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France ban street praying by Muslims

Posted by The Mindset on September 19, 2011

Something to learn – for the Indian (pseudo) secular government. France has banned street prayers done by Muslims. The West fed up with the Muslims who go to European countries because  their own countries are HellHoles on Earth and they teach the Europeans that their culture is ‘decadent’.

Muslims go to European countries and breed like pests. It’s obvious that they find the ‘lack of  mosques’.

Here is a report by Reuters

France bans street prayers

The street-prayer ban has highlighted France’s problems assimilating its 5-million-strong Muslim community, which lacks prayer space, and follows a long-running controversy, fanned by far-right leader Marine Le Pen, over Muslims forced to lay their prayer mats on the streets in big cities.


In France, where a strict separation of church and state has been in force for a century, public displays of religious activity are frowned upon.

Yet efforts by Sarkozy’s conservative government to restrict religious displays, such as a ban on full-face veils, have drawn criticism as empty measures that unfairly single out Muslims.

France counts the largest Muslim minority of any European country. But only a portion — about 10 percent, or the same proportion as among Catholics — are practicing, according to Muslim associations.

As a rule, radical Muslim voices in France are rare, but Friday’s prayers in northern Paris drew a small but angry protest from a radical minority more often seen in online posts.

The problem is not with “space” as pointed out, but with the breeding rate of the Muslims which is surpassed only by pigs & cockroaches.(sometimes I think this is the reason why they hate pigs!!)

Here is one comment left by a Muslim reader on showing clearly the arrogant nature of Muslims.

Listen, Muslims are being pushed around by the west and when someone stands up agasinst the system they call them terrorist, they use this as asn excuse to justify there stupid bans. Now listen up if you are a Muslim, you must NEVER give up no matter what, they are the non Muslims and they are the one who are wrong and are the terrorists. Islam is the way and we must teach them that they are lost and their rules men absoloutly nothing to us because we only obey the rules of GOD. Never give up, keep on fighting, Allah is with us and we will be victorios.
I hope the (pseudo) secular government of India take a lesson from this. Every Friday the Muslims block all the roads causing a total traffic jam. Indians have to either wait or have to take a longer path wasting both time and  petrol (which is really costly).
But….I can ONLY hope.

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