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Hate filled comments by Muslims

Posted by The Mindset on September 28, 2011

If you want to read some hate filled comments by Muslims left on “Islamic Websites” here is link:

read the comment left by a reader tashfeen
Here is a screenshot of the above page:

29 Responses to “Hate filled comments by Muslims”

  1. sheerin said

    Why can’t urll hindus leave us muslims alone, y are urll jealous over our perfect religion n my beloved prophet my allah will except u if u give up ur idol worshipping n believe in my allah, we muslims have blind faith n urll r jealous over our strength n our perfect religion join us n ull see how my allah will put imaan in ur heart after all islam is the perfect religion

    • Sheerin,

      What rubbish you are talking about ?
      You have perfect religion…that’s funnier than the Muslim Jokes I posted here.
      Look at the condition of Islamic countries, most of them are failed states.
      You were talking about strength , what strength, all Islamic countries are beggars and have to depend on Non-Muslims countries for help.
      look at Pakistan , the hellhole of earth, it is dependent on USA and China.
      Should I say more.
      When flood devastated Pakistan it were the non-Muslims countries who came and helped Pakistan the Muslim countries are so helpless that they cant help themselves.

      Sorry sheerin you are living in a dreamy delusional world ..please come out of it and face the reality.

      • Bo Bo said

        Perfect? You asshole you kill your own people. You are scared shitless to think on your own. The Middle East is on fire because your perfect religion propagates hatred for your own people. You do not know what you are missing and it is tragic.

  2. Sheerin,
    Your IP address tells that you are living in Great Vritain.
    What the hell you are doing in GBR? Go live in some filthy Islamic state of yours with your fake Allah and your perfect reigion.
    Live the British alone you scums.

    • sheerin said

      Well my islamic country is saudi arabia so which filthy state r u talking about well I don’t blame u cos u wudnt know how precious my mecca n medina is n yes I’d give my life to be a resident there as I said u wudnt know n besides all I’m telling u is how does the kaaba belong to the hindus n if it does y doesn’t urll gods give it back to urll why is the world against us y cos there’s no religion like ours, n if its such a bad religion y is it that we would gladly give our lives for our allahs pleasure n that’s 1thing no other religion has n

      • Sheerin,
        You should be given a “Noble Prize for talking NONSENSE”
        Where did I said kaaba-Hindus or whatever rubbish you are talking about?

        If you think Saudi Arabia is so good then go there, leave the non-Muslims alone and we will leave you alone. Leave Britain and go to Arabia and have fun in your sand and deserts.

      • OXNIN said

        Mecca should be nuked…oxnin

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  4. and yet we donated more than most of the Islamic countries. you ungrateful scums will never thank us. you will live in those failed states because you deserve it.
    You say Arabia is so rich than why you Pakistanis go and drive taxis and buses in London. Why don’t you go to Pakistan ?

  5. Looks like you have not read the Quran which says – “kill the infidels wherever you find them” “strike of their necks off” “cut their fingertips”….and so many other peaceful verses are there in your so called Holy Book.
    Don’t tell me that Islam does not teach you to discriminate on the basis of religion. What is happening to non-Muslims in Islamic countries is not hidden from our eyes. Non-Muslims in Islamic countries are treated like third grade citizens while they are peaceful & hardworking .
    You Muslims killed 1.5 million Armenian Christians, 3 million Bangladeshis in 1971…so STOP talking this NONSENSE that Islam does not discriminate.
    You are either ignorant or you are lying.

  6. Sheerin
    you are a complete NUTCASE
    who told you that idol worshiping is compulsory in hinduism, you can atleast read Wikipedia it’s free dumbo.
    read before you write….it only proves that you are complete ignorant of the world and just just living in some fantasy universe of yours.
    It’s you who are talking NONsense here because whatever I have said on this blog is supported by facts and figures. I have given links t prove my case.

    have you given a “single link” to prove whatever garbage you are uttering here. NO NO NO NO
    Why ? do you just know to talk rubbish ? can’t you prove anything? And if you can’t prove any thing than stop talking nonsense and leave this blog. leave Britain and go to Saudi Arabia-go and live with your goats and camels.

  7. I guessed it right. You are just ignorant of your Islam and you are talking nonsense-again.
    Here are Quranic Verses You Must Know
    read them and decide yourself.

  8. No one is needed to tell that u Muslims live with goats & camels. I live in India & almost all Muslims have goats in their houses.

