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India without Muslims

Posted by The Mindset on August 23, 2011

What if you wake up one day and find that all the Muslims in India have disappeared, —- gone….just disappeared… thin air.

How would you feel?

OK let’s think of how this will affect our country :>

  1. According to Rajinder Sacchar Committee report Muslims at present form 40% of the total prison population while their population is nearly 12%. It means that Muslims are over representing in crimes by a factor of 3.3. It is estimated that their population will rise upto 16 % by the year 2030. If they will maintain the same proportion of crime, they will form nearly 16 x 3.3 = 53% of the prison population. Just think, by getting rid of 16% Muslims India can solve more than half of her crime problems.[Source]
  2. With half of criminal population gone India’s spending on the jails will be less. Thus, we will have more money to spend on schools or colleges, hospitals etc.
  3. With fewer crimes there will be a relative peace and harmony. People will get more time to develop & progress. Life of the honest, hard working, law abiding and tax payer Hindus will be safe. With more Hindus India will progress at a faster rate. Remember,India was the richest country before the barbarian Muslims came here.
  4. No Muslims in India will mean – NO RIOTS. As we know that all the riots are always started by the Muslims. No riots means – no destruction of property, no looting, no burning – which means no fun for the Muslims. In short there will be sense of peace & security without the Muslims.
  5. Without the Muslims the Kashmir problem will be solved. The Kashmiri pundits will return to their homeland. In absence of Muslims there will be peace & prosperity in the Kashmir valley. With the return of peace, the tourism industry in Kashmir will develop soon, bringing huge revenue for India and her people.
  6. Each yearIndiahas to spend millions of rupees on security inKashmir. When the Kashmir problem will be solved India will have more money to spend on progress & development instead of wasting it on security.
  7. The Muslims are breeding like hell. From 1947 to 2001 their population increased from 10% to 13%. Muslims are the only community whose population is increasing. The population of other communities is either stable or is decreasing. In absence of Muslims it will be easier to control the population. The population control measures that government is planning will only be successful in absence of Muslims.
  8. When there will be no Muslims the chances of espionage for Pakistanwill be reduced.Indiawill become secure- both internally & externally.
  9. The biggest change will be total absence of terrorist activities. The Muslims are running 13 terrorist organisations in India. No Muslim – No Terrorism.
  10. Without Muslims Congress will become weak. Congress is largely supported by Muslim vote bank who give vote to Congress without looking at it’s credentials. In absence of it’s largest vote bank Congress will soon become weak. With no Congress in power, the BIG problem of corruption could be taken care of. Also it will be easier to solve national problem of making legislatures on terrorism and to hang people like Ajmal kasab and Afzal Guru.

People may miss the Khan movies or a few bicycle mechanics, truck drivers, auto rickshaw drivers, but that’s not a problem.India can do well without them.

134 Responses to “India without Muslims”

  1. Amit said

    LOL this is superb , Oh God they must disappear from India , otherwise why we divided India, they belong to same race as hindus , but just this Arabic islam has changed them completely , Islam is vicious

    • They will not “disappear”.
      Things have to be worked out to make it happen otherwise they will turn India into Pakistan
      Just wait for 2-3 decades more & see yourself what will happen to Europe. Europe is gonner…because of Muslims.

      • Muslims are less than 5% of Western Europe. If they were NOT there Europes Welfare Spending will go down, and a lot of the issues with Integration/Assimilation would not really be there.

        Another issue with Muslims is their MASSIVE INBREEDING (Cousin Marriage), this lowers their IQ/Intellect, Increases Aggression/Increases Cognitive and Physical defects, Increases Clannishness. All of this stops/reduces them from Integrating/Assimilating to the West or Even India.

        That said I have hope, more suicide attacks and terror attacks, Muslims are getting worried because the Non-Muslim (Kuffars) are waking up.

        The reality is if it were Islam vs the Rest of the World, they would be crushed very Easily. That said I am hoping for many more Terror attacks so people will wake up.

  2. sweet girl said

    i understand the problem is not islam but the way of taking out the meanings of the teachings given in islam.

  3. zaved said

    All muslims in india are the result of atrocities done by bania and brahamn on the scheduled caste of india. BANIA AND BRAHAMAN ARE THE ROOT CAUSE OF ALL PROBLEMS IN INDIA. They have accumulated all the wealth therefore people are poor in india. TAke out all wealth from the temples and hindu netas MPS, MLA, DOCTORS, CIVIL SERVETNS, all problems will be solved , THESe BASTATERD ARE THE ROOT CAUSE. NO muslim rulre did scam like hindu minsters are doing. You idiot tell the fact and talk to me .

    • Wah re ch00tiye!!!
      You can’t give a single reason, a single proof in support of your baseless stupid talks.
      Get lost from here you Pakistani …it’s you Muslims who are the ROOT CAUSE of ALL EVIL IN THE WORLD.
      There are no Banias and brahmins in Afghanistan , then why it’s is sh1thole …
      NO before you Muslims idiots came to India , this country was prosperous , but you looted it and made this country poor. It’s you and your stupid religion Islam which is the root cause of all evil.

      • Quince Hathaway said

        yes, I agree – only when all of India’s muslims die will there be peace and prosperity in India

      • Manisha said

        True if all the Muslims are irradiated from India our India will be like heaven

      • abdul said

        Abhey maha chutiye ek baat ashoka na jo apne hazaro logo ke sar katte the toh woh time kya phosperous tha kya. Lodu tum hindu, pakistan se humse, bangladeshi and afghanis se ladate ho agar hum pakistan gaye na toh hinduo ki aaisi gaand marege na. 1992 and gujarat riots mein hum ek taraf akele muslim they aur dusri taraf tum log 10× the aur police military court saath mein phir bhi humhari gaand mari hum ne pith piche waar karnewale kayaro. YAAD RAKHO AGAR HUM APNE MAZHAB KE LOGO PAR GOLI CHALA SAKTE HAI NA TOH TUMHARE UNHI LOGO KE SAATH MILKAR KYA KAR SAKTE HAI. Sudar jao!!!

