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How Islam gets new converts

Posted by The Mindset on May 21, 2011

Read the following  excerpts and judge yourself is Islam “The Religion of Peace”
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Secularism India Style

Posted by The Mindset on May 20, 2011

Here is a really good article on Pseudo-Secularism in India by Mr. Cho S Ramaswamy
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Double honor killing in India: Muslim mothers murder daughters for marrying Hindus

Posted by The Mindset on May 16, 2011

What happens when a Muslim womam marry/wants to marry a non-Muslims man (read Hindu here). Two possibilities are there – either the Hindu man is killed or else the Muslim woman is killed.
In NO case they can marry.
So when a Muslim man marry a Hindu girl it’s all about “Communal harmony”, “Peace within Society” or “National Integration” or in the least case it is about “Love”.
But when the direction of the “Love” changes all Hell broke.

In the recent case two Muslim girls were killed by their mothers for marrying Kaffir-Hindu men – which is absolutely not allowed in Islam. Read the rest of this entry »

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UK: Muslim murders non-Muslim woman after texting, “I’m gonna send that kaffir bitch straight to hell”

Posted by The Mindset on May 16, 2011

Here is my advice to all those stupid non-Muslims girls who are having affair with Muslim guys. Save your life and run from them – or else you will end up like this innocent “White-kaffir” girl who was killed by her Muslim lover.
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Why Muslims can’t be good Citizens?

Posted by The Mindset on May 16, 2011

In India Muslims have a personal law board what we know as – All India Muslim Personal Law Board– for them which takes care of the issues of marriage, divorce and property. They live (and have always lived) like a nation inside a nation. Even then they spread the dung that they are treated badly which is a LIE ( read-Persecution of Muslims in India is a LIE). They don’t want to sing “Vande Matarm” because it hurts their ‘religious feelings’…and bla bla bla bla ….

But this is not a peculiar case with Muslims in India, they are same everywhere. Even in Britain they are asking for a separate Sharia Law.

So why Muslims can’t be good citizens of the land where they live.
Here are some good reasons why Muslims can’t be good citizens.

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Persecution of Muslims in India is a LIE

Posted by The Mindset on May 14, 2011

All over the Internet  you can find Muslims spreading the lies that they are a persecute lot. So here are a few *facts* which will expose all their lies. Read the rest of this entry »

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13 Things About Israel

Posted by The Mindset on May 13, 2011

A reader “sayeed” left this angry comment on my post Islam in Pictures 2

When the world is killing you ,and you enter someone’s house.He gives you shelter , he gives you food and later on you overpower them, kill them, capture them,rape them,and forcefully capture their land then what will be the outcome?

Looks like he is really angry with da Joooooooooozzz…..

So “sayeed” here are 13 facts about Israel which may may clear most of your doubts(from Planck’
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Muslims treat their women like sex slaves

Posted by The Mindset on May 13, 2011

If you ever want to know why Muslims behave in a peculiar way, just read Quran. Muslims try to find the answer of every question in Quran instead of using their brains because they believe  that Quran is the perfect book and Islam is the perfect religion – so why to use your brain.
So when it comes to ‘why Muslims treat their women like their property?’ the answer is in Quran.

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet (p.) said, “if a man invites his wife to sleep with him and she refuses to come to him, then angels send their curses on her till morning.” (Bukhari: vol. 7, bk. 62, no. 121, Khan)

Here is a report that tells how Islam’s identification of women as slave-to-men has degenerated their position. Moreover the muslim women are not allowed to think or take decisions and have to oblige by whatever their husbands want to.
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Islam in Pictures #2

Posted by The Mindset on May 11, 2011

Fogel Family Massacre

fogel family massacre

Fogel Family - Victim of The Religion of Peace

Here above you can see the happy Fogel family. Udi Fogel(age 36, top-right), Ruth Fogel(age 35, top-left) and their children Elad(4), Yoav(11), and three-month-old daughter Hadas.
On the night of 11 March Palestinian Muslims murdered all these innocent people – their crime – They were Jews. Their existaence was a threst to “The Religion of Peace” and it’s Holy Warriors.
[WARNING: Images below are extremely graphic, if you have a weak heart please leave this page now]
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Digvijay retracted from ‘Osamaji’ Comment

Posted by The Mindset on May 10, 2011

Digvijay Singh, the loud mouthed pseudo-secular idiot has now retracted from his earlier statement calling Osama bin Laden as “Osamaji”. Now he is saying that ‘Osamaji’ comment was a media creation-what a fraud.

‘Osamaji’ comment was a media creation: Digvijay Singh

Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh today dismissed as “media creation” the latest controversy over his reported reference of al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden as “Osamaji.”

“Absolutely yes, thanks to media. What I can do when the media did not understand my sarcasm regarding Osama found near the Pakistan military academy?” Singh told reporters seeking to put the record straight on his remarks at a public meeting at Varanasi.

Earlier he called Osama as ‘Osamaji’ :


Congress leader Digvijay Singh addresses Osama bin Laden as ‘Osamaji’. He welcomes the action taken by the US against him but questions Pakistan why they were not aware of the fact that he was staying very near to the military camp.

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