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Common Muslim excuses and habits

Posted by The Mindset on October 4, 2012

I am starting this page for compiling all the Muslim excuses  that I routinely come across over the internet. I got the list below from FaithFreedom website.

Muslims freely engage in hate campaign against non-Muslims on their forums. On their blogs however, they use these excuses to portray a peaceful picture of themselves

Here are some of them; I request the readers to contribute if they have come across any:-

  1. Read the Qur’an with an open mind
  2. You took the verse out of context
  3. Read the following verse
  4. Read the verse before that one
  5. Christians kill too
  6. That Hadith is false
  7. That Hadith is suspicious
  8. You must know Arabic to understand the Qur’an
  9. Must be an error in the translation
  10. What’s your religion?
  11. Allah knows your actions before you are born but you have free will
  12. Muhammed is the last prophet because the Qur’an says so
  13. Qur’an is true because Muhammed said so
  14. Enemies of Islam wrote that Hadith
  15. Aysha was 22 when she got married
  16. Girls in the desert mature more quickly
  17. She was but she consented to marry Muhammed
  18. Everybody is born a muslim
  19. Muhammed was the first muslim
  20. Jesus and Abraham were muslim
  21. Adam was the first muslim
  22. Those muslims that kill muslims are not (true) muslims
  23. The Russian police killed those children
  24. 9/11 was a Jewish conspiracy
  25. Jews were controlling the planes by remote control on 9/11
  26. Killing innocents is forbidden in Islam
  27. Katrina was Allah’s punishment on the Kuffar
  28. Japan’s tasunami was Allah’s punishment on the Kuffar
  29. Jews used to stone their women too
  30. Christians killed unbelievers too
  31. Jews have a Tsunami machine
  32. All problems in Islamic countries are because of Christian or West
  33. Terrorists are not True Muslims
  34. It’s because they are not following Islam
  35. There are criminals/terrorist/black sheep/bad apples in every community
  36. You will know the truth after your death.
  37. Those violent muslims are a small minority, and they don’t represent real Islam
  38. Those bad dictators aren’t true muslims, and don’t represent real Islam
  39. Islam means peace.
  40. You know nothing about Islam.
  41. Muhammad’s wars were defensive.
  42. Muhammad took (sex) slaves only for their protection.
  43. You sir are racist.
  44. You are sick.
  45. Everybody hates America.

21 Responses to “Common Muslim excuses and habits”

  1. Reblogged this on About, By and For Islamophobes and commented:
    There is no such thing as Islamophobia. It is a term created by the Muslim Brotherhood to stop any and all discussion of Islam and Mohammed. Calling a person Islamophobe is supposed to have the same effect as if calling them a “racist”. It is an attempt to shut down legitimate, valid points about Islam, it’s followers or Mohammed. Anyone wishing to remain free from the chains of such a barbaric and savage way of life should consider themselves, and proudly so, an “Islamophobe”.

  2. Farm said

    As a sort of ex muslim i found this list hilarious and true….if only they could hear themselves.

  3. zahir said

    Stupid Jokes only liked by the stupids like you.
    if someone had sex with cattle means, both of them will be gettind the punishment as per islamic law

  4. Quicreva said

    Oh, and now that I think of it, here are a few more:
    Muslims win so few Nobel prizes (less than ten since the Nobel was established) because the Nobel Laureate review board is full of Jews.
    Jews win so many Nobel prizes because they steal everyone else’s ideas and take all the credit. (What, 178 times, and not one other person has ever cried foul?)
    Muslims invented everything scientific during the Golden Age of Islam: They don’t need prizes from kuffar to prove it.
    Islam does not support female genital mutilation.
    Female genital mutilation helps to keep women pure and calm.
    Other cultures practice female genital mutilation also, so stop singling out muslims for criticism.
    It is good and normal for a woman to marry as soon as she hits puberty; laws labeling pubescent girls as “children” are un-Islamic. (Meaning, it is good for underdeveloped girls to risk serious injury during intercourse, high maternal and fetal mortality plus obstetric fistula during childbirth, simply because they have started their menses. Also, it is “normal” for a middle-aged man to lust after a ten-year-old child.)
    It is good and normal for first cousins to marry each other; labeling this practice “inbreeding” is an example of blatant islamophobia.
    Muslim societies are poor and backward because America/Israel/Jewry/ the western world oppresses them.
    Muslim societies are poor and backward because they were once colonies of foreign powers. (Dozens of prosperous countries were once victims of colonialism, including the US, Spain, Malta and South Korea.)
    Muslim societies are poor and backward because of the Crusades.
    Kaffir women wearing western-style, revealing clothing are simply asking to be raped. You cannot blame their muslim attackers.
    Allah is compassionate and merciful.
    Islam elevates the status of women.
    Islam teaches that there can be no compulsion in religion. Attack those who reject Islam, however.
    Muslims attack people around the world because of their outrage over the Palestinian problem.
    The Qu’ran claims that it is clear, so there is no reason not to follow it.
    The Qu’ran claims that it is written in pure Arabic. Since it was the scripture given specifically to the Arabs, all Arabs should be muslim.
    Christians are idolators because they consider the Virgin Mary to be part of the Trinity.
    The definition of ignorance is not following Islam.
    Muhammad (liar, murderer, narcissist, brigand, torturer, pedophile) is the best example of conduct for humankind.

