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Why are Muslims so stupid ?

Posted by The Mindset on June 28, 2011

It’s not that you can’t find fools in other groups, but this particular group leaves every other group behind. All over the Internet you will find examples of stupidity of this group in the form of comments which they leave on blogs and even more from their acts. Here is a gem :

Do they not look at the birds, held poised in the midst of (the air and) the sky?
Nothing holds them up but (the power of) God.
Verily in this are signs for those who believe. Surah 16:79 Yusuf Ali [Source]

Wow ! and who was holding them before 632 AD.

What about The Earth being flat. A Saudi Imam declared that the earth is FLAT and anybody who claims that it isn’t so deserves a punishment.

Muslim Edicts Take on New Force – The Earth is Flat

The earth is flat. Whoever claims it is round is an atheist deserving of punishment.

That is a well-known religious edict, or fatwa, issued two years ago by Sheik Abdel-Aziz Ibn Baaz, the supreme religious authority of Saudi Arabia. The blind theologian’s status gives his fatwas great weight, though his opinions have often raised eyebrows or embarrassed worldly Saudis.

In one of my previous post I wrote about How to Play Soccer – Islamic Style – seriously if people will start doing all things in the “Islamic Style” the world will become a gloomy, sad place.

If you look at world history you will find that the areas once ruled by the Muslims were the most backward. Reason – Muslims wasted all the resources in building stupid tombs for their dead instead of building schools or colleges. The temples, buddhist stupas and monasteries were replaced by Mosques where arrogance, intolerance and hatred replaced critical thinking and education. One such example is Taj Mahal – a stupid tomb built by the stupid and tyrant Mughal ShahJahan. Instead of building a school or college that fool built a useless Tomb for himself and his wife.

Muslims make up nearly 23% of world population but they have won only 3 Noble Prizes till date – two in Literature and one in chemistry out of total 800 Noble prize winners. You can find a comparison on Jewish – Muslim Noble prize winners here:

***Najib was stabbed in the back by Egyptian Moslem fundamentalists in 1997 because he supported the Peace Process between the Arabs (“Palestinians”) and Israelis. Najib was partially paralyzed as a result.

***Ahmad Zewail lived most of his life in USA and became a naturalised US citizen at the age of 36 years.

***Orhan Pamuk is still criticised for his views on Armenian Genocide.

The reason behind all this is Islam – a political ideology which prevents a person (read Muslim) from thinking or using his brain. The word islām is derived from the Arabic verb aslama, which means to accept, surrender, or submit. Moreover it is well accepted by the Muslim populace that Islam is perfect. If it’s perfect then it can’t be wrong or reformed or criticised. Hence Muslims still live with their 7th century mindset and want to drag the whole world into it. Generations after generations Muslims have been prevented from thinking thus resulting in low IQ levels.

Another reason may be interbreeding. Here is what social conservative Bryan Fischer has to say:

Social Conservative Bryan Fischer: Muslims Are Stupid Because Of Inbreeding

Social conservative Bryan Fischer said Thursday that centuries of inbreeding has resulted in “an enormous cost in intellectual capacity” among Muslims.

Fischer, the “Directory of Issues Analysis” for the American Family Association, said on his Focal Point radio show that “Muslims have been [inbreeding] for fourteen hundred years and because this is what Muhammad did, they always will do this, they will always defend it, they will always practice it.”

“And this kind of inbreeding results in an enormous cost in intellectual capacity, intellectual quotient among the Islamic people,” he continued. “It’s just a plain fact. You can’t argue with it, it’s just simply the truth. And you get hammered for saying it, but that’s because the truth has now become hate speech, the truth has now become bigotry.”

This is a fact that interbreeding result in low IQ levels and even deformed children. Please note that interbreeding is common in Islamic societies. Here is another study done on them:

Muslim Inbreeding: Impacts on intelligence, sanity, health and society

Massive inbreeding within the Muslim culture during the last 1.400 years may have done catastrophic damage to their gene pool. The consequences of intermarriage between first cousins often have serious impact on the offspring’s intelligence, sanity, health and on their surroundings.

The Muslim culture still practices inbreeding and has been doing so for longer than any Egyptian dynasty. This practice also predates the world’s oldest monarchy (the Danish) by 300 years.

A rough estimate shows that close to half of all Muslims in the world are inbred: In Pakistan, 70 percent of all marriages are between first cousins (so-called “consanguinity”) and in Turkey the amount is between 25-30 percent (Jyllands-Posten, 27/2 2009 More stillbirths among immigrants”

Statistical research on Arabic countries shows that up to 34 percent of all marriages in Algiers are consanguine (blood related), 46 percent in Bahrain, 33 percent in Egypt, 80 percent in Nubia (southern area in Egypt), 60 percent in Iraq, 64 percent in Jordan, 64 percent in Kuwait, 42 percent in Lebanon, 48 percent in Libya, 47 percent in Mauritania, 54 percent in Qatar, 67 percent in Saudi Arabia, 63 percent in Sudan, 40 percent in Syria, 39 percent in Tunisia, 54 percent in the United Arabic Emirates and 45 percent in Yemen (Reproductive Health Journal, 2009 Consanguinity and reproductive health among Arabs.).

A large part of inbred Muslims are born from parents who are themselves inbred – which increase the risks of negative mental and physical consequences greatly.

A map can be found here:

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This post was republished by PH Bering in Danish. Here is the link:
Hvorfor er muslimer så stupide?

532 Responses to “Why are Muslims so stupid ?”

  1. sattu said

    That thing over your faces is called mind, so kindly use it MUSLIMS.

    • ubaada said

      Among the 23% many are converted Muslims from Christians, Hindus and others. If you are saying Muslim are stupid you are actually saying that all mankind is stupid.

      • Ubaada ,
        your comment itself proves that Muslims are stupid. you are an idiot.
        Christians , Jews and Hindus converted to Islam but we find that all Christians , Jews and Hindus are in better condition than you Muslims. They make positive change in the world while you Muslims are pest vermin and burden of the Earth.
        You contribute nothing positive except terrorism and crime.

        So shut up. you proved me correct. You Muslims are stupid.

        • Hindu said

          Very Good

        • Fahad Shahid said

          Muslims created the stepping stone of knowledge on the earth.
          It is you people who are stupid who believe in sh*t like the big bang theory

          • but Muslims forget to give knowledge to their own kind.

          • M said

            You see Fahad, you have just quoted some retarded bullshit which makes no sense that your abusive and brainwashing bitch of a father told you whilst beating you and your mom for not correctly milking the goats.

            And that’s ignorant.

          • Muslims like to pass out a book claiming and “proving” how through Islam the greatest scientific and relative discoveries have been made and created by Muslims, yet they always show this through idiotic historical facts which show they marched into an area, butchered the populace, then held up everything of value they stole and claimed, “surely this is now spoils of our conquest, so we are now the authors of it all”….

            If I would have murdered Einstein and then claimed because I have killed him because my God told me to do so, and by so doing I was the author of relativity I would be considered an idiot, YET THIS IS WHAT ISLAM BELIEVES AND TEACHES!!!!

            Muslims claim that America is the great satan due to it’s colonialism and constant conquest of lesser nations, yet the great satan Islam can do the same thing and because they say, “God told me to do it, so it’s okay”, makes it okay.

            I just wish they’d hurry up and kill each other, and then blow themselves up, so we could finally be rid of them, we’ve got enough trouble in the world without them adding to it, with constant idiocy and retardation!!!!!!!


          • Ivan said

            Fahad Shahid you silly creature ! Everyone with a brain will know that the universe started with the big bang, so why don’t you and all the other fucking Muslims just shut your bloody mouthes !😤

          • Proud anti muslim said

            Hahahahaha this dumb Muslim can atleast crack a joke….

        • Any comment by a person called “Ubadaa” should not be taken seriously. The name speaks for itself

        • termizi said

          can i ask you something who attack muslims for oil first ask your self that and who terrorise our home ,you guys maybe rich and clean but we dont kill other ppl for oil and make them like an animal
          lastly before i go that translation is wrong dude check the real quran you willl find it and even you find it you hv to understand it or ask some smart people to help u understand it okay thanks.

        • Dan said

          HAhaha funny that you are so stupid .. While britts where running in the forest with blue paint on there faces muslims where teaching eachother algebra 🙂

          Camer , algebra etc invented by this so called stupid muslims ..

          Keep in mind no muslim what so ever invaded Europe before the Crusades invade them ..

          • Muslims attacked Christian, then only Crusades started.
            get a life.

          • Qui Creva said

            Learn some history, Dan. Algebra was invented CENTURIES before Islam came along. The ancient Egyptians, Babylonians and Greeks all used it.

            And while a FEW Muslims might have been teaching each other algebra, MOST were illiterate peasants whole believed that the Earth was flat and the sun sets in a muddy pool. Meanwhile, the genuine universities of Europe were way ahead of the religious institutions of the Islamic world in terms of knowledge and critical thought.

            The idea that there was ever a “golden Age of Islam” is simply a myth invented by Enlightenment thinkers. Most of the advances that took place under Islamic rule were the work of Zoroastrians, Jews, Christians, and Muslim-born skeptics who just happened to be living under Islamic government.

      • Lorna said

        Most of those converts have been forced with brutal force to convert to islam. Read carefully most converts, the rest who did it out of free will tend to be ugly white girls who have zero chance to ever get attention from a non muslim. Converting is their only way of having (what they consider) a live. Then there are the pedophiles who want to escape conviction and the gay boys who want to have sex with men, but can’t accept their true nature.

        • Hahaha said

          If only Lorna knew he/she/it was sexually (and possibly completely) confused, and if it/ he-she might’ve spent a little more time in a book that TAUGHT something instead of reading books about “being forced with brutal force,” it/they/gross might find itself to be in the right direction. Here’s a good one, Webster Dictionary; hard to find I know, but if you can get your hands on one at least people wouldn’t be able to tell how smart you are…and no I am not female or white or Muslim or Jew or Christian but I do have a “live.” My “live” is telling me you’re a dumb one. By the way, jealous of someone close to you much? You need to take care of that before you ruin anyone else’s “live.”

        • Abdellah moukrim said

          How but this, at the last day of judgment wel’ll see who is going to twin

          • M said

            Abdellah you really believe some magician will come from the sky and judge us when there are 10 000 000 000 000 other stars in the galaxy each with their own planets?

            You think someone who made 10 000 000 000 000 solar systems is going to judge us?

            Honestly you probably can’t even comprehend the number I wrote above because the most you’ve ever counted is 12 goats.

            Fucking inbred retard.

        • Maryum said

          Have you even read about WHY people have been converting to islam? Do you even know ANYTHING about this religion except for what media has portrayed it to be? I dont get why any girl would specifically want attention from a white guy. Life is not about just having boyfriends or whatever. If there is anyone whose ignorant over here, its you.

          • yourfriendlyneighborhoodathiest said

            So your saying that the muslims have not been massacring people you say they haven’t been raping women and children and that it’s all the medias doing, go fuck yourself and get a brain. and it may be helpful to stop fucking your cousin so that your children can have an IQ over 2. And let me guess the Quran is amazing, the world is flat, christians are stupid and any guy is allowed to fuck you no matter what…

            Im a male atheist and i am fucking tired of muslims who think their religion is amazing and all powerful. Please shut the fuck up and kill yourselves because any idiot like you doesn’t deserve to live

            You can say what you wil but you are still still sitting back, raping someone and posting this message on your WESTERN MADE phone and denouncing everything about christianity

          • Muhammad Halal Pork said

            The reason, Maryum, for people converting to islam is because they dont know anything about God, just like most muslims. They join like they do the football. They choose what appears to be a winning team so that they fit in. If islam was serious about God they’d know that Muhammad wasnt a Jew, and that when the Qur’an states that the Israelites were muslims, it shows what a moron Muhammad was and that he had no brain. Why? Because Muhammad states in his same 20 years of drivel-writing that HE was the first muslim as well. Keep the quran where it should be…a book for arabians. A book for those who condemn eating pork, but eat camel. Jesus said “Hypocrites, blind guides, who strain out the gnat but gulp down the camel”. Just like Muhammad and his Mum, Ma Hummad!

      • Lars said

        23% converted to Islam!!! Is that what your sheikh told you) well, let me tell you something. He’s liar.. Sorry

      • termizi said

        oh i forgot maybe some of us muslim are bad but tht not meant all muslim are bad all muslim are human to and humans make mistakes like you making mistakes everyday in your life tell me
        are a god that never make mistakes tell me ubaada

      • I love how Muslims will always claim astounding statistical data showing so many converts from many other religions claiming how it’s so far chosen over other religions, even by other religions, yet the data never shows the compulsion of such conversions. Holding a knife to a communities throat and saying, “convert or die with your wives and children” is not “choosing” Islam, it’s by compulsion. You call it “ISLAM//SUBMISSION”, but the Quran says, there’s not compulsion to convert, etc, but the very word ISLAM means “COMPULSION”….

        I’ve had Muslims tell me, “there is no compulsion in religion, you are free to choose”, then the knife to the throat and then, “CONVERT//SUBMIT OR DIE!!!”.

        I’ve studied the Quran, read it from front to back, studied it for over 2 decades now and I have never found anything but idiocy from it all. The hadiths prove this! The earth is flat, the sun is egg yolk, the moons in a chariot isn’t idiocy, the real idiocy is what muslims believe, which is why they can never ever ever be at peace; MIGHT MAKES RIGHT, AND UNLESS YOU ARE CONSTANTLY FIGHTING AND CAUSING TERROR AND DRAMA, THERE’S NO ISLAM!!!

        • JB said

          I too have read the Quran and, you are correct, it promotes chaos. If you don’t believe, you are an infidel and deserve to die. “The peaceful religion” my ass!

          • Mustaffa Ali babyfuckar. said

            Peaceful only to the departed. The poor souls who were doped into this cult. Yes Mohammad(may piss be upon him), was nothing more than a pedophile, warmongering madman! And I do agree with the author of this article. Mooslems are inbred morons. The only Mooslems with half a brain are the converts and the ones who just call themselves mooslems out of fear of having their necks slit!

      • abhay said

        well…that itself proves the point. Until they were hindus, chistians, they were all right/productive. As soon as they got converted, they lost their mind because of this dumb fucking idiotic religion known as islam. Understood?

        • Muslim said

          U r reflecting ur religion sir, u have no value of hurting someone, is that what ur religion taught u, if u then I’m Muslim fundamentalist and I proud it:) sorry if u hurt, but if u really want to know whether Islam is what u think or somethyng extremely high ,so u should study Quran

          • Idiocy Is Annoying said

            HEY GUYS AN IDIOT FUNDAMENTALIST MUSLIM WANTS ME TO WAATE PRECIOUS TIME STUDYING THEIR BOOK! Like, I could do better things like contribute to scientific progresses than studying your bullshit-ridden book!

          • Confused said

            Islam Unveiled: The Horrific Muslim Practice Of Female Genital Mutilation! 😮

            Study Quran???

          • Gaman logiut said

            Very funny that these mooslem always try to defend their idiotic islam by urging us to study the shit quran. For someone who studied it and still say its shit then these goat humpers will say you don’t understand. Go kill yourself! We have read and understood your evil quran. Most mooslem themselves also do not understand their own quran crap. There is nothing great in that asswipe book but stupidity, terror and praising fake moon god and a sex crazed bastard

          • Muhammad Halal Pork said

            It is true. People should study quran. Then they know what Muhammad is alleged to have said. But more importantly is that muslims should study bible because the quran says that gods word can not be changed and many times the quran says this. Muslim scholars though claim that the Bible has been changed, which is opposite to the quran. If a muslim has a brain he will read the Bible. No, I did NOT say he will go to some fake christian church who are equally as bad as islam in their lies. I said read the Bible. That is Gods word. Then they would know about the prophecies, and also about the actual accounts recorded from Moses and the prophets, as well as Jesus’ followers. Then they will be able to get life. Psalm chapter 2 and verse two, written by David which the quran states that God gave David his word, says to acknowledge the son, or he will be angry with you. If you dont know Christ who he is, that is your own fault for not putting in the effort, when the book has been around you all the time. As for it not being Jesus, that is another stupid lie of islam. The apostles relate that Jesus’ mum was there at his death, and Jesus told the apostle John to look after his mother just before he died. So this impostor lie is stupid, for who would believe that Jesus’ own mother wouldnt identify Jesus hanging on a torture stake and would instead think it was Judas? That is plain stupid. Also the Bible shows that when Judas killed himself people knew of it. Who do you think that was? Jesus? His mum? Osama bin Laden? Wake up before it is too late. I hate false religion, and I know that some of you muslims do too. So, get out of false religion before you cant do so any longer but must be judged by God. This goes for all of us, including those who mock God, and goes for me equally. If you are genuine, you will find the truth of God, and it is a way of peace.

      • illuminatus veritas said

        Shut the f**k up!! Nobody intelligent is going to listen to a single word you say muslim! Especially after reading that!! ..your just angry that science has proved that muslims are in fact dumber than a bag of broken hammers!

      • kim said

        Forced converts i assume.muslims are gross

      • I wonder how many people from that outdated percentage had regrets.

      • Proud anti muslim said

        F**k you dumbass, lol, stupid Muslim spotted…..

      • amit gautam said

        not all of mankind is stupid , only muslims are stupid. those who were weak and stupid converted to islam and hence left their original religion. making a new stupid religion of stupids called islam. they are the most weak sub human animals of the planet. and allah dont exists. its a stupid concept.

        • Muhammad Halal Pork said

          No. There are many other stupid people in the world. They worship the devil without knowing it and think they are free.

    • Abdellah moukrim said

      First of all. The only terrorist are American Christians, those innocent Muslims were minding their own businesses. The Americans came to the Middle East, killed innocent children stoles oil and went back home like pussies. And how are Muslims stupid when they had all the knowledge during renaissance, while the Europeans like yourself were ignorant.

      Let me out it this way Hindus and Buddhists are just plain stupid and are going straight to hell, and so are the Jews. Which leaves us with Muslims and Christians. Christians are so stupid, do you actually believe Jesus is the son of god? What kind of god reproduces anyways. The original bible is not even close to the old and new testement, which means it’s all wrong and Christians are All going to hell.

      • In short only Muslims will get heaven and others will go to hell.
        I don’t understand why God even send Muslims to Earth if they all are destined to heaven.

        May you and your family die soon so that you reach heaven.

        • termizi said

          to answer you question we were tested by Allah our god and Allah wanna see your faith in him and if we do many good thing we can go to heaven and some muslim that dont do good thing or dont have faith on Allah they go to hell with you guys and if you gonna question me why Allah create you guys to becuz that is ourchallenge to live with you guys that is our challenge you
          guys that not muslim are like obstacle to get to heavens okay im sorry for saying this if you want to go to heavens you better convert to muslim find the way to the right path .
          Sorry for disturbing you faith in your religion .
          im just tellin ya

          • OK so first Allah created non-Muslims so that Muslims who are also created by the same Allah can be tested.
            Why Allah want to test Muslims ? Why he just send all Muslims to heaven directly.

          • M said

            Nah that’s just total retarded bullshit.

            Are you so fucking stupid you can’t see that religion is simply a brainwashing tool?

            Most likely you are that fucking stupid. Ugh. And you just keep BREEDING without stopping.

            Jesus I wish Allah did exist so he could take all you fucks away and leave us in peace without having to listen to all your retarded fairytales and bullshit arguments.

          • yoda said

            at least i have seen the teacher in person, you ever seen allah? got any proof that he exists?

        • Muslim said

          If ur teacher knows that u will pass exam, won’t she take exam of ur, or will she send u directly to next class

          • yourfriendlyneighborhoodathiest said

            That’s because the teacher wants to test for braindead idiots like you

          • Muslim need to just shut the fu*k up for once just cause their just all born dumb

          • LykaSumboodee said

            The teacher is greater than your God. He/She teaches the students knowledge and memory skill(which is useful in real life) then tests them by using only a few pieces of paper. Your Allah teaches you intolerance, violence, discrimination, then creates all other non muslims to test you? So that 77% of the rest of the HUMAN species (that he created as non muslims) are going to hell to burn in eternity just for being your test? Would you use you fucking brain and think if that is stupid or what?

