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Too many Muslims in prison

Posted by The Mindset on February 27, 2012

In sharp contrast to schools and jobs, where their share is way below their share in the population, Muslims have a disproportionately high representation when it comes to being in crimes— in many states, twice or thrice as much as their share of the population.

While Muslims’ contribution in the field of science & technology, literature, business or sports is negligible to their population the only two areas where they lead are – 1. Crime 2. Terrorism

Here is what the Rajinder Sachar committee report edited out; most probably due to pressure of pseudo-secular Khangress party.

Too many Muslims in prison, Sachar edits this out
What makes this deletion surprising is that this data, showing such a high rate of incarceration, has significant social and political implications, including the further marginalisation of the community, reinforcing stereotypes and deepening prejudice.

When asked about this omission, Sachar said: “It would be improper on my part to comment on any aspect of this report now as it has been submitted to the Prime Minister. It is yet to be tabled in the House.”

The deleted data showed that when it came to Muslims in the prison population, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Kerala are the most disproportionate.

• In Maharashtra, the percentage of Muslim jail inmates in all categories is way above their share in the population Muslim share in population is 10.6%, share in the total prison inmates is 32.4%.

• When it comes to those in prison for less than a year, Muslims contribute 40.6% of all prisoners in Maharashtra.

• In Gujarat, the percentage of Muslims in the state is just 9.06% but they make up over a quarter of all jail inmates.

Assam, the second highest Muslim populated state in the country, after J&K, has 30.9% Muslims, and here, the percentage of Muslim jail inmates is 28.1.

• Even Karnataka, which did relatively better than other states in providing jobs to Muslims, shows the same trend: 17.5% of its jail inmates are Muslim as compared with 12.23% of its population.

• In Delhi, where Muslims make up 11.7% of the population, they constitute 29.1% of those in jail for less than a year.

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  1. ruaa said

    there is a big differance between islam and muslims

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