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Mohammed was a Thug

Posted by The Mindset on November 12, 2012

A reader ‘Aishah’ left the following comment on the post Muslim Jokes

see how islam has all the solution for mankind.see how the Prophet Muhammad was an example for mankind.

Thanks to Bernie at Planck’ for the excellent post Mohammed was a Thug which is a perfect reply to Aishah’s ignorant comment.

Mohammed Made His Bones on the Bones of Others
Mohammed Made His Bones on
the Bones of Others
Photo Credit: LUBP

In my previous article I called Mohammed “a pedophile, a narcissist, a mass murderer, an assassin, a looter, a lecher, a madman, a torturer, a terrorist, a cult-leader, a misogynist, a rapist, a genocidal maniac, a tyrant who had slaves, tortured people, robbed caravans, cheated on his wives, ordered political assassinations, and demanded death of those who left his so-called religion.”

However, I did not go into details to support my statements because the descriptions I gave are all documented in the Quran. For example, his lechery is detailed quite extensively in Sura 33: Verses 37, 50, and 53 as chronicled in my article Mohammed Was Allowed to Be A Pedophile and Whoremonger by Scripture.

But many Americans are not aware that the Quran substantiates and even boasts that Mohammed was indeed a thug, so for those readers I would like to let Alan Burkhart, a cross-country trucker and occasional columnist from Mississippi, cover some of the details I left out:, 25 Jul 2005, Mohammed was a Thug

I recently set out to learn more about Islam. I had no agenda at the time except to broaden my knowledge on the subject. What I have learned sickened me. I had previously been accepting of the notion that Islam was a peaceful religion and that the Muslim terrorists who inflict so much pain and death around the world represented a fringe element outside of mainstream Islam. I was wrong.

The Islamic deity, Allah, is a false god. While the term “Allah” does indeed carry the same meaning as “God,” Mohammed’s Allah is nothing more than a construct of a vile false prophet who sought to create an empire upon the rotting corpses of his enemies. Let’s review some history…

In 621 A.D. Mohammed was in Mecca preaching to any who would listen that he alone was the Divine Prophet of the One God, Allah. Meccans eventually grew tired of his ranting and demanded that he cease and desist. With a tiny band of followers, Mohammed sneaked out of Mecca in the dead of night and traveled to the Jewish city of Medina. He and his followers were sick, tired, and hungry and the Jews there took them in and nursed them to good health.

Unfortunately Mohammed was consumed with rage over his being booted out of Mecca and began plotting his revenge. It was this plan that became the basis for the religion of Islam. In January of 623 A.D. Mohammed ordered his band of thugs to attack four unarmed merchants who were transporting their wares to Mecca. All four were brutally murdered and their merchandise (raisins, animal skins, and honey) was stolen. Claiming a Divine Right, Mohammed received one fifth of the take.

Mohammed began to preach to his followers that it was mandated by Allah that nonbelievers (like his perceived enemies in Mecca) were “the worst kind of beasts” and that they must be slain. This cruel rhetoric attracted the sort of people who enjoy such depraved activities and soon Mohammed had an army numbering in the hundreds. Rape, robbery, and murder were all sanctioned as being the Divine Will of Allah, and Mohammed reaped a fortune as his growing army raged across ancient Arabia.

Poets and politicians alike who spoke out against him were tortured and murdered. Even the Jews of Medina, who had shown him such kindness, were eventually driven from their homes while Mohammed’s Muslim band pillaged the city. With each new raid, Mohammed would claim to have had yet another “revelation” from Allah that justified their actions. In short, Mohammed led a tribe of barbarians who truly believed that they were doing Allah’s will by destroying pre-Islamic Arabia. In all, Mohammed would order 86 raids upon the innocent, 26 of which he led himself. In 630 A.D. Mohammed marched triumphantly into Mecca with 40,000 followers. His revenge was complete, but the horrors of Islam had only begun.

Mohammed’s sole purpose in everything he did was to feed his enormous ego and satisfy his perverse sexual needs. In all, Mohammed had eleven wives, nine of them simultaneously, with the youngest being only ten years old. Eye-witness accounts claim that Aisha brought her toys with her when she was delivered to the Prophet of Allah.

Mohammed regarded women as nothing more than sexual toys and servants, and of course justified his actions by proclaiming that it was Allah’s will that women always be subjugated to men. Seeing him as their spiritual guide and role model, other Muslim men treated their women accordingly. A cycle of abuse that still endures today in many parts of the world had thus begun.

By the time Mohammed died at age 63, the face of the Middle East had changed from a civilized and prosperous world to one of fear, poverty, and deprivation. Gone was any semblance of free expression or religious freedom. Mohammed and his followers had turned the known world upside down.

The Twelfth-Century Crusades were in fact a response by England, France and Germany to the growing Muslim violence against Christians. It is quite appropriate to state that the Crusades against “Mohammedism” constituted the first War on Terror. A coalition of like-minded nations, setting aside their political differences for a time, engaging a barbaric and bloodthirsty Muslim enemy on its own soil. Sound familiar?

As time passed, the Crusades came to an end due as much to internal bickering as success. The beast that is Islam had been diminished but not defeated. As the years rolled by Islam once again spread its leathery wings to darken the civilized world. Through violence and deception Islam has spread to virtually every nation on Earth.

In current times, Islam still commits acts of unthinkable barbarism against the innocent. With videos of beheadings transmitted all over the world, the devastating attack in New York on September 11, 2001, the recent bombings in Madrid and London… haven’t we had enough? Isn’t it time that we recognize that Islam is not a religion, but rather a means of world conquest? It doesn’t matter if people like Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein actually believe in Allah. In truth I doubt that Mohammed believed. Mohammed saw an opportunity to become a world power and twisted the minds of men to serve his evil purposes. He was a fraud and I find it incredible that 1400 years after his death, that fraud is still being inflicted upon the world.

The time has come to cease being tolerant of Islam. It is a false religion, based upon a false god and the teachings of a false prophet. We absolutely must see Islam for what it is: The Enemy of All Humanity.

Allah’s Apostle said, “The blood of a Muslim who confesses that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that I (Mohammed) am His Apostle, cannot be shed except in three cases: In Qisas for murder, a married person who commits illegal sexual intercourse and the one who reverts from Islam (apostate) and leaves the Muslims.”

The Qur’an, Volume 9, Book 83, Number 17

Please note that Medina was once a Jewish-majority city, but as is the habit with Muslim immigrants they turn communities that are mostly Christian or Jewish into communities that are mostly Muslim or entirely Muslim. Look around your community today. See a Muslim? Yes? Well, your descendents are doomed to be Muslims.

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