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Windows Linux and Islamic Conversions in US Prisons

Posted by The Mindset on April 22, 2011

Windows Vs Linux

Windows Vs Linux

“Which is the best Operating System?” the proffessor asked the class.
“Linux”, I answered.
The professor smiled and said, “Yes” adding “but which sells the most.”
“Windows”, said everybody in chorus.
“But why, if it is not the best product?” he asked.
“Because….Windows is for novices, while Linux is for the experts”, he answered after a while.

“It is not necessary that the best product would sell the most in the market.”

Compares to Apple’s Mac, IBM’s OS/2 or Linux, Windows looks like a poor imitation. It is selling not because it is good but because  people who use it know nothing more than using it.

In the same way even if a lots of people are converting to Islam it is absolutely not necessary that it is the best religion. They are converting because they don’t know anything about their own religion or more because they don’t know anything about Islam.

Just like Windows is for novices or people who are not programmers or experts in Computer Science, Islam is a system designed expecially for criminals, thugs, rapists, looters and Underworld Dons.

You can see how much the Underworld and Islam are similar to each other. In Underworld there is only a way in but there is no way ‘out’. In the same way in Islam there is only a way in but there is no way out. The punishment for apostasy in Islam is ‘murder’.

Just like Underworld runs on the basis of terror and fear so does Islam. Underworld thrives on extortion business, Islam has it’s own extortion laws – Jizya or the tax to be taken from the infidels.

Now who is converting to Islam. As said, Islam is for criminals – it thrives more in prisons. Here is a report:
Islamic Influence in U.S. Prisons

In 2003, when Muslims comprised well under 1% of the American population, it was estimated that 17-20% of the prison population was Muslim. An oft-quoted statistic states that 80% of the prisoners who “find faith” in prison convert to Islam.

This month, this phenomenon led to violence. A man who converted to Islam in a U.S. prison before he was freed has confessed to killing his wife and three others in Chicago because she refused to wear Muslim garb and adopt his new-found faith.

The confessed murderer is James A. Larry, 31, who confessed to the crime and expressed no remorse. During his most recent prison term, between 2002 and 2007, he began receiving visits by imams through the Islamic prison outreach program. “He became increasingly radicalized with orthodox Islamic beliefs,” a detective on the case said, “ultimately demanding compliance to fundamentalist Islam by his wife and family

The number of Muslims in US prisons is 17 times more than their proportion in population.
James A. Larry killed his 19-year-old pregnant wife, his 7-month-old son, Jihad, his 3-year-old niece, Keleasha Larry, and his 16-year-old niece Keyshai Fields.
How much fabatized a person can be after he converts to Islam. Note that James A. Larry also named his 7-month-old son as Jihad and showed no remorse for killing him.
Prosecutors: Man admitted killing wife, son, 2 nieces

Bail has been denied for a Wisconsin man after prosecutors said he admitted killing his wife, son and two nieces.

James A. Larry, of Madison, Wis., appeared in bond court today, charged with killing his wife, Twanda Thompson, 19, his 7-month-old son, Jihad, his 3-year-old niece, Keleasha Larry, and his 16-year-old niece Keyshai Fields.

Prosecutors made no mention in court today of prior statements attributed to Larry by law enforcement sources in which he claimed that Allah had told him to kill family members.

Family members previously said Larry had converted to Islam several years ago while serving time in federal prison. Family members also said he had a dispute with Thompson because she would not adhere to the Muslim faith.

It is to be noted that even in America the pseudo-secular liberal idiots are denying or trying to hide the fact that these murders were because of Larry’s conversion to Islam.

Here are a few notable converts to Islam:

  1. Abdul Alim Musa – radical Muslim-American activist
  2. Charles Brooks, Jr. – convicted murderer; converted to Islam before execution
  3. H. Rap Brown – former Black Panther; currently in prison for murdering a police officer
  4. Jeff Fort – former Chicago gang leader; convicted in 1987 of conspiring with Libya to perform acts of domestic terrorism
  5. José Padilla – convicted of aiding terrorists in the “Dirty Bomb” plot
  6. Kevin James – ringleader of the 2005 Los Angeles bomb plot
  7. Mike Tyson – former heavyweight boxing champion (convicted and served 3 years in prison for rape)

10 Responses to “Windows Linux and Islamic Conversions in US Prisons”

  1. RADU said

    i like linux and i like windows but linux don’t have many options for experts part of computer

  2. Someone said


    You know, it’s generally “other-OS-users” who “convert” to linux (I have never seen someone using linux from the beginning ) and that’s because they realize, by time, that it is the best OS.
    And, as for linux, we can say that it’s “other-religion” peoples who convert to islam, and it is for the same reason, so it’s more appropriate to compare linux (rather than microsoft) to islam.


    And, let me tell you the story of the Jizya (what you just called “the tax to be taken from the infidels”) :

    In fact, in islam, muslims have a duty that is called “Zakat”, if they have a amount of money which was hidden more then 1 year, they must take 2.5% from it and put it in “bayt el mal” a place where it would be placed in, after being collected to be distributed to all poors of the country. THAT was considered as their tax.
    But, the “no-muslims” didnn’t have that in their religion, they couldn’t just not contribute on that, so to be fair, they should pay a tax in the country they were living in. And the tax was related to their situation ( if they were poor, they didn’t have to pay it ).

    AND the “killers” you talk about ARE NOT MUSLIM, THEY ARE THE REAL INFIDELS. Islam is from Salam, which means PEACE !

    It is not because there are some popes who are pedophiles, that Christianity is a “child-abusing” religion.

  3. Jason said

    Linux sucks Linux is for people who don’t
    Know how to use a computer

  4. Jason said

    It has nothing to do with Muslims

  5. MrGreenpk said

    you are recist.
    Study Islam and then comment on Islam, You don’t know any thing about Islam you just know to bark.

    Due to people like you there is no peace in world.
    I am a Muslim from Pakistan, and I know how west are using muslims.

    When muslims were fighting against Russia then they were Mujahideen [ holy fighters, muslims who fight to free there homeland from enemy] and Now they are extremist because they are fighting with USA.

    When Pakistan makes Atomic bomb it is called that they are going to destroy the world.
    while when India, USA makes a atomic bomb they are doing for there security.

    Bro its all propoganda, watch the both side of the pictures.
    We muslims respect Jesus also Quran tells us to respect all the messenger of God[Allah].

    Get some time and study Quran[it has no volumes and Its the same as it was 1400yrs ago]

    // I not a native english speaker, take my words in +ve way

    • OBL was found in Pakistan.
      So just shut up.
      We don’t need to study Islam. we are not doping any terrorist activities. it’s Muslims who safe guard terrorist in their countries.

  6. Muslims are about peace? hello?! stop fooling yourselves..

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