      • >>>>>>>>First of all. The only terrorist are American Christians, those innocent Muslims were minding their own businesses. The Americans came to the Middle East, killed innocent children stoles oil and went back home like pussies. And how are Muslims stupid when they had all the knowledge during renaissance, while the Europeans like yourself were ignorant.<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>Let me out it this way Hindus and Buddhists are just plain stupid and are going straight to hell, and so are the Jews. Which leaves us with Muslims and Christians. Christians are so stupid, do you actually believe Jesus is the son of god? What kind of god reproduces anyways. The original bible is not even close to the old and new testement, which means it’s all wrong and Christians are All going to hell.<<<<<<<<<

        You are claiming cultures are going to hell, when their scientific inventions were stolen by Muslims and then claimed as their own, and they are going to hell for what? Not doing, or doing what you do?

        Christians don't believe God had sex with a woman anymore than Jesus was of the flesh//sexual result of God having sex with a woman. Jesus was the only begotten, son of God. There are many "sons of God". Begotten means to become the father of. Jesus was just a body, inside it was God, he created that body to only say and do, what He did in heaven. You are confusing Catholocism, and Jehovah's witnesses//Mormonism with "Christianity. I can understand why you are so confused, your great false prophet Muhammed did the same thing, confusing such religions with Christianity. Maybe this is why later, he added that you will find Christians that are zealots, that are true believers. Or have you forgot that part of your own bibliography?

        Muhammed did a lot of that, back and forth, errata, then corrections later, the hadiths attest to this.

        My question is why do you Muslims all riot over a picture or depiction of Muhammed, etc, and claim that you regard him no higher than any other prophet, yet then you always never ever riot over depictions of Christ, and depictions of other prophets you claim are no lesser or greater than Muhammed?

        I know why, it's because you are all idolatrous to the extreme to worshipping Muhammed, You love to name yourself after him and always fight for him, but when any other prophet is soiled, you never lift even an eyebrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        You yourselves worship a man of flesh and blood by holding him and his words higher than all others, even to the point of sacrificing your own flesh and blood to "he and his word"!!!!

        Christians worship not the flesh of Christ, but the Spirit of Christ, which was and is the Spirit of HaShem!

        You have made idols of your prophet and your own book by your words and deeds, then obliterate nations and peoples claiming this is payment for those that do what you yourself do!

        And to American Muslims, you claim moderation and you are not and never will be like the terrorists, but I bet you would be just like the Germans, who saluted the fuhrer and supported him to save your own hide, even though you knew it was wrong. I am speaking about IF Islam swept over America, in the end, when it failed, many American Muslims would claim, "but but we were just following orders, we aren't like those other ones are!"

        I am saying this because historically, this has always been the case of Muslims, the find themselves suddenly under sharia, where moderation once was the norm, and now suddenly, they stand idle, even to the point of selling out those they once loved and befriended//supported!!!!

      • illuminatus veritas said

        Hell doesn’t exist you uneducated fu**hat!! All religions are misinterpretation of a book written by sad f**king peckins who pretend to talk to some sky wizard who has NEVER existed. ANY and ALL religions are f**king stupid and violent! Athiests are right about everything! Not one thing in any religious novel can be proved by science!!? ..if science can not prove it, it does NOT exist!! Period! Now shut the f**k up! Everytime you speak someone gets stupider than they already were!

        • Muslim said

          I wonder how u can judge a book without reading it

        • Muslim said

          OK , a human made Quran
          Go on , I challenge u even Allah challenges u to make a single chapter like Qu’ran’s if u r in doubt that this is from ur Lord

          • Left Brain said

            That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard…for one thing, most of the people on this board already do not believe in your Allah sky-wizard. Point 2, nobody talks like that anymore because we have a greater understanding of life and the laws of the universe. For example, your book of sky-wizard magic nonsense tells you that birds are held in flight by nothing but the power of god. This should frankly be very embarrassing for you. Now that we have a greater understanding of aeronautics, it would be preposterous for someone to sit here and type up a bunch of foolish garbage intended to appeal to savages. It would be like Albert Einstein trying to explain his theories of relativity to neanderthals. It just doesn’t work. In all seriousness man, re-evaluate your religion and see it for what it is, a dangerous, complete waste of time.

          • yoda said

            ok, god helped Shakespeare write his books, Go on, i challenge you even Shakespeare god challenges you to make a single chapter like his poet if y r in doubt that this is from your lord.

      • Gaman logiut said

        Muhammad is a sex crazed demon who before he got married to a rich prostitute always read the Torrah and Bible. With the money swindled from the rich bitch, he begun to pay people to write his own copy of “holly book” aka quran shit. Claiming all the prophets before are moooslem. Dont give me the reason saying its imposible as moohammed cant read. Bullshit!! Lies to cover up the true story above. islam= i shall lie all mylife. By d way, your lover goat is calling. Asswipe

      • Steve Daniels said

        Its very sad that most people, regardless of their religion, are very stupid. Yes, American idiots in uniform are murdering Islamic people….and they, the uniformed idiots, don’t even realize that the “war” they think they’re nobly “fighting” is a farce ….as was “9/11″……. because, as above stated, people tend to be quite stupid, so this nightmare continues. I’m an American, but I’m aware of what’s happening (MOST people are stupid, but not all people are). I hope and pray several billion simpletons will wake-up to.the vile evil horrors that the profoundly corrupt U.S. government is perpetrating on innocent people….but that’s going to require some intelligent understanding…which is NOT something most people, irrespective of their ” beliefs,” are capable of.

      • Muhammad Halal Pork said

        That is an untrue statement. My experience with muslims is massive outnumberings to gang-bash people from the country that these muslims fled to because they were scared of being killed in their own country, but they instead speak of how good their country is (and this is a shame, as I wish they DID have peace in their own country), while commiting massive acts of violence against those of where they stay. That is very weak. I used to enjoy martial arts clubs in the day so I could avenge myself against these cowardly dogs but then learned that my acts of violence (even in a ring) are satanic, so I stopped it. The quran states lies that blaspheme the Bible, just as much as false christians do when they claim warfare in God’s name. You are just as guilty because you presume based on your ignorance. Muhammad plainly states that the Injil says a christian should go to war, but it is obvious that Muhammad had no idea what the Bible said. Jesus states that a man should love his enemy, providing good things to them, and even on the night of his arrest he used weapons as a lesson to train the apostles that violence is not to be used. The churches are hypocritical, but if you read the Bible, you would see that false Christianity was prophesied to happen, and how you could see what was false, as well as what was true. Islam is false religion as it claims so many unscriptural things and then says it confirms what is written in these other books, and that Gods word cant be changed.

      • Arvind said

        Haha. I’m a hindu and unlike you fools i don’t believe in some death cult’s fairytale of heaven and hell. You need to be retarded to believe in that kind of scare tactic. You guys live in the 21st century with an access to the world’s knowledge via the internet and you still believe in primitive tribalistic religions like Islam which says the world is flat and there’s a hell where people roast because they chose not to believe in some “unknowable” Allah boogie man in the sky. Go shove your Quran where it doesn’t shine because that’s where it belongs. 100 verses of instructions to take sex slaves and kill non-believers is “holy”? There’s a higher probability Mohd. followed the devil (it doesn’t exist either) than god (it doesn’t exist the way you think either).
        FYI Mohd. was a sex maniac pedophile who married his adopted son’s wife because he was one horny mofo. Spending too much time in the desert sun has made you all stupid. The only thing muslims are good at is violence. The world would be a much better place if all muslims just vanished.

    • Rational Thinking said

      Not allowed. Hahahha Muslims, those who believe there is a “creator.” what created “allah”. Before the big bang there was no time, meaning your allah could not exist. Go believe a book from the 7th century when there is more scientifical proof found in ancient Greece. When you can think outside the box, you will free you mind of this human psycological disease god.

      • Muslim said

        This is it, no one created Allah
        He is uncreated
        U can’t understand God
        Cause u r human , if u try to know his history, u will get mad

        • Gaman logiut said

          Hahahha!!!!! What bullshit!! Only stupid islam can create a losing answer like that to claim victory on an argument. Brace yourself as i will tell you how your ‘god’ was created…. Your ‘god’ is created every morning in my toilet bowl..

        • Khadijah said

          Errr.. How about ShakeSpeare? Writes chapters all day long that piss all over the Quran’s chapters. It’s embarrassing. You’re prophet is as useless as a fishnet condom. Barabaric, pedo warlord. And I don’t give f**k if you are offended. You don’t have the right to be offended.

        • yoda said

          if you don’t even understand then what are you believing? believe in something you don’t understand doesn’t make it truth.

        • Arvind said

          You muslims are already mad with irrationality and intolerance. There’s no need for you to try to warn us.
          Islam is provably false. It claims to be perfect and immutable. However, it contains various historical errors. (confusing Mary with Miriam for example, believing in a flat earth, believing in jinns and other non-existent entities). The only reason 2 billion muslims exist is because it spread like a virus by violence and now your women are oppressed, denied rights and your men are all too stupid to use a condom. I know some really stupid people who converted to Islam and some smart Muslims who hate their own religion. BTW 6 million muslims leave Islam every year. Atleast a fraction of you aren’t retarded. There’s some hope.

      • Muhammad Halal Pork said

        Im not muslim, but what??? Nothing existed before the big bang? Then what did the “big bang” expand into? What was it encased in? Your reasoning is severely flawed, and you are looking at the universe from your goldfish bowl without realizing you are in a room, inside a house, inside a town, inside a country, inside a continent, inside the earth, inside a solar system, inside a galaxy, inside a cluster, etc etc.

    • I hope you people stop mixing stupid people from islam. its stupid. I personally “believe” SOME parts, such as…… wait, I don’t.
      if you grow up with stupid people and your intelligent enough to know theyre wrong in every way, I unlock a special skill, called
      “common sense”.
      islam is stupid, the people happen to be more stupid. memorize the whole quran, about 666 pages with 15 lines each, is a hard task, yet parents who haven’t done that tell yu to do it. whats more, they physically force you.

      now even though I f**king hate this shit, it pissed me off as I read through this comment section when people use facts from above into basic practises. that’s racist and stereotypical, when you do that, you sound just as retarded as the people your trying to smash.

  2. I linked to your article from mine: Consanguinity And Reproductive Health Among Muslims

  3. sattu said

    A muslim friend of mine raised a very intelligent question-If there is gravity on earth then why do the stars not fall down?

    • Ujjal Dutta said

      please ask your friend to read the primary level science book to understand the difference between stars,planets, satellites etc.

      • betty lopez said

        Sattu, that is not an intelligent question because; the stars are not on earth!!

        • "Says Name" said

          i admit that MOST Muslims are stupid, in your class only 1/7 of them gets a GPA higher than 80. my stupid classmate thought 79 was a good mark. i got 89 that year without even studying. that’s how easy grade 7 is.

          • "Says Name" said

            think he was sarcastic.

          • StrongMuslim said

            Wow! What an interesting statement. Hmm…

            Yeah. Well, guess what? Let’s get me into this first. I skipped two grades and still am in the top of the class. yeah. Top. Wondering how stupid that is.

            My class, everyone in my school thinks is the smartest. And our top five students are all Muslims. Yeah. Muslims.

            You did not care about studying. A common trend in your people.

          • The entire class must be Muslims.

    • Inbreeding??? Learning to memorise holy texts but learning nothing new? Refusal to accept common knowledge? The fact that you even think that this is an intelligent question marks you as undereducated (nothing else people!). My 5 year old child could answer this correctly. It’s time to stop telling stories around the fire and discover books, assuming your religion allows that?

    • Al said

      Another dumb Muslim asking a question a child would know. I think I learned about gravity in the 6 grade.

    • Suhaila said

      That’s like asking why the sun didn’t fall down. Stars are huge, and their gravitational pull is much stronger.
      I myself is a muslim (Malaysian) and yeah I totally agree that *some* muslims are stupider than my 9 year old cousin.

    • Chuck Gordon said

      because GOD created the universe that way.

    • M said

      That is so FUCKING STUPID that is like a question that stoned 8 year olds ask each other.


      Absolute retardation.

      I guess this is what happens when you’re not allowed to read science books.

      Why don’t you read a fucking Wikipedia page before you post your retarded bullshit.

      Jesus fucking christ these fucking towellies.

      • Rational Thinking said

        The sun is a star, the stars are suns.. Muslims… Wow.. Religion is a disease, I can only show you the door but you have to walk through it.

    • illuminatus veritas said

      That is the most uneducated and assinine thing I have EVER heard!!! Your muslim friend is a total f**king moron!!! ..hahahahaaaahaaahaaahahhaaaa!! ..just end yourself and do the world a favor!

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      Why is that an intelligent question? If there is gravity on earth, why dont your pants fall down? Just as stupid, and the same reasoning applies that other forces hold them up. Is that one of your miracles of islam?

    • Mohammad's sausage and little girls said

      Tell your muslim friend that he’s retarded, typical of most muslims. Tell him to go to school and understand the mass of stars and earth. Tell him to understand the law of gravity and the distance between the solar system and other stars.
      I just realized that muslims are even more retarded than I thought they were.

  4. sattu said

    My Muslim friend further continued,”This do not happens so Newton’s UNIVERSAL LAW OF GRAVITATION is not true”.

    • 😆 Muslims are funny.

    • M said

      This is so fucking stupid it’s actually dangerous. Wow. Reading posts like this makes me feel okay about employing people and paying them minimum wage because honestly what hope does someone this dumb have.

      Better to have the dumb fucks working than thinking up their crazy nonsensical cartoon-world stories.

    • Left Brain said

      Come on man…alright let’s address your muslim “friend’s” question head on. Because Flying Spaghetti Monster knows that he likely won’t be able to get the answer anywhere else. First of all, let’s address each part of the question in turn.

      1.) “If there is gravity on Earth” – This is absolutely fundamental and irrefutable, gravity has been detected by studying massive objects gravitational pull on other objects for years. all objects that have mass have gravity. Let me say that again, ALL OBJECTS that have mass exert gravitational pulls. Einstein, while incomplete, worked on a unifying theory that linked quantum mechanics with his theories of relativity for years, he ultimately failed when it comes down to the quantum level, but nevertheless, his equations are used for everything from plotting courses in space, to explaining time-dilation of satellites in space. It’s used quite extensively and you can close the book on this one, gravity does exist my friend.

      2.) “then why do the stars not fall down?” – In space, there is no up or down, everything is relative. What is down to you may be up to someone on Mars, or sideways to someone on another earth-like planet 100 light years away. You are typing from behind a keyboard, in a building, in a possibly backward country, on the largest continent on the planet, on a tiny blue chunk of space-rock rotating off-axis at 1000mph, circling our single sun Sol at 30km/sec in a backwoods solar system of 8 planets along with an estimated 1 billion other solar systems inside of the milky way galaxy which is just another galaxy out of countless possible TRILLIONS of other galaxies that all originated from a single event 13.8 BILLION years ago!

      Now that my friend, reality. Have your friend come back to it.

  5. Muslimsgay said

    I agree biatch muslims are gay

  6. Will said

    Long live Israel

    • Dr. Alvin H. Horeak said

      Don’t worry about Israel. Israel will do just fine. And I hope Israel will keep on building settlements. There will
      never be a so-called Palestinian state with, of all things, Jerusalem as the capital. That’s the way I see it. Three cheers for Israel.

    • Muslim said

      isreal wont live long cause it didn’t let people live long in Palestine

  7. Mike B said

    I tried to find an intelligent Muslim. I went to several colleges, distant cities, places of employment. I did this because I wanted to learn first hand about them and their culture. I graduated ahead of my class and retired first. My relatives teach in colleges, hold difficult jobs, and are outstanding citizens. I wish my findings on Muslims were different. America may try to candy coat them or throw a few Nobel prize’s at them. But, the truth is they are all simple minded. I once found a very nice kind Muslim. He had a child like innocence about him. Yet, he was in the process of converting to Christianity. I even visited Muslim only colleges. They had ability to memorize. Yet, no ability to rationalize what should be simple concepts. You can criticize my grammar, because I chose to be specialized in my studies.

    • I agree with you . I have written on this in my post Why Muslims are so stupid ?

    • Lorna said

      I met an intelligent Arab once, was completely shocked I must admit. But I assumed (dumb thing to do I know, sorry) that he was a muslim. He was born and raised a Christian and had fled his native country with his parents because they were beng prosicuted for being Christians. He was only a year in holland and practically fluent in the language. If he had been 6 or 7 fine, he was 16 already and Dutch is a difficult language even for the natives.
      So if you do come across an intelligent Arab he or she is most likely a Christian, my personal experience anyway. The above was just one of several encounters.

  8. sattu said

    God’s greatest mistake- CREATING MUSLIMS

    • Cherry Ismail said

      subhaanallah! it seems your god is even capable of making mistakes!!!

      • I think it was Satan who created Muslims.

        • Lorna said

          I never believed in the notion of a hell and satan. Always thought it was a way for Christians (and other religions too) to control peopl, until I read the Koran. When u think of satan and what he would do to control the world islam would be the best way to destroy gods/natures (whatever u believe) beautiful and highly admirable creation. So yes satan created islam most definitely.

      • Cherry Ismail said

        ohhhh!! your god is indeed spectacular!! he let satan create a being that is capable of disobeying him!! i can’t even imagine the faith you have in your god!! -salute- you have my respect.

        • Muslim said

          that’s very bad saying muslims bad words but nothing happens they are all jealous of muslims

        • angel said

          muslims are naturally stupids they even kill there own and there muhammed maried his adopted sons wife then said god told me so stuped even your proffet was stupid and sex addicted he married 9 year old girl and said when men go to jannah they will marry 100 girls and have sex for ever

          • Muslim said

            R u mad! have u ever studied archaeology or history, go research on Prophet Muhammad, don’t make ur own filthy history of our great Prophet

          • Muslim said

            Zaid Bin Harris was not Prophet Mohammed’s son , when his wife Zainab got divorced Prophet gave her a helping hand and married her

      • @Cherry Ismail

        Well well well….
        here is the final answer.


      • sattu said

        there is nothing like my god or your god.GOD is everyone’s. it is islam which divides god and even people as kafirs and muslims.

        • Muslim said

          but rights for both kafir and muslims are same treating everyone with respect and yeah god of all mankind and other creatures is same but Christians say jesus god…

      • The Knight said

        Good to see that Cherry Ismail lives in West and enjoys the protection of Dhimmis. If not for Sharia Law in their Mooslime Cesspool countries, she would be covered in Burqa Bag and be at home with no Computer. She is worth half man per the Pedophile Pig “Mo-Ham-Mad” (Piss Be Upon Him).

    • Wqam said

      God is almighty and all-knowing. God cannot commit mistakes. He gave mankind the decision to determine their future. If they chose to be ignorant and violent, good for them. Relegion isn’t the reason why people do everthing they do. We should focus on the actual people rather than the religion.

    • Gary Toogood said

      Muslim’s biggest mistake. Creating god.

    • Fahad Shahid said

      This diffinitive proof of your false religion.

  9. Pedro said

    Want a smart Muslim? That’s a trick question! Search Son of Hamas!! Once you become smart you leave the religion! the mental and logical constraints of islam becomes too apparent to accept as any form of truth!

  10. Varek said

    All muslims are humans, but the vast majority are totally “off the rails”. How can you justify bringing your mobile phone into work, and then saying that you have a video of a white man having his head severed with a blunt knife. You are all murderous pigs, and deserve to eat your own.

  11. sattu said

    Issuing of FATWA(ban) on the girls rock band in Kashmir is a proof of how orthodox and stupid muslims are.

  12. said

    nothing is more worse then a muslim. that is not even close to being debatable.

  13. i love all muslims but my dog is more reasonable than muslims. one day i was reading quran 5vs51 allah says muslims dont make friends wit jews and christians they are ur enemy. i asked this muslim guy why? this muslim gave me a stupid answer he says cos christains hate Jesus and jews hate allah; i angriy looked at him and said ur brain is fried. islam is the problem of muslims the worse thing that can happen to anybody is to be indoctrinated by islamic doctrines. a muslim boy of 7 years told me in i am stupid for praying in Jesus name i looked at him i said what are they teaching this kids. from childhood a terrorist is made about of a muslim child.

