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Polio drops are un-Islamic – Pakistan Mullah

Posted by The Mindset on June 16, 2012

A Mullahs in Pakistan has declared the polio campaign ‘un-Islamic’ and announced at the local mosque that Jihad should be carried out against the visiting polio vaccination team.

Report from Pakistan’s Express Tribune
Cleric declares jihad against polio campaign

According to details, the local polio team entered Muzaffargarh’s rural Khan Pur Bagga Sher area and asked local families to cooperate with the campaign.
When the local cleric, Maulvi Ibrahim Chisti found out about the campaign, he immediately went to the biggest mosque in the area and declared that polio drops are ‘poison’ and against Islam. He added that if the polio team forced anybody to partake in the vaccination campaign, then Jihad was ‘the only option’.
As a result, the polio team returned to Muzaffargarh city without carrying out immunisation, and reported the matter to Muzaffargarh Health Executive District Officer (EDO) Dr Aashiq Hussain, who in turn informed the Muzaffargarh District Coordination Officer (DCO) Tahir Khursheed.
A police inquiry was ordered, after which a raid was carried out in the cleric’s area. However, Chisti had already escaped by the time the police arrived.
Residents said the cleric had tried to convince them that the polio campaign was a ‘western conspiracy’ to render the population impotent.
After the police raid, the polio team returned to Khan Pur Bagga Sher to implement the polio immunisation campaign.

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3 Responses to “Polio drops are un-Islamic – Pakistan Mullah”

  1. Dear editor

    This is Imran from Spain, An ex muslim and the owner of the blog ( How are you sir? Today I am sending you something very special and very close to my heart. It is a song in Spanish language written and sung by me against the Islamic terrorism. For the convenience of your readers I have added the English subtitles.

    My song is dedicated to all those who have become the victims of Islam and those who are alive but suffering in someway because of Islam. The Islam and it´s terrorism have destroyed the peace of our lives. Let´s fight against it together. I would be very happy if you can publish this song on your site in order to encourage more people for fighting against the cruel Islamic terrorism. Here is the link of video uploaded on Youtube:

    Thank you very much sir. your sincerely IMRAN FIRASAT (SPAIN) (World without Islam)

  2. M Ahmad said

    If any body want to remain happy, satisfied and confident in his life, then practice islam..

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