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Why Muslims can’t be good Citizens?

Posted by The Mindset on May 16, 2011

In India Muslims have a personal law board what we know as – All India Muslim Personal Law Board– for them which takes care of the issues of marriage, divorce and property. They live (and have always lived) like a nation inside a nation. Even then they spread the dung that they are treated badly which is a LIE ( read-Persecution of Muslims in India is a LIE). They don’t want to sing “Vande Matarm” because it hurts their ‘religious feelings’…and bla bla bla bla ….

But this is not a peculiar case with Muslims in India, they are same everywhere. Even in Britain they are asking for a separate Sharia Law.

So why Muslims can’t be good citizens of the land where they live.
Here are some good reasons why Muslims can’t be good citizens.

Theologically – No, Because their allegiance is to Allah and not towards mother India that’s  why Deoband prohibited  Muslims to recite Vande Mataram by dictating  a Fatwa.

Religiously – No, Because no other religion is accepted by Muslims. And those who are non Muslims are infidels and destined to be annihilated.

Socially – No, Because they are prohibited to greet someone with Namaste or Namaskar as it is against Muslim laws to bow someone other than Allah.

Economically – No, Because Muslims are prohibited to take interest (reba) on debt and can’t invest in the stock markets.

Constitutionally – No, Because they do not believe in constitution of the country but Sharia laws. If a woman takes ride to someone other than his father or husband and if being raped, it is not the fault of rapist but the moron lady’s why she took the ride? And it the lady who is chastised not the rapist.(read-Imrana Rape Case)

Politically– No, Because their adherence is to the five pillars of Islam and the Quran and not towards their country and its functionaries.

Doctrinally – No, Because they must submit to the mullah and ulemas who teach annihilation of all infidel nations till they become Muslims.

Domestically – No, Because they are instructed to marry four women and also allowed to whip their wives even if the husbands merely fear high handedness in their wives.(read- Muslims treat their women like sex slaves)

Intellectually – No,  Because girls have strict edicts to wear Hijab and not to mingle with any other man except their  father or brother or husband.

Philosophically – No, Because Islam and the Quran do not allow freedom of religion and expression.

Revelry– No cause they can’t drink wine and in the month of holy Ramdan not even outside food and how can one party without wine and dine?


So may be now you have understood why Muslims can’t become good citizens. The reason is TROP


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