  14. sattu said

    Well said Mindset

  15. steven jacobs said

    what you think muslims are slaves of a book, no they are slaves of the old rich mans they can explain this book whithout scarry. Muslims live in the 12 th Century, mohammed his prophet married a 6 year old child and make this children to his wife the littele children was 9 years old. What you can say, Muslim are stupid because they never has the freedom of think, Muslims are stupid because they are uneducated, not the highlevel dubai guys, muslims are stupid because they dont think with a owne brain, they listen uneducated stupid grandfathers and think okay, my live here is really shit, my country is shit, i can do nothing, why the shit christians, buddihst, jews have fun, no they need a bomb, because my live is shit. Thanks Mohammed husband of a 9 year old child. The Islam is a religion with thousand answers of every question, and the answers give stupid idiots like the king of saudi arabia, the religios Leader of Iran, the fat idiot in the village in irak how can read a little bit. Muslims are primitiv, whitouth this stupid thinking they are nice people, but you can not speak with muslims because they are really really little stupid children, egoistic ugly children, but may be they learn that the univers is to first what you make with this what you think alone.

    Post Scritum, Hey Muslim you Know Bin laden is deadh, shot down in his 5 million dollar luxus appartment in Pakistan. Hey Muslim you know all other people think Muslims are stupid, because they say: Only i have right, same like a ugly stupid children. Ah i fortgot you are a muslim you can married a Child

    • I agree Muslims’ children are ugly and they don’t have any soft features or cuteness seen on the faces of non-Muslims children.

      • Wqam said

        So if any other relegion converts to islam, their kids’ features suddenly become ugly. That makes no sense. Stop basing a relegion off of a couple of idiots. The KKK used relegion as an excuse for murdering tons of people, but people looked past that. Why can’t we do the same here?

      • Wqam said

        I am not even Muslim. I am just saying that your arguments don’t make sense and never will to me because i feel like you are basing the whole relegion off a few people. I know a Muslim who looks white with blonde hair and blue eyes. I also know a Jew and Christian who are brown and from India. I am a Hispanic who is Christian.


          even if was blind and couldnt tell an athiest from a jew or christian or hindu or Buddhist all i would have to say was mohamed is an idiot and im sure id know who the muslim was because he’d be trying to me and my haram seeing eye dog!

      • Wqam said

        Plus, by long ago, do you mean fifty three years ago. The KKK was at its prime in the 1960s, and it still does operate today😒. It seems like you don’t know what you are even talking about and acting blindly. You are letting your ignorance base your decision off of what you wanted to hear. Don’t make stupid assumptions until you know absolutly everything. So if i conveted to Islam would i suddenly become stupid and evil? It isn’t me that is evil but people who accuse the innocent.

      • Wqam said

        Fuck it. I give up. You are so blind and stupid to relize anything else. You really didn’t even answer any of my questions. All you want is to get rid of Muslims is that it? It is impossible to get rid of a major religion. Muslims are evil? Is that so? It is people like you who are evil. You are like a second Hitler. Let people be the way they want to be. If all Muslims were evil, then the world would be fucked because they are the second biggest religion. Also if they were truly evil they wouldn’t give a shit about their own family or other people. If Muslims were the way you describe them, the world would be in complete chaos. There would be murder, rape, and aar everywhere you go. Islam isn’t the problem. The problem is too much religous conflict. Please take note that i don’t want to offend you. I just get really heated in an argument.😊

        • WqamH,
          your ip address tells that u r from USA.
          How many Muslims you have met in your life?
          How many Muslims you have talked to?

          My point is you don’t know what Muslims are because you don’t have to deal with them. Just ask a Kashmiri Hindu or a Coptic Christian – they will tell you whether or not Muslims are evil.

          Or wait for a decade. Your stupid non-racist government is doing a fatal mistake of allowing the Muslims to come indside your borders. You will soon know what Muslims are really.

          I am sure you will come again on this blog, may be years later. Make sure u bookmark it.

          Good Bye till then
          Stay Safe my friend.

        • Fahad Shahid said

          Leave it brother their minds and hearts have been clotted with the devil’s seal .
          All we can say is may Allah show them the right path

      • Wqam said

        I have dealt with Muslims before. Infact, I spent a year in Pakistan when i was a kid and a year when i was a teenager. I know what really goes down there. they aren’t bad people. They are just confused becasue they have terrible leaders who feed them lies about their own religion. The only bad Muslims are the radical one, but the radicals of every other religion are bad as well. There are more Muslim radicals because of their lack of education in the Middle East and, set again, bad leaders.

        • >>Just 2 years, and u think u know Muslims. I have spent my entire life in India where there are as many Muslims as in Pakistan. Now don’t u think u should listen to me.

          • Wqam said

            I live in a Muslim neighborhood that is one block away from a huge masque. Everyday I am surrounded by Muslims too. I know how it is. Most of them are educated doctors and engineers though, so they don’t cause much trouble 🙂

          • That’s the point, you are with Muslims who are educated.
            How many Muslims are educated by the way?

            Do you know that 50% of the Muslims in this world are illiterate. How many of them would become doctors & engineers.
            Hardly 0.1%…with majority being illiterate and savage you can’t form your opinion on this people.Can you ?

        • they have terrible leaders who feed them lies about their own religion

          Is it my fault. if they have bad leaders they should suffer. why is that my people are suffering because of Muslims.

          Do you know that Indian government has to buy weaponary billions of dollars just to keep Muslims at bay. if Muslims were peaceful the same money can be used to bring out millions of people out of poverty.

          but u seem to have more concerned about Muslims not innocents who die because of them.

          • Wqam said

            It is true that your people are suffering but, yet again, it isn’t the Muslims fault. It is because of the leaders that these Muslims commit these violent and stupid actions. If you get rid of the source of evil the rest will turn good. Not all Nazi’s were bad because they though they were doing what was best for their country. Butler was the evil source and once he suicide the rest took course

          • Butler???
            who was Butler…???

            Even 100 years ago people like you were saying the same things. Don’t u think condition should have been better by now. But not, on the contrary it is becoming worse.

          • Wqam said

            When i typed Butler i meant hitler. Muslims are uneducated because they live in LDCs. If they were in MDCs, most of them would be. This principle applies to all LDCs. The last thing you said just confused me. The three religions you stated are such a small population. There are Christian terrorist like the KKK and a bunch of other europeans from the 1700 and 1800s. Jews, muslims and christians make up more than 50% of the populatin. Terrorists are everywhere so you can’t say one religion has a history of none.

        • The only bad Muslims are the radical one, but the radicals of every other religion are bad as well

          so u think there r radicals in every religion.

          can u name a few Jain terrorist / Parsis terrorist/ Buddhist terrorist

          i think u r misleading.

          • Wqam said

            In advance, for all the typos and moments of confusion. I have autocorrection on and it messes me up. Now i feel like you are twisting up the information to make me look wrong. You just named a bunch of small religions that all together hardly make up any of the world’s population. We’ve heard of many Muslim terrorists because they are the second-largest religion in the world. I am sure there are some Buddhist terrorists, but we’ve never heard of them because there are already a few buddhist in this world.

          • The largest religion is Christianity, there are not as many terrorist as Muslims. Christian countries are not f**ked up like Porkiland/Afghanistan and other s*itholes.

            Hinduism and Buddhism follow Islam in numbers, I don’t see any terrorist coming out of these two.

            The issue was your own statement The only bad Muslims are the radical one, but the radicals of every other religion are bad as well

            and now you are saying that there are no Jain terrorist – don’t you think you have double standards.



          • Muslim said

            that’s horrible ENOUGH u all non Muslims saying our holy prophet anything oh ur religion is not good it is terrorism you all are just not understanding Islam I HAVE SAID NOT TO READ THE ISLAMIC BOOKS WRITEN BY ENEMIES OF ISLAM

      • Muslim said

        This is difference between Islam and any other religion, Islam doesn’t looks to people’s faces ,it just looks to hearts

      • Muslim said

        This is the difference between Islam and other religions

        Allah sees ur hearts not ur faces
        And ur religion Hinduism supports racism

      • Muslim said

        its islam not any other false , human made religion, Islam does not care about looks , it cares about hearts

    • Muslim said

      I suggest u Dr Zakir Naik

  16. Rajeev said

    God never created religions…thats we, who have created it…Initially for a better living and respect for others then some people mis-interpret it for ther benefit….God is all over the same ther is no your god or my god….God is the superficial truth… you should do what helps others to live comfortably in this world and you will be taken care off…..You make others life hell filled with terror….you will face the same……it is not done by god…it is what you have given to this world and the world gives it back to you……

  17. razvan said

    I agree with rajeev. I wish I lived in a world where everybody was open minded and could not be manipulated by these religions.
    No religion is good, they are all manipulated facets of the same thing. God exists but he’s not a man sitting in the sky who wants vengeance and who wants to kill his “enemies” because everything is infinite spirit, everything is god, so why would god want to kil himself. These religions were written either by humans that have an interest to keep people dumb and subservient or they were written by “gods” …. And by gods I mean negative aliens who came here and to us they appeared as if they had supernatural powers, but they just had more knowledge and technological advancement than us.

    So yeah… could you tell all of these things to a muslim? fuck no, you couldn’t tell this to a christian or any other religious fanatic. because although I think islam is the most fucked up religion, all of them are nasty and most of the followers are brain dead. Try reading many books, try thinking for yourself. Even then it’s hard to grasp the truth, because we’re all so limited right now and manipulated.

    Every man has his small world, he goes to a job and does things in his small world, he doesn’t see the bigger picture. There are so many doctrines on this planet, that it’s hard not to fall into some of them. My opinion is that we should all read books and make up our own mind. Read Convoluted Universe or Journeys out of the body by Bob Monroe. There are many many things that are so fascinating in this world, on this planet and in this whole universe. The smaller the worldview you have, the more retarded you behave, and you don’t notice these greater things because you’re too caught up in your daily life.

    People talk about muslims, yeah I agree they are savages, but look at american policemen… they’re just as dumb. Look at how they beat up the crowds that manifest peacefully on the streets, they do that because that’s how they’re brainwashed to do… they are taught to fight imaginary terrorists, they think that everyone is a terrorist now. Sure terrorists I’m sure exist but they’re not the cause of most of the “terrorist attacks” that happened in America. Like 9/11 … that was an inside job and muslims had nothing to do with that.

    People get so caught up in judging others and seeing others stupidity that they don’t realize their own stupidity. I think everyone should be open minded enough to admit that he could be wrong and that maybe he doesn’t know everything, maybe he knows part of the truth and doesn’t see the whole situation. I, myself don’t know the whole truth about everything, I can only assume how things are from reading books and by critically thinking.

    It’s hard for me to understand, whose fault is this…. this whole fucked up religion fanaticism and fucked up world that we live in…. I’m sure most of the fault is taken by the manipulators, the illuminati, because they have the power to change this world for good or bad, but they chose to make it a nightmare for us all. We could have free energy, we could have levitating cars and loving people with plenty of food and everything we desire and communication and travel on other planets and star systems… but most of the people don’t even know about all of these things. Even the dumb athiests, they’re so full of themselves, they think they know shit, yet they are justt seeing part of the truth.

    And also I think we as people are partly to blame for all of these fucked up situations that happen daily on this planet. Sure the illuminati manipulate us and brainwash us with religion and “education” etc etc… but when a muslim guy has a choice to make between killing a guy and not killing him, why does he chooses to kill him??? why does he behave like a savage animal? He has a choice, he has the power to choose not to hurt other people.

    There are so many hidden factors, hidden things that affect our judgment and our emotions and health. We are bombarded from everywhere on all levels. We are sprayed with chemtrails every day, we eat poisoned and genetically modified food, we are bombarded with technologies that can affect our state of mind, so we can have sudden rages or sudden emotions, sudden depressions that are not ours. We are vaccinated with things that don’t help but actually bring the diseases.

    Plus there are the negative entities that feed off of our energy, their interest is to keep us in a negative mood, in fear and stressed so that they can feed off of our fear and negative emotions.

    If you don’t believe all of the things I’ve told you, then you should read about it, investigate, make up your own mind…. but if you just make a negative comment without investigating then you’re just as stupid as the muslims.

    I’m not saying I know all, no one knows all, that’s not the point. I think that everyone should have on open mind, be kind to each other and just help each other out and understand each other and try not to judge too harsh

    • evan said

      i am CHristian. in Bible jesus tells his followers to lover everyone. that means we are to show the

      love of God to the muslims and not hete them, i guess. when the bible says not to hate anyone it does not say to
      like what they do. evedently chrtistians r to show god’s love & grace to muslims. even though that mite be true,
      i still think muslim=terrorism . i heard before that most muslims dont even know what they belive. oh, i think that muhammad sold his soul to the devil when he created islam. its mainly the muslim rullers, and tailbans/ ali quada members that r violent . keep away from the muslim holy book, the quran . the faith of muslims is off the hook. islam is a vile religion founded by one of the devil’s slaves , Mhuammad. thres no such think as a allah . i have a
      blogspot page.

      • Muslim said

        any proof
        ever read Quran?
        keep these all lies up to u, u kill us in Burma, rape muslims in Iraq , kill children in Palestine and that’s what ur religion is

        • Muslims were raping Buddhists women in Burma, read news atleast. That how it all started. you Muslims start a war and whine when it does not go the way you want.

          Muslims rape non-Muslims in Burma , Pakistan and Europe. Get a taste of your own medicine.

          palestines use children as human shield.

          • Muslim said

            R u in ur senses , killing of children is not a big deal near u , oh wait , maybe they r Muslim children but children r children , Buddhists are killing Muslims in Myanmar , seems like ur media doesnot want to show this

          • For years Muslims were killing Buddhists and raping their woman . wWhere were you then?
            Muslims are paying for their crimes now.

          • Muslim said

            Which year , mindset please tell me which year ??

          • Atheist said

            Muslim …. from day one of your evil’s cult and barbarian tribe traditions put in to and changing something which was already build peacefully … From day one of your evil days you are trying to conquer the world with force ,killing and slavery and all that … from day one till present days … Every time when i try to speak with Muslim I’ve have to listen bullshits in 21 century ? OMG why you people are so angry and stupid not from the day this fake prophet shows but many many many years from Ishmail … thats day one … And please dont attack me did i read your book … i done it twice and its nothing then cult to the devil with barbarian and cruel rituals .Why dont you just go back in the desert ,believe what you believe and leave us alone with our Christian peaceful world … We show us whats is life and you want it but when we give it to you you want to make it a HELL from where you came from claiming this is the right way !?!?!? whats wrong with you … go there and ask for whatever you want from your stupid believers. We all are living peacefully with all other believings of way of living but only you cant live with the rest of the other believes. Don’t even speak to me … Im just telling what i thing about your arrogant attacks everywhere in the world … GO HOME AND LEAVE US ALONE ! WE DONT NEED YOU >>>> YOU NEED US to claim your violent behavior ! Go and kill all of you ,WE DONT GIVE A SHIT UNTIL YOU CLAIM THAT WE KILL US !? MADNESS!

  18. Believe said

    Why would you say muslims are bad?
    They believe in Allah.
    Who made the skies then?
    Man cannot reach that high???!!!
    I am Muslim

    • Muslims are bad – that’s why i write they are bad.
      Muslims believe in Allah what…everyone believes in their god..what is so great about your Allah …
      Man cannot reach that high….what an idiot…man has reached onto moon…
      looks like you filthy Muslims eat your own sh!t….you motherfu*ker.get lost from here

      • Believe in 1 god said

        You dumb person…
        WHo created you!
        MAy allah put you in hell.

        • How old are you ?
          Did you passed your 5th standard in first attempt?
          You are the most stupid person I am replying to.
          Go and read Biology – basic one will help you …

          MAy allah put you in hell….
          wow what a Religion of Peace …we infidels are already in Hell with you Muslims living here on earth

        • Wqam said

          You shouldn’t force your idea’s on other people, but i do disagree with all Muslims being evil 🙂

        • moehoweird said

          hey aneen this is your profit moehoweird may the goat you call a wife give you herpes. ………even in jehannem near the third realm of the islamic underworld you can lie to yourself, but i cant get out of hell to set you straight,women run the place and keep and keep poking traffic cones up my anus,it really hurts i wouldn’t lie( taqiyya ) to go to the mosque and sniff the farts of five hundred guys in front of you then vo home and beat your wife because the book i wrote says its ok,feces be upon you



      • Believe in 1 god said

        What bad words you say?
        Have you say how the birds fly?
        Who created all the animals.
        You die and there is one more life.
        You either go in hell or paradise.
        I hope you get a painful punishment.
        What is i said christians are bad?

      • The Knight said

        Believe in 1 Satan (fake moon god Baal aka Mooslime, it is your Satan worshipping Pedophile Pig “Mo-Ham-Mad” (Piss be Upon Him) who madandated that all Mooslime scums fight with Kuffars. Most of the world conflicts are because of Mooslimes. You dont co-exist with other religions and not even among your fellow mooslimes. Wahabi vs Salafi vs Ahmadiya vs Shiite. try to clear your brainwashed Koranimal selves and think rationally and logically why your cesspool countries are in such pathetic condictions. You mooslimes are lucky to be in west, under the protection of so called “Dhimmis”, enjoy free speech and freedom and try to hurt those who keep you safe. Because of you inbred mooslime scums, the west and the whole non-mooslime world is vexed with Pisslam. Now go and hump a goat and have Camel Urine, you worthless inbred Mooslime scum.

      • Muslim said

        u wanna know wat is so great in ALLAH ok can u touch sky from sitting on ground no can u kill a person or born if u just wish same Allah is so merciful he never wishes his people to be in trouble so he says us to surrender to his will and his will is rights of humans and rights of God may Allah guide and bless u

        • BS…usual by Muslims.

        • Muhammad Halal Pork said

          The Bible does NOT say to read the quran. Actually it says this: “However, if we (the apostles) or an angel out of heaven declare to you as good news something other than we have declared to you as good news, let him be accursed. I will say again. If we or an angel declare to you as good news something other than we have declared to you as good news, he is accursed.” Galatians 1:8-9.
          Considering Muhammad’s message does not match that of the peaceful message of the apostles and Christ, then you know what Muhammad’s message is like in God’s eyes.

      • Muslim said

        Sky is higher than moon, u idiot

      • Muslim said

        Yeah it is

        Two types of sky
        If u talk about the one which covers our earth than it
        is lower than moon but if u talk about the one in the space
        It is much higher than the moon

        • Muslim said

          @ mindset
          We never attacked Christian and it was inside job “9/11”
          BTW why u are killing us
          In Burma , Palestine?

          • No it was not.
            For the last 1400 years you Muslims are attacking non-Muslims.
            Iran and Iraw were once a Zoroastrian country, Turkey was Christian and Pakistan was Hindu country. You Muslims have attacked and forcibly converted people all through the history.
            Stop these lies that 9/11 was a inside job. Osama bin Laden took the responsibility for it.

  19. Mus_are_pigs said

    I have a Muslim house mate and always when hear that I ate pork will show that stupid irking face and then went on blabbering facts which are totally from another planet. He told me that pigs are fed with shit and stuff and why am I still enjoying pork.

    One evening he came into the kitchen and smelled something pleasant from my cooking and asked me what I cooked. I told him that it was something with pork and vegetables and he started saying it must be the vegetables that smelled so nice. And then started telling me again the shitty sorry again. I can’t believe which century he belongs to because as far as I know, pigs are even more cleaner than them. 😀

    Very often, I cannot really stand them. Why can’t they just respect the ways of others rather than insisting others following what they are taught about? This is why till this day, most of the Islamic countries are still in poverty except those which are rich in oil resources.

    Another thing is that women in their religion are treated like slaves. I don’t understand why women are not allowed in mosques. Maybe someone knowledgeable can tell me why.

    Anyway, thank you so much for having this blog which has allowed me and I’m sure the others to vent out our anger.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      The oil rich countries are rich because non-Muslims from their countries go and dig their oil for them. these morons can’t do it themselves.
      bloody idiots.

    • Natureboy said

      I was in the military and had to take a culture class. The person said that they wipe their butt with their bare hand. It’s their left hand. But your friend won’t eat pork. Geez. When I was in Baghdad I had to share showers ans sinks with them. Ugh they’re so nasty. My friend said he saw two dudes get into the shower together.

    • Muslim said

      womens have separate mosques and pig is forbidden in Islam as its feed is bad

    • Muslim said

      Non sense
      Cleanliness is half of our faith

      • Liar
        Muslims are filthiest of all people.

        • Muslim said

          Oh really
          U drink cows urine
          How clean

        • Muslim said

          Yeah I have proves

          Ur books say drinking cows urine is good for ur health ,
          This is disproved by European scientists

          And what prove u have that Islam is wrong ???????

          • Which book?

