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Mumbai Blasts – 21 killed, 131 injured – Religion of Peace striked again

Posted by The Mindset on July 14, 2011

Religion of Peace striked again at their favorite place – Mumbai. 17 people have killed and 131 have injured in the blasts at three places in Mumbai – Dafar kabutarkhana, Zaveri Bazaar and Opera House

Indian Express Report

Twenty one people were killed and more than 100 injured as three near-simultaneous bomb explosions — all planted in garbage heaps — hit some of the most congested parts of the city once again striking fear in the financial capital.

The attack came nearly two years and eight months after the previous terror strike on the city, the November 26, 2008 attacks by 10 Lashkar-e-Toiba gunmen which killed 165 people.

It also came two days after the city marked the fifth anniversary of 7/11 when 188 people were killed in serial blasts on local trains and at railway stations during the evening rush hour.

The Centre and the state government said there was no doubt that the latest strike was also a terror attack even though the intensity was not as high as the previous two.

The first blast occurred at Zaveri Bazaar at 6.45 pm outside a small store.
The second explosion happened at the diamond hub of Opera House at 6.55 pm. It took place at the Diamond Merchant Association chowk, the passage that connects the area behind Panchratna building to Prasad Chambers, both commercial complexes for diamond traders.
The third blast injured seven people at Dadar Kabutarkhana near Dr Antonio D’Silva High School and Junior College of Commerce close to the bustling Dadar station.

What will happen now?


The prime minister MMS has no balls to condemn the terrorists. The reason is simple. If Congress will condemn the Muslim terrorist the Muslims  will become UNHAPPY and will not vote for Congress anymore. To keep the  Muslims Living in India  HAPPY this is the little ‘price’ that WE – the HINDUS have to pay.

May be now all those people who voted for Congress in the last elections feeling happy enough. The Muslims for sure. Yes, the Muslims have the first right over resources of this country as said by our impotent MMS.

Then there are those SC/ST/OBC people who want jobs for their children, who cares if someone dies in Mumbai. Job for their children – who can’t get enough marks to get the job of peon but still say “”its our RIGHT to become doctors and engineers and scientists(ISRO and DRDO).””

Well who cares at all. After a week everybody will forget about these attacks and everything will become normal. People have got really short term memory. Remember Baba Ramdev – poor guy went for Satyagrah and was almost encountered. May be he thought that he will ask the Congress – Take out all the Black Money – and the Congress will give. If they were so honest they wouldn’t have stashed so much money in the foreign banks in the first place.

I think I have diverted from the topic. The point is Islam-is The Religion of Peace and Muslims are it’s followers and they believe in – La illaha Illallah – meaning – “Allah is the ONLY GOD – there is NO  GOD other than Allah”. They don’t believe in all this secular-democracy CRAP.

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