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"There is poison in the fang of the serpent, in the mouth of the fly and in the sting of a scorpion; but the wicked man is saturated with it." – Chanakya

Mumbai Gang Rape-Muslim rape of Hindu women continues

Posted by The Mindset on August 26, 2013

Islam teaches Muslims to humiliate non-Muslims and what better way to humiliate Hindus than to rape their women.

Islam orders Muslims to rape Hindu women and murder Hindu men.

In the post Difference between Jizya and Zakat I quoted the Muslim ‘saint’

Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi:

“The honor of Islam lies in insulting the unbelief and the unbelievers (kafirs). One who respects kafirs dishonors Muslims… The real purpose of levying the Jizya on them is to humiliate them… [and] they remain terrified and trembling.” It is intended to hold them under contempt and to uphold the honour and might of Islam.”

In the latest case four “pious true Muslim”s raped a Hindu women accusing her of roaming with a man who was not her relative which is not permitted by Islam. By raping a kafir women these “pious true Muslim”s have uphold the might and honor of Islam high.

Yahoo News – Mumbai gang-rape

The accused allegedly also shot pictures of the crime on mobile phones and threatened the victims with dire consequences if they complained to police.

The police have arrested all five suspects in connection with the gang-rape of a photo journalist in Mumbai last week, a case that has revived uncomfortable questions about women’s safety in the country.

The gang leader, Mohamed Kasim Hafiz Sheikh, alias Bangali, has told crime branch officials that the five of them have raped four women at Shakti Mills Compound in the past one year.

>Mohammed Kasim Hafiz Shaikh alias Kasim Bangali

“During his interrogation, Bangali told us that they [Bangali and his gang] had raped four rag pickers at the same spot where the 22-year-old was gangraped,” said a Mumbai crime branch officer.

>Mohammad Salim Ansari
Ansari is married and lives in Mahul villages in Chembur.

>Chand Babu Sattar Shaikh alias Mohammed Abdul
The grandmother of Chand Babu Sattat Shaikh claims that he is 16 years of age, while reports suggest that the year in the birth certificate produced indicates vivid signs of tampering

>Siraj Rehman Khan alias Sirju
Locals told police that Siraj was part of a notorious gang and has a criminal past. A Hindustan Times report says that Sirju was involved in stealing metal from railway property and had no permanent location

Muslims proudly say there are few rapes in Islamic countries but here we can see that the “true Muslims” chose deliberately a Hindu women to rape.

Earlier a “true Muslim” tried to rape a Hindu girl Pallavi Purkayastha but when failed killed her brutally.

Hindu woman killed by Muslim after she bravely resisted attempt to rape

Islam takes another life.

The latest victim is Pallavi Purkayastha, a law student. She was killed in halal style by the building guard Sajjad Pathan.  Sajjad Pathan slashed her throat with a knife.

Times of India report:Mumbai law graduate Pallavi Purkayastha’s killer was driven by lust

MUMBAI: It was sheer lust that led to the life of a young woman being snuffed out. Watchman Sajjad Ahmed Mughal entered Pallavi Purkayastha‘s flat at 1.30am on Thursday with stolen keys and rape on his mind. He saw her lying asleep inside and tried to force himself on her. When she resisted with all her strength, the 22-year-old slashed her throat with a knife. The 25-year-old daughter of senior Delhi-based bureaucrats died soon after.
Using the stolen keys, he opened the house’s door and crept into the bedroom where Pallavi was asleep. He tried forcing himself on her, but she pushed him away. So he whipped out the knife and threatened her. “Pallavi was strong. She resisted him. So, Mughal caught her by her hair and slashed her throat. Pallavi too caught his hair and started hitting him. Mughal then started flailing the knife, cutting Pallavi’s face and injuring himself,” said investigating officer Shirish Sawant.

