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Muslim teacher sold Hindu student in flesh trade

Posted by The Mindset on August 30, 2012

A Muslim teacher – Qasim Ahmad – following the teachings of his great religion sold a Hindu girl into flesh trade and abducted her child.
Times of India report: Teacher accused of pushing girl into flesh trade
BIHARSHARIF: A school teacher in his 50s who not only commanded the respect of parents of children who went to his school but also of the entire neighborhood for his good behavior was assaulted by the same people and handed over to police on Tuesday evening when a girl of the locality, who returned home 12 years after she went missing, threw a bombshell that the revered teacher had abducted her and sold her to a brothel owner at Muzaffarpur. She went missing at the tender age of 9.

Daughter of poor parents, Puja Kumari (name changed) had gone missing from Malahbigha locality of Islampur town in Nalanda district some 12 years ago when she was barely 9. The poor parents frantically searched for their daughter but to no avail. They, then, lodged a ‘missing’ complaint of the minor girl with Islampur PS but with the passage of time, they lost all hope of their daughter ever returning home.

Luck turned for them two days ago when two days back, a young man who identified himself as Manoj Sah from Muzaffarpur visited the unfortunate parents and took them for the identification of the girl who, he said, claimed to be their daughter. The parents did not believe their eyes when they found their daughter alive after so many years.

Puja told the police she was abducted by a teacher of a primary school of the locality, Qasim Ahmad, who kept her confined in a house in Nabinagar village under Ekangarsarai PS area of Nalanda district for two months before selling her in the red light area in Muzaffarpur where she was physically and emotionally exploited for years. She claimed to have married the informant of her parents, Manoj Sah, some three years ago and had a child from him who, she said, is in the teacher’s custody. She has also named the teacher’s wife, Chanda Khatoon, their daughter Rehana and son-in-law Munna Mian as having conspired for taking her child.

The other accused have not been arrested as the police said it is a matter of investigation but the disgraced teacher was sent to judicial custody on Wednesday.

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Muslims threatening Assamese Hindus in Mumbai

Posted by The Mindset on August 18, 2012

Muslims are now showing their true fangs their true colors. Many Hindus from North Eastern states have been threatened of “dire consequences” in Mumbai.

DNA Report

Fearing attacks on them in the wake of ethnic violence in Assam, hundreds of Assamese youth left Mumbai and reached Guwahati by train on Friday. Though none of them was attacked in Mumbai, the youth, mostly Bodos, said last week’s violence in Azad Maidan and talks of possible attacks on Northeasterners after Ramzan prompted them to leave the city.

A protest against attacks on Muslims in Assam and Myanmar held at Azad Maidan on August 11 turned ugly with 45 policemen injured in the violence.

Dharmen Basumatary, 22, who worked in a bakery in Vashi, said he was threatened by local Muslims whenever he stepped out of his house. “They said enjoy Mumbai as much as you can till Eid, but after that you will have to face dire consequences,” said Basumatary, who is from Dhekiajuli, Assam. He said 100-300 youth have fled Mumbai. “Communal riots are dangerous. We have only one life and I don’t want to take a risk,” said Basumatary.

Babul Basumatary, 29, from Udalguri said he and his friends from Assam were threatened. “The local Muslim youth told us to leave Mumbai if we loved our lives,” said Babul, who was working in a company in Navi Mumbai. Manoj Kumba, 26, said he left Mumbai after the management of the glass factory where he was employed expressed its inability to give him protection. “Twelve of us from Assam were working there. On Tuesday, the management told us to leave as they feared we would be attacked,” he said.

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Azad Maidan Violence proves – There are NO Moderate Muslims

Posted by The Mindset on August 18, 2012

What happened at Azad Maidan, Mumbai on August 11 2012 is another proof that there are NO moderate Muslims. If you are following the Azad maidan, Mumbai, violence by Muslims you must have noted a few points:

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Hindu woman killed by Muslim after she bravely resisted attempt to rape

Posted by The Mindset on August 11, 2012

Islam takes another life.

The latest victim is Pallavi Purkayastha, a law student. She was killed in halal style by the building guard Sajjad Pathan.  Sajjad Pathan slashed her throat with a knife.

Times of India report:Mumbai law graduate Pallavi Purkayastha’s killer was driven by lust

MUMBAI: It was sheer lust that led to the life of a young woman being snuffed out. Watchman Sajjad Ahmed Mughal entered Pallavi Purkayastha‘s flat at 1.30am on Thursday with stolen keys and rape on his mind. He saw her lying asleep inside and tried to force himself on her. When she resisted with all her strength, the 22-year-old slashed her throat with a knife. The 25-year-old daughter of senior Delhi-based bureaucrats died soon after.
Using the stolen keys, he opened the house’s door and crept into the bedroom where Pallavi was asleep. He tried forcing himself on her, but she pushed him away. So he whipped out the knife and threatened her. “Pallavi was strong. She resisted him. So, Mughal caught her by her hair and slashed her throat. Pallavi too caught his hair and started hitting him. Mughal then started flailing the knife, cutting Pallavi’s face and injuring himself,” said investigating officer Shirish Sawant.

Times of India report: Rebuked, watchman kills young law graduate
MUMBAI: In a murder that has sent shockwaves through the upscale Bhakti Park at Wadala, a watchman of a building murdered a 25-year-old legal affairs manager with an entertainment company early on Thursday morning for rebuking him a couple of days ago.

“He was upset with Pallavi after she had rebuked him a couple of days ago. He felt humiliated and wanted to take revenge. Finding her alone in the flat, Pathan molested her and also made an attempt to rape her,” a crime branch officer said on condition of anonymity. Pathan was an employee of Ahmed Hamid Enterprises, a security services firm.

Note the name of the’s a Muslim firm and most likely will hire more Muslim.
Other news agencies have also covered this news:

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