeling good about it..

  99. Abdul Rahman said

    I know I am also Muslim even I don’t like tucking Muslim every one are fraud and criminal and terrorist Muslims like I don’t like blady tucking Islamist I am going to convert in Christianity I like Christianity I love them. Good bye for Muslims I am going to leave u stupid

  100. Samar D. said

    Muslims are zombies and when they scratch somebody like our ministers and Gandhi,are infected by the disease and involve in appeasement and finally end up either active zombies or passive zombies depending on infection.

  101. Lilly said

    You people are said and have no respect whatsoever. Muslims all around the world are kind peaceful people who mind their own business. So instead of critizizing others religions maybe you should get some knowledge for yourself. This is very immature and selfish. No matter what religion you are god is judging you for what you are doing right now and right now you are being arrogant and saying things that are completely untrue. So instead of sitting on the Internet searching up terrorist maybe you should stop being hypocrites. If one person from a white community did something than people would let it go. But since 2-3 Muslims did something the whole Muslim community is being blamed. You should be ashamed of yourselves. God is judging your actions and all the harmful things that you are saying. And lastly any perverted and dirty thoughts or actions are prohibited in Islam so I think I know who is the uneducated person. Oh and get a life instead of running a website that criticises Muslims.

  102. Pe@ce said

    I came across this article and I have to say that i’m deeply troubled and upset by the comments people have posted here. To whoever posted it and that would be The Mindset, Not all muslims are like that[you have mentioned ‘all’ and ‘every’]. I agree and its true that many muslims commit crimes[most of them being gruesome]. Mark My Words They ‘will’ burn in hell for what sins they have committed!!
    And please have some courtesy and refrain from using foul language everyone…

  103. Kingshort said

    My brothers and sister in islam,why are you arguing with inhabitants of hell,people who have no moral,relgion nor culture.all they know is hate islam(the truth),bombing and invading muslim land and killing women and children,drink wine,sex,walking naked like animal,this people have become slave to there whims and desire,they have nothing in the after dön’t waste your time with infidels and unbeliever who have rejected islam as the only way to success.

  104. Anonymous said

    Muslim men are cowards. They’re afraid of their women because their women are smarter than they are. And the only power they have is the power to oppress their women. We don’t walk around naked like animals, we just express ourselves through our clothing. I don’t feel the need to dress provocatively, but I wear bright colors. I don’t wear all black like the Angel of Death. I’m not Christian, but Muslims always mock Christianity. They say the Trinity makes no sense. How can God be his own Son? They laugh in Christians’ faces. But say one word of criticism towards Jizzlam and they make your live a living hell, to say the least.

    Muslims do the same thing to atheists. They say atheists are idiots, because we think something came from nothing or we don’t know where morality comes from. Thanks a lot.

    Muslims have no morals whatsoever, but they think they’re morally superior to everyone else. They think morality is about being a dutiful daughter of patriarchy and being a prude who sticks to the rules. They put emphasis on dopey rituals like praying a whopping five times a day but they don’t treat people with love and respect. These people think they’re better than you underneath it all, and 90% of them are on welfare.

  105. ميم said

    Will exscuse me !! We are not like that ! You think we are but were not ! We didnt even care about burning flags or stuff ! And why are you jelouse when mosqes are building ? Wooh u really need to see a doctor shame on you hating for not a good reason .

    • humanitarian said

      You jerks think all other religions are jealous of your great muhammadan religion?…You are building masks to serve the humanity? And humanity in your views is only to bow down 5 times a day in front of rusty, ridiculous, immoral, oppressive koranian rules? R u b b i s h!!!!…… Rape, murder, looting the women and men from other religions is the privilege your idiot ALLAH has provided you in folly (sorry! holy) book. You are building masks for what? Only to nourish the hatred, terrorism and obtrude your dirty rules on others. You donkeyminds, desert swinwes think your monotheist cult is the best way to serve your fake allah. You foolish have been mesmerized by your evil but genius Mohammad and his stale sex stories and violence. Look at you fools your thinking has pushed you as most backward tribe of deserts. What a great cult and its followers are even greater.

  106. maariyah said

    you jerk. you think muslims hate black people.muslims are black so ebfore you post things like that shut up or a muslim might just bomb you themselves. we don’t make fun of your religion so you don’t make fun of ours!!!! GOT IT BASTARD

    • talked liked a real islamist terrorist
      you kill non-Muslims – that’s worse than making fun.

      • And who told you that she kills nonmuslims ,and how did you know?you dont have even an evidence ,that she kills muslims .if a muslim person killed somebody else,dont blame the religon ,blame HIM
        Dont hate people because of their religion or country ,hate a person for his or her actions .

  107. Echo said

    That just stupid and makes no sense … I have lived in saudi arabia for 2 years and i’m hindu .. Yes i hated them but i didn’t find any thing bad about them they share there meal with you even if they don’t know you and i find that in a lot of them and when they buy something from you they most of the time let you keep the change and when you need a ride you will always find someone and they start to make you feel like friend to them … People those reasons are fake and stupid .. Don’t judge someone untill you know him .. This is wrong .. I have searched “why we hate muslims ” and this web site shows up …

    • Re: Echo,
      These are the same Arabs who fund the international Islamic terrorism, the madrassas in Pakistan and other Islamic countries where Muslims terrorist are trained.
      these are the same Arabs who fund the Love Jihad in India. the same Arabs who fund the mosques all over the world where Muslims learn how to kill infidels.

      just because they appear good , does not mean they are .

      Now read this post to clarify your doubt whether a Muslim can truly be your friend or not –

      Ask the Vizier: Can Muslims Have Infidel Friends?

  108. haitham said

    U are a dumbass and fool we dont hate anyone or thier
    religion we love cristens but ur problem is rhat u see evry muslim as Osama benladen but guess what bro i am a muslim ind i hate osama and all people like him we hate terrorist but u people will never stop treating us as a human we muslims are only terrorist in ur eyes but god knows the fact and thats only matters

  109. abdullah said

    Who wrote this is a big stupid.senseless daffer.frisrt u read Quran atlest one time u will let ti know hiw pure are muslims

  110. Saskia said

    okay this is INCREDIBLY racist. I am brown but I’m Indian, and although I hate muslim MEN with a passion that doesn’t make them all bad. In essence, this article is only relating to muslim men, the women are probably not even allowed internet access. I do agree in some ways, but the whole brown = bad offended the entire asian population. Don’t get me wrong, I am supporting your theory on some levels; the muslim religion is so sexist I want to burn them all. But not all Muslims are bad. Remember that.