        • अबे चल गांडू की औलाद
          तुम्हारी तो पूरी दुनिया में गांड मर रही है
          अबे भडवे कटवे , तुम्हारी औकात साइकिल पंक्चर ठीक करने से ज्यादा नहीं

        • Mukhtar said

          There is no country in this world that dare challenge us. Muslims and Christians do not belong to India. Go to Pakistan, we’ll see what you or Afghanistan or Bangladesh or your BAAP can do to us. We don’t want to work with muslims nor do we want to see your filthy faces. The day when all Islamic structures are pulled down, every koran is burned, every muslim blown apart, that is the day India would have gained its true Independence. Pakistan & Bangladesh with you muslim filth, should be turned into Gazas where people are bombed day in day out for fun.

      • saajal said

        nuclear warheads on all major mosques masjid on occasion of EID Muslims festivals killing 50 million Muslims in INDIAN through microwave satellites each nuclear bomb contains weight of 10 megatons , exactly time of praying to their Allah worship killing all Muslims man women kids in just 4 hours. NO need to kill by gun, juristic laws, riots and policies etc. only nuclear warheads from ICBM remote control.

    • Yeah keep looting others , just like Mohammad looted Caravans…you Muslims are so lazy scums
      you will never work hard to get anything ..just keep looting others …
      No wonder your country are filthy failed states.

      • aazad said

        My dear Indian bro

        u talked about other’s religions, but do u know anything about your religion? i really hate to condemn other religions or community because Islam teaches me to respect other religion but u know bro, there is no religion like Hindu. Hindu is not a religion. its a community. all Indians are Hindus. either they r Muslims or worshiper of Idols. today in India 98% of Muslims are Indian origin same as Worshiper of Idols. like u. but they choose Islam 1000 years ago because It teaches better way of living, brotherhood and believe in One god. Islam teaches 1400’s year ago, Dont kill ur new born baby girl its a sin. if u brought up two girls properly. u will get praise from god. if woman become widow dont make her life hell, merry her and give new life to her. ur god will be more happy if u do so. Islam teaches u all r equal, and brothers either u r from poor or rich. give respect to all religion…etc..etc.(i only mention message of Quran). I can write all day on message of Islam and Quran.

        Sachar committee report said 40% of muslims are in jail. but do u know why? Its not about religion. Its like more black people were in jail in America and Europe in 1980’s and still today. they r more in jails because poor education, quality of life, lack of leadership, which gov always ignore in muslim populated areas, and gov just used them like a beach. ones election over they push them in darkness again. u shoud read these all factors in Sachar report too.

        Bro, dont take me wrong but u r a brain washed communal person. may be u dont realize that. well. I am sure u dont read Sachar report completely or read Quran completely. Do u?

        • Mr. Aazad aka terrorist paki

          I don’t need from a pig like you for my religion.
          As far as Islam is concerned it’s a mess.
          1. You say you respect all religions while the fact is that Muslims all over the world are busy fighting other religions.
          2. Islam teaches better way of living – BS- then why more & more Muslims are going to USA/UK ? whhy nobody is going to Somalia or Afghanistan or Pakistan.
          – Islam teaches brotherhood – BS – again – why Sunni kill Shia, Shia kill Sunni, wahabi kill Shia & Sunni and all kill Sufi – BS BS BS
          3. If Islam is so great then why the Bangladeshi Muslims need to come to india why don’t they just live in their Islamic paradise.
          4. About sachar report – yes it’s about religion. The same situation is in France/UK/USA too. Muslims are same criminal minded cockroaches everywhere. Poor education, quality of life, lack of leadership- this are all excuses.
          Look at Parsis they came to India as refugees with nothing,chased out by Muslims.Now they are the most prosperous group…you know it’s because Parsis are a peaceful people they believe in co existence and harmony not in violence like you terrorist.

          Last Islam is not The Religion of Peace
          Islam is all about violence and crime.

        • kishan said

          quran teaches jihad! jidhadists came in ancient prosperous hindu india! they killed hindus nd some coward blood like yours accepted islam! girl child raising? u will do that because those are population machines nd ur sex machines! u will marry ten girls nd produce 100 more jihadists! u have terrorized whole mankind! u give the world isis! where ever u breed in this world no one feels safe around u! u go to muslim schools where terrorism is injected into your blood! all terrorists r muslims! where ever u r minority there only u can survive! u saw what happened in iraq, syria, pak, kashmir, bangladesh, saudi arab, etc! this proves u r a problem! where ever u r less u can be tolerrated but if u become more u start killing others nd end up killing yourself! but always u try to burden others by producing more jidhadists!

        • Indian said

          Humanity is the biggest religion. Btw all humans r social animal. We all belongs to that 5000 years ago indus valley civilization and we all the dumb people created this problem of religion so that we can control over other. Frm my point of view there should not be any religion. We all have same blood color. When our creator didnt make any difference then who r we to discriminate on basis of some religious or holy book. If u really want to follow then u bettet follow humanity.

      • justaperson said

        Excuse meh idiot the Quraysh looted all the Muslim’s homes and you say Mohammad looted their caravan… lol lol. They tried to loot the caravan SO THEY COULD GET THEIR MONEY BACK

    • NO muslim rulre did scam like hindu minsters are doing.

      yeah right
      what they did was called LOOTING
      i am sure you think Looting is not wrong because Mo was a LOOTER he used to LOOT Caravans
      So looting must be good in your eyes. 😛

    • saajal said

      nuclear warheads on all major mosques masjid on occasion of EID Muslims festivals killing 50 million Muslims in INDIAN through microwave satellites each nuclear bomb contains weight of 10 megatons , exactly time of praying to their Allah worship killing all Muslims man women kids in just 4 hours. NO need to kill by gun, juristic laws, riots and policies etc. only nuclear warheads from ICBM remote control.