    If you think arabia is so damn good then why are you living UK? Go back to Arabia.

    Islam is all about terrorism because Muslims are behind 99% of the terrorist attacks and every time there is terrorist attack Muslims quote Quran. Now how will you justify it if Islam is not about terrorism . Also countries like Afghanistan & Pakistan are sponsoring terrorism all over the world. Faizal Shazad, the wannabe Time Square bomber was trained in Pakistan and he was a Muslims.

    This is the reason why nobody likes you Muslims – you are so filthy arrogant . You think you muzzies are god gift to mankind while the fact is that without you terrorists the world will become a better place to live.

    • Do you think we Hindus need a approval from you terrorists.
      And the fact is that soon Islam will disappear from the world.
      You Muslims have pissed everybody.
      You in the name of your filthy religion are killing Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists and still you are so arrogant.
      Wait and watch you have made everybody your enemy. No one will come to your rescue and this time you pigs will be wiped out of the face of earth.

    • We don’t pray to SATAN
      You do and behave like one.

  9. The verses are already translated in English(which you can neither read nor write).

    • Good ! NOW you are behaving like a true Muslim.
      I didn’t translated them. They are available on internet.
      People spend learning and spending a Book and do WHAT? Ultimately all those a$$ lifters (you including) become terrorists.

  10. Sheerin
    you don’t have to lie that you Muslims are peaceful.
    Read my report – The Religion of Peace reports.
    each day Muslims kill nearly 25 people, injuring nearly 50 and doing 5 terrorist attacks a day on an average.
    Do you call your religion Peaceful- I can call it “Pieceful” – you make so many pieces of human body.
    Cool for a muzzie. Isn’t it?

  11. And you were telling me that non-Muslims hate Muslims.
    Looks what looks? Go get a mirror? Muslim women are ugly.

    While most of the Islamic countries are mired in violence and massacre you keep writing some happy delusional stories here.

    Sorry the stories will not help. Those Islamic countries will remain hell holes of the earth till your precious Islam is there.

  12. Sheerin you filthy towelheads can’t even tackle the tiny israel and you are ranting about India.
    Forget about it.
    You towelhead are good for nothing. The Jews f*cked you in the six day war and they were not even half of your population.
    What you have is nothing but HOT Air up your ass which is making you thinking so high.

  13. France has banned street prayers and most European countries will soon ban burqa and when you muzzies will piss them too much they will kick you out from Europe to your fithy Islamic countries like Morocco and Pakistan.
    Just wait and watch you will yourself know the result .

  14. You can go & kiss your goats and camels too if you like. Just like ur allah and religion this mehdi-fehdi is also nothing but rubbish.
    Insulting Muslim Arab Jokes

  15. 10 years ago when I used to tell people that “all Muslims are terrorists” nobody used care. Today with Muslims like Sheerin i don’t have to do so much work because these terrorists come and vent their Venom all over the internet reducing our workload.

    Keep it up Sheerin I always wanted you to show your True face which you have !
    Good job Sheerin.

  16. Thanks for linking to my articles, it is always greatly appreciated. Keep spreading the warning to infidels.

  17. Let me introduce you to Bernie from
    It’s from his website that I got all those funny jokes which you have enjoyed so much.

    Go to his website if you want more of such funny Muslim jokes.

    • In the real world Muslims kill innocent people , slit throat of babies and fly planes into towers.
      That’s the real world – Now which real world were you talking about.
      as for taking action whenever non-Muslims have taken action you Muslim have only cried over your Dead.
      So keep your ugly mouth shut and let us live peacefully.
      And these jokes won’t stop – if you muzzies will keep bombing our cities we will keep ridiculing your religion god prophet anything that stand for you.

  18. victorious ??? what victorious ???
    The Arabs can’t pick a hair off the Israelis and you are talking about victorious
    What a funny clown you are ?
    Here are some photos of how the Jews are banging the Arabs – from front & rear both.

  19. This one is my favorite:

    I hope you will Enjoy the photo – bloody roasted future terrorist

  20. The only person talking bullsh1t here is YOU.
    Comment after comment which are making no sense neither are going anywhere.

    Do you think we take you seriously ? What you are?
    a Muslim’s life is not worth the spit that we put on a postal stamp.
    Your uncle binni thought in the same arrogant way & went to hell.
    Anytime we can send you to ur allah . you cockroaches are not worthy to have a life.

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