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12 injured in Muslim riots in Bijapur

Posted by The Mindset on May 27, 2014

Muslims – the followers of The Religion of Peace – started riots when they could not digest the victory of Narendra Modi. Muslims are used to vote for communal parties like Congress who appease them. A nationalist party like BJP is hated by Muslims.
12 injured in Bijapur riots, Karnataka, following BJP’s procession on Modi’s swearing in


injuredBanglore :KNN 27th May’14 12:07 a.m updated
Tension prevailed in an area in Bijapur on Monday after groups belonging different communities clashed during victory rally organised by BJP, police said.Eight people injured and many shops roadside vendors were destroyed in the clash.Security has been tightened in the city following the clash with the district administration implementing ban orders for three days from Monday evening under section 144, police said.

Violence started when BJP workers in the procession, which was led by ex-union minister Basavannagouda Patil Yatnal, tried to smear gulal (colour) on people of different community at a vegetable market.Then the dispute arose and it lasted for more than an hour causing damage and loss to properties worth of lacs.

District-in-charge minister M B Patil urged people to maintain peace and not listen to any rumors.
He also said he has instructed police to take action against people responsible for communal clash.

8 Responses to “12 injured in Muslim riots in Bijapur”

  1. afzal said

    Hindus in BJP rally threw stones on muslim shopkeepers in vegetable market and destroyed everything.

    • No, it’s arrogant Muslims who threw stones on BJP workers when some colour fell on one of them.
      you Muslims always start riots. nothing new about it .

      • danish khan said

        Who the hell are you to blame whole religion just because of few of it’s followers ..we do respect other religion and if uh also don’t respect then uh are also going against ur religion too,since ur religion is also teaches to respect other religion…uh ur self are not respecting other religion then how come uh are follower of ur religion …since no religion teaches to hate others …itz is the follower …and uh r the among one….get well soon brother

  2. Subroto sen said

    i dont believe it would be like a child( weaker ) attackng a pahalwan ( majority armed )ITS BEEN ACCEPTED NO MINORITY WILL WILLINGLY LIKE TO DIE SEEING THE ODDS AGAINST THEM and in normal situation suicide is not consided a habit

  3. prakash.dudani said

    in karnataka bijapur happened pakistan because of Muslims douing jativadies 98%

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