17 Responses to “Mumbai Gang Rape-Muslim rape of Hindu women continues”

  1. Md zahid hussain khan said

    Hindu bhai musalmaano se nafrat kyun krte ho jisne rape kiya wo galat ho sakta h islam nhi rape to hindu v krte h , islam k bare me janna h to quraan padh sachhai maloom par jayega, aapka ved khta h idol worship nhi h to kyun 36000000, devi devta ki puja kyun krte ho,

    • hame tumhare jalil dharam ke bare me kuch nahin jananaa
      tumhari Ghatiya aur wahitan kaum ko dekh kar pata chal jata tumhara dharam kitna ghatiya he

      I don’t need to read Mein Kemf to understand Nazism.

  2. Md zahid hussain khan said

    Tumsab galat femi mai ji rhe ho to marne ke baad pta chal jayega ki kaun galat tha, islam galat h to kyun film star se lekar scientist , hollywood star tak islam kabool kr rhe hai , tumhe pta hona chahiy ki niel arm strong ne v chand se aakar islam kabool kiya aur v bahoot sare scientist, you tube par dekhte kyun nhi. Islam the way to paradise

    • ummid hai tu bahut jaldi marega

    • ISLAM SUCKS said

      Die you fucking degenerate! I’d be happy to send you to paradise in a zip-lock bag!
      You fucking dune coon piece of shit! you couldn’t please a woman with a fucking battery attached! you’re all half-dicked and half-human pieces of shit! if you want to do the world a favor just DIE and get it over with!

  3. Manoj said

    @zahid , rape sab religion me hota he, par eisa “vo kafir he , rape kardo, halaal kardo” nahi.
    You said many actors and scientists are muslim. How many muslims got noble prize? 2?
    Since independence hindus,at large, have advanced .But muslims still need reservation & appeasement. Because you go to madrassas & have 7-8 babies(double of average hindus),thats why 9 to 16% rise in population. & bollywood funded by your rich petrol countries and if khans are used even pakis will see.
    @author, Christian terrorists(funded by church) killed 50000 in northeast & gunpoint conversions.
    read the comments of Nevermind. He gave bbc and many links(20).spread it because indian media is rich US,UK, Saudi,etc. Funded. No godhra train news, or Supreme court judgement about modi news??
    Every1 Vote for modi if you want equality & protection.

    • ISLAM SUCKS said

      All you towelheads suck. You’re all savages and you’re all stupid. Why is 1/3 of the entire world’s poverty in india? because you suck. what do Indians invent? nothing. what’s wrong with staying in india? because it’s RUN by indians! the indian government sucks! why? because you are ALL stupid! why do american corporations like to hire you towelheads? because they would prefer to hear something they don’t understand from someone they CANNOT understand! go ahead and mumble away! why do you guys seem to give the american corporation a bargain? because you’re THERE ALL DAY and still working! why? because you haven’t SOLVED THE PROBLEM. Not SMART ENOUGH to solve the problem.

      Manoj, go suck yourself and a muslim too while you’re at it.

      • techno said

        You must be from a foreign country. If you have such a big problem with poverty get looted wealth back to India or shut up

  4. ISLAM SUCKS said

    72 virgins even if you have no dick! Hey, better that they don’t know the difference! Islam is such a great religion!

  5. ISLAM SUCKS said

    No muslim could handle a blowjob from a catholic or jewish women! He wouldn’t even know if he had a hard-on! But hey, catholics, jewish, and mormon women give the best head and you don’t even need to try and rape them to get it. muslims are dickless men and deserve to DIE! fucking rapist dune coons and niggers!

  6. ravi shankar said

    The muslim mullas adopted hatredness as the medium to propagate their ideology by instigating crime against non muslims, is our impotent government does”t have guts to act

  7. manas kanha said

    all the musilms ,listen carefully that i have read quraan ,i like their taught,but told my dear friend,if islam is not second name of terriorist,then
    why all terriorist are “MUSLIMS”.can u tell me that any one islamic country where peace,first of all u serve,we all hindus,respect all religion and thier emotion ,but u (muslim) all never respect other religion,biggest example:-rinkal kO CHUTIYA HAIumari in pakistani hindu girl. musilm trend his child to rape hindu girl and kill hindu boyz,then how can u say islam is peace religion.”AATANKBAD SE KAVI SANTI NAHI MILTI”dusri baat”AGAR KOI HINDU MUSILM BANTA HAI TO VO CHUTIYA HAI,kyuki vo bahak gaya hai,vo apni dhram ki mahanta nahi janta,magar koi muslim hindu banta hai to uski mahanta ko dhekhkar like raskhan,raheem,kabir krishan bhakat,muslim se na keval hindu bane valiki mahan v,ban gayeall the great pscologist serve on hindu religilon and finally said that only hindus give peace in this world