  111. Joe said

    We all gonna die.. And if you die you will know the truth.. If your god is jesus.. He will come to you if he really EXIST. But if not you will stay forever in hell alone suffering..

    • proton said

      what majority of you all posting here saying “The mindset” will go to hell for posting against allah and islam dont understand is that he is a hindu…..

      he is already God like i am God


  112. Saman said

    Majority of the guys spoke against Islam seems to be IDIOTS, DRUNKARDS OR RACISTS who have not learnt Islam or a bit of that. Just they want to make fun of Islam and that prove their ignorance. May Allah show them the correct path and enhance their knowledge to learn the true Islam and the forbia created by satanic men/women.

  113. banna said

    As muslims we should not argue with the arrogant nor the ignorant for everyone will be punished for their sins, I feel pity for all those making fun of islam. May Allah forgive them and show them the right path

  114. 00.0 said

    i was going to Correct your mistakes about us the Muslims … but i cant … everything wrote in there is not true
    u cant writ something u don’t know
    u should know about the Islam than u can write whatever u want

  115. banna said

    These suicide bombers are brainwashed, or mentally ill , have you heard of the guy who shot at the school in new town, Connecticut? Same thing here

    • Brainwashed…why these brainwashed people only kill non-Muslims.
      The recnt attack on a mall in Nairobi , Kenya is a good example-the Muslim terrorist only killed non-Muslims.
      Muslims were let off .
      Mentally ill ..why a mentally ill person only kill non-Muslims and leave those who follow his religion….how a mentally ill person can use Sophisticated weapons.

      The crackpot in Connecticut was infact a mental..he killed random people for no reason ..he did not selected his victims…he was not connected to any organisation

      So Bannna you are either a liar or an ignorant fool.

  116. banna said

    And what this guy is saying is not true….

  117. banna said

    Mindset, i’m not going to argue with you about my religion. But i hope one day you realize the beauty of Islam and convert to it. Allah(God) will forgive you for all your sins for he is the most merciful. InshAllah that day comes and i will pray for this day! Now you will just mock Islam and say i am an ignorant lier, if only you knew….

    • What do you mean by “beauty of Islam”?
      Earlier you said that Muslims are Islam so it’s “beauty of Muslims”..what is that?

      Allah will forgive me for my sins? really..what sins?
      it’s you Muslims who kill innocent people for no reason and it’s me who is doing sin? are you sane?

    • Aniket said

      Fuck your Allah. Beauty of Islam lol? What is that? Promoting violence, raping women, having multiple wives? That bastard Prophet did everything he desired and then told some idiots that it was a message of God and you stupid Muslims believed him.

    • John said

      A headless body looks so beautiful!!! How beautiful it looks as an 12 year old lad slitting the throat of a fully matured ( perhaps older than the lad’s father)infedel/spy….A lady pelted with stones looks so pretty with all those crimson blood oozing out and falling in that pit lifeless!!!! and to make it prettier there is a chorus at the background….. allahuakbar….All in the name of religion…. I can imagine as alomst 900 Jews of a tribe getting beheaded as the prophet is supervising their heads falling to the pit they had made and the wriggling bodies as the head is being slit raw….So beautiful…god is so mesmerized by the very look of the rolling bloody heads….How could there be any other beautiful scene than this!!!!!…..yes that’s the beauty Banna is talking about. Agree with him mindset!!!!!! I really thought that even cruelty had it’s limits but realized, not when it is in the name of religion. Allah wants to give the most cruel punishment by his loyal followers to another human of HIS own making as He is the most merciful, forgiving and all knowing!!!!!Really very beautiful.

  118. Kevin Koch said

    This is phat man. I hate all them terrorists

  119. Aniket said

    Even if aliens invade our planet, they won’t do as much damage as Muslims have done to our world. I don’t know when the world is going to wake up.

  120. Yaz Hashimi said

    Wow, did you know that only 3% of muslims are involved in any terrorist activity! 97% of us are loving, kind people! In fact, my family has just started an organization to help poor children and widows in Afghanistan that have nothing due to the war, Children’s Hope Aid Initiative, please find us on Facebook, this winter is going to be very harsh and it’s guaranteed that thousands of children will freeze to death, please help(: anyways don’t stereotype there are billions of muslims in the world, come on don’t be such a racist:*(

    • did you know that only 3% of muslims are involved in any terrorist activity
      what about those who support it. The numbers will swell to like 10%.
      Given the fact that there are 1500million Muslims in the world, 10% of them will be 150 million. that’s a huge number. much larger than perhaps all the armies in the world put together.

      Afghanistan was once a Hindu – Buddhists majority country, how they all disappeared. looking at the other buddhist countries perhaps it’s you Muslims who are the problem.

    • Aniket said

      I’m taking your word that 3% of the Muslims are terrorists. Ok, fine. What about other kinds of criminal activities? Rapes, Murders, Molestations, etc. I’m pretty sure at least 50% of the Muslim youth indulge in these criminal activities. Of course there are good Muslims, but from my personal experience I can tell that a majority of these people have given up most of their religious activities. The problem is the rest of the Muslims are extremely religious and your Allah promotes violence, war, etc. to protect Islam. All the time, you guys keep thinking that the world is unfair on Muslims, but the fact remains that you try to force your ideology on others. When others try to resist, you start shouting injustice, injustice. Islam has always been and will always be the priority for Muslims.

  121. Catie said

    I too have a dislike for Muslims. I live in Australia and there is quite a hate for these idiots. I do however wonder if there would be less hatred if they stayed in their part of the world & left others alone? They seem to infiltrate countries and try to force their backward religion on people. My kids studies Islam briefly in social studies at school. It was enough to make them realise just what a backward religion it is and also the fact that females are treated like slaves. Interesting post Mindset. Love your site x

    • Thanks

    • Aniket said

      Nice to see people from around the world waking up to the threat of Islam. I think if they stayed in their part of the world, the world would definitely be a better place. Unfortunately, it’s never going to happen. Muslims follow the preachings of Prophet Muhammad who himself infiltrated countries, promoted violence, raped women and what not. They are too blinded by religion to see what’s right and what’s wrong. All they want to do is force Islam on the world by any means possible.