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  5. k said

    You all are right but….can you imagine India without its identity;?Muslim gave India much more than others and still spreading this Indian name in the world ..
    Eg: abdul kalam,srk,salman,irfan and yousuf pathan..sania mirza and lots more ..but still some people don’t use their brains and say non sense ..and India is unity in diversity..mughal emperor only built taj Mahal ( one of 7 wonders )….nothing more to justify ..

    • They are spreading a bad name for India. Read : Two pakis in a Jeep.
      These people who never called themselves go to foreign lands and do terrorism there. The people of those countries call them Indians and thus they create a bad image of India.
      Read:Islamic terrorist organisations in india. Muslims have formed 13 terrorist organisation in India may be even more.
      Do you call it contribution??
      Mughals built Taj Mahal – so what it’s a stupid tomb and there is nothing Muslim about it. it was built by Hindu artisans on Hindu land by Hindu money.
      The only thing Muslim about taj Mahal are the 2 dead Muslim bodies buried there. That’s all Muslim contributed to taj Mahal

    • HINDU said

      Dear Mr Islamist,
      All those people have actually received from India and hindus. They have been brought up in a hindu community that is why they have been able to understand the importance of life, career and knowledge , education. If they have been raised up in a muslim community then either they would have been working as a butcher or an imam or a terrorist. i am damm sure about that. just give me one institute name which has been established by a muslim to educate, Mbbs, Mba, Engineering, etc. I know that all muslims are not violent but, I have only one question that if you really feared that we hindus would have killed you all then why did not all of you have gone to pakistan, why did you have stayed here. and if there was no such problem then why did you divided our country. The riots of 1947 is the biggest proof that how much your islam is peacefull. There all hundreds of Mosques which gets destroyed just for making few roads even in a muslim country like Saudi Arabia, but no riots prevail, but if we hindu take back our holy land then you start killing all people. All the rules are only for hindus to abide, we get killed, we suffer, we forgive, we feel pain, we go hopeless but you….you….for your population violent nature. all politicians supports you any cause either your festival, your house, your mohalla. everything is you…..
      We pay taxes but it gets to feed your misery people just because as per islam reading other books is prohibited. A big Imam from Turkey comes to Kolkata in the area of Park Circus inn 2008 and said that all muslims should kill “KAFIRS” in the name of allah untill all Kafirs are dead. So how you could say that brotherhood is there in Islam and islam is peacefull. When it is absolutely written that killing the people of other religion is justified then HOW CAN THE WHOLE WORLD EXPECT PEACE FROM ISLAM.Just tell me that…….you rascal community……….

      and for your information WHO HAS BLOODY TOLD YOU THAT WE HINDUS HAVE GOT AN IDENTITY FROM YOU DISASTROUS COMMUNITY. we had our own identity from the very begining and its you people who have got identity from us…….and only us……Zero is invented in India by a Hindu not a muslim whole world knows that…..This is our identity but WORLD TRADE CENTRE is destroyed by a muslim whole world knows this tooooo. This is your identity. You take our help and support and our name and fame to improve your identity. A muslim in Europe , USA, Canada, Australia and other nation says they come from INDIA a hindu country because if they ever say they came from muslim country. They will be immediately shot “DEAD”

  6. Jay ell said

    Just some facts and figures. Here in the U.K. over 13% of the prison population is Islamic despite the fact that Muslims are only about 3% of the population. Even worse, between 20% and 33% of the population of young offenders’ institutions are Muslims. A special security unit had to be set up to monitor and thwart Islamic attacks in the last few years. In (I believe) 2010, something like 200 planned atrocities were thwarted, including a plan to blow a Northern line train under the Thames, with a view to flooding the system and drowning hundreds of passengers in the process. Some plans were not foiled, e.g., the events of 7/7 in which substantial damage was done to the London Underground, one bus destroyed and 56 people murdered and hundreds maimed and injured. The infamous sex-grooming gangs that have been revealed to have been operational in the U.K. for at least a decade or two consisted entirely of Muslims. You speak of a utopian India without Muslims. We entirely agree in the U.K.

  7. Raj said

    Like some kind of bovine virus that can kill this scum on a mass scale and quickly

  8. karan bhardwaj said

    not only india, these parasities , these sick minded people should disappear from the entire world… Their religion is synonymous to terrorism… All these people are bloody murderers by their heart and soul… And all the hindu, sikh, buddhist and christian sisters must be aware of the “JEHAD LOVE” which these “Islamic Pigs” are running to abuse the girls of other religious order and ultimately convert them into muslims… These pigs must disappear from the planet itself…

  9. aisa kya bigaad diya bhai musalmaano ne tumhara… itna kyon nafrat karte ho…
    duniya me kewal 2 tarah ke log hae achche aur bure…
    aas paas dekho achche log bhi honge… eid me kabhi tumhe apne ghar bulate bhi honge… kabhi kahin tumhare kaam aate bhi honge
    kami to ham sabme hae… aisa na hota to koi non muslim crime karta hi nahi…
    unke ghar , behne , betiyan , bachche bhi waise hi hae jaise tumhare hae…

    Islam achcha mazhab hae… achchi batein bhi batata hae… kuch circumstance me special cases me ladne ki baatein hae…

    plz dont hate…. agar koi shikayat hae kisi se to mae maafi mangta hun…

  10. iqbal said

    this will always be a dream for u. u can see many dreams like this.

