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Indonesian Muslims hailed Osama as Martyr Obama as terrorist

Posted by The Mindset on May 7, 2011

Osama bin Laden as Martyr
Indonesian Muslims – Osama bin Laden a Martyr

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Indonesian Muslims have hailed Osama as Martyr while declared President Obama as terrorist. Photos of  Osama with a caption “Osama is Martyr” and “Obama is terrorist” could be seen on on the city walls. Here is complete report from Reuters.

Reuters Report : Southeast Asia Islamists hail bin Laden a martyr

(Reuters) – Indonesian Islamists hailed Osama bin Laden as a martyr on Wednesday, illustrating sympathy for the al Qaeda leader killed by U.S. forces among Southeast Asian militant groups, one of which predicted a major reprisal attack.

“If it is true that was him, it was bin Laden who won, he has had that victory he dreamt of, that is to be shot dead as a martyr by his enemy,” said Son Hadi, spokesman for Jema’ah Ansharut Tauhid, a legal Islamist group founded by firebrand cleric Abu Bakar Bashir.

“The impact of his demise is that Osama will be appreciated with prayers, support and some hateful comments against the U.S.,” he said. “I am certain that the U.S. will experience a major disaster.”

Indonesia’s Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) held a meeting on Wednesday to show gratitude for the “services” of “martyr” bin Laden at its headquarters in Jakarta.

A poster on a wall near the venue said bin Laden’s killing by the U.S. military was cowardly and infidels had celebrated with a party over his death.

“May in future be born other Osamas who are even braver to fight for Islam,” the poster said.

“Our blood is boiling because we want to crush the American soldiers to bits,” said a speaker at the event.


At one point during the gathering, a speaker shouted “America” and hundreds of people, most of them men wearing white skull caps, cried back: “Destroy!”

An Indonesian militant, Umar Patek, who also has links to the Abu Sayyaf group in the Philippines, was arrested this year in the same town where bin Laden was found, a security source said.

“We think he was up to something bigger,” the security source told Reuters. “Patek was not in Pakistan by accident. There was a network that was prepared for his arrival there.”

Osama hailed as Martyr

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4 Responses to “Indonesian Muslims hailed Osama as Martyr Obama as terrorist”

  1. zohra said

    My Heart cries for whats happening in this word, no RELIGION orders to kill. as it is said in Quran when one innoscent human being is killed whole humanity is killed. We are leaving lives worst than animals. May Allah forgive everyone and show the true path for real terrorist not the ones for whome America has labelled.

  2. Raja said

    I went through all the comments given in mindset. this website is pathetic, waste, i would say that as a im a hindu and as bahgavadgita teaches not to underestimate other religion. so i felt who ever has created this website has no merci on muslims and those who dont have merci on any human being is not a reall human being

    • Where did I say that I don’t have any mercy for Muslims ?
      I agree that no Religion should be discouraged, but the problem is that ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION
      Islam is a political ideology, a totalitarian system working for world domination.

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