  122. Ashley Bennet said

    What a load of shit

  123. exceptions said

    ISLAM means peace. people hate muslims because they are brainwashed by so called news like FOX which makes muslims look bad. muslims ARE NOT terrorists. have u ever seen a MUSLIM on COPS or AMERICANS MOST WANTED. NO. thats right, u haven’t. bush is the real international terrorist. how can palestinians be terrorist when the israelis are the ones who are coming to THEIR land and ATTACKING them in their OWN territory! innocent muslims are suffering everyday. innocent iraqis are being tortured and raped by the U.S troops. in france muslims can’t even go to college because of their Hijab. is this freedom? no. how come with a christian commits a crime they aren’t called a terrorist? how come whenever a muslim does their religion always comes up?!?! ugh makes me sick. for ppl who think 9/11 was done by muslims, get a fucking life. stop listening to the crappy media and start searching for the truth. 9/11 WAS DONE BY UR DAM GOV. ITS FOR OIL. sure there are a few muslims who are bad like when they were burning flags becuzof the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) cartoons but thats because thats how much we love our prophet and about the violence, those were a minority. most muslims protested ina peaceful way by not buying danish products. theres bad ppl in every religion. “it is i!”(the person who wrote abouve me), stop making up things. when u said that there was a bomb in india thats because its a pakistan and indian war. its a war. pakistanis have the right to attack back. how come muslims dont have the right to attack back when the US can just come bash into a muslim country and kill innocent people like afghanis and iraqis?!? afghans are NOT terrorist. they have guns because there are tribes in afghanistan like the pashtun who always carry a gun with them! bush is a christian, so i guess that makes christians terrorists. huh? how does that make u feel??!?!? and those “suicide bombers” in palestine are heroes. they are martyrs. they don’t have weapons so they have to do that. and most of them decide they dont have anything to live for since they r being terrorized in their own fucking land. please watch “free speech tv” and turn off the FOX crap.

    • B u l l s h i t
      as usual by Muslims.

    • right way said


    • iron pickle jar said

      since i am american i tolerate what other people believe but i have to point out that Muslims are a bunch of fucking retards. all the women wear bed sheets as clothes. they all speak gibberish and when they do speak English nobody noes what there saying and they all own gas stations. they always drive slow as hell. have u ever been behind a Muslim on the highway? if so then you know it takes them forever to take a turn. BUT THE BIGGEST REASON I CANT STAND THEM IS THAT GODDAMN MUSIC THAT WAKES ME UP EVERY MORNING. instead of buying an ipod and doing that call to prayer shit through that they wake up all of North Carolina with that music. by the way that music sucks it has no beat.

      • music ????

        they say – laillaha illalah

        which means – allah is the only god, there is no other god.

        this is what they say 5 times in a day in a secular country.

        • Fatima said

          What about poojas in those temples -.- get a life

          • What about poojas?

          • Fatima said

            In a “secular country” u do what we do ..chant those bhajans out loud. Don’t blame one community. Those terrorist do it in the name of islam. Thre must a billion hindu rapists..just cuz they didn’t do it,killers of their pregnant wives cuz their relegion asks them to forcefully take dowry (probably not but that’s what people do) in the name of relegion their community isn’t blamed but rnt they equally bad. It’s not just 1 community.

          • Islamic terrorist spraed terrorism because Islam says so. Got it no.
            This is not new. It’s happening for the last 1400 years and you Muslims never regret it.

  124. John said

    Correct me if you wish

    I lived in a muslim country for 18 years. I do not hate muslims. But I do know how a muslim world works. The core of a religion is the book it has and the exemplary life of its founder. I have my Book the bible. I have an exemplary person who loved all the mankind and lived as he had instructed us to live , which is the Bible , especially the New testament. The best that I love this person Jesus,is due to three reasons:
    1)He loved us (all mankind) so much that he gave up his life taking the burden of our sins and conquered death defeating satan by raising himself from the dead.
    2)His teaching on love, love your neighbor as you love yourself ,,, more over, love your enemy as well. Muslims under sharia law stone /behead people to death according to the instruction of your prophet. But Jesus said , cast the first stone one who has not sinned. Can Islam digest that?
    3)His teaching on forgiveness. He only said to repent and turn back from sins and follow his footsteps for a simple sinless life to continue to live in the presence of the Almighty after our days in the world.
    (I have not quoted Bible but gave a gist of it)
    Tell me a simple thing…..what was the need for God to send one more prophet when all that was written in Torah had fulfilled by the coming of Christ with peace / love and conquering death. What more men needed other than eternal salvation after being freed from sin. God sent so many prophets and still men sinned but HE promised to come down to earth in flesh (that is what we call son of God) to conquer over death (satan) taking all the punishments to himself as promised by God . He paid the ransom to satan in full with His suffering , blood and saved us from the clutches f satan. The life’s biggest crisis of the mankind was over , 500 odd years before the arrival of Muhammed. Then, is not another prophet superfluous and not predicted by God or promised by HIM. That too a person who never lived an exemplary life but succumbed to his carnal desires alone. I have read quran and apart from some common useful instructions I haven’t found anything and those useful things are being instructed by any society or state and do not need a religious book. Most of the time Muhammed teaches about killing, distributing slave girls among soldiers , looting other peaceful caravans and tribes, sex, how to piss and clean, how to behave in the toilet , how to amputate enemies legs and hands, how to divorce , how to marry a widow or relative, how to behead infidels , dreams t justify his doings etc etc (the height is that of Ayisha, the 6 year old kid being presented to him by Allah in a cloth wrapped as a gift for his marriage when he was 54) than any metaphysical realm where God meets man, or any philosophy that can make life better and search for that ultimate truth that we call God.
    But Muhammed was very clever. He schemed some clever ways so that his followers can never go back from him. I have mentioned six of them below. The so called revelations that he got was not from God but he had gleaned the whole thing from Torah and new testament while in constant contact with Xtian priests and Jews on his business trips to Jerusalem and neighboring places. The knowledge of his own tribe , who were moon worshippers added some more matter to his “revelations” . He knew the names of all the Torah prophets, Jesus etc etc Since that was the time , era, lots of discussions were going on these Jewish- biblical subjects. These were just contemporary issues at that time.
    1) He made sure to stress that Jesus never died but was deceptively saved and gone to heaven to come back on the last day of judgment thus made a gap for one more prophet . Resurrection never happened but the same time he stood with the Christians that Jesus will come for the last judgment. If he had admitted death of Jesus then the resurrection would pose a problem and no more chance for another prophet.
    2) Made sure to stress the point that he is the last prophet. The end of any more revelations so that his followers would not venture out looking for further truth nor believe anyone than him. His revelations and prophetical activities started all of a sudden at the age of 40.
    3) Made sure to attach his name with God as for obedience. And heavy punishment for going against god or him- or both combined. There stopped any criticism. He always mentioned Allah all merciful and all knowing, so that by any means if anything is beyond the grasp of the followers , due to his justification of wrong doings, and so many other factors, would be treated as gods way that is beyond mans understanding
    4) Promised a lavish life after death with ever beautiful virgins, youngest boys , ever flowing water and wine that too for Jihadist. The gullible glutton of an Arab and other followers needs nothing more than that, to stick to him .(It is a bonus after the earthly life with plenty of wives/virgins/slaves to enjoy) The madams may not reach paradise in flocks.
    5) He stressed Jihad as the demand of Islami god, Allah( al-lah= the moon) A duty of a true Muslim.
    6) He made sure that women are far below men and are created to be ruled by men. By the above 5, he made all men to stick to his power and by this 6th he amalgamated women to men and thus to him. Very clever a scheme.
    This is the briefest from a common man’s view point , I can explain as I went through Quran and life of Muhammed .

