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Muslims and Untouchability

Posted by The Mindset on April 14, 2012

Muslims who cry for the treatment of Dalits in India forget that their own brethren treat non-Muslims as untouchables in their own country and nothing is done by other Muslims – they just watch and ignore. Who cares for a filthy kaffir, he/she will go to Hell eventually?

I wrote in Zoroastrians in Islamic Iran about the treatment of Zoroastrians by the Muslims.

Zoroastrians were considered impure and were not allowed to use the public bath places.Hardly any Zoroastrian family was able to avoid conversion to Islam when employed by the Abbasids. Because of their harshness towards unbelievers, and due to their lavish patronage of Persian Muslims, the Abbasids proved to be deadly foes of Zoroastrianism.

The community was regarded as outcast, impure and untouchable. The Zoroastrians and their food was considered impure and many public places refused to serve them. When they shopped in the bazaar, they were not allowed to touch any food or fruits. They were threatened with forced conversions and their religious sanctuaries were regularly desecrated.Harassments and persecution were the norms of daily life. Zoroastrians were often attacked and beaten by Muslims in the streets. The murder of Zoroastrians was not punished. At times, Zoroastrian girls were kidnapped and forcefully converted and married to Moslems and brought to town in fanfare.

If you think that this happened centuries ago and the situation might have changed or maybe Muslims have changed during this period – you are wrong:

 Zoroastrians Face Uncertain Future In Iran

The Zoroastrians were required to pay the “jaziyeh” tax, levied on all non-Muslim citizens of the state. Until the Qajar era of the 19th century, Zoroastrians were subject to harsh restrictions which forbade them from doing business, travelling freely, and even coming out on rainy days.
In his memoir of a childhood in Iran, Ardeshir Khaze, who died in Mumbai in 1987, wrote that Muslims considered Zoroastrians like him untouchable.
“We were not even allowed to walk through their fields because [they thought] we would defile their crop,” he wrote. “One day, when I was six, I secretly went through a Muslim field to get home quicker because it was a long way from our shop to our home. But they spotted me and gave me a flogging. My screams fell on deaf ears.”

A six year child was flogged for passing through a Muslim’s field. What kind of people these Muslims are ?

This kind of treatment is not received by only Zoroastrians but other infidels who live in Islamic countries (if we can call them countries !!!)

Here is an incident faced by a Hindu woman in Pakistan- The Land of Pure:

Persecuted Hindus migrating in hordes

Draupati Mandhan, a mother of two, left her home in Jacobabad in the month of Ramazan to move to Karachi to pursue a career in medicine.

After months of house-hunting in the city, she zeroed in on a small apartment, owned by an old man, in Delhi Colony. The rent was reasonable and the place was comfortable.

“My husband had to stay back to settle the old debts that we had in Jacobabad. So I came alone with the children.”

But all her excitement of shifting to a big city vanished when the owner did not let her in the house. Embarrassed but still forcing a smile, she says that at first she did not understand the man. “But then he started calling me and my children Paleet (impure) and asked me to forget about the deal.”

Completely at a loss, she frantically phoned her husband. “Thankfully, I had enough money. But the thought of my staying at a hotel did not go well with my husband.”

She eventually stayed at a friend’s house for a few days and went back until another place was arranged. Even today, she is unable to comprehend what had happened to her.

But why this is happening and why nobody among Muslims take any actions against it. The answer may be – the religious leaders allow and encourage such behavior:

Ruhollah Khomeini: Appearance and habits

Khomeini adhered to traditional beliefs of Islamic hygienical jurisprudence holding that things like urine, excrement, blood, wine etc. and also non-Muslims were some of eleven ritualistically “impure” things that physical contact with which while wet required ritual washing or Ghusl before prayer or salah. He is reported to have refused to eat or drink in a restaurant unless he knew for sure the waiter was a Muslim.

Ruhollah Khomeini is not alone in spreading this trend against non-Muslims, many other religious leaders share the same beliefs.

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