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Iranian blows off legs in Bangkok

Posted by The Mindset on February 15, 2012

Yesterday I wrote about the slaughter of Thai Buddhists THAILAND: Muslims in the South are slaughtering Buddhists in order to ethnically cleanse the area

Now an Iranian man has blown himself (good :))

Iranian blows off legs in Bangkok

An Iranian man carrying explosives blew off his own legs and wounded four other people in two blasts on Tuesday in Bangkok, Thai authorities said.

Security forces found more explosives in the assailant’s rented house in the capital but it was not known what targets they might have been meant for, Police General Pansiri Prapawat said.

Photos of the wounded Iranian man showed him covered in dark soot on a footpath outside the school strewn with broken glass. A dark satchel nearby was investigated by a bomb disposal unit.

The man had hurled the grenade at Thai police outside a Bangkok school when it bounced off a tree and then exploded at his feet, the Daily Mail reports.

Pansiri said a passport found at the scene indicated the man was Saeid Moradi from Iran. Authorities in Tehran could not immediately be reached for comment.

Three Thai men and one Thai woman were brought to Kluaynamthai Hospital for treatment of injuries, Suwinai Busarakamwong, a doctor there, said.

It’s really good that no Thai citizen was injured and it’s better that this moron has lost both legs. Now he will not be able to do any Islamic terrorism.

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One Response to “Iranian blows off legs in Bangkok”

  1. Jason Lee said

    Yeah that bastard Iranian deserved it alright.
    If I was religious I would consider this proof that god is great.
    As for the Thais maybe they should start moving their military in and slaughter those muslim bastards.
    They seem to be a problem everywhere they become established.
    No country is going to become safe with them around proliferating.

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