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The night jihadis owned Delhi

Posted by The Mindset on July 4, 2013


Indian Realist

This gives a glimpse of the state of things to come in India as Muslim population reaches critical mass and they become increasingly bold. On the night of 25th June, there was the Muslim occasion of Shab-e-Baraat. Around 2,000 people wearing skull caps rampaged on the streets of Delhi, banging on cars, harassing women, blocking traffic, beating people. Not surprisingly, police under the “secular” UPA government did not do anything and the hooligans had full control of the city for hours. This was deliberate mass mobilization, with many bikes carrying registration number of neighboring states like UP and Haryana.

Hooligans rule the roost in Central Delhi
Shab-e-Barat revellers perform dangerous stunts on motorcycles, assault cops and flout all traffic rules

Chaos prevailed on the streets of Lutyens’ Delhi all through Monday night with hundreds of young Shab-e-Barat revellers zooming around on motorcycles, performing dangerous stunts, assaulting policemen and flouting all…

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Two teenage sisters shot dead in Pakistan for dancing in the rain

Posted by The Mindset on July 4, 2013

it’s not rape if they are dead.
that’s the ideology of Islam.

Indian Realist

In Pakistan, dancing in the rain is a sin punishable with death. The same guys who order these “honour” killings have no problem in getting drunk in the night with prostitutes for company.

Two teenage sisters shot dead in Pakistan for dancing in the rain
Five gunmen killed Noor Basra, 15, Noor Sheza, 16, and their mother, Noshehra, after a video of the three dancing in traditional garb in the rain went viral. It is believed stepbrother Khutore ordered the death as an ‘honor’ killing for the video. He has since been arrested.


I doubt humanity can fall any lower than the Paki scum:

Girl’s body removed from grave with intent to rape: Police

GUJRANWALA: A girl’s body was found lying outside the grave early Wednesday morning in Qila Didar Singh, Gujranwala, and was reportedly assaulted sexually. Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif took notice of the incident, ordering…

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