  125. Aslan said

    I don’t find anything wrong with Muslims or any other religion. There’s good and bad in everybody no matter what blood, race or creed. Where is the love? :-/

    • You are either a blind or an idiot if you can’t find anything wrong with Muslims.
      Muslims don’t have any good people , they are all rotten bastards.

      • athiest kid said

        Hi mindset. I m an 18 year old indian hindu. Most of the facts mentioned by u are totally true. I have met a couple of muslim communities here. in india who support pakistan in an india pakistan cricket match despite of living in india. Not only its about a game its about most of the matters. But they are few in number. If they were outnumbered I would have kicked their asses. Our indian government offers minorities many advantages in terms of jobs and education and this is how they repay us. This totally boils my blood. They feed on our shit and then shit on our very own faces.

        But then again, my childhood best friend was a muslim and I have had a few muslim frends. we often make jokes about religious views and all but that’s all being taken as joke.
        So I can truly say not every muslim is the same. But I know 90% pakistanis are terrorists. In india the ratio is the opposite I suppose.

        • you are confused.
          people like you died during the partition in hundreds of thousands, because they refuse to believe that Muslims are their enemies and not friends.

          • athiest kid said

            u could be right since those muslim terror on hindus never seem to end in north india. If u live here u should be knowing what happened in october this year.
            By the way your islamic jokes are cool. Post some more

  126. blank said

    I don’t agree with u. yes some muslims are bad but also some are good. I don’t deny that I myself hate bad muslims that don’t even act like ones cuz they ruin the image of islam. as I said, not all muslims are good people. but u have to admit not all Christians are good people either. islam in general is a peaceful religion that wants the best for people and was brought to human beings by a kind loving prophit that treated people nicely even Christians and jews. I personally don’t hate Christians. but if I ever hated a Christian, I would only hate him for the same reasons I would hate a muslim for. peace on yall

    • One of the last message of your prophit was to expel the Jews…”Let there be no 2 religions in Arabia”
      stop this lying Muslims are burden on Mother Earth.

      • Coop said

        Why cant you do something productive and useful instead of making this list, like picking gum off the bottoms of desks or masturbating yourself.

        • picking gum off the bottoms of desks or masturbating yourself.
          so that’s what u do as “constructive” thing

          • coop said

            no, its productive though. From what I understand, when choosing between the two activities, Jerking off will be more fun, but more people will praise your work if you pick gum off of chairs.

          • but what should I pick other people’s gum.
            I don’t eat chewing gum often, but if I do I roll the gum into little balls and stick onto muzzies vehicles

  127. Julia said

    Have you even knowledge of islam.
    If you want to judge the religion dont see its followers but see what its scripture says.
    Jesus peace be upon him never said in the whole bible that either ‘I am the God or worship me’.HE ALSO SAYS IN THE Bible that after me,a Man will Come for completing the faith which i have not completed.INJEEL WAS A word of God but now IT is a mixture of Godly and humanly words of scholars of Christians in the form of Bible.
    Do christians ever leave wine drink even if it had been forbidden by Jesus christ p.b.u.h

  128. Sarah said

    Do you know what all those names mean? And what’s so bad about it? And let me tell you something, don’t judge Islam on some ‘Muslims’. We all aren’t terrorists just because some ‘Muslims’ do some bad things. I mean some e.g Christians also do some bad things but you don’t say Christians are bad. And black people are also Muslims, so should they hate themselves?! Hee?! Do you even know what you’re talking about? Please don’t judge Islam by some so called Muslims 🙂

    • How should we judge Islam then ?
      By what Christians do? you dumb c*nt..get lost from here.

      • coop said

        You are so insensitive. I think the Westboro Baptist Church would really appreciate your opinions. Everyone else on the other hand, would not miss anything if you stopped sharing your opinions on Islam.

        • these are not just my ‘opinions’ ..they are more about personal experiences
          you will have if you have too many Muslims in your country.
          your ip address tell that you are from Utah(USA).
          I don’t think there are many Muslims there.

          • Coop said

            I have no idea how you got my IP adress. I do live in Utah. Not a lot of muslims. In fact I think Utah is about the most religiously saturated state in the United States ( everyone is mormon there it seems). However there are indeed muslims there and they All are mild mannered people. My point I want to make is, is that every denomination of people be it religious, ethnic, nationality, ect has had people who have done wrong in the past.

          • when Muslims are few they act like peaceful beings….like mosquitoes
            when they are more they slowly change their behaviour from mosquitoes to dogs and ultimately crocodiles who will eat you and your family.
            I know what you are trying to say but Muslims are doing terrorism for the last 1400 years and there seems no stopping because they find Islamic terrorism useful.