    • dreams come true, what is required is time & efforts.

    • Allah the fucked up God copied other religions said

      Listen intolerant Muslims, your brothers barked shit about my God. Now its time to listen the truth.
      You worship Allah who has no existence. Allah motherfucker teaches to kill immaculate sentient beings that is Animals who live like us. We should kill you ppl, u will get to know the pain of Animals. Allah was a terrorist and so u all are. Those who say Islam to be a peaceful religion, my foot peace! Allah was a sisterfucker and couldnt digest other religions and so he made a fucked up religion Islam which teaches to kill people, animals, even dicks. The reason you can see how Allah wrote from R to L. His ass burnt so badly seeing other religions happy. Other religions are jillion of years old and fucked up Islam is just 1400 years old. This simply shows that bastard who wrote Quran must have burnt his ass seeing other religions and made his own fucked up religion and when he found no God to show, he called himself to be God and the world knows his name to be fucked up Allah. This is the proof why Islam is fake murderous religion, tell me why did Allah write everything opposite to other religions? Like in Hinduism we call Cow as our Mother, and that fucked up Allah teaches to cut Cows and eat them. Fucked up Allah teaches to marry 4 times and from each time have 3 kids that is 12 kids in total. Wereas, we do only 1 peaceful marriage unlike u pigs and have 2-3 max kids. Result is 1 billion and 1.3 billion. If we started to treat our women like animals, then our population would be more than Christians within a year. Got it? Fucked up Allah teaches to cut Bakras and then read book there. Fucked up Allah made u all morons. Fucked up Allah teaches to only worship him that is he was just a human ’cause God can’t be so hypocrite. Fucked up Allah wrote everything opposite to hurt other religions and today that murderous copied book is Quran. Now tell me what do find these wrong activities in Hinduism? U ppl can only bark Cow urine drinkers where the truth is most of the medicine u ppl have are made from Cow’s urine and Google the advantages of Cow urine and then bark. From a fucked up book, only evil can exists, evils can also write a book. The poof is now there with u ppl. BAN ISLAM AND FUCKED UP BOOK QURAN. Rest in hell!

  11. ganesh patil said

    i agree with this article that muslim are the key reason & problem for development,progress& peace of nation.if no muslim means all is well.india will be known as develop country soon.but it seems impossible now due to many reason.all we can do is have to come together & work hard to save hindu religion.

    har har mahadev.

  12. I myself feel Hindus are better people than muslims as general and muslims require to do self criticism and also to look beyond the arena of Islam … they require to support hindus in uplifting of India… but their ignorance towards life and rigidness towards Islam is supported by some so called secular politicians…. ultimately resulting a communal disaster..

    but what you are upto will also do this stage imagining India without muslims is totally absurd
    even if you get 100 crore hindus ready to kill 25 crore muslims in India.. will this be ended so easily.. civil war in your action will push back this nation to centuries behind… near by countries will take advantage, Islamic nations will start funding muslims in India in all possible ways.. resulting complete ruin of this great upcoming nation.. we are not able to controll just 50-60 thousand naksalies.. imaqine this figure go to 25 crores.. all over india..
    …your hate will return you with hate only.. that you can see on your blogs.. you make your comment as last and delete the after replies lest it would have been flodded with same hate speeches…
    comming to reality ground.. no doubt muslims require to be open minded… and India at this scenario can only progress taking all 125 crore indians together… baseless imaginations, hate speeches will return you same…

    • your bullsh1t will not change anything. Muslims are #1 enemies of India and unless you are completely destroyed or thrown out India can’t progress.
      India and Indian never needed Muslims in the first place.
      India was good without you and will be better without you.

      You Muslims are not Indians , you were never you never will be.

      And I don’t care about ‘hate speeches’ – I don’t hate Muslims for the same reasons I don’t hate rabid dogs or snakes.
      you got my point – you filthy mlechha

      • HINDU said

        oye mindset….bahut ho gaya tumhara……if you really have guts then go and join army like a man and kill enemy on border. dont be a coward and just talk bullshit….. i am also a hindu and i have too some muslims friends. All 25 crores are not like same.

      • justaperson said

        I take my hat off for HINDU in respect for the very true thing he said

  13. just babbling..without logic … without hearing others… same phrases..again and again..
    my bulsh 1t will not change anything and inspired by yours divine words your no#1 enemy will be thrown out of India… what didn’t happened during real partition will happen now.. isn’t it.. ???
    There must be some muslim family living beside your house, next lane, street… just try to vacate them from there house first…
    where I claim to be Indian.. Islam is Arabian religion which is not in India, muslims are no doubt,malechha…
    we know… so what…???
    I know that for hindus india would have been a better place without muslims.. again.. so what..??
    nothing is going to change on these weeping grounds.. if you really want betterment of India talk on ground reality..
    show some grace,some maturity, talk like sane full person..
    and u are talking about progress of India after trying to destroy muslims.. your way will lead India to the condition of Syria,Lebnon, palestine and as compare to them India don’t have even enough economic strength to overcome this situation..

    • India to the condition of Syria,Lebnon, palestine and as compare to them India don’t have even enough economic strength to overcome this situation..

      SO You think palestine, syria and Lebanon are in better economic condition than India.
      Do you even know what is the GDP of India?
      I have got a hint of your sub human IQ level and your supremacist mindset.

      You Muslims were mistreating the Burmese for a long time, now they r giving you scums a taste of your own medicine.
      Wait and watch your life and future are miserable.

