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Karachi Violence:850+ died in 3 months..

Posted by The Mindset on October 25, 2013

…and here in India the Muslims are barking like rabid dogs for the last 10 years over the Gujarat riots which were – no prize for guessing – started by Muslims.

It’s really good that Pakis are killing each other. If all Pakis kill each other, the world will become peaceful as the only thing Pakis export is terrorism.

So Pakis Please keep killing each other. That’s the only thing you Pakistanis are good at – murder, muder, murder, kill, kill, kill.

Here is Dawn Report:

KARACHI: As the ban on pillion riding in the city is going to complete its four months, questions are being raised about its effectiveness in view of the failure of law-enforcement agencies to curb targeted killings, in most cases carried out by armed riders, as figures show that more than 850 people were killed during the last three months.

The pillion-riding ban was imposed in the last week of March and since then it has deprived nearly two million Karachiites of their cheap transport facility, forcing them to travel in smoke-emitting and worn-out buses, minibuses, coaches, etc, on a daily basis.

According to a recent report released by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, 1,726 people were killed in the city during the first six months of 2013 and 853 were targeted between April and June when the ban on pillion-riding was in place.

In April alone, 262 people were killed compared to the 258 killings during the corresponding month last year.

In May, 278 people were killed whereas last year’s death toll during that month was 244. The deadliest month, according to the report, of the first half of the current year was June when 313 people lost their lives compared to 229 killings reported in June 2012.


4 Responses to “Karachi Violence:850+ died in 3 months..”

  1. May the Muslim who claim to be the followers of a peaceful religion but have been historically lusty for blood kill each other, may the Muslims who have commited atrocities on locals wherever they spread like rotten plague but crying they were not treated well kill each other.. May the members of this barking intolerant clan exterminate each other and the world becomes peaceful once again and forever.. May this bunch of rats whose only weapon is high birth rate kill each other and save mother nature of further population explosion kill themselves.. May this sect of ppl who live in abject poverty across the globe (accept for oil producing countries) but claim to be followers of a ‘true religion’ kill each other.. May the religion that preaches fundamentalism, illiteracy or false literacy, violence kill each other and ironically themselves become the harbinger of world peace.. Aameen

    Allah who!!!

    • Agreed

      • Aniket said

        Awesome blog man.
        Islam is nothing but hypocrisy. It is the only religion where murders and rapes justified and yet Muslims claim it to be a peaceful religion. Prophet himself went about looting empires, killing people, raping innocent women and yet Muslims think he is a messenger of God. The Quran only teaches you ways to take the legacy of Islam forward no matter what. A Muslim man can marry a woman from any other religion, but if a Muslim woman can’t marry someone from an another religion. If she does, these fanatics end up killing everyone who supported their marriage. There is no solution, but to get rid of Muslims from this world. These assholes are too naive to accept any other viewpoint, they’ll continue their violence in the name of Allah. I hope the USA bombs every fucking Islamic nation in this world. Fuck you Islam, Fuck you Allah.

  2. Aniket said

    All Muslims want to do is take over the world. They would have stolen India years ago if they were not the Minority. Now every Muslim marries like 3-4 times and he has like 20 children. These guys are just breeding new terrorists so that they can eradicate every other religion in this world. But, they forget that violence is in their blood, so even if they take over the world, they will self-destruct by fighting among themselves.

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