      • Ethan said

        Mindset knows the truth. Too many liberal white cunts letting the muslims get away with murder. Fucking inbred terrorists. I love feeding muslims with my chicken pies and secretly putting tiny pieces of pork in them.

    • Iron pickle jar said

      Sarah fuck u. Black people are not Muslims. I hope an octopus lays eggs in your uterus and u are forced to carve them out with a knife made out of a muslim babies spine.

  129. Muslim said

    Really u say that the Muslims stupid
    And you believe in ✝ this and in your movies you are trying to scare the ghost with ✝ and you do like its afraid them
    And I’m Shure that it didn’t work
    But it’s all movie and Annalise Mitchells dad was a big ✝ father and why it happend to his doughter.. Because Allah was mad of him and tried to warm him but he continue to his ✝
    And used words of ✝but they are just words crated by people and I’m shure if they read Quran it would gone I trust god and believe him you guys use the worlds of omfg and you say that you believe in ✝))) sorry for bad English but I’m trying to warm you or all of u will enter to the hell

  130. Iron pickle jar said

    I hate Muslims I hope u are all crucified and forced to eat your children you disgusting savages. USA FOREVER

    • Iron pickle jar said

      Correction: I hate non-American Muslims like the ones who live in “Iraq” and all the nations with the last 4 letters in there name being “Stan”. And how the hell does a tiny nation like Israel beat all those country’s at one time like 8 different times, damn you Muslims suck at war. And what’s up with there hobbies ramming planes into buildings and speaking gibberish. And don’t they no that it’s Americas oil and not theres.

  131. Coop said

    Islam has also done such good for the world. For example is was a persan muslim who created algebra. Also it was muslim scholars who translated ancient greek texts. Without there work, many great texts from the classical era would have vanished.

    • Give your Muslim neighbors my Thanks
      now will you leave ..please .

      • Danielle said

        Oh for fuck sake seriously all of you’s shut the fuck up ok were all Human yeah sure there are criminals in the world some indian, muslim, Christian ect…. It continues and yeah sure people say that terrorists are Muslim but no there was only 1 man that started crap and his name was Bin Larden (Or however the hell u spell it) and yeah people say he was muslim blah blah blah but in truth muslim people are kind hearted people that belive Murder is sin Ok so this man Bin Laden clearly was not muslim but a Sysco mind twisted twat which is what started all this fucking bull crap! every country has their share of Criminals call them whatever the fuck u want not all of them are muslim!

        I am not Muslim I live in a Muslim community and I have Muslim friends and non Muslim friends like myself and all this crap you’ve been saying is not true. Let people belive in what they want, let people practice their religion in peace, were all human so Just stop the fucking HATE and Live your Frigging Life, I MEAN SERIOUSLY Argue all u like at the end of the day its you that don’t have a life!

        And please if your gonna argue again or look up the internet to find some source to prove me wrong It just proves that ur just desperate to be right when u clearly know I am right ok so SHUT UP ALREADY

        Jesus Christ !

      • coop said

        I think I will leave actually. Its not worth my time to be on this site. Thank you for responding to my comments. Its been a slice. I mean it.

    • atheist kid said

      Really?????????????? Muslim scholars?????????.
      if u dont know the history let me tell u. Indians invented the number system and decimal system. Not only that, the concept of zero, trigonometry, geometry, and many more. Indians used number system upto 1200 when greeks only used upto 106. Greeks and indians were the most innovatives in the past and share a great history since they were attracted to india. Alexander the great’s winnng streak was broken in india and he described how amazing the place was. I m talking about the bc era you asshole when islam and christianity did not exist.
      Muslims only create computer virus and nuclear weapons. Go sleep with those mussies if you love them so much.

      • coop said

        If you would read my comment, you would know that I was not talking about numerals (which as you said, were originally Indian in orgin, and later adopted by mulsims and then passed on to christian europe), but Algebra and ancient texts. Yes I know my history, I know more about history than you. I know that Alexander the great turned back after the battle at the Hydaspes river. Ancient Greece had been turning out great scholars long before Alexander visited India. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle all were born and taught before that happened. Actually, Greece had just as large an impact on India as India had on Greece. The first Statues of Buddha were made by Greeks. Mahayana Buddhism, the most adhered to branch of Buddhism was influenced a good deal by greco-roman philosophy.

        Now if you knew your history, you would know that a Persian Muslim named Muhammad Ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi invented Algebra. Unlike you im not talking about the bc era. Im talking about the AD era. Sorry if someone who knows there history like you claim to needs clarification.

        Also while I find The Mindset to be a rather intelligent person, albeit someone I disagree with, you on the other hand are a bigot, and I think you are more into trying to be insensitive more than sharing your view points.

        As for sleeping with muslims, I just might go and do that. I find that many muslims are quite attractive, not to mention GOOD NORMAL PEOPLE.

    • Iron pickle jar said

      No one gives a fuck about scrolls. So coop one day I hope someone kills you and converts you body into a puppet to lure Muslims into a pit where doctors rip out there brain stems and harvest them for stem cells.

      • coop said

        Again, I’m not talking about scrolls although you are slightly more on topic than Athiest Kid was. Im saying that the literary and historical value of the Classical Greek and Buddhist texts that Islamic teachers saved is quite valuable. Also Im talking about Algebra, a very important branch of Mathematics that most people end up learning at some point. By the way, if muslims use my brain stem for stem cell research, that would be another contribution they gave to society.

        Also to anyone who says muslims are not religiously tolerant, the Mughal Kings who ruled in India would often have Hindu wives (this is before Aurangzeb took power). Also the Ecumenical Patriarch who is the leader of Eastern Orthodoxy ( the second largest branch of Christianity with 225 million adherents) resides in Istanbul, the Largest city in Turkey. There you are.

        • atheist kid said

          if u have so many followers its not because u sent peaceful messengers to spred your religion but armed men to kill and force people into believeing your fake religion.

          what a shameful history and u r still so proud.

          • coop said

            Dude im not muslim. I agree with you. However, buddhism spread without any violence, and christianity became the dominant religion of Rome with little violence (although there was much violence with later spreading of Christianity).

