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Muslims raped 18 year old girl and set her ablaze

Posted by The Mindset on February 1, 2012

This is what “The Religion of Peace” followers doing.

India surely has enough Muslims now. They are raping and killing at large.

The news appeared in local and national level newspapers.

Earlier a 17 year old girl from a well-to-do family was raped by three Muslims 2 of whom were son of policemen

Police nab 3 rape accused within hours of crime

AHMEDABAD: Taking swift action, the Surat police succeeded in nabbing all the three accused in a kidnapping and gang rape case within hours of the crime.

According to the Surat Police Commissioner, Deepak Swaroop, two of the accused turned out to be sons of police personnel, the father of one being posted in Surat itself and the other being recently transferred to Banaskantha district in north Gujarat.

The police said the victim of the gang rape, a 17-year old girl from a well-do-do family in the city, was going to tuition classes early in the morning on Friday accompanied by a boyfriend when the accused in a car approached them.

Boyfriend tied to tree
The accused introduced themselves as policemen and told the duo that they would have to be taken to the police station for indecency in the public as they had been found in a “compromising position” under a fly-over. The two were forced into the car and were taken to the outskirts of the city where the boy was tied to a tree and the girl gang-raped in the car and later abandoned on the roadside.

After the father of the girl lodged a police complaint, the police swung into action and picked up the three accused, Saeed Sayed and Tariq Sayed, both sons of policemen, and Abu Bakr, all in their twenties. The police claimed that all the three had confessed their crime during the preliminary interrogation.

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  3. CyberSword10 said

    This is intolerable.

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