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"There is poison in the fang of the serpent, in the mouth of the fly and in the sting of a scorpion; but the wicked man is saturated with it." – Chanakya

Why Muslim countries are Failed States

Posted by The Mindset on January 11, 2012

In my last post – Muslim Countries and Failed States – I wrote that there are 20 countries having 33% or more Muslims which are Failed States.

Let’s analyze why Muslims who make up only 23% of world population, form nearly 60% of Failed states.

To analyze this have a look at a comment left by a reader calling himself  ‘Zaved’ on my post India without Muslims:

BANIA AND BRAHAMAN ARE THE ROOT CAUSE OF ALL PROBLEMS IN INDIA. They have accumulated all the wealth therefore people are poor in india. TAke out all wealth from the temples and hindu netas MPS, MLA, DOCTORS, CIVIL SERVETNS, all problems will be solved , THESe BASTATERD ARE THE ROOT CAUSE. NO muslim rulre did scam like hindu minsters are doing. You idiot tell the fact and talk to me .

Let’s first make some conclusions about Zaved

  • He is educated – since he can write proper English.
  • He is computer literate.
  • He is not poor if he can afford internet.
  • He hate Hindus (Note what he wrote about Bania & Brahmins) . For those who don’t know Banias are the business class people among Hindus. Most of them are involved in business activities because  they think agriculture involves killing organisms(insects).
  • He is an idiot like all other Muslims. He has not given a single link to prove his statements.
  • He hates the wealthy people. he is jealous of them. (read the second line).
  • He wants to loot the Hindu- doctors and public servants which shows that all Muslims have a criminal mentality.
  • he talks about Muslims rulers, he feel connected with foreigners who looted this country but not with his compatriot.

From the above comment of a common Muslim we can easily draw some basic conclusions:

  • A  Muslim may be educated but they are always idiots.
  • They hate Hard Work but want to get rich quickly.
  • They hate those who have wealth and ant to LOOT them.
  • All Muslims have a criminal mentality.
  • Muslims are lazy and arrogant.

Now come to the title of this post – why Muslims countries are Failed states. The answer is: it’s because  of Muslims like Zaved

The countries which are Failed states today were once wealthy and prosperous.  Just look at Afghanistan and Pakistan. they were once Zoroastrian, Buddhist or Hindu majority countries. They were prosperous and fertile before thew arrival of Muslims.  But then came the Muslims – with fire and sword. They were all promised Houris in paradise after death – 72 for each – if they kill and rape people in this world. So they did – murder and rape.

There were Muslims  like zaved who hated the wealthy people. These kind of Muslims started looting them. They would burn there shops, ask for money in return for the security of their life.

Slowly and slowly the hard working, law abiding Non-Muslims left the areas where Muslims came. What was left in the – once prosperous areas were Muslims who knew nothing about hard work or patience or perseverance.  All they learnt in decades or centuries of looting and pillaging was – death, threats, massacre, rape and plunder.

Violence became a inherent part of the Muslims society. When there were wealthy non-Muslims, the Muslims were too busy looting them. When the prosperous non-Muslims left those areas the Muslims had only Two options – either to start looting the wealthy Muslims or to move to new areas where there are still some wealthy non-Muslims are living. They did BOTH.

Eventually countries after countries fail to the tyranny of Muslims and each one after the other became a Failed States. The Reason being the same. The Criminal Mindset of the Muslims, their arrogant behavior and the LOOTING instinct. They don’t want to work but still want to enjoy all the world’s luxuries. They kill those who work and when such people die in one place they move onto other.

Mumbai Underworld is a big example of Muslim criminal mindset. The entire Underworld was run by Muslims who used to live a comfortable life at the expense of Hindu businessmen.

All the Mumbai Underworld goons were like Zaved –  they all hated the Hindu businessmen, they all wanted their money and they all had a LOOTER mentality just like their prophet.

We have to stop this , if we want to live a prosperous and successful life these bad elements of society must be eliminated from the root. Muslims are a cancer, they must be stopped at any cost.

2 Responses to “Why Muslim countries are Failed States”

  1. Hammad said

    So you generalise 23% of the world’s population on the basis of a troll’s comments? Yeah, a lot of ’em are goons, BUT you should be careful with the phrasing, especially when you got the correct intent.

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