  14. Oh Mr. super human IQ level … if we will be living we will play with the data after 8-10 years of civil war in India….
    Community you are threatening from war has a long experience of that.
    this is not the way to fix things.. some day some jug head with a bomb can reach to your home also..
    Hinduism is a graceful religion, without any do’s and don’ts it accept everyone.. maintain it’s grace..
    No Muslim support mischief in name of Islam.. as rash biking with islamic cap, breaking shaheed symbol.. had these been happened in arab countries these people irrespective of their religion had been prosecuted immediately.
    I can see that neither for India nor against Muslims you can DO nothing… your blogs are nothing good as clap and dance of a eunuch … no doubt you will attract viewer but like this you can just push India back..

    • 1. Civil war is inevitable, with the rising Muslims population nobody can live in peace. There is no country where Muslims are living peacefully with non-Muslims. It’s the nature of snake to bite , it’s nature of Muslims to kill.

      2. yes I know Muslims have a long experience of war, for the last 1400 years this is what Muslims have been doing. rape, murder, killing,plunder,destruction…we also have a long experience of war. you Muslims never gave us anything else.

      3. this is not the way to fix things.. some day some jug head with a bomb can reach to your home also..
      why are “you” interested in repairing things..things have gone beyond repair…when things become irreparable they are called trash..and trash is thrown out and we have a new start. that’s what is needed.

      4. Hinduism is a graceful religion, without any do’s and don’ts it accept everyone.. maintain it’s grace..
      I don’t need a lecture on hinduism from some whose community is fighting against all religions in the world. mind your own business..I know what my religion is …

      5. No Muslim support mischief in name of Islam
      LOl you have the guts to lie on face…liar..all around the world you scums are involved in terrorist and criminal activities and then a shameless like you asshole come here and tell me “Islam is a very good religion”…WTF

      6. no doubt you will attract viewer but like this you can just push India back..
      why you are interested in India or Indians …you got your country in 1947..mind your own business
      it seems like the unending lust for land and women in Muslims is growing in you…you want more and more and more…
      after getting Pornistan you are now after India clearly showing your Islamic upbringing.

      This is your last comment I am allowing here
      Go F**k yourself..and lift your ass in the air to fart in your moon god’s mouth.

  15. Raj said

    Totally agree with the article. Dear Mindset, also request you to do some research and get statistics on Islamic impact on current day Europe. Its getting worse I heard.

  16. mharaj said

    muslim logo ne hindu o par jajiya wera ( hindu honeka tex lagaya tha aur hum azad huve tab indiame 6 carid muslim the aur pakistan me 2 carod 20 lakh hindu the in 65 sal me pakishtan(muslimo) ne hindu ko mar kar dara kar bhaga diya aur sirf 20 lakh bache aur ham ne chote bhai ki tara in gadaro ko rakha to ye aaj 18 carod gadar ho gaye hai jo bi dalil do par ye kom vailent main hai

  17. Shiv Super said

    I want Modi become prime minister on up coming elections with big majority. And there some works should be done in next five years are, As Godhra riots in Gujarat 2002 was happened in which it is said about 75,000 Muslims were killed and target was to be destroying Muslims about 10 lakhs in Gujarat only. So same SHIV TANDAV will be organized again all over the country and at least 1,00,00,000 means 1 Crore to 5 crore Muslims must be kill in very brutal way and plus at least 50 lakhs Muslims women must be destroyed from India and this should be done esp. Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Anthara Pradesh and Bihar. And there must be no mercy at all to these Allah fuckers. This work should be done very fast in next 5 years. Every Indian must make target to kill 10 Muslims in India very brutally at least in his life from rest of their work.

  18. prem said

    Why are you considering a India without Muslims only after independence. Lets go back, Our cultural heritage flourished during the mughal rule. We have prominent contributions from muslim leaders for the independence and there were also muslim soldiers who lost their lives for their country during Indo-Pak war. The relationship between India and Pakistan was poisoned from the start. So if you dislike Pakistan, please don’t show your hatred on Indian muslims. Live and let live.
    PS – I am a pro-caste hindu.

    • >>>Our cultural heritage

      that’s laughable..what do you mean by “our” heritage…
      Mughals were foreigners ..they were ultimately vanquished..sadly not all Muslims were kicked out like Spain.

  19. dc said


  20. DEATHMAN said

    Follow the steps of Comrade Hitler and eliminate those bastards:

    1. Kill all the elites in Muslim society. Don’t worry, there are few. Kill all teachers, professors, lawyers. Eliminate any muslim intellectuals.
    2. Do not buy at any muslim shop, neither employ their service. Let them starve.
    3. If you are in a power position, made them suffer. If you are teacher, make sure that your muslim students fail. If you are government employee, harass them in every way possible. If you are employer, do not employ them or throw them out.
    4. Muslims should be forced to disallowed from purchasing lands and practicing law.
    5. IMPORTANT. Leave aside any any petty issue. You can’t simply wipe out 12 crore circumcised bustard. Eradicate them from inside, as they tried to did us. Convert them into hinduism. By any means possible. Do not hesitate. By marriage, by rape or by force. Take their girls and kill their men. Or force them to take Hindutwa. Or even sikhism or budhhism. Just made them leave islam.
    6. Prepare hindu local units, sketch muslim areas, entries and exits, population. In first chance, kill them one by one. Leave none. Kill the elderly, kill the children. Everyone. This is not good, but the alternative is worse.
    7. Do not destroy their fucking religious sites ar first, the dogs will bark most at that. Rather, kill them. Ten dead muslim is better than one burned down mosque. Kill 60% of them, other 40% will lick your boot and take Hindutwa.
    8. It is more important to destroy the muslims instead of propagate Hindutwa. Build up a united front of all our Indian brethren, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Tribals. And open an all out assault on those circumcised bastards.

  21. manzoor said

    you have day dreaming. Muslims without india is like as sun in the night. Muslims percentage always increasing. You have 80 percentage, but we have 13 percentage only. In the forest lions percentage always low, we are like lions

    • Muslims are not lions , Muslims are pigs.
      Muslims look like pigs, behave like pigs, stink like pigs, breed like pigs.