          • Muhammad Halal Pork said

            If you think the Bible says to drink cows urine, let me direct you to some facts.
            The quran says that Gods word can’t be changed.
            The quran says that the Torah and Injil are Gods word.
            I presume you think the Bible says this.

            Other facts. The bible doesn’t say anything about drinking cows urine.
            The quran says that you should wash your hands in dirt, and after sex wash your dick in it if you don’t have water. What is wrong with you? What was wrong with Muhammad?
            The quran says eating pork is wrong, and islam claims that it is because the Bible says so. The same verse shows that eating camel is wrong for exactly the same reasons, but that’s okay for muhammad.
            Jesus called a 12 year old girl “young child”, while muhammad marries a 6 year old.
            There are many reasons why the quran is best off being used to warm oneself on a cold night. Marshmallows will taste nice with it too.

    • Dennis M McKillip said

      I would seriously consider finding a new room mate. This won’t end well.

  20. islam is DOGSHIT said

    Muslims are the most ridiculous and disgusting people on this planet. Pakistani muslims are the worst due to the inferiority complex they harbour towards the world, especially Europeans. Muslims will mirror things that apply to them to the rest of the world i.e “The west is brainwashed” lol really?? Read a koran with an open heart and you may fall for its deception. Read it with an open mind and you will see the indoctrination and disgusting xth century mindset of a paedophile and his band of merry men.
    Fuck islam

    • Muslim said

      do you see the titles of Muslims and non Muslims yes non Muslim insult us that’s wat their H-O-L-Y religion told them may Allah guide you

    • Muslim said

      U read Quran with Open mind

      • Think twice said

        Hi there, you seem very passionate about ur religion. I read your suggestion to watch “Dr zakir” lectures. I watched a few a its no wonder you got all your info wrong.

        Please watch here a five minute video of the mistakes he made in just that time. Google up the information if you don’t believe.

        This is 2016, information is abundance. Allah would want you to know the truth. Allah have u a brain. What if Allah didn’t write that book and someone stole your gods name and used that book to trick you? You are a bright human being. Go find ur own answer to the real Allah. Think out of the box.

  21. Atheist, ex muslim said

    You lost me on the interbreeding “fact” and how you say it is fact. well, how come you became like the Muslims you are talking about and jumped to a total unscientific conclusions? there is no evidence that marrying your cousin can cause low iq or affect the brain, closer marriage results in a bit higher percentage of defects than other marriages, similar to giving birth after 40! Muslims is not the only one that practice cousin marriages, there are so many communities including Jews at least in the past. and Muhammad didn’t even encourage it as far as I know. I’m former Muslim and I was actually told that he recommended otherwise, but I’m not sure.

    I’m former Muslim and never believed in flat earth. I’m atheist now, I believe in evolution and science. there are many Christians who insist the earth is 5000 years old and deny evolution and big bang.

    The problem IS in RELIGION. and ignorance in general. the dominant Islamic theology keeps the masses ignorant. someday maybe there will be awakening like there was in Christian countries. remember if not for secular and anti-church philosophers, you would be still living in a world where the backward church prohibit printing and insist on flat earth .

    • The second last link will take you to the site of a scientific website. The “fact” is a “fact” one can deny it.

      The inbreeding has caused problem in dogs too. Here you can read about it
      Inbred Thinking.
      Terrierman is a very popular and respected blog.

    • Natureboy said

      The problem with some atheist. Is that all they do is ask people who believe in God to prove their belief in this or that. I.E. prove that God is real. They ask questions in which they want factual based answers. You will probably not hear them give you 100% factual answers to their own questions. And here comes the questions.

      • Atheistpeace said

        You are right naturboy.. SOME atheists do that.. While a lot of other atheists (like myself) know that it’s useless to argue with a religious person who has been brainwashed since his birth and lost all his critical thinking capabilities. So we just use sarcasm and mockery to deal with the frustration of sharing the world with the dimwits like you. 😀

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      Actually, those who proclaimed loudly that “religion is a snare and a racket” were Christians, True Christians, and they were hated by the churches for it. The atheist who does it now is a standard deviation of the original, and use the slogan not to expose false religion, but to attack religion and harness mankind’s hope and faith into their pseudo-scientific bullshit so that they are basically worshipping them, pouring money into their coffers. True Christians uphold the teachings of Christ; not worship a man, and at the same time disobey everything he says in the name of some nationalistic ideology, like those crazy bean-flicking, gun-toting rednecks who like to blaspheme Christ.

  22. muslimsGROSS said


  23. Wqam said

    I deal with Muslims my whole life too. I live in a Muslim, I live by a masque.

    • Now I think you are a Muslim.
      A non-Muslims does not bother coming here advocating Muslims.

      • Samantha Ria Shahriar said

        Not all non-Muslims are like you Mr Mindset, they are more tolerant. You just cherry pick verses from the Qur’an and stories from the media to justify the very small and narrow ‘mind set’ which you have been graced with. You never quote the good things Muslims have done nor the good things which are written in their – sorry, our – holy book. There are many good things which you choose to ignore. Stop being ignorant and face reality.

        A famous Muslim mathematician was one of the first people to help device algorithms on which computers and laptops are now based on. Funny how you write your blog using a computer based on algorithms which a Muslim put in place. If it weren’t for a Muslim and many other Muslim scholars you wouldn’t be able to use your computer/laptop or have half the knowledge you have. Did you know many book of anatomy were written by Muslims during the Golden Age? You call us stupid yet in a twisted way, you sort of depend on Muslim intellect.

        That’s not to say that there have been great minds from various other religions, cultures, backgrounds, etc. You saying Muslim’s in general are ‘stupid’ is in fact ‘stupid’.

        • humanitarian said

          The problem with you idiots is that most of you following this heinous cult are fully ignorant and running in sheep race. Whatever fatwa is delivered to you idiots start doing same with raised asses. You can laugh at others stupid but you are the most uncivilized people humanity has ever seen. Whatsoever you may progress but you will always remain just blind fucker swines!!!!!!

          • Samantha Ria Shahriar said

            Oh my goodness! I can argue that just as Muslims follow their religion like a flock of sheep so do other people belonging to other religious groups. Religion – no matter what religion it is – has an element of blind faith! In response to your reference to fatwas and ‘all of us’ following them, that is the most ridiculously exaggerated claim I have heard. Name a ‘fatwa’ which the majority of Muslims have followed which exhibits violence and is of an uncivilized nature. Hilarious how you say that we are the most ‘uncivilized’ race humanity has seen, yet thanks to many Muslims (and others) mankind has progressed and become even more civilized!

          • @Samantha Ria Shahriar

            you are an idiot and of the highest order. you are making nonsensical statements here and you don’t even give proof.

            thanks to many Muslims (and others) mankind has progressed and become even more civilized!

            really just look around the world, the countries which were once peaceful and civilised have been converted into hellholes by Muslims.
            Afghanistan was once a buddhists majority country – abode of Buddha – now look at that country, most failed state in the country.
            pakistan – once was a Hindu majority country, peaceful, progressive – Now- the epicentre of terrorism.
            Bangladesh – one shithole of south asia, I know this because millions of Bangladesh came to India as illegal immigrants – to escape the the shit they themselves created.

            Read the history of every Muslim country you will find that most if not all were in a better state before those countries became Islamic.
            You need to read a lot.

        • True Hindu said

          Oh my god You tell “a famous muslim mathematician” and cant even name him. Truth is he is not. I can name at least 10 Hindu mathematicians and scientists who can be compared with greatest minds in this world. Hinduism is the only religion which combined god with science. My final verdict – Intelligent Muslim is an oxymoron.

      • Wqam said

        What is so bad about being a muslim? I am defending muslims because idiots like you hate certain religions so much just because if a few people who represented it. Who cares about what religion you are as long as you are a good person?

        • “few”..
          what is your definition of few?

          • Wqam said

            Well, i wouldn’t necessarily say few. I actually started studying religion more vastly after i read your blog and became an atheist. There are actually a good amount of muslim terrorists but it is because tons of kids are brainwashed when they are little to hate other races and religions. Also little kids as young as 5 practice suicide bombings. That is fucked up.

        • Cherry Ismail said

          Thank you very much… 🙂



      • Muslim said

        Not all non Muslims are like u

        U area bad person
        Believe me or not
        U are not even in category of humanity

  24. sattu said

    Wqam now I understand that why you post such stupid comments.
    It can happen with anyone living with muslims.

  25. Citra said

    wow… This Blog is amazingly….. STUPID.
    I am not sure why you embarrass yourself in front of the whole world. Clearly, you are the uneducated one. CLEARLY. I see that you are so desperate to put down the islam religion, maybe because you are not successful in your life and, and uneducated, and you want to blame it on a particular religion because you have a bad life. I feel so sorry for you. Hahahaha. Funny

    • Sad 🙂
      it’s people like you who are idiots.
      who have their head up their ass and don’t want to learn from others’ mistakes.

      keep your eyes closed and these terrorist will come close make you sleep forever.

    • Dutch Engles said

      Citra obviously doesn’t have to deal with them on a daily basis. Or he\she is one. I recently had one come up to me and yanked off my earphones because I was listening to music during “prayer time”. Don’t push it on me!

  26. aPasserBy said

    Islam is a false religion, an offshoot of the ancient and for the most part…clandestine mystery schools (of Babylon the Great). While I do agree with what most of what Mindset is saying…I also must add that it is humanity as a whole who is responsible. Example…if the majority of good and decent people had any cares they could see past their own nose and own interest…the issue of terrorism would have been long since taken care of. Through careful and tedious research I have come to the conclusion that the mass majority of mankind simply no longer has the inclination nor the ability to think. Humanity is going to hell in a hand basket, and Islam is making the sandwiches.

    Oh yeah…Islam was created purely for the purpose of what is being argued here. To cause very chaotic form of despotism. In fact…look into esoteric history of the British “Empire” for more answers. I wonder how many followers of Islam even know what their “religious” (I say it like that because it isn’t even a religion, it’s a cult) symbols mean. Even more so, where the name of their “god” originates from and truly means. It’s far too vast to get into, also I don’t care. Research it yourself. It’s the only way you’ll ever really learn and further believe something otherwise thought implausible.

    Now, this view not only is towards the people of Islam, however due to the nature of this thread, I will not go outside the bounds of Islam. So don’t think this is a bias view towards only Islam, as I assure you it s a view held about ~most~ of humanity, however not all.

  27. moehoweird said

    i am shocked to say the the least,how dare you defame islam,the religion that tells you which direction to crap in.its just now im plagued with evil jinns in my toilet, but my new bride and first cousin doesnt seem to mind, i make her crap in the woods along with our banjo playing son!

  28. Islamist don't go against nature, you will go extinct. said

    Pure marketing stuff, that inventor of Islam did. Dwelling on the animal pleasure drive, he allowed 3 animal things and was done. 1. Sex paedophile, many wives, full power on the female. 2. Eat meat and lots of it, 3.Power, rule by might, start from your wife.
    Hinuism has spent ages (recorded 30,000 years of history) trying to wean man away from animal pleasure drive; taking him in to pursuit of Supreme Good. Islam makes animal of man, so sad. Else why after 800 years of ruling India they are still the most uneducated, unemployed, poor and backward, and Hindus are progressing, with all the tolerance and humility.

    The defect is obviously in the system, infact Islam might be taking civilized man back to the uncivilized animal life.

  29. Dutch Engles said

    They make our lives like hell and theirs too. Instead of enjoying the gifts of life that were given to us, they spit on it thinking that they will go to paradise afterward. Brainwashed, simple minded barbaric idiots that cannot think for themselves. Slaves to an outdated book full of contradictions. They only use the parts of it that are convenient to commit their crimes. I feel so sorry for all of them and their pathetic lives. They miss out on the God-given pleasures of traveling and experiencing other cultures and food or going to the beach and feeling the sun on your body. God is Love. They are like having a psychopath relative we have to deal with.

    • Granger said

      Excellent observations, my Dutch friend. We in the southwest suburbs of Houston are dealing with an influx of Pakistani muslims and it is not a good fit. Thank you for your wonderful insight!

  30. GodTheFather said

    ALL RELIGIONS are for morons only. Who else would believe such B.S. that was written in a time when no one even knew how to read, even less write!! SO all these books are fictions written by the only scholars of the time that could control the rest of the morons of the days.
    Nowadays to belong to a religion only proves that you are irresponsible, dishonnest, warlike, dispassionate, and you have no ideas of your own. I would really kill myself if I was you, but then again your priests (of all crappy religions) will tell you that it is a sin to commit suicide…of course it is: you’re taking away money from their very lucrative scheme!

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      Your comment that all religions are for morons is really stupid. You know nothing about all religions. You just presume. You are like the astronaut who goes in space, 25 miles up, and says “I know everything about space, because I’ve been there”. Or, you are like the pea that was spat through a peashooter into the ocean, and was eaten by a fish, and shat out at the bottom of a low lying area, and says “I know everything about the ocean”. You are like the person who goes to the library and glances and says “there are no good books here”. Yes, you are shallow, and not much of a thinker to start with a comment like that. You don’t know all religions. Your belief system a.k.a. a religion is very short-sighted.

  31. Amit said

    The average IQ of Muslims in Muslim and non Muslim counties vary between 78 to 88 . Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country, has mean IQ of 87. If the standard deviations in Indonesia is 15, two standard deviations above the mean is only 1117, which probably is not a high enough IQ to obtain a Ph.D in physics from prestigious universities in high mean IQ countries.”

    I have been working in Silicon valley for almost two decades and I can say with some authority that in order to succeed in Technology Career one must have an IQ above 120 or at least 116 with high reasoning and analytical abilities. When I recruit young professionals for my own company I look for the above abilities as a basic prerequisite to short list a candidate.

    A Muslim friends of mine who worked at a Senior position at Indian Global giant Wipro said to me that there are only few Muslims in Wipro though Wipro’s owner Azim Premji is a devout Muslim. When I asked him the reason and he said; “you know Wipro is one of the leading Software company in the world that competes with IBM, Hitachi, Siemens and many other global giants. We need professionals with high reasoning and analytical abilities. So we look for IQ score of 110 and above and we have a very standardized IQ test that has been developed by world leading experts. I regret to say that less than 2% Muslims score above 110 on that test. Being a Muslim I feel so sad about this pathetic state of Muslim IQ”

    The average IQ of Indians is a puzzle to experts. On one hand upper class Hindus have average IQ of 116 and at the same time Muslims in India have lowest average IQ and east t Indian states of Assam, Manipur, Mizoram etc have average IQ slightly higher than that of Muslims in India.

    The fact is that Muslims in general have low IQ and are not ready yet to take the challenges of the global technological revolution that started the 3rd wave with the advent of computers. What we have seen so far is just a tip of iceberg. The world will change in few decades.

    I am not a religious person and my intention is not to malign Muslims. I just wanted to apprize you of the future of Muslims in the new world. While I am not an expert to comment why Muslims have average low IQs but one think I can say that your religion is based on the doctrine of total submission without any question. When a child is discouraged to think critically how can he/she have a good cognitive foundation to have high IQs.

    • LongerH said

      Correct. Muslims are good only in arabia.. No where else.

      And now even arabia is becoming wannabe western country, so i wonder what’s the future of Muslims..

      Christianity is itself getting killed by it’s own followers though

  32. Hari said

    There was a Muslim guy I knew and he said there are answers to all questions in the Quoran. I was just going home with some shopping and said ok, how many croissants can I make from this bag of flour, and he said in Quoran it says for answers to things u don’t know ask the expert and he said go to a baker he will give u the answer as said in Quoran. These people are so foolish, one cannot even talk to them, it is like Einstein and a two year old talking about theory of relativity. It just cannot happen. A meaningful dialogue is impossible with fools and Muslims.

  33. […] Read more HERE […]

  34. faisal said

    I don’t think that the author of this article is aware of the history or quran or any thing in islam as well as any body against Islam and that why no body should care about them. By the way by the agreement of so many westren scientists “without the Islamic golden age nothing in our modern life can be accomplished” were the the smart European people were living the darke ages and believe me the stupidity bake there was much worse than ours today. So yes for every nation there is gold and dark ages and don’t make yourself an exception.

  35. Lorna said

    Haven’t read through all the comments, so it ay have been said before, but drug use in Islamic countries are on the rise. So many muslims are addicts nowadays, that must effect the brain as well. Also if the man was under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the conception of the child, the child may be born with all kinds f defects as well. That must be an issue as well.

  36. Mulsim Alex said

    By the way even you will check and try to understand, most probably you will not suceed. Because God will probably not allow you to understand that deep subject. I can see that from your small vision of thinking while you wrote these stuff on the block. You will probably think what happens when there is no windflow or waterflow? These are deep subjects my friend and called Methaphysics you won’t understand it. So don’t waste your time on that and go on your own way to hell. Your way is your way our way is ours 🙂

  37. Junaid said

    As a Muslim it pains me to say that I 100% agree with all you have said. Unfortunately the Quran is very flawed and has no significance to modern day life – in fact it’s embarrassing in how intolerant, racist and draconian rules towards women.
    The premise of the religion is to keep people in fear, to hold them back and to keep them uneducated and thus reliant upon the rules they follow. If you have ever heard of “Stockholm syndrome” then you get the perfect explanation for why soo many mistreated women in particular still follow the very rules which make their life a misery.
    To kill others because they don’t share your belief …….. Islam has become a repressive religion of terror and bigotry.

    • naj said

      As a Muslim i’d like to tell you , you absolutely know nothing about Quran .
      Quran has no significance to modern day life !!! what is you’re explanation about the discoveries that would’ve been impossible for anyone to discover back then , but Quran has mentioned them 1400 years ago !

      And about the ntolerant, racist and draconian rules towards women , as a woman myself i see nothing of what you’re talking about , Allah gave us all the rights , yes men have different rights and it might look like they have more rights than we do but Allah made us different in the first place .

      Would you please tell me why did you become a Muslim if you think -quote- ” The premise of the religion is to keep people in fear, to hold them back and to keep them uneducated and thus reliant upon the rules they follow ” ?!
      the word Islam means peace so i don’t think that it keeps people in fear . Education is one of the most important things in Islam , by the way most of the things that you use now were invented by Muslims ( e.g cameras , plans , Thermometer , clocks ) and they also had a huge part in Chemistry as well as Physics , Medicine and more .
      so once again i don’t think Islam is keeping us uneducated .

      ” To kill others because they don’t share your belief ” This is not Islam , that’s what people who think they’re Muslims do , when they actually know nothing about Islam .
      Islam has always been about peace . But nowadays unfortunately we see a lot of Muslims but without Islam who gave people like the one who wrote this article and lots of others like him a bad impression about Islam and Muslims in general .

      • Nobody cares about quran,shove it up your a$$,
        people who live with Muslims get persecuted on daily basis.

      • Ignorant Stupidity Is Annoying said

        “And about the ntolerant, racist and draconian rules towards women , as a woman myself i see nothing of what you’re talking about , Allah gave us all the rights , yes men have different rights and it might look like they have more rights than we do but Allah made us different in the first place”

        I’m not surprised. You don’t know any better. your religion has brainwashed you. You think men and women must be different and it’s ok for men to be more superior.! WOW just WOW

      • Muhammad Halal Pork said

        Islam has not always been about peace, and it isn’t now either. Surahs 8 and 9 speak for themselves. Also, according to the Saudi Arabian council, the Al-Hilali/Muhsin Khan version into English add in that muslims should make tanks, planes, artillery and missiles as part of their weapons against the “enemy”. That is in Surah 8:60. Did Muhammad say this? If not, why is the Saudi Arabian council stating it, and permitting publication so that the most translated copy of the quran is a terrorist inciting version? And why have not the other countries done anything about it? Is it because of alliances? Probably. Still, Islam is NOT about peace, even if the name derives from the word meaning peace.

      • Muhammad Halal Pork said

        Cut with the drivel of these discoveries in the quran. There are none. Washing your hands and dicks in dirt is not medical science, dipshit.

    • Muslim said

      ur not a muslim

  38. samuel said

    the spirit of anti Christ is at work in the lives of all muslims 1john 2vs22

  39. Bob said

    I’m not saying that I’m muslim, and nor am i denying it:
    How can you just assume that whatever is on this page is correct?!! “You have to find reliable resources” You can’t just believe what a random website says. I know for a fact that much content on this page is not true. Tons and tons of stuff is changed, and manipulated by the media. Muslims are not that bad. Extremists may be, but muslims are not bad. You can’t generalize a religion/race. Sure, many muslims are bad, but many are good too. Just like all the other religions and races of the world. There are countless bad people who are not muslim, and there are countless good people who are not muslim! Muslims aren’t bad, people, are bad, and some of those people happen to be bad.

