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"There is poison in the fang of the serpent, in the mouth of the fly and in the sting of a scorpion; but the wicked man is saturated with it." – Chanakya

Riots in India

Posted by The Mindset on February 24, 2012

Riots in India have a long history but one aspect of riots do not change – all riots are always started by Muslims.

Whether the riot end in a few Muslims being killed or Hindu shops looted, Hindu women raped or some Hindus killed – all riots are always started by Muslims.

Here I am making an effort to list all the riots that have taken place before and after independence in 1947. If the reader thinks that I have missed a riot please help me to get the details.

Meerut Riots (April 2011)
Riots started when Muslim mob started attacking Hindus and pelting stones at roadways buses. Muslims  came on streets because   some Hindu youths had roughed up a Imam of some local mosques. The matter could have been solved by lodging a police complaint. The Muslims however never show any respect for any ‘man-made’  laws – they only believe in the laws of Allah almighty i.e. Sharia law.

Hence the riot.

Gopalgarh, Bharatpur, Rajasthan Riots(September 2011)
Riots started after the Muslims forcibly captured a piece of land belonging to the Hindus. Muslims have a habit of encroaching other’s property, this was not new. police had to intervene but Muslims attacked them too. 8 jihadi pigs were dispatched to hell for attacking Hindus.

Rudrapur riots(4th October, 2011)
Muslims started the riot after spreading a rumor that a torn Quran had been found out at a Muslim’s door step. Even an idiot can tell you that this is all drama. Muslims are expert at such things. Hindus were celebrating the festival of Navaratra and they won’t even think of doing such act. Moreover,  for whom it is easy to get a copy of Quran – for Muslims or for Hindus.

4 people were reportedly killed in these riots.(possibly 3 jihadi pigs were among the dead).

Azad maidan Riots(11th August 2012, azad Maidan, Mumbai)
15000-20000 Muslims gathered to protest the violence against Muslims in Assam and Myanmar. At the drop of hat these Koranimals became terrorist and started wide spread arson and loot. Media and police vehicle were burnt. private property was damaged. The total damage was estimated wirth 3 crore rupees. 2 jihadi pigs were dispatched to hell.

Akot, Akola Riots, Maharashtra(23 and 24 October 2012)
Muslims followed their age old practice of attacking Hindus during the festivals. This time the Koranimals chose the Gurga Puja procession. Muslims killed 2 Hindus during the riots. Several Hindu shops were burned by Muslims. Later Hindus retaliated and dispatched 2 jihadi pigs to hell.

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