    I suspect one could go on for pages recording this illogical gibberish. The level of ignorance and irrationality would be hilarious if it were not so appalling – and if it did not afflict about one fifth of the world’s population.

    • Linda said

      They are always laying claims to achievements and religious ideas which aren’t theirs. The ‘Golden Age’ came about due to a mix of circumstances at the time, not because of any superiority of Islam and its scholars, though some Islamic scholars are notable. If you consider some of the comments supposedly originating from the Qur’an, for example: Whoever saves a life saves the world entire. No, that is originally from the Jewish Mishnah and dates back to around 200 years before Christ, the time of the Maccabees. Another: Hate the sin, love the sinner. That’s not from the Qur’an or Mohammed either. It is a proven and documented quote from St Augustine of Hippo, who lived and died around 300 years before Mohammed was even born.

      Mohammed and his people would have been exposed to various religious influences from different faiths, such was the world he inhabited. The tenets and prophets of Christianity and Judaism would have been well known then as they are now. His main achievement was to unite the Arab peoples, who were until then made up of groups of different tribes.

  5. human said

    hahhaha.damn right .
    these pigs are fucking unbelievable.
    maybe someone should write in the quran that muslims should burn themselves to death for muhammad says so….
    lets then see if the “muslims” do so.

    • Simon said

      as per wikipedia, Quran was written more than 1400 years ago but Quran’s text is still the same as the last Quran copy present in a museum in turkey. the arabic written in Quran is not normal spoken arabic thus it is difficult for anyone to change Quran’s text without it being obvious.

      if Quran asked muslims to burn themselves then it wouldn’t be a religion, it would be a cult
      but its not a cult if it lasted more then 1400 years now and also is one of the major religion’s in the world

      arguing or getting mad at muslims won’t help anything
      its kind of tricky because normally if you want to defeat someone you get them where it hurts
      but muslims or Mohammed didn’t write the Quran thus muslims may get upset if you insulted Quran but eventually muslims will move on to continue doing what they do

      if you want to defeat muslims then prove their Quran wrong
      the only real way to defeat muslims is to read the Quran and find a genuine mistake and point it out
      even if it is one mistake but read the whole Quran before connecting the dots on any mistakes you see
      because if you point out a mistake in the first chapter without reading the whole Quran then muslims will say you didn’t read it in context

      i believe knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is real power
      so do share what mistakes you find

      • james said

        A cult is something you can never leave without severe risk to your life or your families. None of the translated versions even match in content and number of passages.

  6. sunny said

    The mistake is very glaring.If a religion cannot get along with other cultures and ideas that is the biggest mistake in it.If you dont evolve and accept change you will go the way of the dinosaur.It is happening in Islam already.

  7. aqib mir said

    Madarchood dubarara aisie galti nahi karna varna uda dun ga

  8. Islam (not Muslims) said

    the eyes are useless if the mind is blind.

    What is Islam?

    Why Islam?

    What Quran says about Jews/Christians?

    Exploring the Bible:

    • Why don’t you give these lectures of yours to your terrorist and criminal brothers.
      If they were behaving like human beings, blogs like this would not be here.
      Shut Up and Get Lost.
      Shove your quran up your a$$

      • Islam (not Muslims) said

        And I suppose you are behaving like a “human being”? It is easy to point a finger at others not realizing four fingers are pointing back at you. Don’t be in a rush to correct others, correct yourself first. Your comment is proof of oppression and hostility against Muslims. Anyway, eyes are useless when the mind is blind. In today’s world, we desperately need self-censorship to avoid remorse.

        If you hate Islam and Muslims so much that you absolutely must go public with your feelings under the banner of “freedom of expression” then at least do it in the right way. The only convincing yet peaceful way is to find mistakes in the Quran and logically prove that Muslims are on the wrong track. Here’s another fact for you, Arabs are a minority in the world Muslim population.

        If all religions lead to the same one and only God then all religions should preach the same thing because God can’t contradict. If you can’t find/research common terms between religions then at least let’s play it safe and respect each other’s religious beliefs/practices because our salvation is at stake here. Our salvation is much bigger than our position on this earth.

        • Every now and then a Muslim retard come here to write his rant.
          oppression and hostility against Muslims…you completely deserve it. if you behave like a rabid dog , you will be treated like a rabid dog. got it moron.

          respect each other’s religious beliefs/practices…give that lecture to your own kind you filthy rabid dog. get lost from here.

  9. Darlene Humphrey said

    People these days be like
    I read an islamophobic meme on the internet, now I’m an expert on Islam.
    P.S I do wish you did something better with your time.

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