    Also, the media manipulates stuff. And this website contains false information. I’ll just give one example. It says above that:
    ” The word islām is derived from the Arabic verb aslama, which means to accept, surrender, or submit” Not true. Islam does mean submission to God, but it derives from Salam. Salam means peace. Just like muslims say Alsalaam wa alaikum. That means peace be upon you (or something along those lines).

    Infact, Islam is extremely similar to Christianity and Judaism. Its just that the Bible has been changed and amended so any times, that Islam and Christianity seem different. Did you know that in the bible, eating pork was not allowed? but people changed the bible and did eat pork (or something along those lines).

    Christians belief in Jesus. Muslims do too, and Jesus is known as Isa, which is the arabic name for Jesus. And Moses too – the arabic name for Moses is Musa. The Arabic name for Abraham is Ibrahim.

    I would also like to say that all religions are good, but some are better than others. Its just that these religions are NOT PROPERLY FOLLOWED. EVERY RELIGION TEACHES GOODNESS, being polite to others, and being a good person. People just don’t follow their religion.

    I respect that you have taken the time to write so much information for the world, even if most (if not all) is false. I’m not blaming you for your false info. Its not fully ur fault. But try not being so ignorant and try to do your research better next time. Thanks!

    • DB8tr said

      Bob you wrote: “I would also like to say that all religions are good, but some are better than others. Its just that these religions are NOT PROPERLY FOLLOWED. EVERY RELIGION TEACHES GOODNESS, being polite to others, and being a good person. People just don’t follow their religion”
      This is a wholehearted delusion of monumental heights. Religion pollutes, destroys and corrupts everything (and I presume you are focused on the 3 monotheisms, not Zeus or Mazda of Zoroastrianism. They are all murderous, birthed in the bronze ages or later, filled with tribalism and war. Notions of ‘morality’ are farcical when we consider that every year 9 million children under 5 will die from disease, war or starvation. 200) thousand years people did not know very much. And we are to live with that (lack of) knowledge today? With misogynists, genocidal maniacs, fathers who sacrifice their children guiding our morality? Thank goodness society has evolved! We no longer stone our rebellious sons at the gates (Deut 21) – we no longer agree with “St Paul” that slaves are ok – and we have finally worked out that women are equal humans! Spare me the utter crap Bob!

    • kafircrusaders said

      Are you on drugs. Christianity is nothing like Islam. Mohammed picked bits of all religions in the region he lived to appeal to its followers to convert to Islam. Like walking round the black stone, ramadam and allah originated from the pagan idol worshippers. Islam actually is blasphemous to Christians by claiming Jesus was not the son of God but a prophet of Allah

      • Muslim said

        old testament , song of soloman 5:16
        his mouth is most sweet , yeah,he is altogether lovely , this is my beloved and this is my friend , o daughters of Jerusalem
        Hebrew word used for altogether lovely is MOHAMMADIM

        • kafircrusaders said

          WRONG WRONG WRONG again. You need to stop believing everything Muslim apologists like Zakir Naik say and repeating the lie as the truth.
          The Hebrew for “altogether lovely” is machmadim.

          MACHMADIM not MOHAMMADIM……… not only is there no mention of Mo,if you read it in context you will know that the verse mentioned is just one sentence of many (5:10 to 5:16) of Solomons bride describing her husband.
          I think if Mo actually was prophesied in the bible then Matthew 7:15 is the one . “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.

        • Muhammad Halal Pork said

          Nope. Muhammad is not prophesied about in Verse 18:18. If he was, then he should have arrived while the apostles were still in Jerusalem, as Christ told them to wait there until he arrives. If they’d waited until Muhammad came about, they’d have been chopped up by the Roman army. That is why it is good the Bible is written by many different people, so we can see more than one fuzzy lining given by one person. There are four accounts of Christs life, and even more references to what Christ did and said, and waiting for Muhammad certainly was not one of them. Also, there is claim that Moses claimed that Muhammad would come. That is another lie. Moses was told that someone would arise from his “brothers”. As Moses was a Levite, a son of Levi that means (who was a son of Jacob, who was a son of Isaac, who was a son of Abraham), this means that Muhammad has no ability to call himself a “brother” of Moses, as he wasn’t a Levite. Neither was he a son of Judah, who was promised that the kingly lineage would pass through him.
          In fact, Muhammad argues for Ishmael, who was rejected as God’s line, and as a persecutor of Isaac, and is used as an example in the Bible as to the people who do not get God’s blessing.

    • Think twice said

      Not all Muslims are BAD but they share some bad ideas!

      For example: 1. They cant tolerate gays. 2. They don’t respect the freedom of speech (poll showed 70% of Muslim wanted Charlie heldo shooting) 3. 6 million believe in honor killing. 50% want sharia law! Just to name a few.

      Please stop defending these bad ideas. Ppl can not change if they think they are perfect. Until the muslim can admit all these terrorist acts comes from their holy book they can’t reform.

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      Islam is written over 500 years after Christ was killed. It claims that Jesus wasn’t killed, but someone else was executed in his place.
      This claim that the Bible has been changed is a lie. There is no evidence for it. In fact, there is a book of Psalms in the museum still today that pre-dates Muhammad by over 250 years, and you can compare it for yourself that it says to acknowledge God’s son or he will be angry with you. King David wrote it. But the quran says that God can not have a son, yet it says that if God DID have a son, Muhammad would be the first to worship him. Why? Why would Muhammad betray God if God had a son? God’s son never asked to be worshipped! It is false christians that do that. Muhammad knew nothing about the bible. It also hasn’t been changed. Well, to say that, it would be more accurate to say that where things were added into the bible, they have been able to be removed by new discoveries, as there are abundant fragments that make us well aware that the bible that we read today is not different from the Bible of then. As for the quran, look up the Samarkand manuscript, and study Al Tabari and Al Bukhari’s hadiths. You will see that the Quran has indeed been changed, and Uthmann himself burnt all qurans that didn’t match the ones that he wanted to release. Even Muhammad acknowledges that he’d forgotten about a verse, until somebody said something that reminded him of it, and others he removed, such as the loving reference to three cranes, in what is called the Satanic Verses.

      As for this eating pork, in the same verse, it says that camel is also haram. It was a law given not to everyone, but to the Israelites. When Christ died, he fulfilled what the law led up to. Read the book of Hebrews that is towards the back of the Bible.
      The message in the quran and that of the bible are not in harmony with each other, and the teachings of Jesus show that peace is to be practiced, so that you can tell a true christian by their love of their fellow worshippers, and their love of God and neighbour. Islam does NOT teach this at all. Surahs 8&9 demonstrate this. The English Al-Hilali/Khan version goes as far as saying build WMD against them in 8:60. It is satans handbook written by a psycho war general from the Arabic army of the 7th century.

  40. Fahad Shahid said

    Muslims are not voilent .
    Terrorism is against Islam. Terrorists just want to give Islam a bad name

    • >>Muslims are not voilent .Terrorism is against Islam.
      and Sun rises from South.

      >>Terrorists just want to give Islam a bad name
      why would they do that?

    • kafircrusaders said

      Yes maybe terrorism is against Islam……only what we in the civilized world consider as terrorism, Muslims consider as jihad in the name of Allah and not as terrorism therefore perfectly acceptable in their eyes. A perfect example would be Hamas. How many Muslims ever speak out against Hamas?? a banned terrorist organization in most non Muslim nations

      • Muslim said

        Go read Quran
        If u kill an innocent human it is like u killed all of humanity

        Note Allah uses human not only muslim

        • kafircrusaders said

          Maybe you should brush up on the quran because there is no verse that says that. I can only presume that you are in fact referring to q5:32 . The most misquoted and taken out of context piece of text in all of history.

          Muslims usually claim it says : “If anyone slays a person, it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people.” to make out islam is peaceful.

          What 5:32 actually says : “We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone slew a person – unless it be in retaliation for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew all mankind: and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all humanity. ”

          The verse actually is aimed at the children of Israel (jews) not Muslims as a warning. That verse is followed by 5:33 which is aimed at Muslims and shows it in context : The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter; Except for those who repent before they fall into your power: in that case, know that Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.”

        • The verse was not meant for Muslims
          Read my post

          Does the Quran Prohibit Killing?

      • Muslim said

        U know american and Israeli terrorists

        • There are only Muslim terrorist in the world.

          • Muslim said

            Who started first WWW , was it a Muslim
            Who started 2 WWW , was it a Muslim
            Who killed aborigines of Australia, was it a Muslim
            First try to define terrorism and then come to point

            Who is killing little kids in Palestine

          • Who ended WW1-Not Muslims
            Who ended WW2-Not Muslims

            people of same colour and race died mostly on both sides.
            Both WW1 and WW2 are over within 10 years, but Islamic terrorism is going on for the last 1400 years.
            What you have to say about it?

            Terrorism is act of using terror as a tactic to achieve ur goal. War is not terror , war is war. It happens and it ends.
            What white people did to aborigines in Australia or America does not made Hitler innocent , so stop using other’s crime as a shield.

            There are people who are living peacefullyfor centuries, why don’t you learn something from them?

          • The Wind is the Wind is the Wind said

            False. Not 1400 years. You tell me, if Islam was spread by the sword, then which sword went to Indonasia (202.9 million muslim population)? Which sword went to Malaysia? Which sword went to UAE? The answer; no sword.
            ‘Muslim terrorism’ was coined the day 9/11 happened. It’s only been there for 14 years.

          • The sword which went o Iran,Afghanistan,Spain and Turkey.

  41. DB8tr said

    A virus spreads not because of intelligence, not because of belief, but because of a lust for cells which are primed for infection. Islam and it’s Muslims are the same. Islam is a disease both poisonous and in-discriminatory. It looks for the weak and ironically will eventually become weak itself (for it will only be the weak which host it). Started by a psychopath – a proven pedophile, a delusional sado-masochist with mental disease and someone who today would be incarcerated in any intelligent society – Islam has spread amongst the poorest and most deprived nations, making them poorer and more deprived. Their god is less intelligent than a 10 year old – and more heinous than the most vile and abhorrent fascist dictators in history combined. We must all stand up against this disease; this earth polluting and humanity destroying cult. I feel genuinely sorry for the children who are born into the faecal matter of this socio-political cult; however my belief is humanity will never allow it to succeed or reach its world wide nightmare of a unified caliphate. A day will come where we will celebrate this viruses death, as its very own poison eats its host (itself) – and we will watch and wonder how mankind could be so tormented by this desert dwelling ignoramus. Having said that the other 2 monotheisms are somewhat responsible – the first (Judaism) inspiring the next (Christianism) to give birth to the last and worst (Mohammedism). In the logic of a game of whispers, one myth bred another which bred another. It’s bad enough in that game starting from some semblance of truth, but when you start with an evil tyrant YWH murdering children, rewarding rapists and encouraging slavery – is there any wonder that dumb gave birth to dumber which gave birth to the dumbest?

  42. AWordOfAdvice said

    To all muslims who are wasting their time here… don’t. Like his name, his mind is set.. you talking back to them is just a waste of time… really..

    To all jews and christians and athiests… i have the same thing to say.. wasting your time here, talking about terrorists isn’t going to stop them.. in fact, your blabbing isn’t going to faze them in any way.. and btw, who gave you the idea that anyone who is a muslim is a terrorist..? i have seen people who are worse than animals trying to embarass muslims.. not all muslims are bad, guys… just like not all christians, jews, or athiests are bad…

    And lastly to Mr. Mindset.. i know you have a stupid reply right at the tip of your tongue already..and i’m sure it includes really foul language too.. let me just say this to you..

    STOP WASTING OUR TIME WITH YOUR STUPID AND IRRATIONAL WAY OF THINKING!! seriously, kid. don’t you have anything better to do than curse at muslims.. i’ll tell you something.. that tongue of yours might get you in a lot of trouble, young man. if you can talk about muslims like that to your christian, jew and atheist friends, what guarantee do they have that you won’t talk about them to others.. so stop your foolishness.. really. you are very annoying..

  43. Farnaz said

    Your stupid and ur ugly u have no god dam reson to call my religion stupid u bitch ok maybe u don’t like it but it is my religion and you got it all wrong the Israel people we’re being really mean and the Muslims standard up so stop making lies ok maybe u don’t like my religion doesn’t mean you gotta call my religion stupid so let’s say if you were Muslim would you like it if somebody called you and your religion stupid you would probably write something really rude and u know I could report u and ur nonsense about Moslems so I suggest u SHUT UPAD CLOSE UR MOUTH

  44. Chrishtanity is false religion and will end soon!
    hinduism if worst religion and will end very soon!
    Only islam id the true religion

    • before that you & your family die in a bomb blast.

    • Muslim said

      Yes ,Muslims are great

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      Muhammad was a lamebrain. As is common with most thugs, he was good at fighting. He could barely construct a sentence though. He contradicts himself over and over in both the quran itself and the hadiths. He also is an adulterer and a child rapist. Marrying a six year old. Also, he ate camel, which according to the same reasons he claims pork is wrong should disqualify camel, but no, not for muhammad. He just did what Henry VIII did. Made up his own religion with relics of all the old ones that were floating around at the time. My favourite is sai pingpong between the mountains. I just wish it was faster, like shooting them out of a cannon at the mountains so they could bounce between them a little faster. That would confuse the devils now, wouldnt it!

  45. Anonymous said

    I dont blame the muslims , its Islam that is shitty , the quran wrote by a pervert called mohamed , I read the material in the debates section 2 of It was enough to see that Islam is not a divinely inspired religion. Since the Qur’an has been shown to contain errors of anatomy, geography, history, biology, astronomy, grammar, logic etc. it cannot be from God. If there are so many errors it must be man-made. So if the Quran is man-made, then the whole Islamic religion is man-made. I started reading the six Hadiths (Al-Kutub al-Sittah). As I read, I realized that sociopath could not be a Prophet of God. In most religions God is good, God wants love, God wants peace. The God of the Qur’an does not. He wants death, war, and hatred. I know this by what is written about Muhammad in the Hadiths and Qur’an. Fight and kill the disbelievers, slay and are slain, kill and are killed, Fight those who do not believe until they all surrender, paying the protective tax in submission, Muslims, fight in Allah’s Cause, Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah, So fight them until there is no more Fitnah, Fight the unbelievers around you, and let them find harshness in you. Islam is basicly how terrorism done in the name of God (Jihad).

  46. Rigma said

    Fact: All religion is a hindrance to logic and progression to a smarter world. Mankind has continually ruined itself on who’s beliefs are right and who’s are wrong. Having spent years in Muslim countries, I can testify that they are still barely more advanced than they were thousands of years ago. While every religion has its ignorance and blind faith, Muslims are undoubtedly the worst.

    Quick thought experiment: imagine where we would be if we never had the dark ages of science. Roughly 1000 years more advanced, more or less? Technology and understanding has been what I would compare to compound interest. Look at where we were barely 100 years ago to where we were 200, 300, 400 years ago. With that, there is debate on what the first “computer” really was, but the first concept was in 1871, designed by Charles Babbage. Compound interest that shit, barely 150 years later we have commercially available 1 Gigabit internet on computers so advanced that there is almost nothing that we can’t do. The world became tiny. Yet ignorance and blind faith still keep us from advancing further, not just technologically but also as human beings capable of living in cohesion. Yes, I know that true peace without lawless people is completely against human nature, but imagine a place without people killing other people simply based on their own perceptions of what is around them or the color of their skin.

    I am proud to live in a place where I can think freely. Muslim countries do not have that benefit, and I wish that they did.

    I am not an atheist, or a tree hugging hippy. I was a Sergeant in the US Army, and not the pussy Army either. I was a Cavalry Scout (I don’t care what you think, we shat on the infantry), a former Christian because that was how I was raised until I decided that being an agnostic was the most logical choice. You cannot deny the existence of a creator, nor can you prove it. So scientifically, agnostic leaning toward atheism is undoubtedly the most logical viewpoint based on our own ignorance.

    • I respect and slightly admire your views. However, I will remain a believer; you follow your views I will mine.

    • Muslim said

      Well I respect ur view but if u want an answers e.g does god exist and proves.I will suggest u 2 lines .have u ever touched or saw ur feeling, no,but r they really there,yes, likewise God is there for u,and science isn’t gonna get to that high level of recognizing god

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      At least you acknowledge the ignorance bit. I have a challenge for you, as you sound like a person who likes a challenge. I mean this in a good way too, not a challenge of you personally. My challenge is this. Forget everything you were told about God and Christ, and read the Bible starting with Matthew first, and read those 27 books and letters. Remember to remove from your thinking any indoctrination you formerly had…xmas, politics, nativity scenes, etc. Get rid of it all. Imagine you are hearing of Christ for the first time, and when you read, ask yourself “What is a true Christian supposed to be doing? What was Jesus saying about God? What did Jesus state God wants me to do and become?”
      Then go and ask for an explanation of those things that were difficult to understand.

  47. mohammed stupid said

    the best contribution of Islam to the world is gayness and terrorism.

  48. Fareed said

    Do you realize how stupid you sound. The majority of inventors who invented something use flu were Muslim. Dumb ass you people wouldn’t have been alive right!

  49. JTD said

    Religion flourishes in poverty and ignorance. Islam promulgates poverty and ignorance.There isn’t the slightest doubt in my mind that the most ignorant and backwards people alive in the 21st century are Muslims. They even make the most bigoted Jesus loons from the South, the Bible Belt of America, look like sophisticated geniuses in comparison. You see, dumb Americans aren’t submerged 24/7 in their
    religion like Muslims. They’re not isolated from the real world and the rest of the world like Muslims. They’re also not Exclusively brainwashed with their holy book from birth to death, and are allowed to think outside the box and experience at least glimpses of reality, including modern science and technology. Those under Islam are sheeple in the truest sense of the word, existing to pray their way to heaven every living day of their lives. Five times each day in fact, accompanied by obsessive-compulsive rituals like religious bathing and eating, all in accord with Muhammad’s teachings from the 7th century. They’re living the biggest lie conceivable and if that isn’t enough, they’re the most dangerous and brutal of people alive today on this world. You see, people who truly believe that this world around them and its people Don’t Matter and the only
    thing that does matter is getting to Heaven, will and can do Anything to Anyone without regret, without conscience. Killing infidels, chopping off hands, burning down libraries, destroying priceless archaeological finds and works of art; acting like absolute barbarians in the name of their wacko belief system–it’s all Justified under Allah! In fact they will never be punished under Islam but Rewarded for these atrocities! In their warped minds, Allah smiles down on them. And under the U.S. Constitution they have a right to do all this because their religion is Protected! These idiots even truly believe that poverty and suffering is a Part of God’s Plan–and the more the merrier the Closer they’ll get to their God the more shit they can endure. How do you Reason with morons like this? Answer: You Don’t! Because you CAN’T.

  50. Doctor Who said

    Less than 5% logic detected! rest is just hatred from both sides.
    Conclusion. Both sides are stupid.

  51. the muslims hater said

    Nice post. I agree with everything you said here. My life is destroyed because of muslims and I would love it if I could kill all of those bloody muslim towelheads. They are a threat to humanity. Muslims should burn in hell forever.

    • My life is destroyed because of muslims

      May I know what happened with you?Did Muslims did something to you personally?

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      Your life isnt destroyed because of muslims. It is destroyed because of you. You probably chose to join the army and get involved in a war that wasn’t anything to do with you personally, but you would do what your country says is the right reason to kill people. You probably saw your friends being killed, the ones who you made jokes with about killing muslims, and laughing and having a beer, and when it happened to your boys, you didn’t handle the killing game as much as you thought you would.
      The lesson isn’t what muslims did, but what you did. It isn’t that you need to hold onto a hatred. Christ died for you. You can be forgiven for your part in your sins, and your friends will be brought back from the dead. Even those who you killed will be. All will be raised back to life in a righteous world after the wicked have been ripped off the face of this world. It is up to us, the living, as to whether we will be alive or not, and it is by obedience to Christ as God’s anointed king that will determine whether we will survive or not. Men do not dictate what is right and wrong regarding things like lives. Only God does.