    • manas kanha said

      rinkal kumari ,,sorry for mistake ,i can,t edit

    • abid said

      Who is the ugrwadi, naksalwadi, pure india me hai . Naksalwadi or ugrwadi kon hai hindu hai ki muslim hai sale jis desme rahte hain usipe hamla karte hain ye kon hai hindu hai ki muslim .my friend tereris ka koyi dharm nahi hota hai agar hota hai to kya sare hindu . Ugrwadi and naksalwadi hain

  8. GRC said

    Hello, I completely agree with what Mr Narendra Modi said just after Gujrat roits “ Every action has equal and opposite reaction”. And if Muslims in India continue their atrocities on Hindus there will more Gujrats in future. First let me explain the points one by one.
    1. Firstly, Pakistan was created as a part of larger conspiracy by the West. The West (Britain, USA) could never accept that their sun would set in the east. So they needed a formidable platform by which they can interfere in political affairs in this region. The Jews in America, then formidably supported the World War II for Allied Powers against the Axis powers. USA and Britain, had to create Israel because there were no Jewish states and it was carved by taking an formidable piece from Palestine. But there were oil issues involved and Arab states were to be given something (in terms of their religious beliefs and ideologies) by USA and Britain, so they created West and East Pakistan(now Bangladesh). These two countries were the largest populated Islamic states then.

    2. Secondly, India was always a Hindu state from centuries. The Muslims, Sakhs, Huns, Mughals, Afghans whoever invaded, they always uttered it as “Hindustan”. At the time of the implementation of the Preamble in 1950 we were not considered as Secular or socialist. During the 42th constitutional amendment in 1976 by Congress better to say Indira Gandhi, Secular and Socialist were introduced to please then USSR (now Russia) because at that point of time we only had Russia as only permanent member of UN Security Council who supported India’s stand on Kashmir.

    3. There had been repeated cases of Muslim atrocities on majority Hindus in India in free India even after 1950, when the constitution was implemented. Nobody will ever speak of :-
    a. 1998 Chamba massacre
    b. 1998 Wandhama massacre .
    c. 1998 Chapnari massacre
    d. 2000 Amarnath pilgrimage massacre
    e. 2002 Raghunath Temple attacks refers to two fidayeen attacks in 2002 on the Raghunath Temple
    f. The 2002 Kaluchak Massacre
    g. 2013 Canning riots in West Bengal in which Muslim mobs burned down over 200 Hindu homes in the villages of Naliakhali, Herobhanga, Gopalpur and Goladogra villages in the Canning police station area.
    h. The Marad massacre was the killing of eight Hindus by a Muslim mob on 2 May 2003 at the Marad beach of the Kozhikode district, Kerala, India.
    i. Above all the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits from Jammu and Kashmir, and till date they are forced to live in relief camps.
    j. I am leaving out, the bomb blasts in Bangalore IIST, Mumbai Massacare in 1993 and 2008, Hyderbad blasts, Benaras blasts etc. because these were either broadcasted on Indian news channels or printed on newspapers.

    4. Finally, I will like to end this discussion by finalizing that if India is truly a Secular nation, then fulfilling that, is both the responsibilities of Hindus as well as Muslims. Muslim leaders like Bukhari cannot go all along and give hate speeches against Hindus and comment on Love Jihad. Also it’s high time for our national and regional leaders to determine whether they want to bow their heads in front of Muslims, for mere vote bank, who are sponsoring atrocities against Hindus or do they really want that the Law of the Land should prevail. Secularism does not mean bowing ones head in front of others religious beliefs, it means respecting one another’s religious beliefs and giving one another the required chance to practice and follow that religious beliefs.

    It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence.
    ——————-Mahatma Gandhi
    And if Potent Hindus have violence in their hearts, they must support vigilant justice against all terrorist.

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