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Myanmar court jails Muslims over Meiktila unrest

Posted by The Mindset on May 22, 2013

Myanmar court jails Muslims over Meiktila unrest 

A Myanmar court has handed down jail terms to at least seven Muslims in connection with recent violent clashes in the Southeast Asian country, judicial sources say.

Myanmar judicial officials say the defendants were convicted of murdering a Buddhist monk in the central town of Meiktila. The sentences range from two to 28 years.

The defendants say the Myanmar’s justice system and authorities have treated them unfairly.

“It’s not fair!” Shouted one of the convicted men from inside a prison van as they were being driven away after the trial.

So far, no Buddhists have been convicted in relation to the violence that started in late March and which left dozens of Muslims dead and thousands homeless.

International and rights groups accuse Myanmar’s Buddhists of systematic attacks on Muslims, particularly the Rohingyas.

Muslims are getting a taste of their own medicine so they have started crying like babies.

Muslims are bigot, hypocrite, murderers and rapists.
Muslims never give respect to others so why they should get any. It’s fair and fine.
The way Muslims are treating others will be the way they will be treated in non-Muslims countries by non-Muslims. Enough is enough..non-Muslims have had enough from you terrorist bastards.

In countries like Pakistan non-Muslims Christians and Hindus live in constant fear. Their women are kidnapped, raped and forcibly married to Muslim men but the “moderate Muslims” don’t speak a word. Why Muslims expect the non-Muslims to help them now. STFU Muslims – the world is not only for you.

Muslims keep chanting “Islam is The Religion of Peace”   B u l l s h i t.
Muslims always try to shove their religion down the throat of non-Muslims and when non-Muslims retaliate they cry oppression-persecution.

Hey Muslims – get a big cup of  SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP.

We have got noting from the Muslims except crime/riots and terrorism. It’s impossible to find a Muslim scientist/doctor/engineer but it is very easy to find a Muslim criminal or terrorist.

If Muslims think they are treated badly or unfairly in Burma here is the take – GET THE FUCK OUT OF BURMA you filthy swines.

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