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I didn’t know Cricket is against Islam

Posted by The Mindset on April 28, 2012

I was reading the news that Bangladeshi Cricket Team has cancelled their tour to Pakistan and now looking for South Africa. This is because of 3rd March 2009 attack on Sri Lankan Cricket Team by terrorists of Jaish-e-Mohammed and/or Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, the outlawed militant groups with close links to Al-Qaeda.

In 2004 Lashkar-e-Taiba had issued a fatwa against playing Cricket calling it against Islam.

Here is the news report:

Islamists wage war against cricket, ‘the other religion’
CRICKET is akin to a religion in Pakistan, which might explain why it is so loathed by Islamic extremists there.

While few believe Tuesday’s terror strike on the Sri Lankan team was designed as a specific attack on the sport of cricket, the ambush has highlighted one of the more peculiar preoccupations of Islamic extremists.

Following the Indian cricket tour of Pakistan in 2004 — the first in a decade — the Lashkar-e-Toiba terror group in Pakistan issued what amounted to a fatwa against the sport.

“The British gave Muslims the bat, snatched the sword and said to them: ‘You take this bat and play cricket. Give us your sword. With its help we will kill you and rape your women’,” the LET magazine Zarb-e-Toiba said in its April 2004 edition.

The magazine article commented: “It is sad that Pakistanis are committing suicide after losing cricket matches to India. But they are not sacrificing their lives to protect the honour of the raped Kashmiri women. To watch a cricket match we would take a day off work. But for jihad, we have not time!”

More fitting for a mujahid (or holy fighter), the magazine said, were the sports of archery, horseriding and swimming.

“The above are not just sports but exercises for jihad,” Zarb-e-Toiba told its readers.

Things like honor killings, acid attack on women, beheadings of innocent infidels do not insult Islam, but a harmless sport like cricket surely does. Muslims, you can’t do anything about them.

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Muslims’ Religion affects their literacy rates – in negative way: Study

Posted by The Mindset on April 24, 2012

An excerpt from a study done by Latika Chaudhary and Jared Rubin (Scripps College and California State University – Fullerton, respectively).

Religion affects literacy in complex ways
Religion affects everything in human societies, from politics and family life to education. Religious factors may even play into economic outcomes for different groups. In India, for example, Muslims have historically lagged behind Hindus and other religious groups when it comes to literacy rates. What’s more, literacy rates among Muslims are generally lower in districts with high proportions of Muslim inhabitants. Now, researchers from California are suggesting that these numbers may be telling a much more complicated story about the history of India, colonialism, and religious education.

Chaudhary and Rubin found that Muslim literacy rates weren’t just lower in general than Hindu literacy rates – Muslims who lived in areas with proportionally higher concentrations of Muslim inhabitants were also less literate than those who lived in more diverse areas. Something about living around greater numbers of Hindus, Sikhs, and members of other Indian groups seemed to encourage Muslim literacy.

…..they hit upon an interesting fact: it wasn’t the proportion of Muslim inhabitants in any given district that best predicted literacy rates among Muslims. Instead, it was the length of time that had elapsed since Muslim rule had ended in that area. The longer it had been since Muslim rule had collapsed in a given region, the higher the literacy rates were among Muslim inhabitants.

Since madrasas tended to focus almost exclusively on religious education, especially memorization of the Koran, overall literacy among madrasa students tended to be lower than among students at secular institutions.

Madrasa education, while providing a strong foundation for Muslim scholarship and understanding of the Koran, did not prioritize general literacy in the same way that the Indian public education system did. Thus, the greater the proportion of school-aged children in a given region who attended madrasas rather than public schools, the lower the literacy rates in that region. In areas where Muslim rulership had recently collapsed, the overall proportion of Muslim inhabitants tended to be higher, making the census data seem to indicate that higher proportions of Muslims in a population led to lower literacy rates among believers in Islam.

The simple fact is that Muslims came to this country as robbers, marauders.

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Pakistan on the Brink by Ahmed Rashid: Book review

Posted by The Mindset on April 24, 2012

Sooner or later this happens to all Islamic states . Read the entire article/review at The telegraph.

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Posted by The Mindset on April 23, 2012

And Muslims say they culture is superior to that of non-Muslims,

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Sectarian Violence among Muslims

Posted by The Mindset on April 20, 2012

Muslims, when they are done killing the infidels start killing each other. They can’t live peacefully with anyone. In India they are fighting against the Hindus and the Sikhs; in Middle East they are fighting against the Jews and the Christians. In Africa they routinely kill Christians. In Europe they are working against the Christians and bombing their cities.

Here is some news over the ethnic violence going on in Karachi, Pakistan.

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Posted by The Mindset on April 16, 2012

Earlier I wrote about how Muslims started spreading lies through SMS and emails that Japan was the first country to ban burqa and tore quran pages and that Muslims were enjoying Japanese deaths. Here is one more lie – exposed – spread by Muslims :

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Muslims and Untouchability

Posted by The Mindset on April 14, 2012

Muslims who cry for the treatment of Dalits in India forget that their own brethren treat non-Muslims as untouchables in their own country and nothing is done by other Muslims – they just watch and ignore. Who cares for a filthy kaffir, he/she will go to Hell eventually?

I wrote in Zoroastrians in Islamic Iran about the treatment of Zoroastrians by the Muslims. Read the rest of this entry »

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Muslims Top Sex Related Searches

Posted by The Mindset on April 10, 2012

Out of Ten countries which search mostly for sex related sites Six  are Muslim countries.  The list is :

  1. Pakistan(97% Muslims)
  2. Egypt(90% Muslims)
  3. Vietnam
  4. Iran(98% Muslims)
  5. Morocco(90% Muslims)
  6. India (170 million Muslims)
  7. Saudi Arabia(90% Muslims)
  8. Turkey(96% Muslims)
  9. Philippines
  10. Poland  Read the rest of this entry »

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Does the Quran Prohibit Killing?

Posted by The Mindset on April 9, 2012

A reader jonah left a comment on the post  Some quotes on Hindu-Muslim Unity KORAN SAYS: “IF ANY ONE KILLS SOMEONE IT IS AS IF HE KILLED THE WHOLE HUMANITY”

Now either he is purposely being deceptive or he may be an ignorant Muslim who has never actually read the Quran and simply repeats what others tell him is in the Quran because what this idiot, quoted is not in the Quran. Read the rest of this entry »

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What does Islam mean ?

Posted by The Mindset on April 2, 2012

When I find so many Muslims who are ignorant of their own religion I realize why  so many Muslim become terrorists.

An ignorant Muslim ‘someone’ commented on the post Windows, Linux and Islamic Conversions in US prisons :-

Islam is from Salam, which means PEACE !

‘Someone’ is an ignorant idiot. Here is the Wikipedia entry on Islam :

Islam is a verbal noun originating from the triliteral root s-l-m which forms a large class of words mostly relating to concepts of wholeness, completion and bonding/joining. In a religious context it means “voluntary submission to God”

Here is an image which makes thing more clear:


[Image credit:]

It makes a lot of things clear !

And here are five stages of Islam – how Islam spreads, kill, threaten and convert –

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