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Why Buddhists are killing Muslims in Burma

Posted by The Mindset on June 26, 2013

All 14 Huge Mosques In Meikhtilar Destroyed Except One!

From almost zero in the 1960s to more than 30,000 in 2013 the Muslim population grew massively in the small town Meikhtilar the famous lake city of Buddhist heartland in Middle Burma. And believe it or not they’ve built 14 massive mosques and madrassas with free flowing petrol-dollars from Wahabi Saudi Arabia.
Without counting the regularly-shifting military-population from the LID-99’s cantonment area and Shandae the second largest air-force base in Burma the total population of Meikhtilar is only about 100,000 and, believe it or not, the Muslims represent 30% of Meikhtilar residents.
With financial support from the Islamic world outside Burma the Meikhtilar Muslims prosper enviably amidst the Buddhist majority who have been agitated deeply by the growing number of affluent foreign-looking Muslims in the town.
The Arakan race riots last year and the unrelenting pressure on Burma from the Saudi-funded OIC-led Islamic world to grant the millions of illegal Bengali-Muslims on the Bangladeshi border Burmese citizenship have made the Buddhists, not just in Meikhtilar but the whole Burma, slowly simmering with deep anger for a while now.

Burmese nationalist politicians almost exploded when the so-call UN Special Reporteur For Human Rights in Burma and that anti-Burmese-Buddhist Tomas Quintana openly called for the repeal of Burma’s 1982 Citizenship Law so that millions and millions of illegal Bengali-Muslims will be granted Burmese citizenship.
The perceived or actual control of local NLD – Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy – offices by the Meikhtilar Muslims has also inflamed that resentment and anger more.

“The Muslims already have money and commercial control and now they also want political control over us. Why?” the Meikhtilar Buddhists asked themselves and they do not like it at all, naturally. The Nationalist Buddhist monks’ 969 campaign to patronize only the Buddhist businesses also has been raising general awareness of growing Muslim’s commercial power.
Town Muslims’ Commercial Control over Rural Buddhists
The main problem of semi-rural town like Meikhtilar is that the Burmese rural population (Bamars) from all the villages in the township has to rely completely on the commercial class from the town.
The main produce like peanuts and sesame and toddy-palm-sugar from the villages after a good harvest are sold and distributed all over the country through the town merchants who are also the principal financiers lending money or providing cash-advances against next year produce to the village people who are deeply religious and suspicious of people from other religions.

And when that commercial class is rapidly changing from the rich Burmese-Buddhists (Bamars) to richer Bengali-Muslims (Kalars) the village people do not like it at all. They begin to think that they are being taken advantage of by the greedy Islamic foreigners.

The most important commercial dealing between the villages and the town’s commercial class is buying and selling of gold in the form of jewelleries. In a country with hardly any commercial banking system most rural families keep their savings as gold jewelleries purchased from the town gold shops and they also frequently sell their gold back to the same gold shops whenever they need cash.
And when these simple-minded Buddhist villagers buy gold from Muslim shops they have to pay premium price as hand-crafted jewelleries but when they sell the same gold jewelleries back to the same Muslim shops the Muslims give then much lower price as just raw gold metal. Basically the Buddhists are being screwed twice by the greedy Muslims on same gold piece and they know it but they have no choice as the Bengali-Muslims gain near monopoly on the gold trade in most rural towns in Burma.

Opening a profitable gold shop requires a substantial capital investment and because of the availability of foreign Islamic money coming through their mosques Bengali-Muslims are able to rapidly take over most gold shops in the rural towns like Meikhtilar. The illegal Bengali-Muslims and their descendants are now the moneyed-class in Burma’s most rural towns.

And the inevitable result is that the rural Buddhist-Burmese are quickly becoming totally dependent on the Muslims in the town and they deeply resented that heavy commercial dependency.
That’s why the very first trigger for the Meikhtilar race-riots was a serious gold shop dispute which the Buddhist-Burmese considered as just one of regular unscrupulous acts of greedy town Muslims (Kalars). Killing of a Buddhist monk was the second trigger for the Meikhtilar race-riots.

Rapid Islamization of Burmese towns by Illegal Bengali-Muslims

All hundreds of Burmese-Buddhists arrested and charged by Thein Sein Government for the recent riots in Meikhtilar and other rural towns in Middle-Burmar are all poor Buddhist villagers seriously affected by the rapidly changing demographics of Islamization in Burma by the illegal Bengali-Muslims, initially from the Bangladeshi border, rapidly spreading all over Burma.
After India-Pakistan war in 1971 and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Bangladesh and the subsequent turmoils in that country had forced millions of Bengali-Muslims into Burma. Even the Bangladeshi Ambassador in Burma admitted in 1975 that at least half a million illegal Bangladeshis were in Burma then.
These millions of illegal Bengali-Muslims then had dissipated into the proper Burma and with their rapid breeding that illegal Bengali population has grown into more than three million Bengali-Muslims claiming Burmese citizen ship now without any loyalty to Burma and her native Burmese-Buddhist people.

And that is the root cause of the burning of Muslims and their mosques and madrassas in Middle Burma just last week.
Thein Sein’s Government and ASSK’s NLD can blame as much as they wanted on certain political interest groups and even on the nationalist monks and their 969 campaign for the recent race riots or even on the recalcitrant army. They can also arrest and charge and jail as many Burmese-Buddhist rioters as they wanted for the horrific murders and the arson and the destruction these poor Burmese-Buddhists willingly committed.
But the anti-Islamic and anti-Bengali-Muslim riots will definitely be coming back frequently from time to time to haunt them ruling class as long as the root cause of these so-called race riots the rapid Islamization of Burma by illegal Bengali-Muslims is not totally removed.
MeikhtilarBurning-BurntMosque-2 MeikhtilarBurning-DeadMuslim-1 MeikhtilarBurning-MuslimDeads MeikhtilarBurning-MuslimDeads-2 MeikhtilarBurning-ThiriMingalarMosqueBurning MeikhtilarBurning-ThreeBurning MosqueBurning-2 MuslimBurning-1

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