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‘Hindu men being forced to embrace Islam in Pak’

Posted by The Mindset on September 1, 2013

Times of India Report:’Hindu men being forced to embrace Islam in Pak’

ATTARI: The news of forcible conversion of Hindu girls in Pakistan by fundamental Muslims are often heard, but now a Pak Hindu couple has alleged that even Hindu men are forced to embrace Islam.

“Hindu boys are threatened of dire consequences, Hindu businessmen are not allowed to conduct their business or open shops and are pressurized to embrace Islam,” said Pakistani couple Anil Kumar and Poonam, who “migrated” to India on Tuesday leaving behind their business and family members on the mercy of fundamentalists. Carrying handful of their luggage, the couple started crying as they crossed the Radcliff Line on foot and reached India.

While talking to TOI, Anil Kumar said his wife had a heart problem on the basis of which, they managed to obtain a visa to India to undertake treatment at Indore. “We have had enough in Pakistan, we will not go back and live here all our life,” said Anil. He said that Hindu shopkeepers were threatened to give hafta (weekly protection money) if they wanted to open their shops and were also pressurized to embrace Islam if they wanted to make their lives better. “I have a shop in Larkana in Sindh, the Muslim fundamentalists ask for hafta and when I refused, they threatened to eliminate my family,” he said.

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  1. Moderator said

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    • Kuber said

      18 members of Pakistani Hindu family convert to Islam
      Wednesday, Oct 2, 2013, 17:30 IST | Place: LAHORE | Agency: PTI

      Seven men and 11 women of the family adopted Islam during a ceremony conducted yesterday evening by Mian Ghaus Mohammad, custodian of the Khwaja Ghulam Fareed shrine at Jhok Farid.

      Eighteen members of a Hindu family in Khanpur area of Pakistan’s central Punjab province have converted to Islam, local residents said on Wednesday.

      Seven men and 11 women of the family adopted Islam during a ceremony conducted yesterday evening by Mian Ghaus Mohammad, custodian of the Khwaja Ghulam Fareed shrine at Jhok Farid.

      They recited the Kalima Tayabba, the Islamic confession of faith, and converted to Islam, local residents were quoted as saying by state-run APP news agency.

      Samaram, the head of the family, chose Mohammad Sharif as his new name. Prominent people of the area were present on the occasion.

      There have been several reports of forcible conversion of members of the minority Hindu community in the southern Sindh province. Community leaders have also alleged that several women were abducted and forced into marriage with Muslim youths.

      Members of the Hindu community, especially traders and professionals like doctors, have been the target of kidnapping for ransom and extortion demands in the restive southwestern Balochistan province.

  2. Kuber said

    One of the ‘Khans’ of the D Group ruled ‘Bollywood’ speaks about the same nonsense about ‘ when an ‘innocent’ man is killed ………………… it’s like killing the entire mankind’. Yes exactly!…what about those dots? And nowhere is the word ‘innocent’ mentioned in Surah 5:32
    Then they talk about Surah 2:256 (which is the one after the ‘famous’ ‘Ayat al’Kursi’ The ‘Let there be no cumpulsion in Religion…’
    But the terrorists that are trained by the Mullahs are mainly taught verses like Surah 9:5

    This has been going on for Ages. I would like to use this platform to pay my respects to the brave Guru Tegh Bahadur who played a great role in protecting and saving the Hindus. Had it not been for efforts of such amazing souls, our forefathers too would have undergone Sunnat and would have been forced to join the swineherd resulting in us too being circumcised pigs today. Guru Tegh Bahadur also know as ‘hind di Chadar’ or ‘Shiled of India’ was beheaded in Public at Chandni Chowk on the 24th of November 1675.
    It was Aurangzeb’s greatest ambition to convert all Hindus to Is slam.
    “Guru Tegh bahadur protected the janeu and tilak of the Hindus, It was a great event in the modern ages. For the sake of humankind, he sacrificed himself. He laid down his head but not his creed”
    -Bachittar Natak”

    As a true peace loving person since I don’t belong to that God Forsaken ‘Religion of Peace’, I am trying to do my best by putting some sense into some of these converts that I know. I ask them to tell me exactly where, when, how and why there forefathers converted to Islam. And also to give me a count of how many heads were chopped, how many babies raped, how many young boys sodomised, etc. Not even one of those mooslimes (like mindset calls them) has ever succeeded in giving me an answer, let alone a sensible one.

    One Mooslime sow says ‘Dr Subramanian Swamy has inflamed passions through blatant falsehoods!

    Modiji, we are eagerly awaiting your electoral success! These swine need to know that actually Modiji is good for their health.

  3. rahul said

    Yes Kuber you are 100% correct , please find the below link to see the whole atrocities of muslims on hindus from decades.

  4. Confused said

    The New Barbarians: This Is Horrific – Warning – Graphic Violence Video!!!

  5. Confused said

    50 Reasons Muhammad Was Not a Prophet!!! 😮 😮

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