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SUDDEN JIHAD SYNDROME-Muslim turned violent during flight

Posted by The Mindset on November 8, 2012

Day by day the Muslims in India are becoming violent. It’s nothing unusual given the amount of hatred they are fed from childhood and the lack of manners.
In the recent case a Muslim man Mursalim Shaikh, 41, – bearded and wearing the typical Pathani attire – turned violent for NO reason and attacked the crew members and started shouting Islamic slogans.

Times of India report: Mid-air scare: Man turns violent on Mumbai-Delhi flight, raises Islamic slogans

NEW DELHI: In what was described by a frequent flyer as the “scariest flight of his life”, a passenger on board a Mumbai-Delhi IndiGo flight suddenly turned violent mid-air on Wednesday and started raising Islamic slogans while threatening to harm the aircraft. The situation turned so alarming that the cabin crew and passengers pinned down the flyer, Mursalim Shaikh, 41, and blocked the aisle with a food trolley to prevent him from making a dash for the cockpit.

The IndiGo flight 6E 196 made a quick descent in Delhi after seeking priority landing, where Shaikh, a used car dealer from Babu Tansen Chawl in Virar, was handed over to security agencies.

The drama began about an hour after the plane had taken off from Mumbai at 3.45pm and was flying over Jaipur. Shaikh, bearded and dressed in a pathani suit, was seated on seat 28 A. “He suddenly turned around on the seat to face an aged woman on 29A and started muttering menacingly to her,” a flyer said. An airhostess reportedly asked Shaikh to sit properly, but he kept gazing at her before suddenly slapping her, turning very aggressive.

Recalling the hijack scare on a Delhi-Mumbai flight, a co-passenger said, “Shaikh was waving a cellphone and threatening ‘sabko dekh loonga’ (I will teach everyone a lesson).” Male passengers and the crew together pinned Shaikh down. Then women and children seated in the rear were sent to the front and a food trolley was placed in the aisle to prevent Shaikh from going towards the cockpit.

This incident once again proves that there are no moderate Muslims.
The term “Moderate Muslim” is a false notion by the non-terrorist Muslims to hide their true intentions until they are in majority. When these Muslims become majority they declare and outright Jihad on non-Muslims and forcible take their property and land.

A similar incident happened on flight AA Flight 1561 when a Yemeni Muslim Rageh Ahmed Mohammed al-Murisi started shouting Allaho-akbar.

Read about that incident here:

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