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Muslim attacked policeman in mumbai

Posted by The Mindset on December 19, 2012

A Muslim man attacked a policeman when he stopped him for not wearing helmet.

Stopped for not wearing helmet, biker hits traffic cop

MUMBAI: A 43-year-old biker allegedly assaulted a traffic police officer on Tuesday after the latter stopped him for not wearing a helmet and asked for his driving licence. The accused, Himayatali Chaudhry, was riding the bike with his wife Nagina as pillion when the scuffle took place outside the Byculla zoo. The police arrested the couple for preventing a police officer from discharging his duty.

Police sources said that the Byculla division traffic personnel were on a drive when the incident took place at around 1pm. Police sub-inspector Janardhan Patil asked Chaudhry to stop his bike as he was not wearing a helmet. Chaudhry began arguing with the policemen and then he pushed Patil and snatched his police badge.

Patil, in his statement, said that Chaudhry had refused to pay the Rs 100 fine. Chaudhry later tried to influence the police, claiming to be associated with a political party. Patil alleged that Chaudhry had assaulted him. The traffic police team alleged that Nagina, who saw her husband arguing with Patil, also joined him. She allegedly threatened the police that she would file a molestation case against them. A case has been registered against the couple.

Why I report such minor issues?
You may think it’s a petty offense and should be ignored. But those who live in Mumbai know very well that Byculla is a Muslim majority area – a Mini Pakistan in India or a No-Go Zone. This is how Muslim behave in non-Muslims countries while in Muslim countries the non-Muslims are treated like filth, raped, killed on the most minor issues.
These issues shows the Muslim psyche and expose their lies about being some sort of saintly people. Muslims think they are “God’s Gift To Mankind”..they think they have the right to treat others as trash while they themselves want to be treated like kings and queens.

One Response to “Muslim attacked policeman in mumbai”

  1. Muslims don’t want to be treated like kings. They don’t respect each others. In Pakistan, sunni kill shia, shia kill sunni, sunni kill themselves, shia kill themselves. Sunni and shia kill ahmadiyya,… They give so much importance to the Koran, they still behave as if they lived 1000 years ago. They don’t adapt to the modern world, to the world village, where tolerance is compulsory.

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