  132. Iron pickle jar said

    I encourage all Muslims to commit acts of jihad against western nations as this will be the instrument of your annihilation. Tens of thousands of innocent Muslims have been slaughtered since 9/11. This is how your future looks, righteously being slaughtered because your an abomination to humanity. I do not enjoy killing but when done for the greater good of humanity it is a chore like any other. Soon your species will be hunted like rabid dogs. ( this does not pertain to American or Canadian Muslims)

  133. atheist kid said

    Muslims bomb people and in return america bombs more innocents ones as well in afghanistan giving rise to more terrorists who avenge the death of their beloved ones. Both religions should get extinct from the face of the earth.

  134. atheist kid said

    to me both christianity and islam are the same. same religions with different names. look at the history. followers of both the religions have invaded other countries to spread their religion and killed innocents. followers of hinduism and buddhism have been confined to the places of their origin and are very much alive today.

    • coop said

      you make an interesting point. But it was not through violence that Buddhism spread to China. All Im saying.

    • iron pickle jar said

      i will agree with you a little on this post. i think the issue is more geographic than it is religious. for example: 99% of the Muslims in the US are peaceful people who obey laws and run legitimate businesses and they are tolerant of other religions. but if you look at the middle east they all hate america and want to do jihad and other stupid shit. those are the real assholes. we should start a new forum called “20 good reasons to hate Muslims that live outside the US”.

  135. atheist kid said

    Coop or poop whoever u are. u just prooved that your head is filled with goat cum. Akbar was the only mughal king who did something for the welfare of hindys and buddhists. he is the only muslim king in history who is loved and respected. Rest of the muslim kings looted wealth from temples abd destroyed valuable monuments. The university of taxilla was destroyed by muslims
    u are such a fuckhead

  136. atheist kid said

    Hinduism and buddhism are not only religions but ways of life. Muslims only preach that only islam is superior. Therefore u will find so. many mosques in india but hardly any temple in any islamic nation. Wont u agree mindset?

  137. Undertaker said

    My question is to all Islam followers why you people have only two or three chosen words for other religion or non muslims like “Rot in hell, f**k you, burn in hell”. Do you guys learn these subjects in your so called educational system known as Madersa. I really feel pity for you guys, you guys always shout for truth & peace but the bottom line is you are not more then a dumb ass. Your so called great religion ‘ISLAM’ is absolutely a shit & that’s true, believe me. Just look at the FBI’s most wanted terrorist list you will only find your borthers & sisters over there. For the past 1400 years you guys live in hell like the desert of Arabia & so you have decided to make others life a living hell by spreading terriorism in the whole world. You guys are only responsible for this mass hatred which of-course you all might have understood after reading all the above comments. If your religion, your god (Allah) and you all are so kind, great, humble & generous towards everyone then why you people are hated most in the whole world, why if anyone see a man with long beard & white cap thinks that he might be a terriorist. Please understand this fact you morons are the biggest liabilities in this world and everyone wants to get rid of you people. Nobody wants a muslim neighbour. This is all your own deeds. Whole world knows how muslim countries are far behind then rest of the world (except those few middle eastern countries all courtesey to their oil fields).

  138. atheist kid said

    not only that. we buy their oil dont. steal it away

  139. iron pickle jar said

    i hope India and Pakistan get in another war so i can join the Indian military and kill those jackasses. anyone wanna come with me?

  140. atheist kid said

    hahaha. coward coop runs away. I m glad I could shut up 1 muslim lover

    • Coop said

      Actually, you dumb bitch you, cant. I realize that me explaining love and compassion on this sight as effective as explaining the importance of titties to a sheep.

  141. mona said

    I really don’t understand why all of you people are so hateful towards an entire religion which has been stigmatised by the decisions of a few fanatics. honestly, every religion has extremists which try and terrorise and commit atrocities in the pretence of honouring god. but we don’t judge the whole religion by that. its only logical that the individuals responsible are labelled as criminals for their actions. I am a muslim by the way so if you want you can come at me with all your insults I don’t care, but im just genuinely curious to understand where your hate is coming from

    • Experience …of centuries…experience which has been gained by living with demons who call themselves Muslims.
      as far as “few extremists”…it’s the most often repeated lie by Muslims. if Muslims are at receiving end of crime and terrorism …like in Burma then they will understand that such stupid , moronic BS is of no use.
      get lost.

    • Undertaker said

      Mona… just shove your sentiments in your ass… All these hates are only coming from the deed of your so called great religion…. Did you ever wonder why your religion is only hated in the entire world? why the FBI wanted list is full with your jackass bearded brothers? why muslims & terriorism match so beautifully with each other? because you guys deserve it…. And never dare to comment in the favour of your jackass religion again. I’ve already mentioned, you f***king guys are the biggest liabilities and the most fatal pest which is actually destroying the harvest of humanity.

    • DeistVoice said

      What if in your own koran written about that, about killing innocent people and many more cruel things. I’m not lying, you better read it again and tell us what you got there? just like Thomas paine said “Cruel religion makes cruel people” , so don’t blame us if your own holy book taught a bad things to you guys. and don’t blame those terrorists too, because according to your own religion they are doing the right thing, lol.. 😛 sometimes you guys DA MUSLIMS can’t accept the truth and say “It must be wrong translation, You’re racist, May allah forgive you and guide you to the right path, You don’t know anything about Islam, and blah blah blah..” We need a peace to the world.

  142. atheist kid said

    So mona darling u say killing people to accept islam was no wrong and only a few did it? read some latest news on bangladesh and pakistan and u will know what they believe in. Probably u live where where muslims are minorities and dont have a stomach to kill non muslims

  143. DeistVoice said

    I LOVE THIS POST.. well my parents are muslims, BUT IM NOT.. NO WAY.. I don’t live in those muslim countries, but I swear I’m really fucking tired of it. Even my parents can’t and will never accept the truth that i hate islam, and everything in it. They keep forcing me to pray to that “bastard allah” , they blackmailed me to stop giving me money if i dont want , they don’t wanna know whether Im sick or death, because of that shit.. I tried to explain about what I believe, but they only said “YOU’RE STUPID, IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE, ISLAM IS THE ONLY TRUTH. YOU’RE STILL SO YOUNG AND YOU WANNA TEACH US? YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT AND ILLOGICAL HUMAN” and i was like “whaddup,, who the hell is illogical here? believing in something without even an exact proof & believing in a cruel religion with cruel people who always wanna punish, punish and punish after all ALLAH taught how to punish only. how it’s possible for that shit to be a GOD, it’s a serious disrespect to the “PERFECT BEING” God who loves all His creation not like that Fake God of camels. I don’t get it why are they so stupid, maybe because of that bastard’s promises of HEAVEN, lol..