      • hussain malvi said

        bharat ke muslimo bharat maa ke laadle putra hai
        or is baat ko koei jhutla nahi sakta
        hm log ne isi mitti pe janam liya hai or marenge bhi isi mitti pe
        or jo is mitti se gaddari karega voh muslman nahi
        or jo bharat maa ke putra ko kuch bolega voh bharatiy nahi

  22. Zeest Shaikh said

    Mind Without Measure…!
    Shocked to see ur opinion..:-D

  23. Zeest Shaikh said

    We shud be in unity.. Any religion.. Hindu Muslim Sikh Christians etc Are allowed to follow their religion.. but on the same side we shud be in unity as “INDIANS”.. So that we can lead India There on the top of the world.. Im not against any religion.. Balki.i do respect each religion.. Me holi bhi khelta hu.. Diwali bhi.. Christmas day bhi.. Lorhi bhi.. Balki eid pe gharpe 80% mere non muslim frnda hi atey he.. From my childhood i always luvd Jan gan man nd our tiranga.. Me haqiqat kahu to mene aaj tak esa koi bhi shakhs nahi dekha jo muslims se nafrat karta ho.. Dekhein he, to sirf yaha blogs, internet par.. Ku ?
    me ye b janta hu yaha jo muslims k against cments kar rahe he unke bhi muslims se achhe rishte hongey.. Aakhir ku ham kisike kuchh dikhane se usike nazariye se dekhne lagte he ?
    ku ham muslim hindu based faisle lete h ?
    kuchh log hotey hr jinka kam hota h galat nazariya banana.. But hamare pas hamara khud ka zehen he.. khudki backbone he to doosre ki ku sune ?
    Ek bar positvely sochiye.. Sabhi log plz.. & stop making debates..!

    • Your melodrama is not going to work.
      Hindus have always tried to live and coexist with Muslims but it’s clear that you Muslims don’t want peace.
      Muslims want to kill,rape and convert Hindus and to convert India into another Islamic sh!thole like Pakistan.

      Tell your lies to those ‘sickular’ idiots…may be they will listen to you.

  24. Shubham said

    I m an agnost and dont believe in god.But I do believe in society……
    If u r a realist u will realise that there is one group of people who cause all sorts of problem in every part of world and that group is muslims.

    Very few people know that The muslim conquests of india was the bloodiest story of history(according to several promoinent historians and the texts written by muslim invaders).The death toll of hindus in these conquests exceeded world wars,holocaust etc……but we arent taught this thanx to the 1947- generation,driven by marxist-SECULAR ideology.worst part is that in our society everybody wants to look ‘politically correct’ and hence distance away from any discussion on such matter.

    India has been the only country in world where muslims ruled for 500+ yrs. and it didnt become islamic(thanx to indian kings’ and peoples struggle for over a millenia).
    Muslims’ breeding rate(which far outclasses pigs) is biggest threat to india and people shall realise before its too late.

  25. Shubham said

    Sorry I forgot to add… “SECULAR gov. of congress didnt realise 2011 census’ results of religious proportion…….many believe that the reason was an unprecedented increase in muslim population……thanx to their insane breeding rate and influx frm bangladesh”.

    Pakistanis and bangladeshis r indian muslims by origin and it were indian muslims,97 percent of who voted for creation of pakistan.The implication is obvious….

    If we want to save india we need to wake up before the time bomb explodes.

  26. Vishnu Sharma said

    We National Democrats have a very detailed plan to bring about the extermination of Muslims in all of South Asia, ie. The entire Indian subcontinent.
    All in all, a total of 600-700 million Muslims will be exterminated and all of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India , Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar will become Islamrein or completely free of Muslims,

    We are raising an internal army called the Suraksha Sena to encompass the complete destruction of Islam in South Asia.

    The methods we will employ will catalog, coral, comb and cruelly wipe out entire muslim enclaves and populations in all of South Asia.

    Muslims scarcely realize that a holocaust will consume them and destroy them in their entirety in a few years from now

    • justaperson said

      Ironically, that’s exactly what people blame Muslims for. Also, have you forgotten Maldives? It’s a nice, lovely little island so let’s drive out those very bad terrorists out and claim their hard work.

  27. Zarina said

    I think they should get rid of the muslims. Muslims fought so much to grab Pakistan, divided the nation and now don’t want to live there. If they are representing so much crime and getting rid of them will help send money towards things that need attention then it is better for the country on the whole.

    • justaperson said

      Get some education, darling!
      Pakistan and India wanted to be independent from the British Rule.
      They declared independence in 1947.
      Some Muslims were scattered all over India but most of them went to Pakistan. The Muslims in India were in extreme poverty because they couldn’t afford to join Pakistan.
      That’s how there are very poor Muslims in India.
      If you want to blame Muslims, Blame Osama Bin Laden.
      He was a fat idiot who killed many innocent people.

  28. Nafisa said

    After what that Muslim leader said “Stop the police for 15 min and we will make sure we get rid of 1000000 Hindus” These muslims only know how to spread hate. They should all be kicked out. They live in India and complain that all the Islamic countries are so much better. They should leave and go there then.

  29. faizel said

    Don’t ever think like that you fools. Once we (Muslims) ruled India. You people was our slaves. Betrayed us. But its better you don’t forget. We are warriors. The legacy of Muhammad, Hyder Ali, Umar, Usman… They will reborn to protect musalmans to protect humanity. Stay away from us.

