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Norway: Muslims have lowest labor participation

Posted by The Mindset on March 3, 2012

Muslims go to Europe but don’t want to work. Still they want to live luxurious life.

Here is what a Norwegian news agency has to say:

Here is a English Translation:
The Progress Party’s immigration policy spokesman Per-Willy Amundsen believes that immigrants of Muslim background have lowest labor participation.

The Progress Party’s immigration policy spokesman Per-Willy Amundsen put on Ulltveit-Moe’s line, and draw in religion as an argument.

There are immigrants from the Muslim world to score badly in these investigations, said Amundsen to the Times.

He believes that cultural background is important for labor market participation and believes that religion affects the culture.

It’s striking that Indians have much higher labor participation rates than Pakistanis. Countries was one one once, and that primarily distinguishes them today is the religion and the culture of religion means, said Amundsen.

His political opponents are not unexpected disagree. Minister of Labour, Hanne Bjurstrøm (AP) believe it is unacceptable to generalize people in such a manner. Christian Democratic Party’s immigration policy spokesman Geir Bekkevold also takes away from Amundsen’s proposal, calling it disrespectful.

The reality is that Muslims are very arrogant, lazy and dishonest. Being arrogant they don’t want to work for filthy kaffirs. All Muslims beleive that they are sons or daughters of some Muslim Sultan or Badshah. They think Muslims have the divine right to rule over the kaffirs. Being lazy they can’t work properly even if they find a good job. In other cases they are kicked out because  they are dishonest and liars.

Muslims, for centuries have lived by robbing others of their hard earned money. They despise every non-Muslims who has wealth. The caliphate were established to loot non-Muslims kingdoms and thrived on their resources by scavenging the oppressed masses of the conquered lands. When the non-Muslims revolted and threw the Muslim rule eventually the Islamic society collapsed.

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