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Indian Muslim Girl, 6, Spanked, Paraded Naked at Madrassa for ‘Poor Handwriting’

Posted by The Mindset on July 7, 2011

A six year-old Indian Muslim girl from the Islamic School in Shahpur Mill Compound was allegedly paraded naked by her class teacher because her handwriting was not good enough. She was later locked up in a washroom and made to clean the toilet bowls.

The parents confronted the trustee, but he denied the incident had taken place.

Outraged parents of the class I student, who came to know about the incident from her classmate, confronted school trustee Iqbal Patel. However, Patel vehemently denied such an incident had taken place at school. The girl’s parents filed an FIR with Shahpur police following which the teacher was arrested on Monday evening.

Incidentally, in January, parents had accused the all-girls school of forcing their children to clean toilets.

The girl’s father Sharavar Sheikh told Mirror, “Our child is very enthusiastic about going to school. A few days ago, when she started making excuses for not attending classes, we sensed something was wrong. Although we asked her the reason, she made vague excuses and dodged the issue. It was through a classmate of hers that we came to know about the incident. We are appalled.”

They allege another Indian Muslim girl was also paraded along with their daughter.

According to the girl’s mother Samina, class teacher Zebabanu found her daughter’s handwriting illegible and decided to punish her in the most “horrendous” manner.

“She stripped my child naked and paraded her in front of the class. As if that was not enough, she locked her up in the school washroom and made her clean the toilet bowls. Zeba warned my daughter not to tell us about the punishment unless she wanted to endure more,” says an outraged Samina.

Incidents like this are common in Islamic countries because  of the cruel nature of Islam. Earlier one such case was reported in Britain (read British Islamic school teaches pupils to hate Hindus).

It’s not just virulent hatred toward the kuffar that is on the curriculum at these Islamic schools.

Abusive punishments by authority figures (often, as here, with dark sexual overtones) such as this disturbing assault on a young Indian Muslim girl, are also alarmingly common.

Read More :Ahmedabad Mirror



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9 Responses to “Indian Muslim Girl, 6, Spanked, Paraded Naked at Madrassa for ‘Poor Handwriting’”

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  2. mozart is halal said

    this makes me foaming of wrath towards those filthy cunts! 6 years old ONLY! a good candidate for apostasy it’s what she is!

  3. Muslim said

    nooooooo that school was dumb not muslims

  4. The most horrifying face of a can a teacher who should be equal to god do such barbaric actions.Islam is actually crossing line is this their way said in khuran then khuran is no better than a sexscandel novel who is written by some pervert …..

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