  144. Coop said

    Most people use the internet porn. maybe if everyone one this site would consider his notion, their head wouldnt be drowning cum, and everyone could just chill out and think properly. Athiest Kid, if hate muslims so much, why dont you just kill one of them instead? That activity certainly more dignified than using the internet for hate, instead of its inteded purpose ( free porn). And before you say the same thing to me, i stamd up for muslims in public.

  145. Undertaker said

    Listen all you motherfuker muslims in pure Hindi…. Behen ke lodo ya to apni harkato se baaz aa jayo warna roz 5 baar jo tum log anpi gaand uthake apne Allah ko yaad karte ho usme Trisul gused ke tumhari behen chod denge…Tum log jannat jate ho na wahi aake tumhari Maa chodenge bhosriwalo… Aur tum log halal ke bakro ki tarah chillate reh jaoge….Tum mullo kiAmmi ka b

  146. Undertaker said

    Enough talking in english now listen very clearly you all motherfuker muslims… Apni harkato se baaz aa jayo warna roz 5 baar apni gaand uthake jis Allah ko yaad karte ho usme Trisul dalke tumhari behen chod denge, tum log jannat jate ho na wahi aake behen ke lodo tumari Ammi chod denge…Bhosriwalo tum logo ki shakal dekhte hee gaand sulagne lagti hai, jee chahta h tumhari topi aur daadi ki batti banake tum logo ki gaand main daal du matherchodo….

  147. Coop said

    Im going to be pouring my heart out here. Please The Mindset consider what I am saying. I know very well that you live in India where the percentage of muslims is about 14.4%. while in the united states the percentage is .8%. barely a significant figure. However I have talked to these muslims, and I know that they are very nice good natured people. However I am sure the situation is different in many other countries. Im not sure how much of your anger is based on Indian-Pakistan conflict, but from what I understand Pakistan wants Kashmir which has mainly muslims in that part of the country. However, it became part of India when India was partitioned. ( Sidenote: Kashmir is also an awesome aong by Led Zeppelin. You should listen to it. It says nothing about religion by the way).

    Iron pickle jar made a very intelligent remark about how muslims outside of ghe united states are the bad muslims. And by saying this he is partly correct. You dont find muslim terrorists in the US. However that does not mean all muslims oitside the US are terrorists, just like all people in Northern Ireland arent/were members of the IRA. However it is an undenialbe fact that islam had been producing more violent people and more terrorists than any other religion has in recent years. This is not islams fault. The taliban and the al-qaeda for example for formed oringially for noble purposes. In the al-qaeda’s case, they formed to defend afganistan from the invading Soviet Union. And it worked. So they needed to give themselves a new enemy, namely the people funding them, the United States.

    From what I understand insanity always results with literal interpretation of religion. This has always been a huge problem. According to one i terpretation of the old testement, people of african descent are lesser because “Cainan was Marked” for what he did. Clearly this is shit crazy yet some people believe it. Some muslims do this as well, which leads to the problems that muslims have today.

    This last idea I have is very complicated to explain. But essentially many of the countries that are muslim dominant have corrupt or dictatorial governments. Countries such as Turkey, Morroco, and Indonesia, are fairly democratic, but other muslim dominat countries are not. A thing similar to this can be seen in North Korea. North Koreans are completely convinced that everyone else is bad, and that they are the best. A similar version of this has manifested itself in other muslim dominat countries. It is not the fault of Islam however. Its the fault of Muslims forcing their interpretation of islam on others. Those interpretations were not what muhammad intended. As for muslim countries in Africa, that is a slightly different story. When european colonial powers gave independence to those countries ( this applies to many other countries in Africa as well), the countries were not left with the means to set up a stable democratic government. Thats why many of those countries are not democratic.

    Here is another point to make. If you lock up people with similar beliefs for along enough time their beliefs will manifest themselves to extreme levels. Almost always driffting to negative extremes.

    i hope this wasnt to hard to follow. I dont expect to change your opinions, however. Im sorry for commenting on this page again also. Thats Athiests Kid’s fault however for thinking he could humble me.

    Thankyou for your time and not blocking me

    PS: although Im not muslim my cousins dad is. He was born in Pakistan. I met him when he was visiting from there. He was a very pleasant and not insane person.

    PSS: Even if Islam really is that bad as you say, you got to better than that. Just a thought.

    • athiest kid said

      coop how old r u? where r u from?
      seems like u dont have enough experience. approach a muslim and say anything offensive about islam. they will start saying things like jesus is mentioned in koran. he was not a god but a prophet like mohammed and would even say jesus was the son of allah. they would say everything to relate christianity with islam.
      know why?
      because deep down they know their religion is fake.
      I would be pissed off to know if u r a pakistani in pakistan disguised as an american.

    • Pakistan and India started with almost similar circumstances.
      Why do you think there is so much difference now?

      Have you ever read quran? Read Quranic Verses You Must Know

      “Allah has made Islam victorious over other religions”… you still think Popat Mo never wanted world domination?

      • Coop said

        2:62 Surely those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians, whoever believes in Allah and the Last day and does good, they shall have their reward from their Lord, and there is no fear for them, nor shall they grieve.

        What about this verse of the Quaran?

  148. athiest kid said

    oye. this athiest kid is gonna bang your ass for good. points you have made are convincing to most extent. what I hate is muslims considering themselvez superior to everyone. I dont say every muslim is a terrorist. But the rules they follow according to islam creates such a mindset. A hindu celebrates diwali holi christmas and some even eid with muslim friends. but u will hardly find a muslim doing the same. 80% indians are hindus but do you see us demolishing any mosques or muslim architectural monuments? but muslims repay in a totally different way. majority of muslims in india are still good ones. But I cant tolerate those pakistani soldiers chopping off our soldiers’ heads. As I said their soldiers do it not terrorists.

    • Coop said

      Do be fair to you I am quite discusted by the talibans destruction of the buddhist statues in afganistan. I find that to be very saddening and it shows how some muslims really just dont care about the cultures of others. However, there are people the world over that would demolish the statues if they could, and I just think with we could all live together the world would be a much better place. Muslims are not the only bad people in this world.

      For this to happen, it would require work on the parts of all of us.