  52. Heeeey has been a long time since i last visited this blog ….wow..i cam see that u didnt change yet,ur hate is growing inside ur heart,do you think that this is useful ?…guess what ,in the last 2 months….everyday ,i was praying for you all,may allah give u the right way and let you know the truth,let you know how peaceful islam is…btw i read about a terrorist muslim groub called da’esh ,they are a big example of destroying islam’s picture infront of everybody .to you all ….please dont let them destroy islam in ur eyes ,they are a lie ,yes a big lie,they think they are muslims but they are not…..may allah bless u all and let u know the right way in ur life. 🙂
    Im a peaceful muslim okaaay so muslims are not all terrorists

    • No i have not changed and I am not going to change. I am not a blood thirsty terrorist like you or your family.
      you think your bullsh!t means anything to me…no it doesn’t
      you Muslims are killing innocent people for the last 1400 years and then a swine like you try to portray your self as a good Muslim.
      Islam is evil and it never had any good image to start with.

      • Let people see the way i talk and the way you talk,then they will decide who is the evil person 🙂 goodluck in your hateful life

        • People are watching what you Muslims are doing all around the world.
          Your talking doesn’t matter a dime.

          • People are watching how nonmuslims in this blog treat muslims,you dont know,maybe they will change their mind then …and know the truth 🙂

          • People are also watching non-Muslims getting ‘beheaded’ by Muslims for no reason.
            Yes, people will know the truth about your ‘false’ religion(?)…surely they will.
            As far as this blog is concerned, Muslims are not invited here. Muslims have a habit of poking their filthy nose into other people’s business.
            Just look at yourself, even after getting banned from one IP you chose another on e and came here to comment- to waste your time and mine too.

          • Muslim said

            It matters alot

          • Mindset ,all my comments are not worth a dime? You , you are not even worth to be considered less than a dime .
            You are hindu right? Mowwww ,go feed ur cow and worship it ,
            And i will worship who made ur cow

          • Cows are million times better than Muslims.
            Cows don’t kill innocent people in name of a false religion, cows don’t cheat,lie or arson.

      • Muhammad Halal Pork said

        So someone says they are peaceful, and you diss that? At least acknowledge that at least at this stage that not all muslims are warmongers. Most who flee as refugees are genuine refugees. It is just the low dogs that blaspheme God by pretending to be refugees but are extremists that are allowing all muslims to be coated with their same brush. Still, Islam is not a peaceful religion. That is a lie. A peaceful muslim? Yes, at least for now. A peaceful religion? Nope. A lie. That said, how many of you wont go to war because it is killing your fellow man? I’m one. I’ll be killed first. Will you? Probably not, as you will state that your piece of land and the way you live is the best in the world, and that if others don’t agree they need to die. Hypocrites. Prove your humanity by your actions. And you so-called god-lovers, prove your love of God by your treatment of those who are made in God’s image, namely every human being. You do not have the right to kill them, no matter what lMuhammad said. He claims the quran confirms the bible, so READ the bloody thing so you know if he was lying or not. Else your ignorance will kill you.

  53. pejoar said

    1400 years ago a guy said, that an angel told him how people should live.Some years later these stories came in a book called the quran.
    So what .
    This is what moslims think is the truth (?) you may nor critisizes this, its a dogma.So that is why moslims are stupid.Simple!

    • Muslim said

      U are stupid,, poor u,read Quran and know

      • you don’t need to read Mein Kampf to understand Nazism.

        • Muhammad Halal Pork said

          Huh? That is a bad reference. That is like saying “You don’t need to have a chicken to know how to cook an egg”, as it doesn’t mean anything. To understand Islam, yes, you do need to read the Quran, or you won’t know what you know is true or false, let alone what THEY know. You will be of the most stupid, as you will be parroting things that isn’t said by anyone except a know-knothing-know-it-all-knitwit on wikipedia, who demonstrates their ignorance through their amazing lack of knowledge and editing facts for fiction as they are just let out of their first semester and they think they know it all. An encyclopedia for fuckwits wikipedia has sadly become. A moshpit of morons. A library for losers. So I suggest you do read the quran. Are you scared or something that it might change chemicals in your brain, or are you scared that it might show up some of your beliefs as wrong? If it is wrong, then be brave enough to learn what truth is, and change what is wrong. Or die as a wrong person.

      • My brother (muslim) I think talking to these people is worthless,as they are,they live blindly,they are like this ,they take things from their points of view,and when somebody has a different point of view ,they close their brains,they will not listen ,because they consider themselves always right,what can we do ,they dont even worth our time,i have experience in that ,please listen to me,lets just forget about these people,and get a better life ,a better end,inshallah we will meet our prophet (peace be upon him) and stay with him forever,we where with islam,and that is really enough 🙂

        • logic said

          give me a copy of quran, i want to wipe my ass with it

        • Muhammad Halal Pork said

          According to Isa, Muhammad is dead, and awaiting a resurrection. According to the teachings of Islam, Isa will return (which means he isn’t dead, and why would Isa return and not your beloved Muhammad???) and destroy all false religion, and all the wicked who don’t worship God in truth.

  54. I want to set a simple example. Suppose we got two societies. In society A there are people who believe in humanity, who are more interested in people, who work hard day and night and try to do something really awesome for their people, who love each other and spread peace, they care about each other, help each other and share their feelings and thoughts without any prejudice. They don’t even fight with others And the big difference in society A is that they don’t believe in religion. They just believe in humans and in themselves.

    Now come to society B. It consist of people who believe in religions. This society is filled with different kind of religions. They divide themselves on the basis on religion. They made countries based on religion. They try to uplift their own religion. They try to convert people into their religion. And due to that they are fighting with each other and there is no peace. People are so confused and diverted that they are jumping from one religion to another but still they don’t know what is right and what is wrong. They worship God and then try to degrade others on the basis of that God. Even though they want to love each other but this religion thing put them back cos other hate their religion.
    I just want to say, think for a minute or even more if you can with open mind and open eyes, Why we need a religion? when we can live a peaceful life without religion.
    I got one more question, the God, if it exist, but who he/she … “i don’t know” … is going to love, the society A or the Society B?

    • I appreciate your views, but the problem is not us, it ‘they’ who don’t want to live in peace with us. It’s ‘they’ who want to take over everything what is ours.
      That’s the problem.

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      You can’t live a peaceful life without religion. Just consider Stalin and the Soviet Union. Or you can consider the Khmer Rouge. As for who would God choose? God will choose the ones who Jesus stated he would; those doing God’s will, and those not practicing unrighteousness. If they neglect either of these, they will be rejected. Your choice never included those who do both. You made group A out as the ones practicing peace, but they don’t, and you made group B out as though there is nobody who doesn’t get involved in wars. Read up on Christian religions who are persecuted for not going to war, nor taking up arms against their fellow man, nor involving themselves in politics. You will see that some countries have even called them terrorists, which shows the corruption of not only the politics of those countries, but the false religions in the background doing satans work. Those persecuted ones will not retaliate against such things, but will happily go to prison, the concentration camps or be shot and tortured, as they have been since Christ taught the truth. They are TRUE Christians. Not fake ones who are war-mongering hypocritical demonic scum.

  55. Jimmy said

    Why Muslim always worry about afterlife? You don’t have guts to live in the present life, and make it useful somehow for yourself and others?

    • We worry about after life because it lasts forever while this live is too short and going to end quickly,i prefer to live happily forever ,so i have chosen after life,i have chosen islam .

      • you will soon get into your afterlife

      • Jimmy said

        @Bushra…you know it doesn’t matter the life is short or long … if you can’t sustain yourself and others in short life then how you going to sustain in longer one?

        I think a soul is judged by its deed not by its religion.

        • And who told you that im not able to live in this short life,im really living naturally like everybody else ,but i care about my future after death.
          If a soul is judged by its deed i think you and the mindset will go to hell 🙂 you keep hurting muslims just because they are muslims YOU ARE BAD PEOPLE,so be sure that no way for you to go to heaven .

        • Muhammad Halal Pork said

          Choosing a religion…or none…is a deed.

      • Jimmy said

        @Bushra you are such a selfish person … you pray God or Allah … just ‘cos you want to live happy after death

        you follow religion for your own benefits … is this what you going to take with you as a deed when you will die?

        • @Jimmy,
          all Muslims are selfish and self-serving kind of people.
          they stab the same people from whose plate they eat.
          This Bushra is a Muslim swine she even wrote comment in a Christian name to mislead.When she was caught she denied. cheats, liars and dishonest scums.

          • Mindset ,actually its not me ,she is my cristian friend ,i didnt know that she did it coz the family name was fake .thats why i thought ur lieng ……hhhhhh if u do not believe ,ask your god “cow” surely she will answer you :p

          • with 2-3% of total Jordan population how is it likely that you have a Christian friend who comment from your computer.

        • @jimmy …I worship allah coz he made me .this is the biggest reason for why im a muslim,secondly yes i want to live happily after death,is it a fault ? Everybody wants happiness and works for it .
          At least ,We follow a complete religion,We woship the true owner of this universe,We dont believe at what we hear or see like your kinds.
          The picture if islam is broken these days,so try to look from the right position .

          • The picture if islam is broken these days,so try to look from the right position .
            No its not , actually the current picture of Islam is the most clear one the world has seen in recent times.

          • Jimmy said

            @ Bushra

            your first point : I worship allah coz he made me
            The truth about this statement is that your mom and dad made you, not the Allah.

            Your second point: this is the biggest reason for why im a muslim
            What the f*** you think others are doing here ? You are so possessive about your Religion which made you forget the truth that you are a human like me, like mindset, like others in this world. You f****** a’int special. Actually you got nothing special in you.

            Your third point: yes i want to live happily after death,is it a fault ?
            it is your fault. how you going to be happy if you keep thinking about future? According to religion or most religions a person is going to be determine after death by its deed in its previous life. So better focus on that. Do good deeds dude and please live in present enjoy it, feel it, from heart don’t worry about after death

            Your fourth point: We follow a complete religion
            you are still praising your self and your religion … such a self aggrandizement person you are

            Your fifth point: We dont believe at what we hear or see like your kinds.
            Still fighting … still fighting … what you want to prove ? Go and do some hard work and help some one out from trouble or give a hug to a needy person but please don’t count religion there cos humanity comes from human not from religion

            In last: The picture of islam is broken these days,so try to look from the right position
            Dude get out of books and live a practical life, a life made by you, a life which do something for others to make their lives better.

        • Muslim said

          We are selfish that’s why we live in this world for others so we can get a better place in hereafter

        • Muhammad Halal Pork said

          Jimmy, your comments only reflect your selfish attitude. You aren’t interested in anyone’s perspective if they don’t agree with yours. Your defense points you made in numbered points demonstrate that you are a know-it-all who knows nothing, and are only an internet troll. A useless soulless entity, not even a human by your attitude. I agree that Islam isn’t a “full” religion as the quran is a choppy contradictory piece of rubbish by one man over 23 years, and had to be rearranged, and even then had sections burnt by Uthman, but I doubt you know this. You seem to know nothing, except attack a person. That said, I guess you are a weak coward who gets to “get” people online because you would get beaten up in real life.

      • Atheistpeace said

        You are a disgrace to the humanity.. Stop living the comfortable life made possible by us “retarded infidels” who believe in science, use our brains and work hard.. Please kill yourself and go to your heaven..

        PS: There’s no afterlife, no supreme power that “created” us, no heaven /hell. Just letting you know.

        • Muslim said

          I understand how u feel about God
          I was an agnostic but Alhumdulila I’m a Muslim and in Sha.Allah I will.die being a Muslim

          In Quran Allah says that
          Do u think u created urself indeed no it us we who created u .
          And summary is that u can make something from something but u can’t make something from nothing

        • Muhammad Halal Pork said

          Pull your godless head out of your godless science teachers ass. Science has never accomplished a better world. A car? Great. More dead things on the side of the road. Great accomplishment. Health? The Bible spoke about washing the hands after touching the dead over 3000 years before a scientist caught on, and was mocked by his fellow scientists for such baloney (in their eyes). Peace? I’m sure if Einstein was awake to speak about it, he’d let you know about his feelings on the Manhattan Project. He died with that on his shoulders. Thankfully, God is merciful, and will raise him along with those cityfolk who were not involved in the war but were evaporated by his actions back from the dead.

    • Muslims are told by their religion that they are superman, superior to others, but when they face reality they can’t digest it.
      So they start ‘planning’ for the next life – they know they can’t do anything worthy in this one.
      this way they feel good about themselves even though there is nothing good.

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      Living in the present life is important too, yes. What is your present doing now? What have you done over the last four years?

  56. Mindset im going to leave now.i learned something ,you guys are so ignorant,no person could talk to you ,you have a bad speech ,your words are super rude,you keep shitting the religion of millions with no heart .i will work for a better islam,and fix this broken picture of islam,then you all will know the truth ,i will inshaalah .

    • .i will work for a better islam,and fix this broken picture of islam,then you all will know the truth ,i will inshaalah .

      that won’t happen in ur lifetime or even in the lifetime of your great-grandchildren. There is no “better Islam”

    • Jimmy said

      @ bushra

      Stop being a self aggrandizement person and trying to love each other not based on religion but based on humanity. No one is going to say bad to you. Come out of Islam … keep it aside … and think like a human you gonna do lot more cool things and make this world a better place. Peace.

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      God hates false religion with a passion. He says how he will destroy it. So it is not wrong to hate false religion. Now, hating people is a different thing, as they are made in Gods image, and that means they have the potential to act in a godly way, even if they never do. That is why it is God who is the judge of taking lives, and not some disgusting maggot of a man who claims falsely he is acting on behalf of God. God is not a weak maggot like a man. He himself will execute his judgment, and it is our job to make sure that WE, not others, are doing the right thing. That means I make sure I am doing it, and you make sure you are doing it. It has nothing to do with me if you choose not to, and the same goes the other way around. That is Gods, and he will act.

  57. Hai_Allah said

    Rescue Christians Report: What our Donors’ money is doing in Pakistan!!! 😦

  58. Confused said

    The New Barbarians: This Is Horrific – Warning – Graphic Violence Video!!!

  59. Jim said

    Battle over Radical Islam

  60. Shubham said

    Muslims r stupid because islam asks for “complete submission” to the ways taught by a barbaric dumb pedophile looter a.k.a. prophet muhammad.
    Obviously, if u compleetely follow the way taught by a dumbass pedophile pig…..u will be dumbest human.

    Wisto churchil’s quote still holds true, “Islam in a man is dangerous than rabies in a dog”.

  61. Confused said

    ISIS ‘School of Jihad’ trains small children how to behead, torture and use AK-47s!

  62. PfromPoland said

    I have been reading through 2/3 of all the comments. I am an atheist despite my whole family is at Christianity and no one has problem with this. While I was reading through all these comments i have to say that religion and worshipness of them is the worst thing that people ever created. Religions are for weak people- to control and manipulate their minds. But to be honest Christians and Buddists don’t give a fuck about each other they just accept each other. Only the muslims are so mind twisted to interfere with other. As an atheist i don’t believe in God and heaven i juz tle believe that being kind to each other may keep the memory of us as good people. Someone who tries to tell me that I have to do x or y because it is said in some book written by high lunatic is just ridiculous. For me bible or koran etc. are equal “fantasy” books like for example Lord of the rings and to be honest the last title can show us some better values than others. Worshipping a book or an ideology without checking if it is actually all logical and just look in your own mind and verify it instead of blindly believing is the key.

    I bet someone will write that i will go to so called hell coś I’m not going to be muslim but well fuck you i doNT believe in hell.
    best wishes from Poland.

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      Actually, you and your buddies invented the “man made up religion” thing. God created man, and you have no other alternative to where we came from. Use your so-called scientific reasoning, and see if you can find a plausible explanation for where life actually came from. A cell dividing? How did the cell invest so much time to have all the mechanisms required for mitosis? Just by chance? A chance so great that mathematics doesn’t just call it improbable, but mathematically impossible.
      A rock from space? Where did the life on that rock come from?
      An alien? Where did the alien life come from?
      The big bang? What does that have to do with life?
      An electric spark in Stanley Miller’s lab? What did that have to do with life?
      There is no scientific answer for where life came from. Life comes from life – that is a scientific statement that is true, with one glaring factor missing when you subtract God from it.

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      Also, you DO have to do X or Y because some book told you. It is called your genetic code, or DNA.

  63. Wqam said

    This brings back nostalgia. Hey, Mindset what religion are you again? I’ve come to the conclusion that all religion is bad. It causes so many wars and bombings over beliefs in a book written by men thousands of years ago. This reminds me of how islam and christianity became major religions through tons of centuries of brainwashing and slavery. People are figthing over things that shouldn’t be a huge deal because of religion. You’re probably some white Christian, so i am sure you would disagree. You’ve told me that you live in India though, so you could be brown.

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      You generalize.
      There is a Christian organization in the world who is persecuted by muslims, christians, hindus, buddhists, atheists, and anyone else you can think of. They don’t go to war, nor get involved in the politics of the lands, yet they do work, do get involved in community beneficial events, and they spend their time teaching people about what the bible really says, and not what the churches teach. It is now the atheists who establish their churches (they are called universities, and mainly they teach that mankind is a prodigy of bestiality, along with other fairy tales), while they rape the people of their money and brainwash them with half-truths and straight out lies so that they can invest in their “future”, namely, a flow of money into their pockets. They start out in schools, and groom our children by teaching them about sex before they know what it is, and they use the media to give subtle satanic messages so the child doesn’t know truth from falsehood, as laws are in opposition to what the “idols” sing, or rather nasally drivel about with their whine about drugs, hos and killing people.
      You are right though. Religion is behind a lot of the laws, but you will find out sooner or later that if you continue in your rant, you will be throwing out the baby with the bathwater, and God will himself act in his own time when it has reached where he views it as enough.

  64. yngwie said

    All muslims are dumb focking stupid.

  65. a guy said

    This post and almost all the people here are so ignorant it’s disgusting. You don’t even realize that jihadists and Isis have killed thousands more Muslims then Americans and Europeans. This is the way you guys think. lets say I’m black. I see a white guy “OH MY GOD A WHITE PERSON A BUNCH ENSLAVED US DECADES AGO AND ONLY A FEW ARE STILL RACIST. LETS GO KILL ALL OF THEM NOW BECAUSE SINCE ONE IS RACIST THAT MEANS ALL OF THEM ARE RIGHT? You say that Muslims have not participated in science and knowledge wrong. We did shit loads of it. That imam who said that the world is flat. hes a f**king retard. The qua ran says its round and we all know its round. Ur obviously reading the bullshit version of the qua ran and can not interrupt it correctly. go get a life
    sincerely a guy who probably wont come back to this dumb ass post

  66. jim said

    Not sure anyone reads this thread any longer but here is my take.
    Before Mohammed made his pact with Satan Christianity was the predominant religion in the middle east and Europe.
    and was spreading into Asia. This was as Christ commanded to teach Gods love and Salvation to all the world,
    Satan had to stop this and found a willing disciple to help him wipe out Christianity. Mohammed sold his soul for power and blessing by Satan to rape 9 year girls, Muslims still do this to this day raping children through the pretense of marriage and they marry first cousins or even sisters and daughters where the girls are from different wife’s. Islam is the religion of Satan with the sole purpose of wiping out Christianity and Gods chosen people the Jews. The Crusades stopped the advance and complete domination of Europe by Islam and paved the way for civilization, technology and advancement of mankind we know today. Satan and Islam found another disciple in Hitler, Hitlers agreement with the Muslim oil producing countries of Saudi Arabia was that Hitler would eradicate the Jews in exchange for oil and he would not invade Saudi Arabia. This is a fact and is well documented by the US government who were aware of this agreement prior to the US entering the war. Hitler made several statements that he felt Islam was a superior religion to Christianity.
    Regardless of what Obama says in defense of Islam, Christianity and the Jews are at war with Islam. That is God is at war with Satan for the souls of man.

    Islam can not and does not coexist peacefully with any other religions in any country where Muslims are the majority, Name one!

    I would encourage Christians and non Muslims to not be disheartened and think we must all convert to Islam or be killed Although anyone that does not in a Muslim country are being killed and raped every day in most Muslim countries, Name one where it is not happening!

    Christ will prevail he will defeat Satan’s Islamic armies and will send every Muslim to hell for following Islam. The reason being that Muslims are very aware of the teachings of Christ it is written in the Koran, they will have no excuse where a Hindu or Buddhist may have never heard of Christ or thought to believe in him, the Muslims can not make that claim. Satan was instructed by God to assure the Muslims had the opportunity to know Christ by having Christ included in the Koran. Muslims are so afraid of Christianity that they will kill any Muslim who converts and non Muslims who will not convert to Islam in a predominant Muslim country.