  30. Sunny said

    😮 The Bloodiest Story in History! 😮

  31. bull said

    Musalmano tumhari bhen ki c*oot….none wants u in india…yeh toh tum bhi jaante ho ki tumhara religion har tarah se galat hai…
    Better hoga ki tum india ko baksh do…

  32. raja said

    This article is best example how Islamophobia works on the minds of the people.

    The person writing this article must be very much affected by this disease.

  33. puja said

    ISLAM is the religion of murder.We should work together to make INDIA free of muslims.

  34. Sufyan Malik said

    I proud to be Muslim
    Bcs we worship only one God
    We are king
    We don’t believe on your murtis
    Which is fake
    U request you please accept Islam if you want better life

  35. sukan said this article explains a lot as to why muslims are hated around the world

  36. pv said

    Muslims r mother fu**ers

  37. bharatvarshiya dharmik putra said

    tum musalmano ki jaat hi suaro ki hai ,haramkhoro..main vaada karta hu apney hindu bhai behno se ki main apni bharat maa ki rakshga karunga in suar ki aulado se….jai hind

  38. Bharath said

    yes… muzzies should disappear either in thin air or forcefully. Every expert in their respective fields have their own issues against muzzies. Forest dept, accuses them of poaching. police accuse them of looting, murdering, rowdyism. lawyers accuse them of forgery cases. agriculturists and lay men accuses them of corrupt middle-men. people accuses them of communal bastards, every religion, every government, every country has faced issues with islamic existence, Intelligence says they are involved more in child and women trafficking, drug activities, smuggling, terrorism. Biggest underworld dons and terrorists are all muslims. They follow Quran well and behave just like what their Muhammad was doing/telling them. They are fir to be called barbarians.

  39. Gergei said

    Hi The Mindset,

    This is brilliant and I totally agree with what you have mentioned! India has become a big dump because of the issues created by Muslims!

    Muslims partitioned our country Bharat and made 3 countries out of it – India, East Pakistan ( Bangladesh ) and West Pakistan ( Pakiland or Bunkistan ), for this they should never ever be forgiven or their misdeeds forgotten!

    Initially they organize “peaceful protests” like they did in Azad Maidan Mumbai, Seelampur,Bhatkal,Kokrajhar,Imphal,Dhule,Srinagar,Azamgarh,Mirzapur,Siwan and now recently Malda in 2016 which ultimately mature to riots in which they damage public property worth corers and assault Non-Muslims!

    Initially I had Muslim friends but I gradually threw them out of my life on by one as they either tried to mock my Buddhist faith and belief or coaxed and threatened me that I must convert to Islam, this is ridiculous, as I never ever imagine to convert someone to bring them to my faith and leave the faith they are born into!

    When I used to speak to Muslims for me my hero was India’s Best Prez APJ Abdul Kalam but for the Muslims their hero was Dawood or Owaisi Broithers, Shahi Imam or Azam Khan or some stupid runaway terrorist or Love Jihadi!

    I have covered two major issues in India on my articles

    The first is Immigration of Bangladeshi Muslims into India

    Bangladeshi Muslims have spread all across North East Region of India that comprises of 8 states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim.

    They have transformed our North East Region of India into a big slum, they have spread like plague across our traditional lands and it was successive Congress Government’s that allowed Bangladeshi Muslims to settle across North East Region in large numbers, In states like Assam and Tripura, immigrants from Bangladesh have outnumbered the indigenous people!

    And second is Love Jihad

    Equally concerning is the issue of Love Jihad , this is a very serious issue but is taken very lightly and has grown after that stupid movie -My name is Khan! How the heck can Khan be a name when its a surname! This rubbish movie shows Muslims as innocents made of wool! Muslim guys are posing as Hindus and flirting with Non-Muslim girls, they lie to the girl, exploit her and when its too late and the girl cannot come out of the relation, they reveal their identity but its too late! They marry multiple girls, divorce them easily and produce multiple kids, this is their silent Jihad on India.

    I think the Muslims can be stopped an ultimately expelled from India even if it seems tough if we Dharmics Unite ( Hindu-Buddhist-Sikh-Jain-Folk Religions ), we Dharmics need to prepare for the final battle just as Muslims are preparing for Ghazwa-E-Hind!

    Lets keep in touch and let me know if I can assist you any further!

    Warm Regards

    Gergei Dorjee

  40. Armaan said

    Its not hindu or islam there is only one religion thats humanity. …..if u r a human then u have to be tolerant and should love peace…..keep quran and geeta together they will never complain…….even color of our blood is red .which proves we r all equal……….

    And those bloody terrorist s they claim themself as muslim…bloody beasts their best punishment throw pork into their face

    • even dog’s blood has red color.
      pork in he face of terrorist …is that all you have to say.

      • Definite said

        Bhai tu chuttiya h.. Koi mia se tu pita hoga zaroor.. Usse me mar tujhe itna kaas se lga h ki.. Tera dimg ghisk gya hh! Hehe ja betta ja..! Zyada altu fltu mt bk..jb koi chiz pta ni hoto.. Teri batt sun kr admi ka hosh udd jayega.. Tujhme sirf gand bhra hua h.. Chutiya h tu.. Kash tere bap us din jldi soo gya hota..!

  41. John said

    I’m a christian Indian, and 2 things :

    1.You’re an idiot. Learn some proper fucking grammar and then make your shitty points. You blame the country’s problems on Islam, without even mentioning the intolerant aspects of your own religion. It’s people like you who make me sick. Your extremist views make you no different from a fucking terrorist, other than the fact that you probably don’t have the balls to kill anyone. Type all you want, your words don’t mean shit. Again, grab a fucking’How to write in English’ book before make a fucking website.

    2.Stop living in a fucking dream world. Snap back to reality. I don’t think you realise how much money you need to spend to get rid of Muslims.

    Overall, this article is an extremist joke.

