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Islam-as I know it

Posted by The Mindset on May 6, 2011

I get this response from several pseudo-secular idiots  – It’s not about the whole of Muslim community in general rather a small fraction of them who dominates and supersede the rest.

 My reply to this : We are not at war with only those Muslims who commit terrorist activities, we are at war with Islam.
 Unless we understand our enemy, we cannot win a war against him. So here is my explanation for why we are at war with Islam and not “just a few misguided Muslims who commit terrorist activities”.

1. There are only a few Muslims who are terrorists and we are at war with only them.

I hear these words time & time again from pseudo-secular idiots or ignorant people who don’t understand anything about Islam. To explain it let’s roll back thirty years ago – in Kashmir.

Kashmir – a land which was once called as “Heaven on Earth” has been turned into a “Hell on Earth” by the Islamic terrorists. At this time when thousand of Kashmiri Hindus are leaving their ancestral land for safe places,  the advocates of pseudo-secularism are repeating the same age old song – “all Muslims are not terrorist; only a few of them are involved in terrorist activities”.

OK,  we got it there are only a few Muslims who are doing terrorist activities and we are at war with only them.

Fast forward to present time. Terrorism has spread throughout the country. Muslim terrorist have attacked all the major Indian cities – Delhi and Mumbai have been attacked multiple times. Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Pune, Varanasi and Jaipur have a also come under Islamic attack. Hindu temples in Jammu (RaghuNath Temple), Jaipur(Hanuman Temple), Ahmadabad (Akshardham temple) and Varanasi (Sankatmochan temple) have come under attack.

Muslims have formed 13 terrorist organizations. Apart from the old – Let & JeM new Indian terrorist organizations have mushroomed – SIMI, Indian Mujahideen & Gujarat Revenge Force.

But why this happened. If there were only a few Muslims who were involved in terrorist activities terrorism should have have become weak with time and in 30 long years it should have died out. But what happening is just the opposite. With each passing year the number of Muslim terrorists is increasing and so are the terrorist attacks on non-Muslims. What is the reason? Why Islamic terrorism gas grown stronger with time if there were only a few Muslims involved in terrorism?

The answer is – Islam – a violent, criminal ideology working to kill all those who don’t follow it or who oppose it. A totalitarian system working to wipe out all other world religions. A political-military ideology working for the ultimate aim of World Caliphate. We are at war with Islam and not with Muslims. Until Islam is there more & more Muslims will become terrorists. Osama bin Laden was not born as a terrorist. Islam made him. Had he died in his childhood 3000 lives could have been saved.

So understand who is your enemy and work to vanquish it OR ELSE – start digging your own grave.

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2 Responses to “Islam-as I know it”

  1. islams not for me said

    Indeed islam is not merely a ‘religion’ as western leftists or liberals would have us believe but a Theocratic system that has destroyed every country it has touched in 1400 years.

  2. It has destroyed the civilizations of Iran & India.
    The Zoroastrians have to leave Iran are now living in India.
    Read: Zoroastrians in Islamic Iran
    Islam in it’s true form is much like fascism, communism or Nazism & surely not like any Religion

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