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Hate filled comments by Muslims

Posted by The Mindset on September 28, 2011

If you want to read some hate filled comments by Muslims left on “Islamic Websites” here is link:

read the comment left by a reader tashfeen
Here is a screenshot of the above page:

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Muslim youth burning Koran

Posted by The Mindset on September 28, 2011

Here is a Washington Times article with a video showing two Iranian youths burning Quran:


The Iranians have suffered a lot at the hands of Muslims or better to say the Arab Warlords. Islam was forced down the throats of Iranians by these warlords and fanatics. Read Zoroastrians in Islamic Iran to know how the Persians or Zoroastrians were persecuted by the Muslims. Their murderers were not arrested, they were called impure and were not allowed to touch anything.



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Islam in Pictures #4

Posted by The Mindset on September 26, 2011

Victim of Islam

[Click on the image for a larger view]

Six year old Seema, was the much loved daughter of 42 year old Jagannath. On the night of 8th June 1999 her life changed forever. At around 9 pm men armed with knives and automatic weapons entered her house and tool her father and two younger brothers captive. Seema watched with frightened eyes as these terrorists started to torture her 17 year old brother Rishi. Jagannath begged the men to leave his sons alone and kill him instead. After torturing Rishi in front his father they killed him. Then they took hold of 13 year old Rajinder and holding his head down beheaded him with a knife. Seema’s father was treated the same way. And finally they shot her mother before leaving the house. Seema watch dumbfounded with terror as her whole family was murdered in front of her eyes. No one knows why seema’s life was spared.


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Pakistan: The Guardian of Peace

Posted by The Mindset on September 23, 2011

Atanu Dey at is one of my favorite writers. Here is an advertisement published by the Pakistan Ministry showing Pakistan as the Guardian of Peace. I got the link to this excellent ‘comedy’ on Atanu’s post Diggy Singh is a RSS mole.

Here is the photographic ad:

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France ban street praying by Muslims

Posted by The Mindset on September 19, 2011

Something to learn – for the Indian (pseudo) secular government. France has banned street prayers done by Muslims. The West fed up with the Muslims who go to European countries because  their own countries are HellHoles on Earth and they teach the Europeans that their culture is ‘decadent’.

Muslims go to European countries and breed like pests. It’s obvious that they find the ‘lack of  mosques’.

Here is a report by Reuters

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