  42. abdul said

    Post by stupid coward hindu who cries in their own country. If we muslims will leave, then you hindu will kicked out from muslim world and of course no trade relations will be there. We are not syrian refugees you asshole hindu because if you leave muslim world then definetely we will get shelter and work in your place in good number. We will take revenge for what you did to us like gujarat and muzafar nagar riots, blast in dargahs and mosques, killing and robbing us like cowards and we will fuck your ass badly if we get to pakistan and bangla.
    Then christians will leave your country, of course, you not being to people who fought with their own community people (pakistan) for your country then whats the guaranttee that you will not do same thing with them and although you are burning churches, raping nuns and kills pope. Actually their is a great chances of them leaving then us so you should be ready to kicked from christian world.
    Then sikh brothers will fight to you and get their land (right) called “khalistan” of course they will also take revenge for 1984 and holy book insult which is done by fucking hindu
    Then then oh yeah
    dalits will leave hinduism and convert to buddhism
    Then marathis will kick UPs and biharies from maharashtra and vice versa
    Tamil and telugu war
    Naxals will bomb your ass
    Rapes of own sisters such as recent case of buses and parks rapes and of course in ashrams by babas
    beleive me your country will become pakistan part 2

    • If you get to Pakistan or Bangladesh then India will become peaceful
      वैसे भी तुम मादरचोद कटवे यहाँ रहकर इस देश का भला कर रहे हो

      • bhai said

        abe tu to aise bol raha hai jaise tu india se saare muslims ko bahar nikal kar boundry wall laga lega
        tujhe pata bhi hai islam kya hai
        islam me kitna tollerence hai
        gulf countries me bhi hindu population hai wahan to democracy bhi nahi hai wo bhi yeh bolsakte hai ki saare hindu ko mardo
        unko aisa karne se roknewala bhi koi nahi hai(no democracy)
        bhai i dont want to offend you but i want to say that there are only two types of people
        good ones and the bad ones
        tere har comment me muslims ke liye offence hai .i have wasted my time time in explaining u this.there are only few muslims about 0.0001% who spoil the name of others and much less number of hindus 0.00000001% like you who spoil the image of others

        • अबे चूतिये , gulf में हिन्दू काम करने जाते हैं तुम्हारी तरह हरामखोरी करने नहीं जाते
          अगर हिन्दू वहां से चले गए तो उनका पेट्रोलियम कौन निकलेगा — तेरा बाप

          हिन्दू लोगों की इमेज तुम लोगों से लाख गुना अच्छी है है और आगे भी रहेगी

  43. john said

    Plz my muslim brothers dont follow quran and your imam poisons your brains towards non muslim.Today islam has been a great threat to the world.Today a muslim thinks himself a muslim first then comes humanity and nationality.if the world goes in the hands of islam then the life of non muslims who gave them freedom to pracice their religion in their country will be hell like what happens in muslim counyry .they will apply their islamic rule and the muslims extremists will kill people in the name of islam openly.i hope that day will never come.

  44. Vinu said

    Look 100 baat ki ek baat…
    Muslims r terrorist. ..muslim is like cancer for the world…said by Hollywood celebrity. .
    Remember गोधरा नर संहार। madarchod muslim ne mahila. .chote chote bache sabko aag laga di. … next day…hunduo ne उनके ट्टे मुँह मे भर दिए थे। 80% muslim abadi khatam hogai thi….inka 2 hi kaam..कूत्तो जैसे खाना और सूअर जैसे बच्चे पैदा करना। kirayedaar ho kirayedaar ki tarah raho …nhi to Pakistan bhagne tak ka time nhi milega…or ek indian critian jyada bhok rha h ..

  45. ash godrej said

    Great piece , I wish if only this could have materialized

  46. awesome said

    indian muslims are just like muslims anywhere else,fanatic,low iq ,inbreds who cannot build one proper country but wants to live in the liberal secular countries of non muslims and spoil it for others. gandhi nehrus are responsible for the mess india is in. the problem could have been solved in 47 itself. when the country was divided among muslims and non muslims. muslims got a separate land(which they fked later on) and yet were allowed to spread like bugs in the piece given to non muslims. its rather funny how muslims all over oppose even basic vaccines against polio diphtheria fearing it might render these swines infertile,clearly a proof of the population jehad these bigots r waging against civilised world. where this is going i believe some hitler type leader will arise and wipe these cretins in one blow. there is no powerful muslim country and there never will be ,because warfare of today is more science oriented i.e. bad for muslims as they lack the minimum iq required to understand it.

  47. Colonel Sherjil said

    Certainly, the day will come! The day will come when Muslims would stop their persistent denial to take a stand against all the atrocities and the propagandas put against them. Behold on that day, EVERY filthy islamophobe will be killed at the hands of Muslims. That day you will have no refuge from the wrath of mighty Muslims. A man is coming, an Army is coming, coming again to hunt down all the way to the deepest spot to hide of thy worshippers of Satan… You are a KAFIR, because you lie, even when you know the truth. Kafir is a rejector of the truth and acceptor of the lie.

  48. North Wind said

    Wanna hear true story of hazrat muhammad (pbuh): muhammad’s dad(abdullah) was infertile, he used to fuck his mom day and night getting no result. but that moron used to beat her thinking its her fault and one day with extreme rage he ordered 200 pigs and 200 camels and ordered her to get gangbanged by those animals and she did that because she was a nymphomaniac too. Pigs and camels fucked her balls deep so she got all her holes filled. After that abdullah called 600 men from his village and they again gangbanged her, but this time she took 2 dicks in her each hole. After 9 months a boy took birth who had a face like pig with beard but no moustache, back and legs like camel and rest human, overall like a monster from hell, because his mom’s egg got fertilised by all sperms of pigs,camels,humans by allah’s magic.

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