    Ill not discuss or debate the above facts. Muslims are blinded by hate and demonic influences and can not see the truth. The spirit of Satan possesses a Muslim at an early age and it would take an exorcism to rid them of the demonic possession.
    I read the Koran once and felt an evil presence as I read it. If you are a Christian and have the spirit of God in you try reading the Koran and you will feel the holy spirit trying to protect you ,but be sure you have a strong faith in Christ before you attempt to dance with Satan because he can overtake you.

    One last note. The Crusades were carried out by Christians willing to fight and drive back and kill Satan’s servants, if they had not we would all be serving Satan as Muslims today. As with the Crusaders God may call on every Christian to take up arms against Satan armies soon. The Christian pacifist were eradicated by the Muslims in the mid east and are still being exterminated in Muslim countries today. We must be willing to fight and join Gods army to defeat Satan.

    • Rajab Tanimu said

      Very foolish being you are. Verily, you are amongst the pagans. Just look at your self! You think laying an insult against our Holy Prophet could change a thing? So many of your kinds have tried but fell into the abyss. You think the Templars or the Crusaders did paved way for technological advancements, well I guess you’re certainly true, as they changed from their monotheist faith and joined the Satan for worldy pleasures. Satan uses the technology to drive people into abyss. Just look, one of the greatest ill-gotten faith descendants of the Templars in this century is the Masons. Making their member-initiating act rites same as the Templars’. You boast of Templars, then we boast of Salaudeen! Get it, at the end times the Muslims will be opressed in all forms, but will forever be growing, and at the end, PREVAIL!

      • Muhammad Halal Pork said

        How will muslims prevail when they reject Al-Masih, and instead devote more energy to Muhammad than Al-Masih’s father? Yes, his father. It was spoken about in the Psalms. Did you read them? King David wrote “Kiss the son, so that he doesn’t become inflamed against you”. Psalm two. Now, Allah DID give David the Psalms, didn’t he? Oh, good. Because there is a book of Psalms in the museum that was around hundreds of years before Muhammad was born, so that you can go and compare it for yourself to see if it has been changed like many so-called pseudo-scholars of islam claim (unlike the Quran that says God’s word can’t be changed).
        If you think that a puny disgusting maggot of a man pretending to love God by calling him great when committing atrocities is godly, then you are a worshipper of the devil. If God is great, then learn about him, and be obedient to him. This means suffering for righteousness’ sake, not causing suffering for goodness sake! Islam will be wiped off the face of the earth along with all false religions very soon, and God is going to use the governments to do it, so that the sleazy godless will have their day, just before they are wiped out due to their own stupidity, and as you rightly say, God will prevail. Not disgusting slanderous islam who blasphemes God and his Christ.

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      If they were truly Christian, they would not have lifted up a sword against another. They were apostate Christians, as is any so-called political nation that claims it is a “christian” nation. Christ said he was no part of the world, yet his followers decide to disobey and get involved with what Christ wouldn’t. They are the Gehazi’s of the world (look up Gehazi in a Bible encyclopedia to learn about him and his attitude). They are no better than Islam, and are in fact worse, as they claim they are following Christ, and are in fact murderers and immoral liars.

  67. Bob said

    Believing in anything without evidence is foolish. Religious people like to call it faith – I call it stupidity. No one has all the answers – but at least science admits that. Science admits when it’s wrong – religion is arrogant and instead of admitting their retarded bible is wrong the come up with more foolishness and lies. It’s just like having to hide 1 lie with more and more lies . I hate religion! Religious people are stupid !!! And very annoying …

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      If you study science, then you would not make the false statement “Science admits when it’s wrong”. That is a lie. I find people who worship scientists are cocksuckers personally.

  68. i don know what religion u have or if u are secular ……… but islam says not to say rubbish about other’s religions!!
    well look at yourself……. u are exactly like the uncultured arabs before the prophet MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) came to the world…….
    they were uncultured uneducated and unacceptable!!!!!!
    wake up open your eyes not the ones which only see but the ones which observes………
    if u say that jews and christians are way better than muslims then read their books old testaments and u will find out the predictions about islam and muslims……
    islam is the most realistic relegion world could ever have……… if u people belive in advancements (which u actually dont) then u should accept islam because islam is the advancement and extremely refined form of jewish and christian relegion!!!
    and while other relegions were busy in fufilling their bodily desires and popes were busy in publicaly slaughtering the few people who were trying to discover or invent something muslims like jabir bin hayan , ibn ul haithm , ibn e senna , galelo , aristotle , abul qasim zahravi(father of surgery) and million more were laying foundations of every field of science and mathematics the foundations u now try to claim yours by changing names like abul qasim zahravi to abulcasis……. ibn e sinna to be avicenna etc…………

    • You mean to say Aristotle and Galileo were Muslims, you must be a retard.
      If Muslims discivered all sciences then why they were the ones who have been left behind. Why not they do it now?
      Reading books you say….why?
      We don’t live with books, we live with people.So it’s better if we look at how people behave rather then looking what books they read.

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      The quran doesn’t only say to have peace with everyone, it also says to strike terror in the hearts of everyone who is an enemy of Allah, those of who you know and those who you don’t know. This is like a lucky dip as to who the God of the Quran wants to torture. This shows that the Allah of the Quran is NOT the Allah of the Bible, although it claims to be, as God in the Bible asks people to be non-violent. As for the false christians, yes, they were and are there. That though doesn’t make the Bible obsolete, as the Bible is also still there for you to read, which I don’t know if you will because you’re too busy parroting quranic drivel. How many times does the Quran say it was written for an Arabic people? Not the whole world! It excuses itself and says it is because the poor Arabs would never have heard about the Bible unless Muhammad rambled his crap. Ironically, it is Muhammad who was listening to the voices of his apostate Jew/Christian friend, and even built on top of Yathrib, a Jewish town. So Arabs certainly knew of it, especially when the Bible says that there were Arabs present when the first christian congregation was found, and Arabic proselytes (Jews in a sense) were present to hear them speaking in their own tongues.
      There are no predictions about muslims in the Bible. Muhammad claimed things he had no knowledge of, and excused himself when he was found to be wrong. He was a putz.

  69. tiredofthiscrap said

    as to the WHY of the ways of muslim’s, its really very simple, they destroy their own gene pool through incest. Pedophiles all. All should be shot.

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      What about those whose way of teaching causes young peoples minds to be misled and causes their lives to be destroyed in other ways? Should they all be shot? Oh, good. Then start with yourself. You see, you will learn something as you get older that you realize you taught incorrectly when younger, and you will have caused others to go on a bad path. That makes you guilty of the above. Maybe you bullied someone, and you were the straw on the camels back that made them kill themself, or kill others. It might have been you. You might have been the one that drove incorrectly that pushed another person into a tree, and you didn’t know it. Well, lock and load, princess. Or maybe you sold drugs to someone, and caused them to have a habit that they find hard to break, as their genetic makeup isn’t designed for that kind of thing, and now they’re addicted whereas you arent, and their family is suffering, but YOU are the reason. As much as pedophiles are worthy of death (it is agreed), so are you. This is why Christ died. So that YOU, along with people who have committed these atrocities can make amends by fixing themselves so that they no longer commit these acts.
      What about the victims? You’re speaking to one. As I said, if they change, they get life. If they don’t, they get death. Just like you. Me too, that being said. Take your merciless attitude and fix it, as your comments equally apply to you by way of the same reasoning.

  70. Atif said

    Going through this thread i have read some horrifically vengeful comments from some of my western fellows. I would just like to share some stats which even these western friends of mine also know :-

    01-What Actually terrorism is ???

    Ans – Terrorism is killing around 6 million jews and the whole Holocaust episode.
    Terrorism is invading Iraq & Afghanistan
    Terrorism is USA Invading Pakistani territory
    Terrorism is what Allied forces did in Germany after WW2 by committing mass rapes.
    Terrorism is what Israel doing right since 1940’s
    Terrorism is what Budhist of Burma are doing to Rohingyas of BURMA
    Terrorism is what India doing in Kashmir

    I might not be the smarter one but still i know what the facts are. I am not the type of racist you people are. For God Sake change your mindsets. What some extremist muslims are doing isnt state sponsored, but what USA & Israel
    are doing is sponsored by their respective states that too very heavily.

    • Terrorism is killing around 6 million jews and the whole Holocaust episode.
      I think you don’t know that Muslims supported Hitler.

      Terrorism is invading Iraq & Afghanistan
      The war was started by Muslims when they did 9/11.

      Terrorism is USA Invading Pakistani territory
      USA never invaded Pakistan . USA is in Pakistan with government sanction.

      Terrorism is what Israel doing right since 1940’s
      What israel is doing is called self defense.It’s always the Muslims who have invaded Israel.

      Terrorism is what Budhist of Burma are doing to Rohingyas of BURMA
      Rohingyas are geting a taste os their own medicine. For years they were terrorising the locals . Now the locals have formed groups and teaching the Rohingyas a good lesson.

      Terrorism is what India doing in Kashmir
      Indian army is in kashmir to protect the kashmiris – the real kashmiris, the Kashmiri Hindus. the Muslims in Kshmir are illegal immigrants who came to Kashmir centuries ago and settled there. Theyhave no right to be in Kashmir.

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      When will you wake up? When did a religion become a race? If you are thinking of Arabs, then use the term “Arabians”, or something. If you are talking about islam, then it is NOT a race, but a religion. It is not RACIAL discrimination, but religious. What is wrong with you people? Yes, you people. Another term used by halfwits to think something that someone says has to do with race when it is more likely an issue that happens more than once, making it not one person but “those people”. If you want to choose the Israelites, then you are wasting your time, as Abraham was promised that his descendants would be the means for all nations to bless themselves, including the Israelites, who were at least three generations after Abraham. Even the Israelites were told that God was making a new covenant from people who weren’t Israelite by birth, but by their heart condition, and the Christian congregation of the first century did exactly the same.
      The wars between Israel and Palestine are between two countries, even though their majority are made up of two main religions. Still, there are people on both sides of those borders who view people on the other side as brothers, and they don’t partake in any wars at all. They are also persecuted for it. Keep your discrimination tags in the correct categories, as you are twisting truth with your lack of clarity.

  71. Hotmuslimbanger said

    Not all Muslims are stupid. Just a week ago I met a super hot Muslim chick. Got to bang the shit outta her. It was awesome! I think she was married to some nasty Muslim guy. Cause she was loving it when we were getting dirty

  72. Hotmuslimbanger said

    Isn’t that against their religion? I’m not Muslim. I guess their men don’t pleasure their women. All Muslim women look for a real man

  73. Andrew Durston said

    If you want dissension within the Islamic community, start petitioning them to allow same sex marriages, they HATE homosexuality and believe that gays should be ; stoned to death, thrown of a high building, 100 lashes or imprisoned until you die.

    If Islamist don’t want you to be ‘Islamaphobic’ – perhaps they can embrace homosexuality and not be such homophobes !!!!

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      Andrew. Differentiate between hating an act, and hating a person. It is wikipedia and lies like what you are saying that is the slight satanic twist. If you hate the idea of having sex with a woman, that is your business. Don’t force your lies of hating homosexuality into the same basket as hating humans. That is deliberate twisting on your twisted part. I choose to hate homosexuality. I am not homophobic though, as I am happy to work with, feed, help a person regardless of what they choose to do with their sexual organs until God himself decides He will end it. Stop calling normal people homophobes because they are not promoting your anal agendas. There are more important issues in the world than whether you have a sperm enema or not.

      Homophobe – a person who hates homosexuals, NOT homosexuality.

      There will be no embracing homosexuality for me. It was forced on me as a child, and I was bashed for being “gay” when I’ve never been gay, and I have no say because I’m not part of your disgusting money making lobby groups that are pushing their own agendas by riding on the backs of the persecuted so that they can get their own issues into politics. I have nothing to do with any of this.

      Your reasoning using homosexuality as the same as islam is misdirected.
      Also, who petitions extremists? Best wishes with that. Get out of this petitioning rubbish because it is about to bite you on the bum, along with false religion.

  74. The Wind is the Wind is the Wind said

    Hmmm,,, I can easily disconstruct this argument with Quranic proof. Just before I start, I shall tell you that if One Imaam says something shit, doesn’t mean I believe it. Islam has warned followers of some Muslim religious leaders.
    1. The ‘power of God’ is the basis of every religion, We believe that God controls everything- he controls the wind. Hence, he makes the bird fly. I can easily say the same thing for you- Indra controls lightening. False. Lightening is created when tiny positively charged sparks reach up in response to negatively charges in the air or clouds above the ground.

    2. I don’t believe that guy. The Earth is not flat. Not a single verse said so. The Quran calls the Earth ‘egg-shaped’ in a verse! According to scientists, the basic geometrical shape of the Earth is an egg!

    3. Not a single verse of the Bible or Torah condemns cousin marriage. According to scientists, the number of statistics for cousin marriage has been ‘overstated’. My Christian friend’s parents were 1st cousins, and they have 5 children. All of them are doing very well.

  75. Rajab Tanimu said

    Hey, you poor, ignorant, devil-soul! Apparently, you are amongst the Kafir Almighty Allah has talked about in the ages. To help you clear your skeptic mind, you as a christain, should better go and get yourself some knowledge about THE TEMPLARS! Then, you will know which way you’re heading to, and diffenciate the ignorant or “fools”, as you said from the WISE.

  76. Bree said

    Muslims are a mere waste of space, they have done nothing to move humanity forwards. All they have done is caused destruction and disunity along with forcing their backwards concepts onto us. Muslim don’t resort to science, their logic is mere fantasy. The reason why there are so many Muslims in the world is because the average Muslim woman would have up to 5-12 children whilst the average non-Muslim woman would have up to 1-3 children. It’s quite scary actually, the Muslim population will just keep growing. . .

  77. Katie B. said

    There is a serious problem within the Muslim race regarding intelligence and inbreeding.

    However, let me start with the fact that Muslims were ahead of their time in sciences and math and made great strides in many areas up until about 16th, 17th century, and then everything changed. Zealots using Islam pushed all this out by imposing rigid, restrictive religious laws. Muslims were once the thinkers that helped Europe and brought much in the way of astronomy, science, medicine and to the west.

    But for the past 400 plus years they have had religions indoctrination imposed on them. Todays Muslims bear the burden by having some of the lowest IQ’s on the planet. When you remove education you remove free thinking, critical thinking and you’re left with a backward people who have only one book as a reference for everything.

    No doctor, scientist, physicist would ever think to use the bible, or materials and books that are out dated and out of step with current thinking and scientific research.

    Christianity was just as stupid in believing the earth was flat and that everything rotated around the earth. They persecuted and murdered anyone whose belief was not in line with the church and bible. Things have changed and the church (Vatican) have come in line with a lot of science. Not enough for us atheists but its heading in the right direction.

    Today many evangelical Christians and a lot of other Christians and offshoots of it, still believe the world is only 6,000 years old and that man and dinosaurs walk the earth together. They believe Eve was built from a ribbon of Adam’s, but x-rays show men and women have the same amount of ribs. They claim Adam and man came first yet every foetus starts out female and only after the introduction of a “Y* chromosome do they become male. There are some very stupid Christians around and no amount of scientific proof will sway their backward thinking. To them the bible is all the truth, science and proof they need or want. No critical thinkers there.

    Not all Christians are that bad. The Vatican has its own doctors, scientists and even an observatory to study with. Christian have accepted many truths and have grown. Unfortunately not all, and not fast enough for us atheists.

    Muslims by virtue of their faith have spent the last 400 years sliding backward into ignorance and intolerance. The many have lost their way and their minds to a small group of religious zealots through murderous campaigns of terror and subjugation. Women and children have paid the highest price though. Women carry the burden for any shame brought on their family by death. Men rarely bear the brunt for their actions. A woman is raped and victimized, yet she is blamed, shamed and killed. Men take very little responsibility or accountability for their actions. They have become infantilised by their culture. Girls have their genitalia mutilated (FGM) to supposedly keep them faithful when they marry. Girls are also forced to marry as young as 8 to much older men. They grow up unable to leave their homes without a male chaperone and a males approval. They must cover up so as not to be noticed by men (modesty). Even then, men still rape them and the blame is put on the woman, re-victimizing them over and over. Rape is not about sex, its about power and fear.

    When all you have is Islam and no other ideas and thinking are permitted all that remains is ignorance, subjugation and a backward culture that is restrictive and oppressive to its people. Small tribal groups that dotted most of the middle east have twisted Islam to suit them. Having no central guiding leader they were left to their own devices and believed in the purity of their people, which is where marriages to cousins, family comes from. The Jews have practiced it as well but not to the degree that Muslims have. Jewish people go to genetic counselling so as not to pass certain genetic diseases on to their children. Muslims don’t. Inbreeding can and does have a very negative impact on races that have practiced it for generations. This has been shown to happen to small populations in remote areas of the world as well.

    God, Allah gave humans brains, larger brains than any other mammal. What do you suppose you were meant to do with it beyond memorizing your holy books and hating?

    There are a lot of really nasty comments posted here which really aren’t necessary to get someone’s point across. Use your brains and think what is the point you want to make and make it in a more moderate tone, or not, its up to you. The less antagonizing and racist you sound the better your message will be received.

    Unfortunately, the original comment is correct about Muslims. Muslims do have lower IQ’s, and higher illiteracy. Ask yourself why there are no colleges and universities in Muslim dominated countries. Why does everyone go to the west for the best education? Moderate and liberal Muslims should take a good hard look at what zealots have done to your people’s in the guise of religion. Look back at your history and see where and why things started to change. Take back your lives, your faith and your destiny.

    Finally, why would God a supposed all powerful omnipotent being require humans to pray 5 times a day. Seriously! People need to realize we’ve grown beyond the terrified, ignorant race of humans that existed 2,000 – 3,000 years ago and realize religion was something we created to help us cope with the dark, death and our mortality. Those who still need God need to ask yourselves why and where that irrational need comes from. Imagine how peaceful a world we could have without religion and all the hate, intolerance and wars that have gone hand in hand with it.

    Good luck.

    • sourav said

      only futuristic solution of this or these problems is to unite and consider atheism as a “religion” and start a social revolution.. “a religion without daity” and give people emotional shelter who wants to be free of religions , free thinkings, being strictly scientific, We may not remove religions from society overnight..but we can free our society from the evil of religions effectively in future.. if we don’t start it now, some day, somebody somewhere in this world shall have to say “it’s too late ….”

      • Muhammad Halal Pork said

        Funny thing is the Bible prophesies that the united nations will indeed remove false religion forever, just before they themselves are destroyed by God at Armageddon. So as much as you probably like to think your idea is novel, it has been preached from door to door for over 100 years by those people that you love to hate. Also, the slogan “religion is a snare and a racket”…they said it first. So you are just an offspring of a biblical teaching, but due to either ignorance or wilful neglect, you are shooting it off as if it was your own idea. Remember these words. The Bible said it first. Also when it happens it will be as if “overnight” after all. Strictly scientific doesn’t address morals. Morals are what makes a society, not science. Lobby groups exist for and against in science. They argue for guns, cigarettes, and even for issues such as fluoride being beneficial in our waters. Don’t be fooled with making science out like God. Science is a privilege to discover things, not a godly existence.

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      And no, humans do not have the largest brain of any mammal. Try the elephant. It’s not the same as a camels hump, but in brain size, the elephants brain compared to a human is about the same comparison as the camels hump and your mums boobs.

  78. Guy said

    Because it takes a particularly stupid (or indoctrinated) person to be a follower of Islam in the first place.

  79. Brittany said

    I am not even reading this whole article I’ll answer you shortly it runs in their blood. Their ancestors where dumber than dumb. They claim to be about peace and are actually all about killing and beheading. There is NO such thing as an innocent Muslim period!