  149. athiest kid said

    in my point of view hindus muslims sikhs christians jains buddhists should all live in peace and harmony. but this is something impossible because muslims show reluctance to accepting other’s culture and blah blah. if the reluctance is persistent then they deserve the hatred.

  150. Kill all juslims. Kill all huslims. Kill all tuslims. Kill all muslims. Kill all fuslims. Kill them all, these self advocating believers in greed and chaos, because they never be able to live a life in harmony and be in true correspondence to god. They invent stories, lie to the world and try to tell the rest of the world that their believe is the only one. If one believes some egocentric rubbish like that, it naturally calls for rejection. And they are dangerous, the only religion in the whole world that is really dangerous. Reject Islam, kill a muslim when you have the chance to. Before he kills you, because that’s what they are best. Kill them all before its too late.

  151. I am living in a predominant muslim country for the last 24 years and in general i had no problems. It seems we respected each other and we lived our own lives. Recently the whole thing changed, i was deprived of my livelihood and all y belongings and property, not because of the muslim religion, no it had apparently to do with the justice system in this country where bias is imminent. But…. being a foreigner and although the company we own is a local ne, the system works for them who are visiting the mosque regularly. Because they know each other and this network prevents any kind of justice and turns everything in their country’s constitution upside down on terms of actual practice. Don’t think that police or the copurts will help you, even if your case is crystal clear… no but expect to be ignored until you either have no more funds to remain or you are left in the dark and dumbfolded until the day comes when you die.
    Al this makes me hate this country, their advocates and most of all these fucking hadji muslim pissheads who believe they are the crown of gods creation. How wrong can they be taught. Burt again, they are so bloody dumb that they believe that shit. I hope an nangel is coming down to earth and clears all their minds from their islamist hatery and greed. They are unworthy citicens of our worls habitat. I consider them no human and therefore should be easily to be killed. Every stampede in Mecca with a lot of dead muslims is an act of god.

  152. katholik rangers said

    I hate muslim because in my school my bully me because i have diffrent religion than other. And muslim KORAN teach each muslim to hate every chistians. So muslim people do you think you perfect? Where youre respect to every religion you just taunt another religion because you just think only one god in the world. I will stop muslim! I will stop my suffer! I will detroy you MUSLIM

  153. me said

    first of all not all Muslims are bad. i know you’ve heard that like a million number of times. they too have a right to follow the religion of their choice. yes i know some terrible things have happened to alot of people and the reason of is because of terrorists. and clearly a terrorist means one who participates in terrorism. Terrorism is the systematic use of violence (terror) as a means of coercion for political purposes. But not all Muslims are terrorists. i do realize there may be a few but that does not mean you can blame the whole group. this is really insensitive. due to this reason alot of Muslims are suffering too. i mean common its not their fault that a few choose to do the wrong things or acts. i just really hope all of this stops. i respect all religions and im not blaming anyone here. but please stop criticizing all Muslims. trust me not everyone is bad…. i cant say anymore about this but i do hope the one who wrote this article realizes something out of this. dont hate anyone its not going to get you anywhere. we all believe in god yeah? let him be the one to judge.

  154. Solomon Aind said

    They have been a big problem to India for centuries. They hate everything Indian. They hate Indians, they hate Indian civilisation, they hate Indian culture, they hate Indian faith system, they hate Indian national flag, they hate Indian anthem, they hate Indian national song! I wish they never came to India. I wonder why they don’t leave India and go back to Arab.

  155. Some Guy said

    Are you dedicating your life to making Muslims look bad or what? If you are, then what a waste of a life.

  156. Groovy Babuji said

    um… Okay.
    you believe what you want to believe but why spill faltu bullcrap about other religions? keep your beliefs to yourself instead blogging about it on the net?
    if you think that all Muslims are terrorists than i can also believe that all Hindus have on their minds is sex and that they rapists.
    Look Muslims are NOT terrorists, its just a group of these extremists that are causing this chaos. They think what they are doing is right and that doing jihad is right but its not. what they are doing is not in our religion, its in-fact haraam for Muslims to kill other Muslims. plus mostly these so called terrorists aren’t even Muslims! what they do is wrong and we muslim are not a part of them. and look if you say that muslims are all stupid to be reading religious book then ur wrong. see that is what keeps the muslims united(well mostly).
    And if you think that Islam is wrong and fake then how come we have so much evidence in our deen(religion) that it actually happened, and why dont the hindus have any evidence from the past? what were they illiterate? OR they didnt have resources? (no offense)
    Look i advise you to read the quran once. not emphasizing on you to convert or anything but to enlighten you. you can even just read in an english translation, so tht you understand that yes it is religious book but also guidence for humans about life. just sit and think with a clear mind about life, the air, the sky, the body, the plant, and organs in our body and the cells and how they formed? u’ll see, thousands and thousands of question would start clouding up in your mind, and then read the quran in english and u just might find your answer. =) No Hate. Be Happy. And Chill In Life. You Need Not, Fight On Unimportant Quarrels. Enjoy Life And Nature. Its Time To Step Out Of The Box. =D

    • keep your beliefs to yourself instead blogging about it on the net?
      why don’t you keep this shit called Islam to your self why do you want to spread it.

      if you think that all Muslims are terrorists than i can also believe that all Hindus have on their minds is sex and that they rapists.
      you can believe whatever you want, the day your belief becomes nuisance for others you will end like those Rohingya rats.

      They think what they are doing is right and that doing jihad is right but its not. what they are doing is not in our religion, its in-fact haraam for Muslims to kill other Muslims.
      it’s haraam to kill Muslims …what about non-Muslims….you see you are think it’s OK to kill non-Muslims.

      plus mostly these so called terrorists aren’t even Muslims! what they do is wrong and we muslim are not a part of them.
      actually they are authentic Muslims and actually you are all part of it because you never try to stop this.

      Look i advise you to read the quran once.
      i have read it multiple times. it’s like a war or a mafia manual.

  157. Freak said

    I could see a World war 3 happening in the future. It’s a very cruel world we live in. If there was more people like u Mindset. People would kill each other. Muslims, Christians, and other religions. Oh and here’s a 21st reason for u. 9/11

  158. Umna said

    Taliban people are idiots, ignore them, but some Muslims are very good!! Personally I think all religions should be left alone as they are and live in PEACE!