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Al-Umma Al-Umma operatives say they killed two more BJP leaders in Tamil Nadu

Posted by The Mindset on October 10, 2013

Islam is The Religion of Peace – if you won’t agree the Muslims will kill you. After killing you the modest Muslims wil come to show their “Holy Books”, they will quote their so called holy books to prove that killing is against Islam and what Muslims do has nothing to do with Islam – may be the what Jooz do  has something to do with Islam.

Anyways in the latest ‘accident’  the Religion of Peace followers killed 2 BJP leaders showing how peacefull their religion is. isn’t it

Al-Umma operatives say they killed two more BJP leaders in Tamil Nadu
 CHENNAI: Al-Umma operatives Sikkander ‘Police’ Fakrudeen and Bilal Malik, who are now in CB-CID custody, have dropped a ‘bomb shell’ during their interrogation by owning up murders of two more BJP leaders in the state for which other people had been arrested earlier, police sources said.

According to police, the two extremists along with their accomplice Panna Ismail, who is in hospital after receiving a bullet injury in the police operation at Puttur in Andhra Pradesh last week, are involved in the murders of former BJP state general secretary V Ramesh in Salem and Hindu Munnani leader S Vellaiyappan in Vellore in July this year. They are also accused of planting a pipe bomb on BJP leader LK Advani’s yatra route near Madurai in 2011.

But the ‘voluntary disclosures’ of Fakrudeen and Malik that they along with Ismail had killed BJP medical wing secretary V Arvind Reddy in Vellore on October 23, 2012 and former BJP councillor P Murugan in Paramakudi on March 19, 2013 have put the police top brass in a difficult situation. With doubts arising as to whether the police officers who investigated the cases had bungled under pressure, they are exploring the option of handing over both the cases also to CB-CID.

In the Murugan murder case, police claimed the motive was a property dispute. Four people – Raja Mohammed, Manoharan, Rafique Raja and Shahul Hameed – were arrested and they were also slapped with the National Security Act. Even the chargesheet has been filed in the case.

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