  80. Jeremiah Harrington said

    Couldn’t agree more with this article. I have spent 5 years of my life in the middle east amongst these neanderthals, and yes, they are most certainly the most horrid filthy idiotic human beings to grace the earth with their presence.
    It sickens me to see how they treat each other, how they view modern progress, how they marginalized anyone who’s opinions or beliefs differ from anything they’ve been taught. It’s abhorrent the lengths they go to to spread their ridiculously barbaric way of thinking and their pedophillic way of life based on a madmans ideology.
    I am sad that the crusades weren’t more successful, and that this festering group of primates weren’t just completely eradicated from the planet, because now it’s our mess…
    They have no reasoning ability, no cognitive thinking skills and the absolute worst hygiene I’ve ever seen.
    I hope the last trip to that cesspool was indeed my last. Yet here I am seeing their ignorant refugees permeating into our society, and our government seems to not think it’s a huge problem. Well, it is.
    I’ve seen first hand what they have done to themselves and how they have destroyed their own region, and now they want to take us down with them.
    I’m disgusted with the entire lot of them, and I will gladly take up arms should I see those throwbacks trying to enforce sharia law on my streets.

  81. abdullah said

    bismillah at least we know that lots of other religions are going to hell except muslims

    • diviii said

      Mulims just try to prove that their religion is the best.
      I do not agree that muslims are stupid,but they should try to respect other religions of our society and try to be more productive and ceative

    • proton said

      this statement itself proves that muslims are stupid……

      hindus dont believe in a Hell

      Hindus believe they are God ( Allah for you )

  82. Alberto said

    Wow! Whoever did this must love to be hated. How does it feel to be so disliked, to feel the constant rejection. You must be a very successful person with a beautiful family and have a perfect life, because if you are only sitting on your computer writing hateful messages about people who are not less human than you, you must be very miserable. Good luck sleeping at night :

  83. An Anonymous Voice said

    All i can say is, as a nonreligious person (or atheist if you prefer), is that every member of every religion thinks that their religion is the one true path. This is overwhelming to someone looking for spiritual truth and usually drives them away from all things supernatural. The only common ground on which we can all meet is everything physical, i.e., reality and the logic based upon it.

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      It is quite easy to test for truth from these quarters. It is the method that is important, and the persons’ attitude as well.
      Here is an example. Is a religion teaching the truth of their own book? Read their book and learn what the religion does. That will firstly eliminate a massive percentage of people from these religions.
      Second, are the so-called contradictions valid? I mean, are they truly contradictions as claimed by the unbelievers? If so, then you can eliminate that religion. If not convinced, you can then go to the next stage.
      Third, are the teachings of the book that they claim to go by reasonable, and do they agree with true science? (true science is not the accepted pseudo-sciences, which can not be tested with any scientific method, such as astrology, psychology and a segment of biology called the Theory of Evolution). I recommend the Bible to start with.
      As for non-belief, this is exactly the same as belief, and should be tested the same way. Also, if one thinks they have the truth, why would they change to follow the one who thinks he doesn’t have it? Can you imagine that the reasons would be pure? So if someone has no faith in their religion or beliefs, then they are the ones that require doing some research, so that they can eliminate the false from the true. As for those who call “true”, use the elimination method above. It saves a lot of work. Also keep your motives clean, and truth will come knocking on your door.

  84. Muslim and Proud said

    I don’t know why you Muslims keep arguing with these blind low lives. They want us to reply and protect our religion so they can curse it more. Remember Allah says in Surah Furqan Ayah 63 “And the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth easily, and when the ignorant address them [harshly], they say [words of] peace,” – Quran 25:63.

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      At least you are peaceful in some form of thought, but you contradicted yourself and showed your true colors are exactly the same by saying that the non-muslims are blind low lives. Are they words of peace, to go judging humans as one thing but then saying that it should be words of peace? How is calling someone a low life a peaceful expression? At least you acknowledge peace. Read the Bible, and then maybe we will have peace when God himself removes the wicked and the violent off the worlds face in the near future.

  85. Muslim and Proud said


  86. Jews will be perished by the hand of muslims.why
    Bcz they are ememies of Allah

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      See, this is one of you stupid muslim comments that is contradictory to the quran. I hate hearing your stupid un-quranic drivel. You are the epitome of a brainwashed camel. Here is why.
      According to your sacred toilet paper, Muhammad says that Abraham was a muslim.
      According to your sacred toilet paper, Muhammad says that the Israelites were all muslims. (hahaha, that one is funny!!!)
      According to your sacred toilet paper, Jesus and his followers were all muslims.
      According to your sacred toilet paper, Moses and Aaron were muslims.
      According to your sacred toilet paper, Muhammad was the first muslim.
      Now, using that fraction of a turd that is inside your hateful violent skull, do your homework, and see if you can guess who came first. Muhammad, or Abraham. Or, Muhammad and the Israelites. Or, Muhammad and Jesus. Or, Muhammad and Moses. If you guessed Muhammad, then you are doing really well. You truly are a dimwit.
      When muslims reject Al-Masih in exchange for Muhammad, they are making themselves enemies of Allah. Muhammad was a normal man in God’s eyes, and he received the reward for his sins, which was death. Oh, and the quran says that God had to forgive Muhammad two times, meaning he sinned. Because if he didnt sin, God would have no reason to forgive him, or is that another too-hard-for-you-to-understand concept?
      I threw my quran in the bin just the other day as the paper was too hard for me to wipe my ass with it and it would have taken too long to burn. Muhammad was a putz (a Jewish word).

  87. Muslim pig fuckers said

    Hey follow barenakedislam and Pamela Geller:They bring all atrocities done by Muslims around the world.

  88. Qui Creva said

    Some Muslims may be stupid, some may have innate intelligence. A moot point in the end, since the mindless submission demanded by Islam makes them all idiots in practice. Muslims are REQUIRED to accept EVERTTHING in the Qur’an – including the statements that flatly contradict the evidence from science and common sense. Sun setting in a muddy pool, anyone? Meteors are missiles shot at Jinns to keep them from hearing the Qur’an recited? Men are superior to women? Killing unbelievers is a holy act? The Earth is flat? Criminal Muhammad was a beautiful pattern of conduct for humankind? Imagine the cognitive dissonance involved in accepting this nonsense, simply because you have been brainwashed since birth to do so! That would be enough to make a moron out of a Mensa ace.

    So I’ve read all of the debate here and the non-Muslim posters have won hands down. By training, the Muslims are simply incapable of arguing their position rationally and cogently. They merely parrot half-baked, long-discredited ideas from classical Islamic apologetics. When their arguments are shot down, the Muslims resort to cursing and condemning. All too typical and sad.

    My question is: Why do so many of the non-Muslim commenters descend to the level of their Muslim adversaries? Why all the curses and obscenities? You make a stronger case by refraining from the histrionics and merely sticking to the facts. Islam is indefensible from any vantage point – scientific, moral, historical, logical, etc. The truth hurts and it is devastating. In the end, it is the simple truth about this fake religion that will bring Islam tumbling down. No need for name-calling and cursing. If you know that Islam is stupid, then for God’s sake don’t act like the typical Muslim in the debate!

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      You see, some just like to jump on the bandwagon. Remember Monty Python’s Holy Grail, when the person in the crowd claimed the woman was a witch because she had turned him into a newt? It isn’t acting like the “typical Muslim” but an act of stupidity, or just a provocation without any substance. A bully mentality if you like. Whether muslim or non-muslim, stupidity does not discriminate.

  89. Hinduism the oldest one of the most scientific based deletion in the world its great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata predicted things which were only been invented recently.the baghavat geetha one of the most profane script ever to be written says everything a human should know to understand about life.all the desieases that’s about to come the ways to treat them were written in a book which has 51 sakhas called atharva Veda.the desavathara principle said way back than Darwin actually approves Darwin’s evolutionary principle.astrology ,medical science,chemistry was all actually contributions or Hinduism.before isac newton defined gravity there was definition for gravity in Vedas.medical science was actually born in India as Ayurveda even Hippocrates father of modern medicine admits he learned medicine from dhanakas books from India.even Einstein admits he could not have derived the famous energy mass equalance without reading geetha.le chatlier principle was actually defined in geetha even before it was said by chatlier…..yada yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavathi bharatha abhyuthanam adharmasya thdhatmanam smrijamyaham paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya chadhuskritham dharmasamsthapanarthya sambhavami yuge yuge ……even most other relation let it be bhudhism Jainism act all their roots are in Hinduism…..after all when Europeans didn’t know how to count till 4rth centuary BC but the Hindu munis in India used arithmetic and geometric progressions to calculate speed accuracy and velocity of earth ( aryabhatta) we teacher the world to count without that nothing would be possible …..tin lead copper was discovered not by Europeans but by indians in rig Veda there are slokas which actually written to respect these metals and nagarjuna the most profound chemist in the world described the ways of extracting purifying and using of copper tin lead gold in his book desenthrasarasarvaswam.the definition of gravity was actually given by bhaskaracharya for proof the book written by him called sidhantha shiromani gives this definition you can see this in bhuvana kosha part …..the most modern medical therapy quantum healing was discovered by Hindus in 3500 BC aids and cancer treatmen use this…..and last not least yoga is Hindus gift to the world ….when every one in the world was in darkness we Hindus gave the light of knowledge the sad thing is even we don’t know what we have because most of the books and Vedas said above are in either oxford university or in some British museum …..and whad did these Muslims do they destroyed the largest library the library of alexandrya in 57 BC which breaker our link to encient world and they say their relation is the best …..what did they offer to the world nothing ….the reason hinduism is still here is because of its most passionate compassionate ways of understanding life ….even though 90% of people living in India are Hindus but Indian is not a hindu country that’s the greatness of Hinduism …..and cristyans stole all our relics and use them for major scientific breakthrough and they also use Hindu Indians for these things…..when every one was nomadic Hindus started the great harappan civilization in the valley of sindhu …..and it had the most advanced infrastructural architecture with well public toilets and sewers…. But the most corrupted relation is Islam …even Christianity speaks of compassion Islam is actually a bunch of hooligans

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      The thing with Hinduism though is that if everything is a god, and destiny was just to happen, then why would you waste your time learning anything, as you would be destined to just chance it. Why train your children how to cross the road, as destiny would just miraculously guide them? Why also would everything be worshipped, when it in fact lives and dies? If everything is a god, then stick with your Batman theme of “Holy Cow” and say your mantras over and over. That will fix the world. As for this Hindu peace, how do you explain this caste system that discriminates by birth? What about the rapes that are occurring against the lower castes? Did the universe give authority for abusers to coexist and hand out karma to the lower castes? Why would things that are inanimate be worshipped, even ideologies? That is a disgrace to society to do such things, as if God, or in your case, the universe dictated that someone should be persecuted because of their skin color or family origins. Shameful, and no, not the truth.

  90. Adena said

    On the internet, I see much criticism posted centring on the life of Mohammed, the much-vaunted ‘scientific’ validity of the Koran, its barbaric scriptures and the ( false ) idea of some Islamic ‘Golden Age of Reason’. I have contributed to all of these discussions, but find one glaring void: Mecca itself.

    Muslims make much book of Mecca being an ancient city ( perhaps the first city ) and the Kaaba being built by Adam himself ( or at last Abraham ).

    Mecca was small potatoes back in the day ( even stale chips ). Before Mohammed, Mecca at best was some pale, poor imitation of Canterbury ( with perhaps a little corner of gritty Birmingham thrown in ). It was a desert trading post cum desert cult centre, with a lye-bearing spring that gave travelers the shits and smelt often of goats, camels and the great unwashed.

    It’s only pretention to culture came from the occasional itinerant monk or merchant from Byzantium or Aksum, the odd Persian scribe or scholar, who would relay information about the wider world beyond, relate biblical or Zoroastrian stories and recent political intriques spinning within Byzantium. News and fables from civilisations farther afield–such as Visigothic Spain, India and China–would also seep into the chatter, and how these simple folk would have wondered at such accomplishment and wealth. These pagans, by contrast, had their smallish, boxy shrine, the wide skies, sand and a Djinn-haunted, barren landscape.

    The Kaaba is not a supremely ancient site and Mecca itself is not a city from the ancient world, despite what Mohammed claimed and what many Muslims still maintain. The City of Paris in France is, in fact, far older ( by some 700 years ).

    Mecca was essentially a trading post that was built purely for strategic purposes by a Yemenite king during an expansionist phase of his kingdom. Aside from being well away from the major trade routes, it had poor water sources, with only a few desert seeps in the ravines surrounding and the Zam-Zam well ( which even then had some pollution problems ). Being in a desert and a box-valley, it was also prone to dangerous flooding when the infrequent rains did come.

    When the Yemenite chieftan, Abu Karb, arrived in the valley, it was uninhabited for this very reason. The true jewel of the Hejaz was the city of Yathrib ( later to become Medina ), an agricultural oasis lush with date palms and squarely aside the trade routes. Abu Karb beseiged Yathrib, destroying its date palms in the process ( for which he was ever afterwards repentant ) and after securing it, established Mecca as an outpost. He built the first Kaaba, constructing it in the same manner–and style, including ‘dressing’ it in cloth–as was practiced amongst the pagan Yemenis of the day. The nomadic tribes ’round Mecca were also but recent pagan emigrants from the Yemen, and soon established it as their religious shrine.

    The Yemenite kings were quite eager to lay claim to and occupy territory in the Hejaz in order to control this section of the trade route between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean and gain more wealth and power. Mecca was a ‘convenience’ stop and a testament to their ambitions.

    When Mohammed was born, Mecca was only about 150 – 200 years old. After its founding by Abu Karb, the Quryash tribe ( also Yemeni ex-pats ) gained control of the trading post, which had meanwhile grown into a town. Mohammed’s clan within the Quryash tribe, the Bani Hashim, had been given care of maintaining the Kaaba and its many idols. During Mohammed’s life in Mecca, his Uncle, in fact, was headman of this clan, and Mohammed had helped settle a dispute during a reconstruction of the Kaaba. The clans were quarrelling about who would have the ‘honour’ of placing the ‘Black Stone’. Mohammed supposedly settled the dispute by placing it in a cloth so all clan heads could lower it into place simultaneously.

    This black stone ( which may not in fact be a meteorite at all ), may have originally been transported to the valley of Mecca from the Yemen or may have been one of the many black stones–granite or volcanic rock–native to the valley, perhaps of the same material as the Kaaba itself. The Kaaba originally housed many ‘lithomorphic’ idols ( also called ‘Ashera’ ), composed of volcanic white, red or black stone, and each sacred to a different deity or ‘aspect’ of deity. Many scholars believe that there may have been 360 of these stone idols ( the number of days in the traditional Babylonian calendar year ). This ‘Black Stone’ would have been one of them.

    Yemen had, meanwhile, vacillated between embracing Christianity or Judaism, with rulers embracing one or the other, then forcing their subjects to follow suit and often going to war with neighboring kingdoms in order to ‘convince’ them which of these two faiths they should follow. Yathrib ( Medina ) was half Jewish and half pagan during Mohammed’s lifetime, during which time Christianity and Judaism were becoming dominant in Arabia. The people of Yathrib who still followed pagan customs did so inside their houses without any ‘public’ celebrations as were the norm in Mecca. The earlier Yemenite kings had promoted their old pagan worship where it still held sway amongst the nomadic clans of the Quryash and other tribes, with Mecca now the centre of their religious devotion. They had set up special laws to preserve the peace in order to maximise profits, protect travelers and keep the site free from clan violence and unrest–especially during their own ‘High Holy Days’. By all accounts, the Quryash ran Mecca efficiently and the clans held council with one other to preserve civil harmony.

    Claims that Mecca was an extremely ancient city–or even the ‘first’ city in the world–are simply not true. Abraham and his family never came anywhere near the uninhabited vale in biblical times and the Kaaba and the Black Stone were, likewise, non-existent until much, much later.

    As far as biblical sources, travelers’ accounts, historical records, surveys and maps–and the archaeological record–Mecca was completely unknown, despite abundant documentation of all the other settlements of the Hejaz, the Yemen and Arabia proper.

    At the time of Mohammed, Arabia itself was merely a hinterland of civilisation with little to recommend it to the wider world. It was true desert, without reliable or quality water supply, and ‘inhabited’ only by desert nomads with a few desert towns and outposts. Cities like Yathrib were few and far between. Moreover, the Arabian language was not known as a language of learning, but as a language of ‘poets’–both imprecise and not suited to logical discourse. Arabian kufic script would not fully gel for another three centuries after Mohammed died, with smaller ‘adjustments’ well into the thirteen century. The Koran, in fact, was the first book ever written in Arabic, and its scribes ( mostly Persian ) actually had to make changes to the script whilst writing it in order to record Mohammed’s ‘Recitation’ properly. Much of it was apparently ‘lifted’ from Syrian Aramaic sources, as the rediscovery of ancient Korans have shown.

    As far as the various rituals performed in Mecca during the Hajj ( such as circling ’round the kaaba and ‘stoning’ the Djinn ), these are largely holdovers from pagan Yemeni practices at the site. ‘Venerating’ the Black Stone is just a form of ‘traditional’ public idol worship, in the final analysis.

    The Sauds, following their Wahabist doctrine, have not only busied themselves with destroying competing Mohammedan traditions and cultures throughout dar-al-Islam ( whilst funding Islamic terror worldwide ), but have also tasked themselves with destroying Mecca and all vestiges of religious culture. Whenever they have seized control of Mecca, they have set themselves the task of destroying public structures and ‘historical’ architecture, which they see as ‘Shirk’ ( idolatry ).

    During the breakup of the Ottoman Caliphate, the Sauds once again seized control of Mecca, resuming their programme of destruction and ‘revision’. During the past 25 years, they have been in overdrive to destroy all vestiges of history ( save the Zam-Zam well and the Kaaba itself ). Khadija’s house was bulldozed recently, and a block of toilets set atop it. There are numerous other examples. Pilgrims who arrive with map in hand, trying to locate sites of former structures ( such as the Ottoman-era fort ), are chased away by religious police who chastise them in the process, all the while denouncing it as idolatry, and ‘re-directing’ them back to their hotels, tour groups or the Kaaba ( all ‘safe’ places ).

    Mecca is being rapidly transformed into the worlds largest shopping mall and luxury hotel agglomeration, with one ‘sacred’ ( heavily polluted ) well and a small, black building draped in black fabric. The mosque is being enlarged and rebuilt ’round it, with one of the hotels looming directly above ( almost claustrophobically ). The Saudis’ new ‘Islamic Theme Park’ is basically ‘Mohammedland’ and a wonderful way of depriving the faithful of their hard currency, even as oil revenues wane.

    Mecca was built from one man’s greed, profited ( ‘propheted’ ) greatly from another man’s greed and will likely end as a testament to the greed of other–equally determined–men.

  91. priyabrata bhoi said

    “Muslims are the most stupid among all religious groups.”
    The quran and sharia proves my sentence.

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      I can’t agree, although the quran certainly is a hodgepodge of drivel and sharia is an abomination and satanic. What is more stupid, those in ignorance, or those who have the truth written right in front of them? That is why I believe the more stupid are the two classes of the “educated” edumacated fools, and the false christians and jews. They have the truth in front of them but because of their desires they choose not to look deeply, and will be offended if they find something that disagrees with their belief system. Sure, we could all get offended or upset when we are wrong maybe as a first reaction, but we are truly stupid if we allow it to become a case of loving the darkness rather than compare our beliefs with the light, as Jesus said.

  92. Peter said

    It’s not that complicated, there is no evidence to support the case that God exists.
    So of course people are stupid to believe something entirely fabricated that is used to control them .

    • Muhammad Halal Pork said

      The easiest evidence that God exists is that his enemies who claim not to believe in him have to argue all their life that he doesn’t exist. That is pretty evident that someone would have to take such a smear campaign to such levels is amazing. What a bunch of deadbeats.
      Another one for me is that I am able to communicate on spiritual things with people like you, even though you are not a spiritual person.
      Another is that science has proven that life only comes from life, yet at some stage, according to the pseudo-jargon-bullshit science, life came from non-life, even though all scientific theories that were tried out failed for a continuous period of over 100 years, so that they gave up, but they still speak of it, and they have to claim this fairy-tale timeline of species of man when there is nothing to substantiate it.
      If there is no God, where did you come from? “Er…my mom and dad???”, is probably the most common explanation which doesn’t answer the ancestry question. “Er…a cell dividing?” A cell isn’t like a rock. It is an infrastructure as such, with as much workings going on as a whole city. A cell didn’t just form, but the leap from the perceived amino acid to a “simple form of life” is just bullshit.
      Grow a brain, and you continue to believe something entirely fabricated that is used to control you. Namely your dumbass theory of evolution that you should go and have relations with your monkey friends as they are now your distant relatives, and there would be less inbreeding between them and your mom.

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